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Spiderman Plug & Play 5-in-1 TV Game

Spiderman Plug & Play 5-in-1 TV Game

This game console is part of my growing collection of vintage gaming system, so don’t forget to visit the tag vintagegaming to not miss any items. I don’t sell anything but you can contact me for donating/selling me missing items. This page will be continually edited if I add new items to my collection.

Spiderman Plug & Play 5-in-1 TV Game2

Publisher: Jakks Pacific
Release Date: July 30, 2004
MSRP: $51

Bought 2010.09.19 
Price paid: 0.5€





Spiderman Plug & Play 5-in-1 TV Game. Is your spider-sense flying off the radar? Most likely it is from this Spider-man Plug & Play TV game. Take on the role of the neighborhood crime fighter and battle sinister enemies including the Green Goblin, Rogue and more. Your skills as the web-slinging hero will be put to the ultimate test with 5 action packed games: Streets of the City, Doc Ock Horror!, Green Goblin’s Escape, Venom’s Vindication! and Rogues Gallery, inside one controller. But fight well; the fate of the city depends on you. The lightweight, compact, all-inclusive controller, allows gamers to play video games anywhere there is a TV with A/V input jacks.

Spiderman Plug & Play 5-in-1 TV Game1

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