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Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Resent-Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 00:01:45 -0400 Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 23:00:56 -0500 (CDT) X-Sender: [email protected] To: [email protected] From: Barberman <[email protected]> Subject: VF Gowcaizer Faq 2.0 !!!             _______                           _______     _________          /  ____/ << VOLTAGE  FIGHTER >>   /___   /____/  ___   /                 |  /      __  _     _  _____ ___ /|   /  /  ___|  | /  /         | |    _ /  \| |   | |/ ___//   | |  /  /| |___|  |/  /                  | |   | | /\ | | | | | /   / /| | | /  / |  ___|  |\  \                |  \__| | \/ | \/ \/ | \_ / /_| | |/  /__| |___|  | \  \                      \______|\__/ \_/-\_/ \__|_/  |_|_|______|_____|__|  \__\          <<< B  A  T  T  L  E    A  C  T  I  O  N    G  A  M  E >>>                                     v2.0                                   by                                 BARBERMAN                        ([email protected])     The Story so Far... -------------------    The year is 2017, In 1999 a monster earthquake devastated the entire  Kanto region of Japan, thereby forcing Tokyo to move its government to a  man-made island of about 115 square miles floating in Tokyo Bay.   A cebtral computer controls public safety, traffic, and all other  govermental functions on the island.  In the middle of the island there is  a huge school called the "National Belnar Institute" with over 105,400 students.  This institute has yielded a number of excellent graduates  worldwide.   For some reason, unspeakable acts of evil have become increasingly common on this artificial island, in spite of the fact that it is supposed to be under the complete control of the central computer.  Strangely enough, the incidents all began after a new Principal was assigned to the National Belnar Institute.  Some people suspect that this was somehow related to the immeasurable evil that was spreading throughout the island.   Now, a man by the name of Isato Kaiza has brought a stone that  crystallizes fighting energy called the "Kaizer Stone" to the National  Institute, to stand against the overwhelming evil as the Burning Hero  "Gowcaizer"....   The Controls ------------- Directional Pad   = controls your characters movements Start Button      = starts the game or enters a "challenger" if pressed on                      the other controller Select Button     = Pauses/Resumes the game   (A) Button   =  Weak Punch  *         (B) Button   =  Weak Kick  *         *  = Default configuration (C) Button   =  Strong Punch  *           (D) Button   =  Strong Kick  *           NOTE: Depending on which button you choose your character with determines        thier outfit's color.  The primary and secondary colors are listed in       each character's section.  (A)+(B)+(C) Buttons = Taunting your enemy  --O  --O     =  Dash (pressing a button while dashing will produce a "Dash                        attack")  O--  O--     =  Hop Backward  when beside opponent O-- or --O +(punch or kick) =  Throwing opponent (NOTE: some characters have                                 the ability to throw while in the air)    Copyable Attacks -----------------    A new Feature in Gowcaizer is the ability to "copy" or imitate your  opponent's moves once you have defeated them.  Each character has a move  that can be "copied" in this manner.  After a succesful match, you will be  shown your opponent's move and you will be asked wether or not you will like to have it or not.  If you choose to accept the move, you will have it at  your disposal in the next round and will continue to have it until you  choose to accept another power.  When continuing, you will be presented  with the option of using ANY of the powers you have acquired thus far.   Experimentation and implementation are the keys to success with the  copyable moves.    Hyper Copy Attacks -------------------    When you defeat your "mirror-image", you will have the option of  acquiring their copyable attacks.  But since you already possess all of  their moves, you will have the chance to obtain the super Hyper version of  your "copy" move. (ex. Karin beats another Karin, since Karin's copy move  is the "Spirit Hair" which you already possess, the game will ask you if  you want the "Hyper" verion of the move which in this case is the "Spirit  Driver" which will allow you to do TWO Spirit Hairs!)       The Characters ---------------   GOWCAIZER  the Burning Hero --------------------------- Real name = Isato Kaiza  (A) color  =  Red and Blue (B) color  =  Blue and Black (C) color  =  Green and Gray (D) color  =  Black and Purple   O-- or --O + (C)  = Back Suplex O-- or --O + (D)  = Aerial Toss and Kick Dash Attack       = Shoulder Charge   --O  |  \     (A) or (C)         Caizer Strike      O   O   |  \  --O     (B) or (D)         Burning Slash O   O   Jump  |  \  --O  (B) or (D)      Higher Slash       O   O   |  /  O--  |  /  O--  (A) or (C) Running Blaze O O        O O    /   O    (B) or (D)             Trickster Kick        *  copyable attack O   /    /   O    (C)+(D)                Hyper Trickster Kick  *  Hyper copy attack O   /   |  /  O--  /  --O   (B)+(C)      Caizer Rage           *  DESPERATION MOVE  O O       O   |  \  --O  O--   (A)+(C)         Flaming Dragon        *  2ND DESPERATION O   O     KARIN  the Innocent Destroyer ------------------------------ Real name = Karin  (A) color  = Red and Yellow (B) color  = Blue and Yellow (C) color  = Green and Yellow (D) color  = Black and Yellow   O-- or --O + (C)  = Pole Throw O-- or --O + (D)  = Leg Toss in air --O + (C)  = Aerial Pole Throw Dash Attack       = Pole Strike    O--(charge) --O   (A) or (C)     Stick Attack   O--  /  |  \  --O (A) or (C)     Cloud Driver     O   O   O   |  /  O--  O     (B) or (D)      Swallow Kick O O         \   --O  \  |  /  O-- (C)            Spirit Hair           *  copyable attack       O O O   --O  \  |  /  O-- (C)+(D)        Spirit Driver         *  Hyper copy attack       O O O                      (do twice to produce 2 mini-fighters)    /  --O  \  |  /  O--  (A)+(C)   Fire Pillars          *  DESPERATION MOVE   O         O O O      CAPTAIN ATLANTIS the Crazy Smile -------------------------------- Real name = Randy Riggs  (A) color  = Blue and Yellow (B) color  = Red and Yellow (C) color  = Gold and Yellow (D) color  = Black and Yellow   --O + (C)   = Multiple Headbutts O-- + (C)   = Face Slam Dash Attack = Finger Poke    O--(charge) --O  (A) or (C)      Captain Shooter   O--(charge) --O  (B) or (D)      Captain Cyclone    |           O   (A) or (C)      Captain Splash  O (charge)  |    |           O   (B) or (D)      Captain Smasher       *  copyable attack  O (charge)  |    |           O   (C)+(D)         Captain Nitro Smasher *  Hyper copy attack  O (charge)  |   |           /  O--  --O (B)+(C)  Hyper Captain Splash  *  DESPERATION MOVE O (charge) O      FUDOMARU the Lunar Blade ------------------------ Real name = Fudomaru  (A) color  = Blue and Gold (B) color  = Red and Silver (C) color  = Purple and Silver (D) color  = White and Silver   O-- or --O + (C)  = Aerial Throw O-- or --O + (D)  = Aerial Slam in air --O + (C)  = Aerial Toss --O  \  |  /  O--  --O   (C) = Aerial Assault       O O O   Dash Attack       = High Kick  Sword Attacks =  Fudomaru has a series of sword slashes that can be done                  in the air.  These can be done by pressing the (A) or (C)                   buttons as your character is "rising" or "descending" to                   produce different results.   --O  |  \     (A)                Fudojin-ten      O   O   --O  |  \     (B)                Fudojin-chi      O   O   --O  |  \     (A)                Fudojin-mei      O   O   O--(charge) --O  (A) or (C)      Kasumigiri      |  \  --O     (C)                Thunder Tube O   O   |  \  --O     (A)                Fire Tube             *  copyable attack O   O   |  \  --O     (C)+(D)            Blast Tube            *  Hyper copy attack  O   O    /  --O  \  |  /  O--  --O  (A)+(C)   Blades of Death  *  DESPERATION MOVE  O         O O O          HELLSTINGER the Price of Destruction ------------------------------------ Real name = Kash Gyustan  (A) color  = Red and Black (B) color  = Purple and Black (C) color  = Blue and Gray (D) color  = Gold and Blue  NOTE: Hellstinger can "hover" somewhat in the air if you continually tap        "UP" during a jump.  O-- or --O + (D)  = Flying Wall Slam Dash Attack       = Straight Kick    O--(charge) --O   (B) or (D)     Tread-A-Go! Go!    Jump (turn D-pad    (A) or (C)   Beat it Needle       in a circle)    O--(charge) --O   (A) or (C)     Wryneck Swinger    |           O     (B) or (D)     Voltage Crack         *  copyable attack O (charge)  |    |           O     (C)+(D)        Voltage Explosion     *  Hyper copy attack O (charge)  |    |  /  O--  /  --O   (B)+(C)      Dance of Death        *  DESPERATION MOVE O O       O      BRIDER the Transfomer Gang Leader --------------------------------- Real name = Kazuki Tachibana  (A) color  = Blue and Silver (B) color  = Green and Silver (C) color  = Orange and Silver (D) color  = Gray and Silver   O-- or --O + (C)  = Shoulder Slam O-- or --O + (D)  = Leg Slam Dash Attack       = Shoulder Charge   --O  |  \     (A) or (C)         Brider Hurricane      O   O   |  \  --O   O   (B) or (D)       Brider "Manji" Kick O   O      /   |   /  O--  O    (A) or (C)      Lightning Brider Punch O  O         \   Jump  |  /  O--  O   (B) or (D)  Brider Aerial Assualt       O O         \   |  \  --O  |  \  --O  (B)+(D)    Double Brider Kick    *  copyable attack O   O      O   O   |  \  --O  |  \  --O  (C)+(D)    Double Brider Highkick*  Hyper copy attack O   O      O   O    O-- /  |  \  --O   O   / (B)+(C) Final Brider Assault  *  DESPERATION MOVE    O   O   O      /   O       SHEN LONG the Battle Master --------------------------- Real name = Shen Long  (A) color  = Black and Purple (B) color  = Blue and Red (C) color  = Green and Blue (D) color  = Red and Gray   O-- or --O + (C)  = Leg Throw Dash Attack       = Elbow Thrust   --O  |  \      (B) or (D)        Rising Buster Kick      O   O    |   /  O--     (A) or (C)        Illusion Warrior O  O   |  \  --O      (A) or (C)        Illusion Grapple      *  copyable attack O   O   |  \  --O      (C)+(D)           Illusion Bind         *  Hyper copy attack O   O   |  \  --O  |  \   (B)+(D)        Super Buster Kick     *  DESPERATION MOVE  O   O      O   O   |  \  --O  |  \  --O  (B)+(C)    Double Buster Kick    *  2ND DESPERATION O   O      O   O     MARION the Mobile Giant Fortress --------------------------------- Real name = DES/CO-P IV (Defense Egoistic System / Compureate-Prot4)              "Marionette"   (A) color  = Green (B) color  = Blue (C) color  = Red (D) color  = Black   --O  + (C)        = Backbreaker O--  + (C)        = "Over the Back" Head Slam O-- or --O + (D)  = Rapid Puches in air --O + (C)  = Aerial Backbreaker  Dash Attack = Quick Direction Reversal (Note: this move reverses the                direction of your charge.  It is NOT an attack, instead use                it to "fake-out" your opponent causing them to "slip-up" and                then exploit their mistake.)    O--  /  |  \  --O   (A) or (C)   Ground Washer     O   O   O   O--  /  |  \  --O   (B) or (D)   Gliding Blow     O   O   O   |  |  O                          Flying Mode ON    O  O  |   While   O--  /  |  \  --O  (A) or (C)   Death From Above Flying      O   O   O   While   --O  \  |  /  O--  (B) or (D)   Aerial Crush Flying        O O O   --O  |  \        (A) or (C)      Ambush Lifter         *  copyable attack      O   O   --O  |  \        (C)+(D)         Ambush Skynet         *  Hyper copy attack      O   O   --O  O--  /  |  \  --O  (B)+(C)  Ground Ripper         *  DESPERATION MOVE           O   O   O      SHAIA the Dreaming Outer Space Policewoman ------------------------------------------ Real name = Shaia Hishizaki  (A) color  = Red and Blue (B) color  = Purple and Yellow (C) color  = Gray and Yellow (D) color  = Black and Green   O-- or --O + C  = Ballboy Throw Dash Attack     = Side Kick    |  \  --O     (A) or (C)         Smash-Bang! Bang! O   O    O--(charge) --O  (C)             Tick-Tack-Bomb (Note: hit (C) to send out                                  ballboy, hit (C) again when you want to                                  detonate him)   --O  |  \     (A) or (C)         Burning Ballboy       O   O    |   /  O--    (C)                3 Way Beamer          *  copyable attack O  O    |   /  O--    (C)+(D)            Madness Ballboy       *  Hyper copy attack O  O   --O  \  |  /  O--  --O (A)+(C)   Shaia Inferno         *  DESPERATION MOVE        O O O    KYOSUKE SHIGURE the Kind Demon of Revenge ----------------------------------------- Real name = Kyosuke Shigure  (A) color  = Red and White (B) color  = Purple and White (C) color  = Green and White (D) color  = Brown and Gold   O-- or --O + C  = Overhead Throw Dash Attack     = Hop Kick   |   /  O--    (A)                Summon "Kubira" O  O   |   /  O--    (B)                Summon "Makora" O  O   |   /  O--    (C)                Summon "Basara" O  O   |  \  --O       (A) or (C)       Shadow Shaper         *  copyable attack O   O                                                        |  \  --O       (C)+(D)          Corona Shaper         *  Hyper copy attack O   O   --O  \  |  /  O--  \   (A)+(C)   Aura Blast            *  DESPERATION MOVE         O O O         O   After summoning Kubira, Makora, or Basara      O--  /  |  \  --O   (B)          "Bite" attack         O   O   O         O--  /  |  \  --O   (D)          "Blitz" attack         O   O   O      Bosses   (Playable but code not confirmed yet) -----------------------------------------------    There are two (known) bosses in Gowcaizer, P.Twins (Platonic Twins) and  Ohga.  Below I will give brief descriptions of the them and tactics to use  against them.    P.Twins -------- P.Twins is actually 2 of Ohga's henchmen that "meld" into one hideous  creature at the beginning of the round.  It is rather strong and has 4 grabs and 4 special moves that you will become familiar with REALLY QUICKLY.         Spin + Rapid Punches =  It spins it's Arms in a circle rapidly, if any                            attacks connect while it is in the mode, the                             attacker will be spun around and then "rapid                             punched."        Ground Slam     =  It picks you up and slams you on the ground repeatedly     Grab and Punch  =  The "top" arms grab you and hold you in place while                        the "bottom" arms repeatedly punch you.     Knee Slam       =  It Knee slams you several times.     Rapid Punch     =  Self-explanatory     Electric Charge =  Lightning crackles around them and they charge forward                       with their fist.  Note: they are temporarily                        invulnerable for a split second while the charge begins.     Stretching Uppercut =  The woman "half" stretches herself out from the                            central body at an upward angle to stop air attacks     Graviton Thunder    =  A pillar of purple lightning appears in front of                            them and procedes forward stopping ALL land AND air                            attacks.  Note:  THIS MOVE IS COPYABLE.  The best strategy against the P.Twins is to use long range attacks and to  make sure you "combo" any normal moves that hit to get the most damage on  them as possible.  They are fairly "dumb" to some extent and will sometimes  take hits by multiple projectiles before they ever block.  The P.Twins love  to corner you and will charge at you relentlessly until you are trapped in a  corner while their "Graviton Thunder" ensures you dont jump over them. So the better you learn how to fight in "corners", the better you will do against the P.Twins.  Beware of combos, the P.Twins are DEADLY with their combos.  They can (and will) mix up several light punches or kicks into an  "Electric Charge" for up to 85% damage (!).  Their "Electric Charge" is  probably their most potent and most used move.  It can be easily comboed, it has very good range (about one "scaled in" screen length), and is almost instantaneous.  On top of that, it renders them "invulnerable" for a split  second right before the "charge".  The P.Twins can (and will) use the charge  right as a projectile approaches, and plow right through the projectile and  hit you as you're recovering from the move (if you are close enough), its  just that fast.  They also will use it to knock you out of your "Desperation" move, or just after they've blocked it.  However, the "Electric Charge" is not entirely invulnerable, you CAN hit the P.Twins out of it after they have started "moving" forward.  This requires lightning fast reflexes and bit of luck to do, but it IS possible, just work on it (dont forget to combo it  too!).  Or you can just block it and immediately counter them afterwards.     Ohga ----- Ohga is the Principle of the National Belnar Institute and he is TOUGH. He is insanely powerful and extrememly unforgiving of "errors" on the player's behalf.  Ohga tranforms into an "angelic" being when doing certain moves.     Grab and Throw   =  Ohga simply picks you up and throws you.     Flaming Hold     =  Ohga picks you up with one hand and sets you ablaze                         while he is holding you.     Self-Combustion  =  He ignites himself into flames.  You can however hit                         him out of this move rather easily.     Fireball         =  He sends out an enormous cresent-shaped fireball.  Do                        NOT try to counter this with a fireball of your own                         because it will result in his fireball breaking up                        into several pieces that end up doing even more damage     Teleport         =  He can teleport to anywhere on the screen rapidly and                        without warning.     Rapid Punch      =  He charges forward with four punches.  Block all four                         and then immediately counter him.     Swipe            =  He delivers a low "swipe" that sets you up for a combo                        of either the uppercut, fireball, or charge attacks.        Uppercut         =  He delivers a massive uppercut that hits from 4-7 times     Angel Charge   =  His strongest move in which he glows white and charges                        at you slamming you into the other side of the screen  The best tactic in fighting Ohga is to simply NEVER SCREW-UP.  He always  follows up on "missed" attacks and will SEVERLY hurt you.  Use a "Hit & Run" approach and "counter" him whenever possible.  He also does his "taunt" occasionally, it looks VERY similar to his "Self-Combustion" move as it is starting up but he never ingnites, sort of like a "fake" Self-Combustion.  The instant you realize that he is doing his taunt and NOT a Self-Combustion, attack him!  Make sure you lay a good hit (combo it if possible), because  these chances dont come often!   A Note About Copyable Moves ---------------------------- When using certain copyable moves against certain opponents, the CPU will react accordingly.  It can make the CPU more agressive, defensive, airborne, ground based, or the like.  For example, when you use Karin's "Spirit Hair", the CPU realizes that there are now TWO threats on the screen and it will either try to eliminate the "tiny fighter" or it will increase its assault on YOU in the hopes of eliminating you before you and the "tiny fighter" team up on him.  Now, this can be both good and bad.  If it tries to kill the tiny fighter first, use the opening as the go ahead for you to attack him.  If it tries to kill YOU first, go defensive and wait for him to mess up and then counter him or wait for the tiny fighter (which the CPU is now ignoring) to lay a hit on the CPU and then follow it up and combo him!  What you DONT want to do is to make an extremely offensive CPU even MORE  offensive to the point that you can no longer defeat the CPU or you are  having EXTREME difficulty doing so.  This is where the "copyable" moves's  benefits may not out-weigh the disadvantages.  So be careful what you choose, but feel free to experiment with all of them, because only then will you truly realize the strengths and weaknesses of each one and how to use them to their full potential.      Copyable Moves Quicksheet -------------------------- For the "Heat of the Battle" when you dont want to sort through numerous  pages of info, I present the "Quicksheet".   Motion                           Name                    Character -------                          --------------          ----------    /   O    (C)+(D)                Trickster Kick       =  Gowcaizer O   /    --O  \  |  /  O-- (C)+(D)        Spirit Hair          =  Karin       O O O     |           O   (C)+(D)         Captain Smasher      =  Captain Atlantis  O (charge)  |    |  \  --O     (C)+(D)            Fire Tube            =  Fudomaru O   O    |           O     (C)+(D)        Voltage Crack        =  Hellstinger O (charge)  |    |  \  --O  |  \  --O  (C)+(D)    Double Brider Kick   =  Brider O   O      O   O    |  \  --O      (C)+(D)           Illusion Grapple     =  Shen Long O   O    --O  |  \        (C)+(D)         Ambush Lifter        =  Marion      O   O    |   /  O--    (C)+(D)            3 Way Beamer         =  Shaia O  O    |  \  --O       (C)+(D)          Shadow Shaper        =  Kyosuke O   O     --O  \  |  /  O--  (C)+(D)       Dark Thunder         =  P. Twins       O O O       COMING SOON! ------------ In the next revision (which wont take nearly as long as this one, I promise!) I will have the Combo Section complete, and (if God willing) The Boss code and their moves as well as the secret character Garustan.  Look for it!     Credits --------  Barberman  ([email protected])   =  Thats Me! The writer of this FAQ.  NeoKage  ([email protected])  =  For the ascii logo.  Thanks Man!  Technos Japan   =  For making this really cool game!   If you know of something that I missed, or if you just want to contribute a  combo or tactic (you'll get credit for it!), or just want to say "hi", please  feel free to email me at [email protected]    So Until We Meet Again... -------------------------                           Gowcaizer Theme Song                        ----------------------          Training in the darkness  Flickering blue shadow          In the frozen streets          I quietly began to breath  CRIME OF WAR          I know you understand          We can't go on like this  Nervers of Steel           Nobody can stop it  BURNING HEART          Tear the evil apart   Eyes of Justice          No one can get in your way ROLLING HEART          It's him  You've heard his name  Burning Hero Gowcaizer           "The world is ours"  Voices of the creeping demons          Once again the street lights          Turn into darkness that only reaks  VIOLENT NIGHT           You can see it, can't you?          We can't go on like this          Believe it  The future of love           Nobody can stop it  BURNING HEART          Tear the evil apart   Eyes of Justice          No one can get in your way ROLLING HEART          It's him  You've heard his name  Burning Hero Gowcaizer                    *REPEAT*            Lyrics = Technos Japan / Kengo Asai (Technos Japan)          Music = Chiaki lizuka (Technos Japan, Veco T.K. Studio)          Vocals = Katsuya Mizutome     BARBERMAN [email protected]
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