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Specs and history


Grand passionné de jeux vidéo à mes heures, je suis l’heureux possesseur d’une Neo-Geo de 1991 avec trois manettes et environ 24 jeux payé en moyenne 100€ pièces à l’époque.Quand la passion pour l’arcade n’a pas de limite (hormis le porte monnaie!).

SNK Neo Geo Home System


Processors: Motorolla 68000 (12Mhz, 16-bit), Z80 (Zilog-80a 4Mhz, 8-bit)
Resolution: 320×224
Color Palette: 65,536
Maximum colors on-screen: 4,096
Maximum sprites on-screen: 380
Minimum sprite size: 1×2
Maximum sprite size: 16×512
Maximum amount of game planes: 3
Sound Channels: 4-FM synthesis, 7-Digital Internal, 3-PSG, 1 noise channel
RAM: Internal RAM: 64kb, Video RAM: 68kb, Z80 RAM: 2kb
Memory Card: 8kb or *68-pin JEIDA ver.3 spec memory
*Any 68-pin memory that fits the JEIDA ver.3 spec will work Informations and history.

I have bought this wonderful machine at the very beginning in France (MODEL NEO-AEC serial 007444 – American) in August 1991 with Magician Lord + 1 joystick + 1 memory card for 600â?¬ !!!. I own 24 games which I paid between 100â?¬ and 150â?¬.

I have probably the best experience in videogame in my life with this machine, thanks to SNK. I never play so much on any system since the Neo Geo, the community is as strong as before, maybe more, and I decide to buy (10.09.2003) a NeoGeo CD+14 games on and on, a front loading NeoGeo CD system. I am not a great fan of fighting games because I prefer plattform action and shooting game.

 History of models produced by SNK

– Neo Geo home systems (7 revisions I have been told). Language selection by rom chip

  • First PCB revision were made by NEC (it is the case for mine)
  • Second rev had a video problem that was fixed with a video daughter board in a third revision or if you sent it in to get fixed
  • Forth rev incorporated the video fix

Neo Cd systems (easy wire language selection)

  • Neo Front loading cd model (only 25000 ex. Jap only, no language switch, break easily)
  • Neo CD top loading (the best to acquire)
  • Neo CDZ (incorporates a protection against playing burns (not working 100%), 2 times faster)

Neo pocket (you select language on unit)

  • B/w model
  • Color model
  • Smaller color model (japan only)

Hyper neo geo 64 (language determined by origin of Hyper not carts)

  • Hyper with extra wire harness for sound and powered
  • New hyper without extra wire harness

Neo Geo MVS Rom language selection

  • 1 – slot (1 large, 1 small, 1b and 1c )
  • 2 – slot
  • 4 – slot
  • 6 – slot (rare)
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