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Sega Master System

This game console is part of my growing collection of vintage gaming system, so don’t forget to visit the tag vintagegaming to not miss any items. I don’t sell anything but you can contact me for donating/selling me missing items. This page will be  continually edited if I add new items to my collection.

Sega Master System2 Sega Master System 2
Model 3006-09
Price paid: 0.5€ 
Game console + 1 broken pad





The Sega Master System (abbreviated to SMS or Master System Japanese マスターシステム (Masutā Shisutemu?) is a third-generation 8-bit cartridge-based video game console that was manufactured and released by Sega in 1986 in North America, seven months after the original NES, and in 1987 in Europe. Its original Japanese incarnation was the “Sega Mark III”, which was first released in 1985. [Wikipedia]



29 games (as new)

  • World games
  • World Cup Italia 1990
  • Altered Beast
  • Asterix
  • California Games
  • Chuck ROck 2
  • Teddy Boy
  • Special Criminal Investigations
  • Winter Olympics
  • World Grand Prix
  • Eco the Dolphin
  • Enduro Racer
  • Sonic 2 (x2)
  • Sonic Chaos
  • Castler of Illusion (x2)
  • Back to the Future 3
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Tennis Ace
  • Indian Jones and the Last Crusade
  • The New Zealand Story
  • F1
  • Cyborg Hunter
  • Rastan
  • Kung Fu Kid
  • Casino Games
  • Xenon 2
  • Parlour Games
  • Action Fighter
  • Global Defense


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