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SNK Neo Geo Consolized MVS from walnut


Personally, as a user since 1991 or my Neo Geo AES (serial 0007444), I don’t like these kind of mods, but if anybody else is interested and since they did not kill an existing AES console. Can be yours for 649$

  • Shipping worldwide.
  • Most inexpensive way to play and explore the world of Neo Geo.
  • Biggest and truest Neo Geo game library, home to many exclusive games.
  • Built with 100% real walnut. Extremely durable, reliable and aesthetically unmatched.
  • Completely seamless from all visible angles, no screws or nails.
  • Real working dust flaps.
  • Compatible on virtually all high definition and standard definition televisions.
  • High quality video outputs: Pure RGB (works with SCART), Component, S-Video, and Composite.
  • True Stereo Sound.
  • Any Neo Geo joystick or controller ever made is compatible.
  • Unibios 3.0.
  • Universal small power supply that works virtually worldwide. 100-240v, 50-60Hz.
  • Brand new rechargeable battery. Save all your high scores and settings.
  • White power LED on front.
  • Shipping mid/late May 2011
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