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Sony Playstation (PS one)

Sony Playstation (PS one)

This game console is part of my growing collection of vintage gaming system, so don’t forget to visit the tag vintagegaming to not miss any items. I don’t sell anything but you can contact me for donating/selling me missing items. This page will be continually edited if I add new items to my collection.

Bought 2010.09.19 
Price paid: 30€
with 9 games, 3 pads, cables, 8 memory cards, Playstation’s bag, 3 magazines

Sony Playstation PAL
Model No SCPH-1002
Serial C7049779
with chipset to play backup games



Playstation Gun Controller G-Con

The Guncon known as the G-Con in Europe, is a family of light gun peripherals designed by Namco for the PlayStation. The first Guncon NPC-103 (G-Con 45 in Europe) (Sony ID: SLEH-00007) was bundled with the PlayStation conversion of Time Crisis. consoles.


Namco’s Guncon  0,5€ + 1€ + 1€ (no name Mad Catz?)
Guncon 3€ for the box (collector ultra mint state)

Playstation Pro Action Replay (1996)


  • Infinite lives, ammunition, health, time, money etc.
  • Invulnerability, permanent power ups, no collision detection, walk through walls, one hit kills, super-high jumps etc.
  • Obtain any item in the game, even those not normally obtainable (e.g. debug or removed items).
  • Access or warp to any level, even those not normally accessible (e.g. test or unused levels).
  • Activate debug menus, normally used by programmers when testing and debugging a game. Typically options include cheats, level warping and display of internal game data not normally viewable by the player.
  • Download, upload, import and export save games to the internet or storage device.
  • Save game state to disk, so it can be restarted from that point even if the game does not support saving.
  • Region free operation.
  • Bypassing of copy protection for loading of copies/backups on CDR/DVDR or HDD, or homebrew (video games) software. from WikiPedia

Paid 0.20€



This innovative peripheral increases the number of controllers and memory cards that can be connected to the PlayStation game console. A single Multitap allows four players to plug into a PlayStation console for real-time, intense gameplay. Plug in two Multitaps cables and play with up to eight players. Compatible with PlayStation, PS one and PlayStation 2 consoles. Works with original PlayStation format software that supports the multitap

paid 2€

Playstation-PSX  PSOne-Multitap


The PlayStation 1 has 2,409 games [List at Wikipedia]

I own


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