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Samurai Shodown II

            dP.         ____   __ _  _ _  _ ____    __ _            88  ~;      |  __| /  | \/ | || |  _ \  /  | |     ,ooooo888ooodbooo  |__  |/   |    | || |  _ < /   | |     Y88888888888P"""   |____/_/|_|_||_|____|_| \_/_/|_|_|          "888P            ____ ____ _ ____ _ _____ ____       ,   "8P_____d8b    |  __|  _ \ |  _ \ |_   _|  __|       'b ,ooP"""  Y88b,  |__  |  __/ |    < | | | |__  |        88P   ____  8881  |____|_|  |_|_|\_|_| |_| |____|        888 """"""  888        888b ~"Y8888888        Samurai Shodown II TAPFAQ        Y888b      ,888          Version 8.1   12/27/95         "Y8888888b"88P            Compiled By Shawn Holmes and     _____,,,,,,,,,,,,,,______       Edited By Scott Fujimoto.  This ooo888P""""~~~~~~~~~~""""""Y88888     is your #1 source of information  "Y88"    ,do.  ""Y888b.                for the ultimate fighting game    ~    ,d8888     "Y888b         88888P       Y8881          "Let anyone enter here          """"         """             be at one with their sword"  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  You can find this TAPFAQ (and future updates) in:  1) in the /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs directory,  2) in the /user/dvillnva directory, or  3) in the /pub/SS2 directory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- These people helped me compile this TAPFAQ as quickly as possible.  No particular order is chosen, as they are all equal in the eyes of God (and Haohmaru):          Galen Komatsu  --> [email protected]           CREATOR OF SS1 FAQ/ASCII ART/OVERALL GODLIKE PRESENCE         Scott Fujimoto --> [email protected]           MAIN EDITOR/TAPFAQ MAINTENANCE/KNOWS WHAT'S HE'S DOING         Ewan Ng           --> [email protected]           CO-CREATOR OF ORIGINAL SS 1 FAQ         John Bailon       --> [email protected]           MOVELISTS/MY MAIN MAN IN SOUTHERN HILLS GOLFLAND         Rich Joseph       --> [email protected]           THE RIVAL FAQ WRITER (BWAH HAH HAH HAH!!)...oh yeah, info, too.         GeeSe Howard      --> [email protected]           NEOGEO MASTER/THE GUY THAT THROWS DOUBLE REPPUKEN         Mark Maestas      --> [email protected]           CO-CREATOR OF ORIGINAL SS 1 FAQ         Ivan Nue          --> [email protected]           INSIDE INFO MAN/ENDINGS AND SECRETS ACHIEVER         James Irwin       --> [email protected]           EXTENSIVE HISTORICAL RESEARCH/GENERIC SS NUT         Chris Ozols       --> [email protected]           ENDINGS/HEY, HE PLAYED THE GAME BEFORE I DID         Joshua Holmstrom  --> [email protected]           TRIVIA ADDITIONS/CORRECTIONS/COOL LAST NAME         Kevin Lew         --> [email protected]           CORRECTIONS/FELLOW ANIME FREAK         Masahiro Abe      --> [email protected]           JAPANESE TRANSLATIONS/OVERSEAS INFO/GALEN'S SUPERIOR         Mitch Burton      --> [email protected]           TRANSLATIONS/CORRECTIONS/THE OFFICIAL SS PLAYER         Brian Gilmore     --> [email protected]           TRANSLATIONS/THINKS GALFORD'S BETTER THAN HANZO (HAH!)         Iain Sinclair     --> [email protected]           HISTORICAL ARGUEMENTS/CORRECTIONS/OUR FRIEND, THE NINJA         Dave Kirsch       --> [email protected]           TAPFAQ HOST/ALL AROUND NICE GUY WHO THINKS FIGHTING GAMES RULE         Mike Lloyd Economides  --> [email protected]           COMBO ADDITIONS/JOINING THE FIGHT AGAINST SIEGER STEROID ABUSE   Also, thanks to:          Damone ([email protected])           Kenichiro Tanaka ([email protected])          An Nguyen          Jamie Klein ([email protected])           Master Cho ([email protected])           Alex Tellez           The Emerald Dragon ([email protected])           Kenneth Hsu ([email protected])    Shawn would like to extend a personal thanks to:          Scott Fujimoto:  For doing an excellent job at maintenance/           editing throughout versions 5.0-7.0.         Dave Kirsch:  Too much to list here.  :]         Derek Liu:  New information/translations.         Brian Chan:  Excessive Humour/Hard Drive provider  :]         Jim Lee:  Excessive complaining but still a nice guy.  :]  I hope all you guys above are going to be around in the next few months I have a feeling I'm going to be starting the SS3 TAPFAQ very soon... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                              INTRODUCTION    "Long long ago, there was a man who tried to make his skills the  ultimate.  Because of his bloody life, it was no accident that he was  involved in the troubles..."     Yes!  It has arrived!  Samurai Shodown II is back with a vengance.  This game is, by far, one of THE most anticipated sequels since people uttered the words "Street Fighter II".  It is one of the largest games ever, clocking in at 202 megs, 84 more megs than the first SS.  You all want to know about the game, so let's get to it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                          OLD THINGS/NEW THINGS     -->Characters that have returned:  CHARLOTTE, NAKORURU, HAOHMARU, UKYO       TACHIBANA, GEN-AN SHIRANUI, GALFORD, JUBEI YAGYU, KYOSHIRO SENRYO,       HANZO HATTORI, EARTHQUAKE.     -->Characters that are new:  GENJURO KIBAGAMI, CAFFEINE NICOTINE,       CHAM CHAM (with her monkey PAKU PAKU), NEINHALT SIEGER.     -->TAM TAM is gone (let's have a moment of silence, please).  AMAKUSA       is no longer a boss in the game, though he makes a brief appearance       near the end, and TAM TAM has passed his knowledge onto his sister       CHAM CHAM.     -->To diversify gameplay even more, all characters can now lie flat on       their stomachs to let air projectiles fly over them.  As well,       all characters can roll forward or backwards.     -->All characters have two taunts now (like Art of Fighting and Fatal       Fury).     -->Also, as in AoF and FF, characters now have a special complicated       "death blow" maneuver.  Some characters require a full POW meter,       and their weapon, to peform this move, while others require only a       full POW meter.  When these POW moves are successful, they are       powerful enough to destroy your weapon!     -->When weapons are broken, they are now replaced after about a ten       second delay; the judge throws your weapon back into the stage.     -->Everyone has a Super Deformed transformation move--that is, their       heads grow, their bodies shrink, and they become so damn cute that       you would never want to hurt them...would you?     -->The boss of the game is a really bitchy, possessed Shinto priestess       named MIZUKI. There's also a hidden character in the game, KUROKO,       whose actually the judge sitting in the background during matches.       What? You don't think he wants to have fun, too?  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                            TAPFAQ VERSION HISTORY  (11/08/94) 0.5  = It's less than 1 because of it's unofficiality; most of the character        descriptions are taken from Samurai Shodown I, or made up.  New moves        are taken off the arcade placard, and many are still missing,        incorrect, and/or incomplete.  (11/14/94) 0.74 = It's a whole 24% better!  Still not quite official, but        I've now had a chance to view the game (Oh my lord!!), and give more        detailed descriptions of moves, characters, etc.  Errors are        diminishing, and endings are beginning to filter through.  (11/21/94) 1.0  = Official release, TAPFAQ now available from multiple FTP sites.        Much more historical background added, moves almost completely        cleared up.  Galen has added beautiful ASCII artwork (finally!) and        the response to the TAPFAQ is becoming unrecordable (I'm gonna have        to split this in half soon...).  (11/28/94) 1.48 = TAPFAQ now split into two, had to add a table of contents to ease        confusion.  More moves are being cleared up, and almost all endings        are in.  Anybody got any combos they want to add?  (The game is 202        megs?  Holy mother of...)  (12/06/94) 2.0  = Now I've had a chance to play the game (I am thanking you) so the        inconsistencies are diminishing fast.  Too big again, so it's been        split into thirds.  Joystick movements are neatened up (small seems        to be better).  Combos are coming in, Japanese translations are added        and the cartridge is now on its way (hee hee hee hee).  (12/12/94) 3.0  = I now own the game (oh yeah) so all moves represented in this TAPFAQ        are 100% confirmed.  Character descriptions are rewritten to coincide        with the new manual.  All move names confirmed.  All endings finished        and added.  More data, more trivia, more info, and I'm working on the        code for KUROKO...I'll get it, I promise!  (12/14/94) 3.4  = Why so quick to update?  THE CODE TO PLAY AS KUROKO!  I wanted        everybody out there to get this as quick as possible, so here it is.        Kuroko code is the only main addition, plus minor spelling errors and        such.  (12/19/94) 4.0  = Just a minor update.  Taunts are added, as well as a few        bits and pieces here and there.  The next version will be split into        necessary parts.  Hey...hey Galen.  Hey...hey, over here!  Over here        for a CHAM CHAM picture?  HEY!?!  (2/27/95) 5.0  = Hi! I'm Scott Fujimoto, the guy who did the final revision to the SS1        FAQ. Yes, I couldn't help but edit this one too! Changes include        adding all normal attacks, identifying all attacks that hit low,        tick off damage, etc, notes on some Special Moves, adding complete        backgrounds to all the characters, revising all the quotes and        endings, and various minor corrections and updates.  (3/10/95) 5.2  = A few additional notes and corrections were added after I posted        the TAPFAQ to This version is the one        archived in the ftp directories.  (6/1/95) 6.0  = Was about to release this, but then new info starting coming in...  (8/25/95) 7.0  = The big addition here is the pose information, plus many other        corrections and additions. This is probably the last version, so        enjoy!!  (9/13/95) 8.0  = Shawn Holmes returns!  Last version?  NEVER!  I didn't call it        a TAPFAQ for nothing.  Now, equipped with a ton of info to        translate, version 8.0 of the TAPFAQ includes new, never before        found bugs, more in-depth techniques of beating Mizuki with        each character, plus loads of info, from combos, to jumping        distances, to a new Kuroko move.  Give it a read!  (12/27/95) 8.1  = Shouldn't I be working on the SS3 TAPFAQ?  I am!  But, got one        last nifty addition for this version...check out Ukyou's huge        apple in Strange But True... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                         TO DISCOURAGE CHALLENGERS    If you push your own Player Start button during a CPU game, the flashing sign on the other side will change to "No Challenger is Acceptable." Apparently, people STILL can join in if they want to, but this sign politely tells them not to. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                              THE BLOOD CODE!!    For those of you who own the cartridge at home for your NEO GEO, and have not had your system modified to have blood and fatalities, fear not! You can make that green stuff go away by simply going to the options menu, selecting "Japan" as the country, then exiting.  After that, go back directly into options, and select "USA" as the country.  Voila, English text and red blood/full fatalities! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                         HOW TO GET UNLIMITED POW  In the manual of the home SS2, there is mention of an option that allows for unlimited POW, yet when many players go into the option menu, it isn't available!  Because of the vagueness of the manual, not many people know how to do it.  Here's clearing up the vagueness for you:  1.  Press "start" on the player 1 joystick. 2.  Move the arrow to "options" with the player 1 joystick. 3.  Press "start" on the player 2 joystick. 4.  In the "options" menu, the POW can now be changed from NORMAL to MAX. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                         THE CHARACTERS                         AND THEIR MOVES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  Map:  Slash    = A or B or AB (rising strengths, A weakest)       Kick     = C or D or CD (rising strengths, C weakest)       Dash     = a quick FORWARD FORWARD on the joystick       Retreat  = a quick BACK BACK on the joystick       Lie Down = to avoid projectiles, a quick DOWN DOWN on the joystick       Roll ->  = a quick DOWN RIGHT, DOWN RIGHT on the joystick       Roll <-  = a quick DOWN LEFT, DOWN LEFT on the joystick       Taunt 1  = A + C (good distance from opponent)       Taunt 2  = B + D (good distance from opponent)       Hop away = B + C (also cancels taunt at any time)       Hop up   = FORWARD + BC (also cancels taunt at any time)       Retreat and Run = Retreat + FORWARD       Dash and Roll = Dash + DOWN RIGHT  --> To catch your opponent's sword while you are disarmed, perform the     motion: O-   / | \   -O                 O  O  O  --> The following characters can Triangle Jump: Galford, Hanzo,     Earthquake, Nakoruru, Cham Cham, Gen-an, and Mizuki     To triangle jump, jump to the edge of the screen, then push the     joystick in the opposite direction.  --> The following characters can crawl back and forth: Gen-an, Wan Fu,     and Kyoshiro.  --> Most characters can interrupt their normal Bs with Special Moves. Some     can interrupt their ABs as well, even if they totally miss their     opponent. These characters are noted separately.  --> Running Attacks: different characters do different B or AB attacks     if the buttons are pushed while running. The attacks come out     regardless of the distance of the opponent.     Far B/Far AB -- Charlotte, Ukyo, Hanzo     Far B/Close AB -- Genjuro, Kuroko     Close B/Far AB -- Nakoruru     Close B/Close AB -- Haohmaru, Wan Fu, Kyoshiro     Crouch B/Close AB -- Jubei, Cham Cham, Gen-an     Close B/Crouch AB -- Sieger, Earthquake     Crouch B/Far AB -- Nicotine ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The introduction has been gracefully translated from the original Japanese by Kenichiro Tanaka.  Quotes: B -- Quote at beginning of game.         BM -- Quote before match.         AM -- Quote after match.         BV -- Quote before mirror match.         AV -- Quote after mirror match.         I -- Interlude quotes. (J = w/Judge, M = w/Mizuki,                                 A = w/Mizuki and Amakusa)         F -- Quotes before final match.  Background:    Any historical or fictional basis for the character. For                more details, check out the SS Character Background FAQ. Weapon:        What he or she fights with. Full of:       What drops out when he or she gets split. Occupation:    What type of fighter he or she is classified as. Nationality:   What country he or she comes from. Jumping Rages: Each character has a different range for jumping forward,                backward, and straight up.  The values are expressed in                X and Y values, so naturally, the "jumping up" value of                X is always 0.  The range of X is -10 to 10, and Y is                0 to 10. Voice:         Name of the Voice Actor for the Character Notes:         Assorted items of interest.  Normal Attacks:  The attacks are usually presented in left and right columns If the entry does not appear in the right column, then the attack is the same as the one in the same position in the left column.  All jumping attacks, and only jumping attacks, hit high. Most crouch kicks hit low. Everything else usually hits neither high nor low. Exceptions are noted as follows: "*" means an attack hits LOW when normally it would not (slashes and     standing kicks). "**" means an attack does NOT hit low when normally it would (crouch kicks).  Whenever a swing is blocked, the attacking character usually reels back for a second, then recovers. However, certain swings do NOT reel back; the character continues to swing while his or her opponent blocks, and recovers normally. "#" indicates a swing that follows through when blocked. Note that all kicks do not block reflect.  Special Moves:  Key:  "!" means a weapon is required to perfom the Special Move.       "L" means the Special Move hits low.       "H" means the Special Move hits high.       "*" means the Special Move ticks off 1 or 2 points of damage.       "**" means the Special Move ticks off 3 or 4 points of damage.       "***" means the Special Move ticks off LOTS of damage.  Damage:   Weapon       ---> caused by direct strike from weapon           Fire         ---> caused by direct hit from flames           Lightning    ---> caused by contact with "electric" attacks           (no label)   ---> damage resulting from tosses, grabs, open                             handed attacks  Throws: Ground throws are performed by being right next to the opponent,         and pushing towards them while pushing a button.         Air throws are performed by being right next to an air opponent,         then pushing DOWN while pushing a button.         Hanzo and Galford have special throws which are performed by         completing the move while next to an opponent.         Throws CANNOT be blocked!  Hidden Moves: Certain characters have hidden moves not listed in the manual. Why all the characters didn't get these moves is debatable, but oh well...  Super Deformation Moves: Changes your character into a doll-like version. You cannot move or attack normally, and you cannot be thrown. You CAN be hit. You return to normal if 1) you perform a Special Move, 2) you are hit, 3) you do a double-tap move, 4) after about 10 seconds have passed.  Taunts: Taunt by pushing both buttons and holding them down until the taunt comes out. You can't just push the buttons quickly. Also, you can't do the taunt while right next to your opponent. You get out of a taunt when you do a Special Move, double-tap move, or you get hit.  Power Specials: Can be done only when you are powered up, according to the POW Gauge. If your Power Special hits, your opponent's weapon is broken, UNLESS you get hit at the same time. If that happens, both players take damage, but you don't follow through with your attack and you don't break your opponent's weapon!  Poses: You can select what pose your character does after he/she wins! After defeating your opponent, if you hold your joystick in a specific position (i.e. up, down, left, or right) until his/her name is called, he/she will do a specific pose. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------   "Time has passed since the last trouble.  New battles are going to    start now, again." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sake-Drinking Swordsman of Samurai Shodown          HAOHMARU  "Haohmaru, do not get involved with demons." The warnings of Nicotine, his master, could not stop Haohmaru. That day, Haohmaru drank with his master for the first time in a while and set out on a journey--to find the demon that was after his soul. "Shurado,* huh? This should be interesting."  *"Shurado" is the way of war, after the Hindu/Buddhist god of war,  Shura/Ashura.  Samurai Nuts will remember that if you completed  Samurai Shodown 1 perfectly with Haohmaru, his secret ending mentioned  something about him following the path to "Shurado"  B: "What's this wind?  I feel something bad." BM: "Wow!  I am (a) champion, I will kill all enemies with my sword!" AM: "How weak you are!  I might kill you as well as tofu with my sword!" BV: "What, my imitation? You have guts!" AV: "I slay my imitation with my sword together with Mt. Fuji!" IA: "I don't like this ominous feeling!"     "I can't believe he saved us..." F: "I reached the evil world!"    "I'll show you the soul of (a) samurai!"  Background: Based on the classic model of the samurai, Miyamoto Musashi. Weapon: Katana Full of: Sake bottles Occupation: Kensai Nationality: Japan Jumping ranges:  Forward  : X=9, Y=7                  Backward : X=-5, Y=5                  Up       : Y=3 Voice: Masaki Usui Notes: His girlfriend's name is Oshizu. Nicotine was his mentor.        Oshizu can be seen by the nearest torii. If Haohmaru wins, she        clasps her hands. If he loses, she turns away.  THE GAIRYU ISLE -- EVENING ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                  Standing Close  A -- Down Slash                A -- Hilt Butt B -- Thrust                    B -- Down Slash AB -- Far Down Swing           AB -- Up, then Down Swing C/D -- Medium Kick CD -- High Kick  Crouching  A/B -- Low Slash * AB -- Upward Swing C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Slide  Jumping  A/B -- Side Slash AB -- Down Swing C/D -- Down Kick CD -- Down Kick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cyclone Slash                | Throws whirlwind that catches enemy, and (Ougi Senpuuretsuzan)        | lifts him/her into the air, dropping  | \ -O + Slash              | for damage.  Note: use kick instead of  O  O                     *! | slash to fake this move. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crescent Moon Slash            | Performs a vertical leap with sword (Ougi Kogetsuzan)              | extended to cut enemy for weapon damage.   -O  / | \  + Slash           |      O  O  O                *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ougi Resshin Zan               | Leaps upward, and twirls, bringing                                | sword down in a flash of energy  -O | \  + Kick                | hit for weapon damage.     O  O                    *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sake Attack                      | Swings out bottle of rice wine to hit (Sake Kogeki)                    | for damage, and also deflect any  |  / O- + A                     | projectile attack back at opponent.  O O                             | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  AB or B              Slam opponent onto ground CD or D              Backflip toss ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Move: Kogetsuzan Rush                      | Leaps into the air doing seven (Tempa Fuuzin Zan)                   | consecutive Kogetsuzans hitting for  \  O-  / | \  -O O- |  / + BC       | weapon damage.   O    O  O  O       O O        ***! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:   -O \   |   / O- -O O- + B       O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Puts arm inside gi, sword over shoulder, "Doshita, doshita!" 2.  BD:  Drinks sake, wipes mouth, says "Umeh!"  ("that feels good!") 3.  AC(weaponless):  Puts hand on belt, waves to opponent, "Doshita,                      doshita!"  ("What's wrong?") 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special: Flame of the Conqueror       | Strikes with full AB attack weapon (Tempa Seikouzan)            | range, creating a blow of  -O \  |  / O- -O + A        | concussive energy that hits for      O O O                *! | breaking damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Sheath: He spins and sheaths sword - Bow: He slashes air with sword, bows, says "Yosh!"  ("Okay!") - Shoulder: He puts sword on shoulder and says "Osa! Osa!"  ("Come on!") - Thinker: He puts sword away, puts hand on chin, says "Hmmph!" - Yosh: Tugs shirt, bows and says "Yosh!" - Hmmph: Tugs shirt and puts hand on chin, says "Hmmph!"  First and Second Win:     First and Second Unarmed Win: Up: Sheath, Bow           Yosh, Yosh Down: Thinker, Sheath     Hmmph, Yosh Left: Sheath, Bow         Yosh, Yosh Right: Shoulder, Thinker  Yosh, Yosh ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Jumping D, Standing AB (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, Standing AB (2 hits)  - Close crouching AB, Resshin Zan (F, D, DF) with A (2 hits)  - Close crouching AB, Kogetsuzan with AB (3 hits)  - Close crouching AB, Tempa Fuzin San (7 hits) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:   Haohmaru wakes up in a beautiful forest. He is wounded badly. Suddenly, Genjuro leaps in.  "You had a hard fight, Haohmaru.  Now, I'll kill you!" Haohmaru replies "You bas..."  but then Oshizu jumps between them.  "Stop it!" she says, "He is wounded. You should challenge him when he feels better." "You are quite right," Genjuro says, "All right, I will overlook this for now."  He then leaps away. "Oshuzi..." Haohmaru says.  Oshizu turns toward him and says, "Forgive me, Haohmaru, but I wanted you to live."  The scene then changes to a closeup of Haohmaru and Oshizu embracing each other passionately.  Presumably, Haohmaru is talking.  "Don't say (anything) more... I dedicated myself to the sword world (way of the sword)... Forgive me, Oshizu..."  Cut to the empty forest. Gen-an walks in, and says, grinning. "Your words move to tears."  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Haohmaru Horoscope:  If you play as Haohmaru, you:  - Prefer the standard fireball trap fighting style - Like to gloat a lot - Don't care what other people think. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Angel Faced Falcon Handler          NAKORURU  As usual, Nakoruru stood with her eyes closed among the birches and tried to talk with nature. But that day, she couldn't hear the voice of nature. Something was wrong. Nakoruru could feel the spirit of nature being sucked away into the demon world. "I must hurry. Let's go Mamahaha!"  B: "Something evil is coming now!" BM: "Whoever defiles nature shall feel my wrath!" AM: "I must hurry up.  The world is being destroyed by evil power!" BV: "Wao! You are like me!  But I am stronger than you!" AV: "Power, speed, and beauty.  I have defeated you in every way." IJ: "Now King's power is increasing. Hurry up!"     "What happen now?"  (classic SS2 dialogue here) F: "Terrible, evil power, but I can't lose!"    "Spirits of nature, give me your power!"  Background: Nakoruru is one of the Ainu. Weapon: Kodachi Full of: Cherry blossom petals Occupation: Protector of nature Nationality: Japan Jumping ranges:  Forward  : X=7, Y=10                  Backward : X=-9, Y=7                  Up       : Y=5 Voice: Harumi Ikoma Notes: Her hawk's name is Mamaha. Her weapon is named Hahama,        after her father. She has a younger sister named Rimururu.        She has feelings of affection toward Galford.        If Nakoruru wins a round, her sister claps and the bear yawns. If        she loses, both of them look at each other and nod.        The alternate color for Nakoruru has a different face for her close        up!  NORTHERN COUNTRY -- SUMMER (Ezo, or Hokkaido today) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                Standing Close  A -- Side Slash B -- Down Slash AB -- Up Slash              AB -- Down, then Up Slash C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Side Kick             CD -- Double Kick  Crouching  A/B -- Side Slash AB -- Rolling Slash # C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Thrust Kick **  Jumping Diagonal                  Jumping Straight  A/B -- Angled Side Slash          A/B -- Side Slash AB -- Up Slash                    AB -- Side Slash C/D -- Down Kick CD -- Down Kick                   CD -- Somersault ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Annu Mutsube            | Slides along ground with sword extended,                         | attacking low for weapon damage.  O- / | + Slash         |    O  O             *!L | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lela Mutsube            | Slides along ground, then rises, with                         | sword extended, attacking medium to air | \ -O + Slash          | for weapon damage. O  O                 *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amube Yatoro              | Sends Falcon out in a burning attack                           | for fire damage.  -O \  |  / O- + Slash    |      O O O              * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mamaha Flight              | Falcon grabs character; control then                            | switches to bird for around 10 seconds  |  / O- + C               | after which, character falls back to  O O                       | ground. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yatoro Poku (While flying)      | Spins downward from Falcon, in                                 | direction corresponding to joystick,                                 | attacking with weapon for damage.  | or \  or  / and Slash/Kick   |  O     O    O                *H | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kamui Mutsube (While flying)    | Flies down from Falcon in buring attack,                                 | sword extended, hitting for fire damage.          Slash or Kick          |                               * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mamaha Call (When disarmed)     | Whistles to Falcon, calling bird to leave  |  / O- + C   or               | weapon, re-joining the fight again.  O O                            | allows for Mamaha Flight or Amu                                 |  -O \  |  / O- + Slash          |      O O O                      | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kamui Ryuse                     | Twirls around, whipping cloak out to                                 | create shield that reflects projectiles  |  / O- + Slash                | back at opponents, as well as inflicting  O O                          * | minor damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B                      Two-handed toss AB                     Sit on top of opponent and stab D or CD                Climb and triple kick AB (without weapon)    Climb and slap opponent repeatedly  Air Throw  B or AB                Toss opponent onto ground ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Move:  Apefuchi Kamui Rymuse           | Performs three quick Kamui Ryuse and                                 | finishes by sending out a "shadow  \  |  / O- -O | \  + BC        | Falcon, allowing for four consecutive   O O O        O  O          ** | (if close to opponent). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:   -O \  |  / O- -O \  |  / O- + D      O O O         O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Tightens bow in hair, "Yos!" 2.  BD:  Stretches provocatively. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 1. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:   Irusuka Yatoro Lise                  | Glowing, sends bird down, and if  -O O-  / | \  -O + A                 | successful, five more birds hit        O  O  O                      * | opponent for breaking damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Yos: She bows her head and says, "Yos" ("Ok") - Cape Wrap: She wraps her cape around herself and says, "Un yokatta" ("That went well") - Bird Praise: Mamaha lands on her hand, and she asks "Kega wa nai, Mamaha?" ("Are you okay, Mamaha?") The bird chirps. - Payback: She turns her back and says "Daishizen no shioki desu" ("Punishment in the name of Mother Nature") - Wink: Mamaha lands on her hand and she winks - Wink and Poppy: Same as wink but a dog that looks like Poppy comes in, with a bird on his head  First and Second Win with Sword and Bird: Up: Cape Wrap, Cape Wrap Down: Bird Praise, Bird Praise Left: Yos, Payback Right: Cape Wrap, Cape Wrap  Unarmed without Bird: All: Yos  Unarmed with Bird: Down: Wink and Poppy All Other: Wink ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Jumping D, Crouching close AB (3 hits)  - Jumping B, Lela Mutsube (2 hits)  - Standing close AB, Lela Mutsube (2 hits; 75% dizzy)  - Crouching close C, Standing close CD, A Annu Mutsube (4 hits)  - Jumping CD, Standing AB, Annu Mutusbe (3 hits)  - Jumping CD, Standing AB, Kamui Mutsube (3 hits) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Nakoruru can triangle jump.       You can move in any direction while on the hawk. You are also       vulnerable to attack.       Almost all of Nakoruru's ground B, AB, D, and CD attacks can       be interrupted with a Special Move. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:    Nakoruru is lying in the forest unconscious.  Galford runs in and wakes her up.  He then blushes, and says "I was worried about you." Nakoruru stands up and says, "Galford, I..." Suddenly, the forest turns red, and Nakoruru jumps up on Mamaha, preparing to fly away.  Galford tries to stop her, but she says "Something evil is still destroying nature, I have to go," and she flies away.   Scene changes to up on the cliff overlooking the evil forest.  Nakoruru says, "God of great nature, save them and the forest!!...please..."  At which point, she is enveloped in a beautiful white light.  She is absorbed, and turned into a ball of energy which dissipates over the forest, cleansing it.  Her weapon falls to the ground where she had been standing.   Scene changes to her background.  Her mother, father, sister, and Mamaha all look sad as they view her lonely sword.  But as her sister speaks to the sword, it glows, saying "This is Nakoruru's voice..."  The scene fades to a beautiful airbrushed painting of an angelic Nakoruru speaking from beyond.  She says, "Please don't cry...My soul will always be here as a guardian of nature.  From now (on), you have to fight to protect them." The scene fades back to the family, and Nakoruru's sister stands up and says, "I understand...Nakoruru." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nakoruru Horoscope:  If you play as Nakoruru, you:  - are a fast sonofabitch - prefer standing up for the little people - treat animals with respect, and beat the hell out of people who don't ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ninja Master of the Shadows          HANZO HATTORI  After defeating Amakusa, Hanzo was able to retrieve his son's body. But his soul still wandered the land of the demons, as before. One day, Hanzo learned that he could liberate all these wandering souls if he defeated the ruler of the demon world. "Son, I will ressurect your soul."  B: "Now I shall avenge you, my dear son." BM: "I can see your look of destiny on your face." AM: "Whether to heaven or to hell, anything is decided by destiny." BV: "The same as me! What magic made you?" AV: "Both you and I live as Ninja.  You should always be ready for death." IJ: "I will save my son's soul at any cost!"     "How mysterious and dubious the guy is!" F: "It's time to (have a) shodown, my son."    "Go back into the darkness!"  Background: Based on Hattori Hanzo Masashige. Weapon: Ninjato Full of: Shurikens Occupation: Ninja Nationality: Japan Jumping ranges:  Forward  : X=10, Y=9                  Backward : X=-8, Y=9                  Up       : Y=7 Voice: Toshimitsu Arai Notes: His sons names are Kanzo and Shinzo, and his wife is Kaede.        In SS1, Shinzo's body was possessed by Amakusa. At the end,        Amakuza was sealed away, and Hanzo believed that his son was        lost as a consequence. However, when Amakusa has a change of        heart in SS2, he is either destroyed or banished from Shinzo's        body by Mizuki.        Hanzo is leader of the Iga ninjas, which fits with the historical        record.  BATTLEFIELD -- THE SUNSET (Dewa, Yamagata) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                   Standing Close  A -- Side Slash                A -- One-Handed Down Slash B -- One-Handed Down Slash     B -- One-Handed Down Slash AB -- Somersault Slash #       AB -- Two-Handed Down Slash C/D -- High Kick CD -- High Spin Kick  Crouching Far                   Crouching Close  A -- One- Handed Down Slash B -- One-Handed Down Slash AB -- Sweeping Low Slash * C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Thrust Kick                CD -- Tumbling Kick **  Jumping Forward                  Jumping Other  A -- One-Handed Down Slash B -- Side Slash AB -- Two-Handed Down Slash C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Down Kick                   CD -- Side Kick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Reppushuriken (jumping)     | Leaps into air, hurling shuriken down (Reppushuriken Kai)             | towards opponent to hit for weapon O-  / | \  + Slash              | damage.    O  O  O                    * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ninja Teleportation             | Disappears and is replaced by a piece (Utsusemi Chizan)               | of wood, while true form appears below   When struck with weapon,      | opponent, striking with weapon extended   press B,C, and D together   L | for damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ninja Teleportation Jig         | Same as above, minus the wood replacement, (Utsusemi Tenbu)                | and character need not be attacked.  As  -O \  |  / O- + BCD            | well, HANZO drops from the sky instead,      O O O                    H | attacking for weapon damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shrike Dash (special throw)      | Grabs opponent, and twirls into the (Mozu Otoshi)                    | air, dropping back down onto opponent's -O | \ + Kick                    | head, now hitting for fire damage.    O  O                          | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ninja Multiplier                 | Splits into two "shadows", to confuse (Kage Bunshin)                   | opponent, reappearing at FAR LEFT for A -O O- / | \ -O + A or B          | and FAR RIGHT for B.      O  O  O                     | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ninja Dragon Fire             | Smashes fist into ground, creating a (Bakuenryu)                   | hopping snake of fire that blasts opponent  -O \  |  / + Slash           | for fire damage.      O O O                  * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throw:  B or AB        Ground slam D or CD        Slam and stab  Air Throw:  B or AB         Grab and slam opponent onto ground ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stealth                   | Turns invisible after chuckling, reappearing (Kage Mai)                | only to perform moves.  Full reappearance -O O- -O O- -O O- | + BCD | occurrs when opponent touches, or after                   O       | 10-12 seconds. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation  -O O- -O O- -O O- | + A                   O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Cracks knuckles, "Hmmph! Koi!" 2.  BD:  Waves opponent to "come here" and chuckles. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 1. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Squeeze of Heaven          | Stabs weapon into ground, releasing a (Temma Rimetsu)            | massive burst of flames to strike for -O \  |  / O- -O + D       | breaking damage.     O O O               *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Laugh: He sheaths his sword and chuckles - Poof: Sheaths blade, chuckles, and dissappears (note leaf left behind) - Arms: Crosses arms and says something - Mask: Pulls off mask, loosens hair, and chuckles  First and Second Win:    Unarmed Win: Up: Poof, Arms           Arms Down: Mask, Poof         Laugh Left: Poof, Arms         Arms Right: Arms, Mask        Arms ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Crouching close CD, Standing B (3 hits)  - Standing close B, Crouching close AB (2 hits)  - Standing close AB, Stand AB (2 hits)  - Jumping D, Standing AB (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, crouching AB (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, Standing B, Standing B (3 hits)  - From across the screen, perform an A Bakuenryu.  Then, perform a Teleportation Jig (2 hits)  - Squeeze of heaven, Standing B (2 hits) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes:  Hanzo can triangle jump.         Multiple Images--if your opponent slashes at the wrong image, a bomb         will appear. After a short delay, it will cause a small flame         explosion, hitting a nearby opponent who is not blocking. Kicks and         most Special Moves do not set the bomb off, although "slashing"         Special Moves will. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:   Kanzo phases in with Shinzo's body.  "Sign of evil disappeared."  Kaede phases in.  "Kanzo, I got back the soul of Shinzo. Call your father." Kanzo phases out. Kaede places Shinzo's soul (an energy ball) into his body. "His soul power is getting weaker. Hurry up, Shinzo!"  She then transfers her own soul energy to Shinzo's body to save him. There is a flash of light, and then...  Shinzo wakes up to find Kaede has collapsed.  "Mom!"  Just then Kanzo and Hanzo phase in. Kaede asks, "How is Shinzo, dear."  "Don't worry, he's ok," replies Hanzo. Kaede can barely respond "...that's...good..." then dies. "Mom!" cries Kanzo.  The scene shifts to the three on the rocky ledge.  Hanzo says in as stoic a voice as he can muster, "The life of a ninja is much harder than you think... Get over the sadness and be honorable ninjas. Train yourself!" Kanzo and Shinzo then phase out, and Hanzo disappears last in a puff of smoke. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hanzo Horoscope:  If you play as Hanzo, you:  - Enjoy kicking the royal bejeezers out of bad SS2 players - Are sneaky, underhanded, quick, and generally ALWAYS successful - Think it's "funny" that you happen to have one of the most powerful   moves in the game ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The San Francisco Surfer Ninja          GALFORD  There had been a noticeable increase in crime recently. Getting suspicious, Galford investigated a group of related incidents and found that dark shadows from the demon world were causing those with weak hearts to commit crime. "Let's go Poppy! We have to kill these demons!"  B: "Let's go and defend the justice, Poppy!" BM: "Hey!  Do you like to challenge my American ninjutsu?" AM: "Well, I was nearly defeated.  Eh, Poppy?  'Woof, woof.'" BV: "Oh, you also use ninjutsu? OK, let's fight!" AV: "Even if you are like me, you are only my copy.  You can't fight          against me." IJ: "The evil air is felt clearer and clearer!"     "What a kind of man is he?" F: "Here we go Poppy. Time for (a) shodown!"     "Taste my sword of justice!"  Notes: No correlating material can be found for Galford, as ninjas didn't        even begin to appear in North America, secretly until the early        nineteenth century.        Also, California was not a state at the time of SS1, and the San        Francisco portrayed here belongs more properly in the mid-to-late        19th century. Weapon: Ninjato Full of: Doggy bones Occupation: Ninja Nationality: U.S.A. Jumping ranges:  Forward  : X=10, Y=9                   Backward : X=-8, Y=9                  Up       : Y=7 Voice: Kazuhiro Inage Notes: His dog's name is Poppy (a husky), and she has three pups named        Poppa, Puppa, and Pippa. He has some affection towards Nakoruru.        One of the designer's names can be seen written in the floorboards.        Whether apples or fish are in the barrels seems to be determined        randomly.        Galford has trained under the Koga ninja clan.  SAN FRANCISCO -- NOON ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                   Standing Close  A -- Side Slash                A -- One-Handed Down Slash B -- One-Handed Down Slash     B -- One-Handed Down Slash AB -- Somersault Slash #       AB -- Two-Handed Down Slash C/D -- High Kick CD -- High Spin Kick  Crouching Far                  Crouching Close  A -- One- Handed Down Slash B -- One-Handed Down Slash AB -- Sweeping Low Slash * C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Thrust Kick               CD -- Tumbling Kick **  Jumping Forward                 Jumping Other  A -- One-Handed Down Slash B -- Side Slash AB -- Two-Handed Down Slash C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Down Kick                  CD -- Side Kick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strike Heads (special throw)       | Grabs opponent, and twirls into the                                    | air, dropping back down onto  -O | \  + Kick                    | opponent's head for lightning damage.     O  O                           | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plasma Blade                    | Throws a concussive wave of electrical                                 | "blades" at opponent to hit for  | \  -O + Slash                | lightning damage.  O  O                         * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Poppy" Attacks  |  / O- + ...  O O  Rush Dog        :  Use Slash    * | Dog rams opponent with head for damage. Machine Gun Dog :  Use C        * | Dog strangles opponent at neck. Dog Drop        :  Use D       *H | Dog disappears, drops from sky. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shadow Copy                     | Splits into two "shadows", to confuse                                 | opponent, reappearing at FAR LEFT for A -O O-  / | \  + A or B          | and FAR RIGHT for B.       O  O  O                   | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head Replicator Attack           | Disappears and is replaced by a piece (Log Trick)                      | of wood, while true form drops   When struck with weapon,       | above opponent, striking with weapon   press B,C, and D together    H | extended for damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rear Replicator Attack          | Disappears and drops from above with (Ninja Drop)                    | weapon extended to strike for weapon  -O \  |  / O- + BCD            | damage.      O O O                    H | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B or AB           Ground slam D or CD           Slam and stab  Air Throw:  B or AB            Grab and slam opponent on ground ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Move:  Ninja Cloak               | Turns invisible, reappearing                           | only to perform moves.  Full reappearance -O O- -O O- -O O- | + BCD | occurrs when opponent touches you                   O       | or after a period of time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:   -O \  |  / O- -O O- + C      O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Waves finger in "tsk tsk tsk" motion.  Poppy yawns. 2.  BD:  Shakes head and shrugs in disbelief.  Poppy yawns. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 1. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Mega Strike Dog              | Poppy: 1) Rams opponent -O \  |  / O- -O + D         |        2) Rolls into opponent     O O O                    |        3) Kicks opponent                              |        4) Mauls opponent                              |        5) Performs Strike Hez on opponent,                              |           breaking weapon. "Good Poppy!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Bone: Galford throws up a bone and says, "Hey Poppy!" Poppy jumps up and grabs it. - Bone and Pups: Same as Bone, except Poppy and her three pups come down. One of the pups has a bone. Galford shrugs his shoulders. - Igato: Galford salutes and yells "Igato!" - Igato and Pups: Three pups come out. Galford yells "Igato!" and all three pups yip and prance around cutely. - Yeah: Galford spins his sword and yells "Yeah!" - Yeah and Pups: Two pups come out, and a third appears on Galford's shoulder. He salutes and says "Yeah!" and all three pups yip.  First and Second Armed Win: Up: Yeah, Yeah Down: Igato, Igato Left: Yeah, Yeah Right: Bone, Bone and Pups  First and Second Unarmed Win: Igato, Yeah and Pups Igato and Pups, Igato Igato, Yeah and Pups Igato, Yeah and Pups ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Standing close AB, Jumping D (2 hits)  - Machine Gun Dog, Standing AB (2 hits)  *time the AB just as Poppy finishes munching*  - Jumping AB, Standing AB, Rush Dog, (3 hits)  - Standing AB, Plasma Blade, Standing B (3 hits)  - From across the screen, A Plasma Blade, chase it, after the blade strikes, Standing AB, Standing B (3 hits)  - From middle screen, A Plasma Blade, leap towards, Jumping AB, Crouching AB (3 hits)  - Close crouching AB, Dog Drop, Standing close AB, Standing AB (4 hits)  - Stand one character length away.  Perform Mega strike Dog while being hit, and quickly hit BCD.  As you reappear, and Poppy is still beating up your opponent, just as Poppy is ready to shoot off the screen, strike with AB.  (multiple hits)  - Perform Mega Strike Dog.  Attack twice with AB while Poppy is attacking. (multiple hits)  *note*  The last two combos appear to only work on some versions of SS2. They may not work with yours. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Galford can triangle jump.        Multiple Images--if your opponent slashes at the wrong image, a bomb        will appear. After a short delay, it will cause an electrical        explosion hitting a nearby opponent who is not blocking. Kicks and        most Special Moves do not set the bomb off, although "slashing"        Special Moves will.        Galford normally can't attack while Poppy is doing a prolonged        attack, namely the Maul Dog or Mega Strike Dog. However, for six        characters, Galford CAN attack to do extra damage while Poppy is        mangling his opponent! He can do this against: Genjuro, Gen-an,        Kyoshiro, Wan Fu, Earthquake, and Kuroko. Galford can either run        forward and AB his opponent, or do a ninja drop RIGHT after the dog        hits. Note that while he can perform these moves against ANY        opponent, the attack won't hit them unless they are one of        the six listed above. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:   Galford and Poppy are in the forest.  "We made it, Pop!" says Galford, but then Poppy starts barking at something.  "Who is she?" says Galford, and they run off  They find Nakoruru lying on the ground with Mamaha perchd on her, panting. Poppy howls, and Galford shouts, "Nakoruru!"  Mamaha flies up, waking Nakoruru. The two face each other rather bashfully.  "Galford..."  "I was worried about you..." Galford replies. "Galford, I..." but before Nakoruru can finish her sentence, a red light permeates the forest. The two go into guarded stances, as Galford exclaims, "!"  Then, Nakoruru jumps on Mamaha. "Something evil is still destroying nature. I have to go," she says as they lift up. "My God!" Galford exclaims, and he and Poppy run off.  The scene shifts to Galford and Poppy on the rocky ledge, looking at Nakoruru who is on a faraway ledge. "Nakoruru!" shouts Galford, but suddenly Nakoruru is "beamed up" in a pillar of light. As Galford watches her become transformed into a shining sphere, he shouts "No! No! NOO!"  But it is too late, she has disappeared.  The scene shifts to a close-up of Nakoruru, with Galford grieving in the corner.  "I'm sorry," the voice of Nakoruru says, "I've known how you felt towards me... But I had no choice but to do this to save them... So please don't mourn..."  Galford is sitting on the ledge in grief. But he finally says, "OK, I understand."  Putting the best face on things, he gets up and says to Poppy, "There are still too many bad guys in the world... Let's go, Poppy!" Galford, Poppy, and the three pups jump away. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Galford Horoscope:  If you like to play as Galford, you:  - Probably enjoy surfing more than most - Can't figure out why your dog won't "fetch the katana, boy!" - Think it's "neat" you can turn invisible, even though your dog still   knows where you are ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Mighty Pillar of Heaven          WAN FU  One day, someone claiming to be a seer appeared before Wan-fu. This person told the story of "The Egg of the Destroyer," which could grant dominion over the world, in exchange for one's soul. With this item, the unification of China would be possible. Wan-fu set off on a journey. "Anyone gets in my way, I'll bash their heads open!"  B: "Look at our great Chinese power!" BM: "You dare oppose me?  What a foolish guy!" AM: "How stupid, foolish, and silly you are!  Get away, chicken!" BV: "It's been a long time, brother!  Let's fight and win some honor!" AV: "Weak, weak, too weak!  You have brought shame on our kinsmen.  Go to      hell!" IJ: "Hey, you, I'll beat and eat you!"     "That spirit, he is no ordinarily man!"  (OK...whatever...) F: "You disturb me, I (will) never forgive you."    "Feel a great power of China!"  Background: Based on a combination of the 18th-century swordsman Wan             Wu and the legendary King Wu. Weapon: Stone Pillar Full of: Black pearls Occupation: Warrior-King Nationality: China Jumping ranges:  Forward  : X=3, Y=3                  Backward : X=-5, Y=3                  Up       : Y=4 Voice: Toshikazu Nishimura Notes: The Chinese Empire was fully unified by the Qing Dynasty at the        time of SS, so Wan Fu couldn't be king of Xian or anywhere else.  CHINA -- XIAN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                  Standing Far  A -- Punch                    A -- Elbow B -- End Thrust               B -- Side Swing AB -- Long Pillar Slam #      AB -- Short Pillar Slam # C -- Medium-Low Kick D -- Medium Kick CD -- Butt Thrust  Crouching Far                  Crouching Close  A -- Punch                     A -- Elbow B -- Low End Thrust *          B -- Side Swing AB -- Low End Swing *          AB -- Side Swing then Short Slam # C -- Crouch Kick D -- Medium Kick ** CD -- Roundhouse               CD -- High Kick **  Jumping Other                  Jumping Back  A -- Pillar Shield B -- Down Swing AB -- Down Swing               AB -- Side Swing C -- Down Kick D -- Butt Drop CD -- Somersault ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Confucious Thunder Bomb     | Jumps into the air, hurling weapon towards (Shin Kikou Bakutenhoh)         | the ground, creating a huge explosion upon |  / O- + Slash                 | impact, hitting for fire damage. Note: The O O                         **! | AB will NOT cross-over, unlike SS1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Confucious Slash                | Leaps into the air, pillar raised, (Kikou Senpuu Geki)             | striking for fire damage. -O | \  + Slash                 |    O  O                      *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exploding Confucious            | Begins banging head against pillar, which (Benpatsu)                      | decreases energy but boosts POW, to help |  / O- + CD                    | perform POWER SPECIAL more quickly. O O                          *! | Note: If your opponent touches the pillar,                                 | he will take lots of damage ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Confucious Swipe                | Spins multiple times with column extended, (Kikou Dai Bokusatsu)           | striking for multiple hits of fire damage. | \ -O + Slash                  |   A -- One swing O  O                        **! |   B -- Two swings                                 |   AB -- Three swings ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B or AB      Sit on opponent and bash with pillar D            Drop opponent on knee CD           Leap on opponent B (without weapon)   Throw opponent against wall AB (without weapon)  Slam opponent into ground --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:  O- -O \  |  / O- -O + D        O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Pretends to perform AB attack, then yells "HA!" 2.  BD:  Twirls pillar and spits to the side. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Spins arm and yells "HA HA!" 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Wrath of God Blowout            | Creates a gigantic Thunder Bomb which (Shin Kikou Dai Bakuten)        | creates an upward explosion, hitting -O O-  / | \  -O + B            | for fire and breaking damage. Note: This       O  O  O               **! | move DOES cross-over. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Fold: He laughs with his arms folded - Fists: He laughs with clenched fists - Pillar: He bangs his head on pillar, than laughs with clenched fists - Yeah: He says 'Yeah' with clenched fists - Carving: Carves his pillar to his likeness, then says 'Wan Hauber'  First and Second Armed Win:   Unarmed Win: Up: Pillar, Pillar            Fists Down: Yeah, Carving           Fold Left: Pillar, Pillar          Fists Right: Fold, Fold             Fold ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Standing close AB, Confucious Slash (3 hits)  - Jumping AB, Confucious Swipe (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, Confucious Slash (3 hits)  - Jumping CD, Crouching CD (2 hits)  - Jumping (up) CD, Crouching AB (2 hits)  - In corner, Wrath of God, Crouching CD (unknown hits) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes:  Wan Fu can crawl.         Wan Fu's close, double-hitting ABs can be interrupted.         Wan Fu's Confucious Swipe can twirl him past projectiles without         getting hit if timed correctly. Time it so that he goes into his         second swing by the time a projectile passes through him and he         will swing around it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:   Wan Fu stands in the forest, arms crossed, and laughs. He says, "Rubbish!  It's not much of what I expected."  He then just keeps on standing...and standing... When he realizes you won't go away, he scowls and suddenly his close-up picture fills the screen.  "I know you are expecting the ending, but there is no ending to my story. THIS IS MY MESSAGE TO ALL OF YOU CONTENTED WITH COMMON ENDINGS!"  He then throws the pillar at you, and the fire fills the screen.  The end.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Wan-Fu Horoscope:  If you like to play as Wan-Fu, you:  - Have a tough exterior, but really just want to carve sculptures - Are a pyromaniac at heart - Have a weenie voice, but pummel people who laugh ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Silent Swordsman of the Night          UKYO TACHIBANA  The demon flower that Ukyo found was not the perfect flower he sought. "I do not know if this is true, but the perfect flower blooms in the center of the demon world." After hearing those words from an old scholar in the country of Musashi, Ukyo set off for the demon world again, despite his illness. "...I must...hurry..."  B: "....." BM: "......" AM: "" BV: "...resemble me.....handsome, just (as) I've thought..." AV: "...To cut a same face......feel bad..." IJ: "....."     "....." F: "...Finally.....I've found it out..."    "....."  Background: Based on Sasaki Kojiro Genryu, Haohmaru's urbane rival. Weapon: Iaito Full of: Apples Occupation: Iaidoka Nationality: Japan Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=3, Y=6                  Backward : X=-4, Y=3                  Up       : Y=5 Voice: Eiji Yano Notes: His girlfriend is Kei Odagiri. He is dying from tuberculosis.        Kei can be seen by the nearest torii. If Ukyo wins, she comes out        to support him. If he loses, she covers her face.  THE GAIRYU ISLE -- NIGHT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing  A -- Scabbard Swing B -- Side Slash AB -- Up Slash C -- Mini Slide * D -- Medium Slide * CD -- Full Slide *  Crouching Far                  Crouching Close  A -- Side Slash B -- Side Slash                B -- Overhead Slash AB -- Diving Slash # *         AB -- Scabbard Swipe then Overhead Slash C -- Foot Shuffle D -- High Kick ** CD -- High Kick **  Jumping Diagonal               Jumping Straight  A -- Side Slash B -- Side Slash (far) @ AB -- Angled Down Slash        AB -- Side Slash C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Double Side Kick  @ Ukyo does an Angled Down Slash when jumping diagonally near an opponent. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snowfall Slash                | Throws apple out and draws sword, (Hiken Sasame Yuki)           | repeatedly striking both it, and the |  / O- + Slash               | enemy, for weapon damage.  Note: Use kick O O                       **! | instead of slash to fake this move. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swallow Swipe attacks  (Tsumabe Gaeshi)  For all:  A -- Swallow rises           B -- Swallow travels horizontally for a while, then rises           AB -- Swallow travels horizontally  Swallow Swipe  (in air)            | Rotates in air with sword extended,  / | \  -O + Slash                 | sending out a fire swallow. Will hit O  O  O                        *!H | for fire and/or weapon damage.  Swallow Swipe  (from ground)                 | Swallow Swipe executed as  / | \  -O + Jump in any direction + Slash   | soon as Ukyo leaves the O  O  O                                  *!H | ground.  Swallow Swipe (dashing back)        | Dashes backward, then throws a Swallow                                     | Swipe that stays close to the ground O- O-  / | \  -O + Slash            | when Ukyo FINISHES the dash.       O  O  O                   *!H | Note: This is different from SS1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Afterimage Attack               | Teleports over to opponent, swinging (Zanzou Fumikomi Giri)          | weapon for damage. | \  -O + Kick                  |  C -- Side slash O  O                            |  D -- Down slash                              *! |  CD -- Upward slash ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B             Scabbard slap AB            Toss and slash D or CD       Trip and stab Unarmed       Toss but don't slash ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:  -O \  |  / O- -O \  -O + B     O O O         O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Polishes, twirls, and sheathes sword. 2.  BD:  Drops to one knee, coughs. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Writes poetry on fuda, says "Mmmm". 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- POWER SPECIAL:   Swallow Super Slash               | Tosses an apple, performing multiple (Tsubame Roku Ren)                 | Swallow Swipes which repeatedly hit -O O-  / | \  -O + AB              | opponent for multiple hits of       O  O  O                   *! | breaking damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Slice: He does a sasame yuki - Kei: He falls to the ground coughing, and Kei comes out to help - Posse: The group of adoring fans chases him down as he runs away - Sleeve: He moves sleeve, says 'Mmmm...' and looks back - Dissed: Same as Kei, but she doesn't come out  Armed Win:       Unarmed Win: Up: Slice        Dissed Down: Posse      Sleeve Left: Slice      Dissed Right: Kei       Dissed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Close Crouching C, Standing A, Teleport Slash with A (3 hits)  - Jumping AB, Swallow Swipe AB (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, Standing Close AB, Teleport Slash with AB (4 hits) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Only the trailing image in Ukyo's AfterImage Attack can be hit.        That is the "real" Ukyo; the rest of them (including the lead        slashing one) are only images and cannot be hit. If you try to        hit them, Ukyo will hit you first. Note that the real Ukyo only        catches up to the lead image as it is slashing.        Ukyo's standing AB can be interrupted with an AI Attack, but it        must be done immediately if he misses his AB. If he hits, there        is more time to register the AI Attack afterwards.        Hold down C, then do Ukyo's Power Special, and he will toss out        a BIG apple before leaping into the air. No effect on the move        itself, though. It just looks cool. :-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:    Ukyo awakes in a forest.  "...Oh God! Kei?"   Kei is standing on the rocky beach of Gairyu Isle.  "Ukyo?"  She notices flowers floating down.  "What's this? Flowers of snow..."  Ukyo is standing in darkness, carving an ice sculpture of Kei using his Snowfall Slash move.  Flowers of ice fly off the screen.   Fade back to same scene.  A much older Kei is talking with a little girl. "And that is why, on this one day every year, snow flowers fall."  The little girl says, "Is that true, grandma?"  She says, "Yes...see?"  Snow flowers begin to float down once more.  The excited girl says, "Grandmother, I see them! Snow flowers!" As the scene fades to darkness, Kei whispers, "Thank you, Ukyo."  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ukyo Horoscope:  If you like to play as Ukyo, you:  - Are one strong bastard, but don't like to brag about it - Are a real ladies man, but turn them off with all that "coughing up blood"   stuff - Don't have a lot to say, but speak volumes, or some such junk ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kooky Kabuki Master          KYOSHIRO SENRYO  "The soul of your 'techniques' are mine!" With that, one of his own servants attacked Kyoshiro. He was possessed by a demon. Kyoshiro nimbly evaded the attack and destroyed the demon. "You want my soul? Come and get it if you can!"  B: "My Kabuki spirits'll beat the evil king!" BM: "Go through the real beauty of 'Kabuki' by your death!" AM: "Fight like (you) dance, and win. That's the soul of Kabuki!" BV: "You can't behave like me, even if you imitate my costume!" AV: "What a deplorable 'Kabuki'!  Commit 'Harakiri'!" IA: "Hey you, do you have something to say?"     "He's awakened!" F: "It's time for the final act!"    "I'm dying to dance a Kabuki with (a) demon!" (poor choice of words)  Background: Based on Nemuri Kyoshiro, a movie character. Weapon: Naginata Full of: Fans Occupation: Kabuki actor Nationality: Japan Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=5, Y=9                  Backward : X=-7, Y=10                  Up       : Y=9 Voice: Atsushi Maetzuka Notes: If Kyoshiro hits with his Power Special, clapping erupts from        the audience.  EDO -- THE KABUKI STAGE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                    Standing Close  A -- Twirl Pole                 A -- Spin with Pole B -- Thrust                     B -- Forward Slash AB -- Downward Swing            AB -- Up, then Down Swing C/D -- Stand Kick on Pole CD -- Rotate Kick on Pole  Crouching Far                  Crouching Close  A/B -- Thrust                  A/B -- Fan Smack AB -- Thrust                   AB -- Thrust C/D -- Crouch Kick             C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Roundhouse               CD -- Side Kick  Jumping Diagonal               Jumping Straight  A/B -- Downward Thrust         A/B -- Downward Thrust AB -- Doward Thrust            AB -- Circular Slash C/D -- Down Kick               C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Down Kick  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flying Lion's Tail              | Drives weapon into ground to use as (Chobi Jishi)                   | leverage, and twirls, emitting blasts of |  / O- + Kick                  | fire to hit for fire damage. O O                          *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swirling Dance of the Demon     | Twirls into the air, holding weapon along (Kaiten Kyokubu)                | shoulders to attack for weapon damage. -O | \  + Kick                  |    O  O                      *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dance of Fire                   | Exhales a huge, spiraling flame into the (Kaenkyokubu)                   | air to strike for fire damage. | \  -O + Slash                 | O  O                   * to *** | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blood Mist Slice     (jumping)  | Performs the Kabuki Crunch Dance in the (Chi kemuri kuruwa)             | middle of a jump.  while jumping, |  + AB         |                 O            *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kabuki Swirl                    | Throws a flaming kabuki fan at opponent to (Fuuretsusen)                   | hit for fire damage. |  / O- + Slash                 | O O                           * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B or AB      Spear toss D            Hair toss CD           Hair strangle B (unarmed)  Hair toss  AB (unarmed) Hair strangle ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:  -O O-  / | \  -O O- + D       O  O  O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Squats, pulls out fan. 2.  BD:  Pulls out pipe, takes a puff. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 1. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Aragotoshi Kyoshiro "Chiniku-no mai" (Flesh Flail Dance of Kyoshiro) | Spins across floor, creating large flames -O O-  / | \  -O + C            | that burrow into opponent, hitting for       O  O  O               **! | fire and breaking damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Fan Flourish: Kyoshiro goes into his jacket and pulls out a fan. The color, ranging from white to red, depends on Kyoshiro's rage gauge. - Pole Spin: Kyoshiro spins his pole around his head, plants his foot, and pivots around. He says, "Tenbatsunari." ('This is heaven's punishment (for your crimes).') - Exit Stage Right: Kyoshiro does the Pole Spin and bounces off the stage. He says, "Uchitottari," ('I have killed him/her.')  Armed Win:               Unarmed Win: Up: Pole Spin            Pole Spin Down: Exit Stage Right   Fan Flourish Left: Pole Spin          Pole Spin Right: Fan Flourish      Pole Spin ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Crouching close C, Kabuki swirl (2 hits)  - WEAPONLESS: Crouching close A, Kabuki swirl (2 hits)  - Crouching close A, Kaiten Kyokubu (2 hits)  - Crouching close AB, Chobi Jishi (2 hits)  - Jumping D, Crouching CD (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, Standing AB (2 hits, 75% dizzy) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes:  Kyoshiro can crawl. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:    Kyoshiro is standing on the cliff, overlooking the forest.  He says, "I've had enough of dancing solo. I'll dance in pairs next."  He then sees something and leaps off the cliff into the forest.   Scene changes to forest.  Mizuki is lying unconscious on the ground. Kyoshiro takes a puff of his pipe, and tosses "dust" onto Mizuki, which awakens her.  She stands and says, "I can move on my own will.  I'm free now."   Kyoshiro says, "You tried to control him but he did control you." Mizuki says, "I thought I was the strongest, but my pride gave him the chance to control me."  Kyoshiro points to the sky, and Mizuki looks.  In a flash, the scene changes to Kyoshiro's background.  He says, "Well, I'll tell you the best job to train your mind.  It's the job to dance a Kabuki with me, and popularize it among the people."  A heart flutters up from Mizuki, and she smiles and nods.  Then, while she plays a flute, Kyoshiro goes on a wild Kabuki dance for everyone.  The screen fades to just her and Kyoshiro. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kyoshiro Horoscope:  If you like to play as Kyoshiro, you:  - Are always the life of the party - Enjoy lots of attention, but insist on getting paid for it - Really dig chicks with red hair (or blue, if you like the D button) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taloned King of Evil and Family Man          GEN-AN SHIRANUI  Genan's soul was in the demon world where screaming, insanity, and hatred swirled in a giant vortex. The ruler of this demon world came to Genan and told him he could be given his life back, in return for servitude. Genan's body rematerialized when he pledged his loyalty. However..."He he he...I'm the only true king of the demon world."  B: "Who?  Who awakens me?" BM: "Heeheehee. I drag your soul in(to) the evil world." AM: "Heeheehee. You are dead, DEAD! Serves you right!" BV: "Who is the king of evil? Let's have it out!" AV: "I'll take your clothes and talons. Oh, a perfect fit!" IM: "I have killed all, keeping my word."     "Ok."     "The evil king is me!" F: "The evil king? I'll get you at any cost!"    "So I said I'm the king of evil!"  Background: Gen-An is probably a bakemono (Japanese goblin) Weapon: Metal Claw Full of: Skulls Occupation: Sorcerer Nationality: Underworld Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=5, Y=8                  Backward : X=-5, Y=7                  Up       : Y=6 Voice: Eiji Yano Notes: His wife's name is Azumi. Dunno what his kids' names are. For some        reason, Gen-An is beginning to imitate Haohmaru a lot.        There is an alien (from the movie ALIENS) boiling in the giant        pot!        If Gen-An loses, the goblin on the left falls down, while the goblin        on the right has a grim look on his face.        Despite his surname, Gen-An bears no relationship to Mai. (Thank        goodness!)  DEVIL'S ISLAND -- DINNER (hee hee hee) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                       Standing Close  A/B -- Claw Thrust                 A/B -- Claw Swipe AB -- Lunging Forward Slash #      AB -- Upward Swipe C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Backflip Kick  Crouching Far                       Crouching Close  A/B -- Claw Thrust                  A/B -- Claw Swipe AB -- Upward Swipe C -- Short Slide D -- Medium Slide CD -- Full Slide, then High Kick  Jumping  A -- Claw Swipe B -- Upward Forward Slash AB -- Downward Circular Slash C -- Knee Thrust D -- Side Kick CD -- Somersault ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poison Cloud Puff           | Exhales a thick, purple cloud of poison (Doku Fubuki)               | that hits for damage, plus if opponent is | \  -O + Slash             | on ground, opponent is temporarily O  O                      * | stunned, and falls down. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slaughter House Tumble      | Rolls into a ball, with weapon extended, (Nikuten Tsuki)             | rolling along ground, and up opposite -O | \  + Slash             | edge of screen, all hitting for weapon    O  O                  ** | damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blood Grip                  | Throws glove out on chain, latching onto (Tsume Tsunami)             | opponent, to drag closer, yielding a -O \  |  / O- + Slash       | dizzy.     O O O                *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Shredder                | Burrows into ground, spinning, and (Gen-an Dappi)                | launches out of skin in a twirling frenzy   When attacked, press BCD  * | landing on opponent for weapon damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazing Shredder             | Same as above, except the player need not (Gen-an Utsusemi Dappi)      | be attacked. \  |  / + BCD                |  O O O                     * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B/AB/D/CD              Grabs opponent and bashes groin with knees ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:  -O \  |  / O- -O \  |  / O- + C     O O O         O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Laughs nastily. 2.  BD:  Lowers weapon, blinks. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Picks hair out from head and looks at it. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Magic Diving Claw               | Rushes forward emitting blue sparks, and (Madou Diving Claw)             | leaps, driving claws in stomach, and twirling -O \  |  / O- -O + AB           | fury, hitting for breaking damage.     O O O                    *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Catch: He tosses his claw in the air and catches it on his hand (like Haohmaru) - Scratch: Same as Catch, but he misses and scratches his posterior - Bow: Plants his claw and bows (like Haohmaru) - Kids: Gen-an's kids climb out of his hump - Digu: Spins around three times and says 'Digu' - Yosh: Blinks, bows, and says 'Yosh' ('Ok')  FUNNY!  First and Second Armed Win:       First and Second Unarmed Win: Up: Catch, Scratch                Digu, Digu Down: Kids, Catch                 Digu, Yosh Left: Catch, Scratch              Digu, Digu Right: Scratch, Bow               Digu, Digu ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - INFINITE COMBO:  Blood Grip, Run Forward, Standing Close AB (repeat until   dead)  - Jumping (up) close AB, Standing AB, Slaughter house tumble (3 hits)  - Jumping (up) close AB, Standing AB, Blood grip (4 hits)  - Jumping (up) close AB, Standing AB, Magic Diving Claw (4 hits plus weapon destroyed) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Gen-An is the only character in the game who can BOTH triangle        jump and crawl. Isn't he talented? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ending:   Gen-an does the pose where he throws up his claw and it lands on his hand. He turns his head and says, "Don't make me laugh. I'm the evil king. Well, who will be my next game?" He then leaps off.  Then the scene goes back to his stage. He is standing there about to fight TODO from AoF. Gen-an hisses, "Kill! Hate! Live up to your anger!" to which Todo replies, "Hmph! You are not my...Hey!" as Azami suddenly rushes between them.  "Azami!"  "Stop doing such things please, my darling!" pleads Azami. Gen-an turns his back: "Ha! The evil king has no place for women!"  But then his kids leap out of his clothes. (one of them lands on Todo's back!) The son says, "Let's go home, Dad. Mom is with baby...I want to have dinner with everyone." Gen-an lowers his head.  "...All right."  "Yey!" says his son. As the scene fades to black, Todo remarks, "Nice story!"  ONE YEAR LATED (sic)...  Azami is holding a normal-looking baby. Gen-an says, "Oh, good boy...hey!" as his kids run past him with his claw. He crawls and rolls around chasing them, and the screen freezes as Japanese text appears.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gen-an Horoscope:  If you like to play as Gen-an, you:  - are one ugly mother - enjoy scaring the hell out of people - have a thing for Freddy Krueger movies ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Texan Ninja Bandit          EARTHQUAKE  As usual, Earthquake was thieving when he heard a voice from a demon. He promised gold if Earthquake killed certain people. Greedy Earthquake decided to become a servant of this demon... "*Guffaw,* in the end, I'll kill you as well."  B: "Hee hee, I'll get the king's treasure." BM: "Hee hee hee hee hee. Aren't you skinny?" AM: "Oops!  I've turned him into mincemeat!" BV: "Hee hee hee! You'd (be) better on a diet!" AV: "So I said you should've been on a diet! Hee hee!" IM: "Give me that treasure!"      "Don't tease me!"      "I'll disregard you!" F: "Treasure appears at last!"     "Don't disturb me! Get out of my way!"  Background: Texas was not an American state at the time of SS; the territory             still belonged to the Spanish Empire. Also, neither trains nor             the Pacific Railway existed at that time, either. Weapon: Nage Gama Full of: Turkeys Occupation: Ninja Bandit Nationality: U.S.A. Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=5, Y=9                  Backward : X=-10, Y=8                  Up       : Y=10 Voice: Masaki Usui Notes: Earthquake's canyon from SS1 can be seen from the distance.        Earthquake trained under the Koga ninjas, until he dropped out of        ninja school.  TEXAS -- PACIFIC RAILWAY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                      Standing Close  A -- Swing Blade End B -- Swing Chain End #            B -- Swing Blade End AB -- Diagonal Blade Thrust #     AB -- Short Diagonal Blade Thrust C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Falling Down Side Kick  Crouching Far                     Crouching CLose  A -- Swing Blade End B -- Sweep Chain End # *          B -- Swing Blade End AB -- Low Blade Thrust # * C/D -- Side Kick ** CD -- High Kick **  Jumping  A/B -- Swing Blade End AB -- Belly Crush (when close or jumping back) @ C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Butt Drop  @ Earthquake swings his blade when he's jumping straight or forward,   unless he's close to his opponent. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fat Bound (While Jumping)       | Leaps into the air, crashing down with  |  + Kick                      | buttocks flattening opponent for damage.  O                           ** | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fat Chainsaw                    | Rolls into a ball, with weapon extended,                                 | slicing multiple times, and finishes with   Press Slash Repeatedly        | a weapon attack, all hitting for weapon                             **! | damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fat Press                       | Blows flame into opponent to hit for fire                                 | damage. |  / O- + Slash                 | O O                    * to *** | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fat Replicator Attack           | Vanishes, and drops from the sky,                                 | attacking with a belly flop to hit for -O \  |  / O- + BCD             | damage.     O O O                     H | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fat Copy                        | Separates into two images, confusing the                                 | opponent.  A yields FAR LEFT, and B yields -O O-  / | \  -O + A or B       | FAR RIGHT.       O  O  O                   | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B or D            Slam opponent onto ground AB or CD          Press opponent against butt and gives                   a nice, big, purple fart!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation   -O O- -O O- -O O- | + B                    O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Kneels, makes a fist and howls, then burps. 2.  BD:  Same as 1. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 1. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- POWER SPECIAL: Earth Crunch     | Waves a blue hand five times, attempting (Earth Gaddemu)                 | to grab opponent.  Success yields an -O O-  / | \  -O + CD           | upward toss, to which his twirls his       O  O  O                *! | weapon at, hitting for breaking damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Thumb: He gives thumbs down - Coin: He osses coins and drops them in his pants - Eat: He eats and burps loudly  Armed Win:             Unarmed Win: Up: Thumb              Thumb Down: Eat              Coin Left: Thumb            Thumb Right: Coin            Thumb ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Standing B, Fat Press (2 hits)  - Jumping CD, Standing CD (3 hits)  - Jumping AB, Standing AB (2 or 3 hits)  - Jumping D, Crouching Close AB (4 hits)  - Standing AB, Standing AB (3 hits)  - Standing B, Standing AB (2 hits, 75% dizzy)  - Standing B, Earth Crunch (6 hits, weapon destroyed) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Earthquake can triangle jump.        Earthquake cannot be thrown normally. Instead, the opponent does a        kick combo against him.        Multiple Images--if your opponent slashes at the wrong image, a bomb        will appear. After a short delay, it will explode into a purple gas        cloud, hitting a nearby opponent who is not blocking. Kicks and        most Special Moves do not set the bomb off, although "slashing"        Special Moves will. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:    Earthquake is standing in the forest, swinging his chain around.  "Alright boys, c'mon out!"  Earthquake's gang jumps one by one onto the screen, and bow to him.  "Where's Chinpei?" Earthquake asks.  "He strayed from us on the way over.  We don't know where he went."  "Hrmph, I missed the treasure too."  Chinpei emerges from a small hole in the ground.  "Look boss!  I found a passage to the evil world!"  "You did?  Make room for me!" Earthquake does his butt bounce, which cracks the ground wide open.  He bounces in.  "Boss!  Wait for us, boss!"  Earthquake's gang all jump in the hole, one by one.  From below, Earthquake says, "Hee hee hee, look at all the marvelous treasure!"  The judge, Kuroko, walks on screen again and begins to speak, "Now, they can never return to this world again. At least it will be more peaceful here." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Earthquake Horoscope:  If you like to play as Earthquake, you:  - Like to eat.  A LOT. - Are underhanded, deceitful, and full of pride (not that there's anything   WRONG with that...) - Want to be like the real players, but get by with cheapness ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Shogun's Secret Servant          JUBEI YAGYU  Even after the defeat of Amakusa, there was no end to the appearance of demons. The Shogun, Tokugawa, realizing the gravity of the situation, ordered Jubei to destroy these demons. But the demon's were hunting Jubei as well. "No one can withstand the might of the Yagyu Shinkegeryu-kai!"  B: "How ominous! I must investigate." BM: "Can you bear to my fatal attack?" AM: "All creatures will die and all things will be broken. That's the law of      the samurai."   (the best quote, IMHO) BV: "I have not known that I have a brother." AV: "If you are related to my family, behave like a samurai!" IA: "Are you the cause of this disaster?"     "I must thank him for his help someday." F: "It's worse than the event of last time!"    "I'll (ill?) mannered fellow, here I go (come?)!"  Background: Based on Yagyu Mitsuyoshi Jubei, a samurai servant of             the Tokugawas Weapons: Daisho--a paired Katana and Wakisashi Full of: Dango Occupation: Samurai Nationality: Japan Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=7, Y=6                  Backward : X=-7, Y=6                  Up       : Y=4 Voice: Kiyoshi Kobayashi (also does the narration) Notes:  Jubei is actually the only real samurai in the game, in the sense         that he is a Japanese warrior who works for a master.         The name of one of the game designers can be seen written in the         snow on the roof of the house.         The snacks that Jubei eats, dango, are pounded rice balls.  BAMBOOS -- EARLY WINTER (Tosa, Kochi) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                           Standing Close  A -- High Side Slash                    A -- Hilt Punch B -- Thrust                             B -- Hilt Punch AB -- High Side Slash, then Thrust      AB -- Fierce Close Slash C/D -- Side Kick                        CD -- Knee Kick CD -- Spinning High Kick  Crouching  A -- Low Slash * B -- Thrust AB -- Low Slash, then Thrust * @ C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Double Crouch Kick  Jumping  A/B -- Downward Slash AB -- Downward Strike C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Spinning Side Kick  @ Crouching AB hits low for first slash only. The first slash also reflects some missiles! See Notes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tsunami Sabre               | Runs toward opponent, ramming with (Nikkakuratoh Kai)          | shoulder for up to five hits damage, then -O | \ + Slash              | leaps, striking with swords for weapon    O  O                     | damage.  Note: If Jubei does not reach his                         **! | opponent, he will not do the slash. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Geyser Thrust                | Throws a concussion of energy that travels (Kattotsu Suigetsutoh)       | along the ground, striking for damage. | \  -O + Slash              | O  O                      *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sabre Thrash                 | Begins waving weapons in scissor-like (Hassou Happa)               | motion, striking for multiple hits,   Punch Slash Repeatedly     | usually up to four times for weapon                          **! | damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yagyu Shingatoh              | When timed properly, catches opponent out                              | of weapon attack, holds with one sword,  |  / O- -O + A              | and strikes with the other. Note: This move  O O                       ! | does not reflect projectiles. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B or AB      Ground slam D or CD      Overhead toss ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation  -O \  |  / O- -O O- + D     O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Sheathes swords, pulls dango from gi, eats it, says "Kowappamega!"          ("Foolish child!") 2.  BD:  Lowers weapons, sighs. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Pulls dango from gi, eats it. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Zetsu Suigetsutoh           | Throws a ground wave of concussive energy                             | that strikes and explodes upwards for -O \  |  / O- -O + C        | breaking damage.     O O O                *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Sheath: He sheaths swords and laugh - Tarin: He points sword at opponent, says something, and laughs - Pose: He strikes a pose and laughs  First and Second Win     Unarmed: Up: Sheath, Tarin        Pose Down: Pose, Sheath       Pose Left: Sheath, Tarin      Pose Right: Tarin, Pose       Pose ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Jumping D, crouching CD (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, crounching B, Hassohappa (4 hits)  - Standing close AB, Suigetsutoh with AB (2 hits)  - Standing close AB, Nikakkuratoh with B (4 hits)  - Standing AB, Zetsu Suigetsutoh (2 hits and weapon destroyed) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Jubei can catch his opponent's weapon with the Shingatoh if the        opponent swings at the same time or right after he does the move.        Midway through the move, Jubei's sword sparkles. After this, Jubei        is vulnerable to attack, even though he holds the same pose. It also        ONLY counters standing or air swings, not swings, kicks, or Special        Moves.        For some reason, the first swing to Jubei's low AB can reflect low        missiles! This includes Jubei's Ground Wave, Nicotine's Fire Card,        and Ukyo's Swallow if sent out low. This only works with the first        slash in the AB, and won't work with his low A slash either.        Jubei's standing or crouching AB can be interrupted with a Special        Move. His first slash will only come out, and he'll go directly into        the Special Move after that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:    After defeating Mizuki, we see Jubei in the forest.  The guy who tosses food and bombs during the game runs on to the screen holding the two Pherenx stones and asks, "Is this what you are looking for?"  Jubei says, "So this is what has been causing all of the trouble, toss them to me!"  He then performs his Zetsu Suigetsutoh, shattering the two stones, and the force of the blow knocks the delivery man on his butt.  The scene then shifts back to his home where he is standing outside, arms crossed.  The delivery man runs back carrying a package.  He greets Jubei and Jubei asks him to come in for some rest and refreshments, but the delivery man insists that he has to continue working.  Jubei says, "O.K.  You are such a workaholic!"  The delivery man runs off, and Jubei says "What a beautiful day!"  He laughs heartily and contently. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Jubei Horoscope:  If you like to play as Jubei, you:  - Enjoy laughing at the less fortunate that have fallen (BWAH HAH HAH HAH!) - Like the solitude that comes from killing people - Don't take no shit from nobody ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Other Rose of Versailles          CHARLOTTE  Charlotte commissioned a mural depicting her victory over Amakusa. The artist's brush flew, as if he was possessed, and painted the form of a demon Charlotte had never seen before. "I must destroy Ambrosia, afterall..."  B: "Has the evil king returned back?" BM: "To protect the honour of my family, I'll never lose!" AM: "In France, there is no impolite person like you. It's reasonable      I win!" BV: "You imitate my distinguished family. I (will) never forgive you." AV: "Protecting the honor of my family means all to me!!" IJ: "Where'd you, evil king?"     "Japanese?!?" F: "Where are you, evil king?"    "Ha!"  Background: Based on Oscar Francois de Jarjayes from the Rose of Versailles             manga. Note the rose on the tapestry where you fight. Weapon: Epee Full of: Roses Occupation: Knight and Artisan Nationality: France Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=2, Y=3                  Backward : X=-3, Y=5                  Up       : Y=4 Voice: Harumi Ikoma Notes: Charlotte comes from a distinguished family. Her pigeon's name        is Pierre. She has a slight crush on Haohmaru.        All of the characters in the game can be seen in the mural. Mizuki        appears as a giant skeletal figure on the right.  PARIS -- THE VERSAILLES PALACE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                         Standing Close  A/B -- Thrust                        A/B -- Bell Punch AB -- Far High Triangle Slash        AB -- Close Triangle Slash C -- Short High Knee Hop D -- Medium Knee Hop CD -- Far Low Knee Hop  Crouching Far                         Crouching Close  A/B -- Short Thrust                   A/B -- Bell Punch AB -- Far Ground Triangle Slash       AB -- Close Ground Trangle Slash C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Roundhouse  Jumping  A -- Quick Down Thrust B -- Extended Down Thrust AB -- Air Triangle Slash C -- Knee Thrust D -- Down Kick CD -- Down Kick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Splash Fount                | Dashes towards opponent, striking repeatedly   Press Slash Repeatedly    | with sword, hitting up to three times for                         **! | weapon damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Gradation        | Leaps vertically, striking ground with                        | weapon, creating a long beam of energy,  / | \  + Slash        | hitting for multiple strikes of weapon O  O  O             *! | damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tri-Slash              | Draws a triangular shaped projectile                        | that flies horizontally to hit for fire -O | \  + Slash        | damage.    O  O             *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B/AB/D/CD            Falls and throws opponent over shoulder ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation  -O \  |  / O- -O \  |  / O- + D     O O O         O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Bends epee. 2.  BD:  Tosses a rose and says "Allons!" 3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 2. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 2.  Note: "Allons" is French for "Let's go!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Splash Gradation             | Slashes a seven pointed star that strikes                              | for breaking damage. -O \  |  / O- -O + B         |     O O O                **! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Rose: A rose falls from the sky. Charlotte catches it, and laughs        quietly - Uh-huh: Charlotte plays with her hair and says, "Uh-huh" - Kiss: Charlotte kisses her epee, and says "Au Reviour" ('Good-bye') - Smile: Same as Uh-huh, but she continues smiling  First and Second Armed Win:   First and Second Unarmed Win: Up: Kiss, Uh-huh              Smile, Smile Down: Rose, Kiss              Rose, Smile Left: Uh-huh, Rose            Smile, Rose Right: Kiss, Uh-huh           Smile, Smile ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Jumping AB, Standing D (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, Crouching AB (2 hits)  - Jumping D, Crouching AB (2 hits)  - Jumping D, crouching B (2 hits)  - Jumping B, standing A (2 hits)  - Crouching CD, and *AS* they get up, Standing close AB, Splash Gradation   (3 hits plus weapon destroyed)  - Standing close AB, Splash Gradation (2 hits plus weapon destroyed)  - Jumping D, Splash Gradation (2 hits plus weapon destroyed) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: The "lines" that Charlotte draws with her AB slash remain lethal        a split-second after she slashes. Thus an opponent can be hit        if he moves into a slash immediately after she "draws" it.        Also, note that all of Charlotte's AB slashes can hit an opponent        nearby behind her.        Charlotte's standing and crouching ABs can be interrupted by a        Special Move, as long as the move has registered before she is done        drawing her triangle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:    After defeating Mizuki, Charlotte is standing in the forest. "Once again, my motherland is safe!" she says. At this moment, Pierre flys to her. She says "Pierre!  What is it?  Hey, he is..."  Pierre flies off the left of the screen, and Charlotte follows him.  Charlotte runs to the place where Haohmaru is lying on the ground, and looks concerned.  Suddenly, Oshizu enters from the opposite screen and cries, "Haohmaru!"  Charlotte reaches out her hand and whispers, "Haoh..." then runs off, embarrassed. Haohmaru wakes up and shakes his head, with Oshizu by his side.  The scene shifts to where Charlotte is standing at the top of the cliff, looking down at the forest.  She says, "Love...makes me uneasy. I must train myself more!" She then grabs her long hair, and cuts it, throwing it in the air as Pierre flies off into the distance. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Charlotte Horoscope:  If you like to play as Charlotte, you:  - Enjoy reaching out and touching people from afar. - Stayed awake during Geometry class. - Have a thing for French women in armor. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haohmaru's True Rival          GENJURO KIBAGAMI  "There is no question you are strong. But one day, you will cause great suffering with your sword." With those words, Nicotine expelled Genjuro, who became his pupil at the same time as Haohmaru. His heart full of hate, Genjuro hunts Haohmaru and Nicotine. "The strong kill the's only natural."  B: "Huh, now is the time for all beginning!" BM: "Kill you!!" AM: "I will never be beaten by anyone who lives in confort (sic) like you." BV: "We don't need to have the same two men in the world." AV: "You can imitate my looks, but can never imitate all of myself." IM: "You the evil king?"     "I got you!"     "Ha! You no my enemy!" F: "You evil king. You should disappear."    "I said you before, didn't I? Pass away!"  (Genjuro needs serious grammar     lessons)  Background: Genjuro is "based" on the Hanafuda card game. Weapon: Katana Full of: Hanafuda cards Occupation: Ronin Nationality: Japan Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=9, Y=6                  Backward : X=-5, Y=5                  Up       : Y=3 Voice: Kong Kuwata Notes: Discipline of Nicotine who turned bad. Genjuro hates Haohmaru        (his fellow trainee) and Nicotine.        Genjuro's scene comes straight out of a Hanafuda card set, although        the Neo-Geo logo is written on the moon.        Genjuro slices through animal Hanafuda cards when doing Blade of        the Beast. He tosses cherry blossom cards for Cherry Blossom Mincer.        He also uses the five Light cards when doing his Power Special.  SUSUKIGAHARA FIELD -- NOVEMBER (possibly Sukigahara) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                    Standing Close  A -- Down Slash                 A -- Down Elbow B -- Side Slash                 B -- Side Elbow AB -- Far Down Swing            AB -- Upward Swing C/D -- Side Kick                C/D -- Knee CD -- Forward High Kick         CD -- High Kick  Crouching Far                   Crouching Close A -- Down Slash                 A -- Down Elbow * B -- Side Slash                 B -- Side Elbow * AB -- Far Down Swing            AB -- Upward Swing * C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- High Kick ** @  Jumping Diagonal                Jumping Straight A/B -- Angled Side Slash AB -- Angled Side Slash         AB -- Down Slash C/D -- Down Kick CD -- Side Kick  @ This kick will knock opponent to the ground if it hits. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blast of the Beast                   | Slides forward with sword extended, (Sanrensatsu [Kiba, Tsuno, Rin])     | slicing through opponent for weapon  | \ -O + Slash (x3)                 | damage.  Note: Repeat up to three  O  O                             *! | times: 1) Side slash, 2) Upward                                      | slash, 3) Down slash ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flash of the Phoenix         | Leaps into the air in a spiral motion, (Toha Kouyokujin)            | striking upwardly with weapon to hit for -O | \  + Slash              | damage.    O  O                   *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cherry Blossom Mincer       | Hurls a hanafuda card to strike for (Oukazan)                   | damage. |  / O- + Slash             | O O                      *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B/AB/D/CD              Slam opponent to ground (with one arm!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation   -O \  |  / O- -O O- + B      O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Taunts opponent with "come here" gesture, says "Sore daki da!" 2.  BD:  Frog leaps past, and he yields, waving hand to brow. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 1. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Five Sense Barrage           | Tosses card, lifting opponent to top of (Gokouzan)                   | screen, then leaps and slashes five -O \  |  / O- -O + A         | times with weapon to hit for breaking     O O O                 *! | damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Umbrella: Genjuro opens up an umbrella, says "Ahouga!" ("Fool!"),             looks at his frog - Wine: Genjuro drinks wine from a dish, says a phrase, drops dish - Smoke: Genjuro takes a puff and puts on his jacket  Armed Win:        Unarmed Win: Up: Wine          Umbrella Down: Smoke       Umbrella Left: Wine        Wine Right: Umbrella   Wine ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Crouching close C, Standing B (2 hits)  - Crouching close C, Crouching close C, A Kiba, A Tsuno (4 hits)  - Jumping AB, Standing D, A Kiba (3 hits)  - Standing close B, B Kiba, B Tsuno, B Rin (4 hits)  - Jumping D, Standing AB (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, Standing AB (2 hits, 75% dizzy)  - Crouching close AB, Standing AB (2 hits, 75% dizzy)  - A Oukazan, Standing AB (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, Gokouzan (6 hits plus weapon destroyed)  - Crouching close AB, Gokouzan (6 hits plus weapon destroyed) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: For an AB or close B Sanrensatsu, Genjuro will slide BEHIND his        opponent on his first slash. Thus to block it, an opponent needs to        block forward. Despite the fact that Genjuro sometimes changes        directions between slashes, the player should do the three slash        moves in the SAME direction, immediately after each other. Also,        a hit opponent can sometimes block the later slashes.        Also, you do not have to use the same strengths for all three        slashes! For instance, you can do an AB, B, A. This is recommended        if you find yourself sliding too far. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:    Genjuro stands on the rocky outlook.  He spots Haohmau below and says, "Ha, too weak. Oh, he is..."  He then jumps down.  In the forest, Haohmaru lies on the ground, wounded.  Genjuro leaps in and says, "You had a hard fight Haohmaru. Now I'll kill you!"  Haohmaru replies, "You bas..." but then Oshizu jumps between them and exclaims, "Stop it!  He is wounded... You should challenge him when he's better."  Genjuro responds, "You are quite right!  All right, I will overlook it this time..." and jumps away.  Genjuro stands in another part of the forest when the frog jumps in.  He looks at it and says "It's you. I'll kill you!"  The frog backs off, afraid. But Genjuro looks away instead, and says, "Have (it) your own way..." He walks off, and the frog continues to hop as the scene fades. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Genjuro Horoscope:  If you like to play as Genjuro, you:  - Like to be heard wherever you go - Smoke, but only because it fits "the attitude" - Are very vengeful, but hey, "revenge is sweet" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Green-Haired Fishing Maiden          CHAM CHAM  Cham Cham was so absorbed in her fishing that she didn't notice when someone stole her family's heirloom, the Tanjil Stone. If her father finds out, she'll get in trouble. Her grandfather told poor Cham Cham the direction of the Tanjil Stone. "I'm going, Grandpa! Bye bye!"  B: "I'm scared a little, but I will try." BM: "Let's kick some butt!" AM: "Wow! It was scarey!" BV: "You are a girl, too.  However, I will beat you." AV: "Oh my god!  How dangerous a boomerang is!" IJ: "Is it okay in this direction?"     "You're so strong!" F: "Wow!  I'm scared!"    "Shit!  You really make me mad!"  (yes, she really says this)  Background: Lives in Green Hell, a fictional South American place. Weapon: Boomerang Full of: Bananas Occupation: Fishing Maiden Nationality: Brazil Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=5, Y=6                  Backward : X=-7, Y=7                  Up       : Y=7 Voice: Reiko Chiba  (Kenji Ikeda does Paku Paku) Notes: Cham Cham is Tam Tam's sister. Her monkey's name is Paku Paku.        Apparently the Tanjil and Pherenx Stones are important in        maintaining the vitality of her homeland.        Tam Tam's background from SS1 can be seen in the distance.. The        first three "statues" are the monkeys "See, hear, and speak no evil."        The fourth is covering his groin, and is actually the logo for a        condom company.  (I am not making this up.)  GREENHELL ISLAND -- MARSH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                   Standing Close  A -- Paw Swipe                 A -- Double Elbow B -- Side Slash AB -- Short Boomerang Toss #   AB -- Upward Slash C/D -- Side Kick CD -- Spinning High Kick  Crouching Far                  Crouching Close  A -- Paw Swipe                 A -- Double Elbow B -- Side Slash * AB -- Short Boomerang Toss *   AB -- Upward Slash C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Slide  Jumping Forward                 Jumping Other  A -- Paw Swipe B -- Side Slash AB -- Upward Slash C -- Knee Drop                  C -- Side Kick D -- Butt Drop                  D -- Spin Kick @ CD -- Somersault                CD -- Spin Kick  @ When jumping back, Cham Cham will do a Side Kick instead. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boomerang Gut Buster            | Throws boomerang in a horizontal motion (Boomerang Nage)                | to hit for weapon damage. | \ -O + Slash                  | Note: will go through other projectiles O  O                         *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boomerang Beheader              | Throws boomerang in a upward horizontal (Boomerang Nage)                | arc to hit for weapon damage. |  / O- + Slash                 | O O                          *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flying Lure Snag             | Leaps at opponent, latching on and clawing (Tobi Hikkaki)               | at face to strike for multiple hits of | \  -O + Kick               | damage. O  O                       * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Paku Paku" attacks  -O \  |  / O- + ...      O O O  Moora PakuPaku : Use C       *L | Twirls on fingers into opponent. Ahow PakuPaku  : Use D        * | Throws skull at opponent. Paku Gaburu    : Use CD      ** | Leaps, spitting rising dragon fireball ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B/AB/D/CD            Back scratcher ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:   -O \  |  / O- -O \  |  / O- + C      O O O         O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC: Kneels, scratches ear.  Paku Paku beats chest, scratches armpit. 2.  BD: Stretches like a cat.  Paku Paku beats chest, scratches armpit. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 1. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Metamolie Animal Attack   | Doubles in size and rushes forward -O O-  / | \  -O + A      | to slam into opponent for breaking damage.       O  O  O           * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  Wakatta: Monkey yells and Cham Cham says "Wakatta!" ("I understand!") Dual yell: Both yell Cham: Cham Cham yells Monkey: Monkey yells on top of Cham Cham's head  First and Second Armed Win:   First and Second Unarmed Win: Up: Dual Yell, Monkey         Dual Yell, Monkey Down: Monkey, Wakatta         Wakatta, Cham Left: Dual Yell, Monkey       Dual Yell, Monkey Right: Wakatta, Dual Yell     Dual Yell, Monkey ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Jumping D, Crouching D (2 hits)  - Jumping AB, Crouching CD (2 hits)  - Standing close AB, Ahow Paku Paku (2 hits)  - Standing close AB, Metamolie animal attack (2 hits plus weapon destroyed) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Cham Cham can triangle jump.        Cham Cham's Face Scratcher can sometimes land slightly BEHIND        a blocking opponent, in which case she will hit. The opponent needs        to block in the opposite direction in this case. However, calculating        the exact distance when this happens is tricky. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:   Cham Cham is thrown to the ground with Paku Paku in the forest. A shaft of light appears, and leaves the Tanjil and Pherenx stones behind. Paku Paku grabs the stones and dances with glee. As he dances, a shaft of light transforms him into Tam Tam (check out Cham Cham's reaction). Tam Tam says, "It was your fight, so I asked God to change me into a monkey to protect you." They are then "beamed" out of there, and back into Green Hell. The stones float away, and Tam Tam says "Almighty God has granted you one wish." Cham Cham thinks, then says, "I would like something to eat... something delicious!" Fruit starts falling from the sky, and Cham Cham dances with joy.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cham Cham Horoscope:  If you like to play as Cham Cham, you:  - Are quick, and damn proficient with a piece of wood - Enjoy being called the cutest thing alive - Worship Lum and Urd as though they were Gods (well, one is, sort of...) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Achtung! The Reich Stuff          NEINHALT SIEGER  Sieger, the commander of the most powerful group of knights in Europe, The Holy Order of the Knights of the Red Lion, was ordered by Emperor Heinrich to destroy, singlehandedly, the demon that had been attacking neighboring countries. Sieger set out on a jorney, for the good of his homeland. "I pledge allegiance to our magnificent Emperor."  B: "I defend my country with my fist!" BM: "Give you my knock for justice!" AM: "Don't be hateful each other. Love is the best strength." BV: "We are Knights, each other. Let's fight fair and square!" AV: "Great match. I'll never forget that fight." IA: "Don't exploit people's weakness."     "The evil's a very strong enemy!" F: "My loyalty (will) never lose!"    "Never make a fool of me, demon. Kill you!"  Background: Prosia is probably a mispelling of Prussia. The Knights of the             Red Lion Knight is a fictitious order.             Note that Emperor Frederick ruled Prussia, not "King Heinrich".             Also, Prussia was a modern state, not the feudal kingdom that             the game suggests. Weapon: Mechanical Gauntlet Full of: Shell casings Occupation: Knight Nationality: Prussia Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=4, Y=3                  Backward : X=-4, Y=5                  Up       : Y=4 Voice: Kong Kuwata Notes: When Sieger wins a fight, the King stands up and laughs. When        he loses, the King stands up and mouths the word "No!"        When Sieger does the vulcan explosion, a picture of a semi-nude        woman appears briefly in the flames.  THE PROSIA KINGDOM -- NIGHTS (Prussia) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                  Standing Close  A -- Fist Jab                  A -- Hammer Fist B -- Gauntlet Punch            B -- Half Gauntlet Uppercut AB -- Strong Gauntlet Punch    AB -- Full Gauntlet Uppercut C -- Short Low Kick *          C -- Side Kick D -- Side Kick                 D -- Knee Thrust CD -- Forward Moving Kick      CD -- Interrupted Forward Kick  Crouching Far                  Crouching Close  A -- Fist Jab                  A -- Hammer Fist B -- Gauntlet Uppercut         B -- Hammer Gauntlet AB -- Gauntlet Punch           AB -- Gauntlet Punch C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Roundhouse  Jumping Diagonal               Jumping Straight  A -- Downward Jab              A -- Side Fist Punch B -- Hammer Gauntlet AB -- Downward Gauntlet Smash  AB -- Sideways Gauntlet Smash C -- Side Kick D -- Downward Kick             D -- High Kick CD -- Bellyflop ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolf Fangen                   | Grabs opponent, punches repeatedly, and (Wolf Fang)                   | fires opponent against the opposite side -O O-  / | \  + AB            | of the screen to hit for damage.       O  O  O              !L | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vulcan Weinen                 | Attacks with an exploding flaming punch to (Vulcan Crying)               | hit for fire damage.  Note: Punch A | \  -O + A repeatedly        | further for "Vulcan Drucken" and further O  O                     ***! | still for Vulcan Explosion. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blitz Jaeger                  | Launches onto opponent with a flaming (Lightning Jaeger)            | bellyflop to hit for fire damage. -O \  |  / O- + Kick          |     O O O                  *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backbreaker Combo  (Note:  This following move is a combination of three moves, all         which have to be performed in succession)  Part 1:  Tigerkopf              | Slides forward on one knee, hitting for (Tiger Head)                    | minor damage, and tripping opponent. This | \  -O + C                     | prepares for... O  O                            |  Part 2:  Falkennagel            | ...a punch which launches opponent high (Falcon Nail)                   | into the air, off screen, hitting for | \  -O + B                     | minor damage.  At this point, the O  O                            | opponent is set up for...  Part 3:  Elefantgleid           | ...leaping into the air and catching the (Elephant Dance)                | opponent, bringing him/her straight down -O \  |  / O- + A               | onto shoulder, cracking many bones, and     O O O                       | hitting for major damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firestorm                       | Flicks a finger which reflects all                                 | projectiles back at their opponents. \   + BC                        | Note: This move also does some  O                            ! | damage to opponent if close. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B or AB            Grab and slam onto ground C or CD            Trip and sit  Air Throw  B or AB            Punch opponent to ground ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:  -O \  |  / O- -O O- + A     O O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC: Beats chest twice, chuckles. 2.  BD: Gives opponent "come here" gesture with cannon arm. 3.  AC(weaponless): Gives opponent "come here" gesture with normal arm. 4.  BD(weaponless): Same as 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Special:  Operation Tiger              | Performs a massive Blitz Sieger move                              | which annihilates opponent and causes -O \  |  / O- -O + CD        | severe breaking damage.     O O O                 *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Oh Yeah: Sieger clenches fist and says "OHHH YEAH!" - Bow: Sieger bows and says something like 'Hmph, Neinhalt.' - Laugh: Sieger clenches fist and chuckles  Armed Win:     Unarmed Win: Up: Bow        Oh Yeah Down: Laugh    Oh Yeah Left: Oh yeah  Oh Yeah Right: Bow     Oh Yeah ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - Jumping AB, Crouching CD (2 hits)  - Jumping A, Wolf Fangen (multiple hits)  - Standing close AB, Wolf Fangen (multiple hits)  - Crouching close D, Vulcan Weinan (3 hits)  - Crouching B, Backbreaker (4 hits)  - Jumping D, Standing D, Backbreaker (5 hits)  - Jumping C, Standing AB, Backbreaker (5 hits)  - Jumping AB, Standing AB, Backbreaker (5 hits) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: For the Backbreaker Combo, you need to perform all three movements        right after each other. You can't wait to see if the first or second        one hits before doing the next one. Sometimes, Sieger will miss        catching his opponent anyway. This seems to happen more often when        he performs the move up close.        Sieger's Blitz Jaeger can sometimes land slightly BEHIND a        blocking opponent, in which case he will hit. The opponent needs to        block in the opposite direction in this case. However, calculating        the exact distance when this happens is tricky.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:    Sieger appears in the forest, saying "I must tell the king that the devil is dead."   BUT IN HIS COUNTRY, UNCONTROLLABLE BEASTS WERE ATTACKING THE PEOPLE...   The scene changes to a castle hall, in which the king (from Sieger's background), holds aloft a sword, attempting to stop three disgustingly putrid zombies from entering the castle.  Behind the king stands his daughter.  King Heinrich yells "Upon my life, I will save my country."  At this point, Sieger leaps in.  "Sieger!"  "Watch, your majesty!"  Sieger then performs a Vulcan Weinan, blowing the first two zombies to bits.  The third zombie says "Guwah...You are..."  "Yes," he interrupts, "Neinhalt Sieger. The knight who killed your boss!" He performs an Operation Tiger, obliterating the final zombie. Sieger says, "Are you all right?" The King says, "Thank you, Siegar (sic)", and a heart flutters from the princess. The screen then fades.   AND....   The scene goes back to the castle, in which Sieger and the princess are getting married.  Commoners are in the crowd clapping, among them are GALFORD, WAN-FU, and CHARLOTTE in a dress!  The scene then cuts to Sieger and his wife looking over the forest from the cliff.  As he yells out his victory call, the screen scrolls to follow three white doves flying into the distance.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sieger Horoscope  If you like to play as Sieger, you:  - Shave your head just to prove you're not kidding - Are a body builder, but only because you like to know you can pummel the   average man with one hit - Have a strange interest in Star Wars movies ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Living Proof that Powerful Things Come in Small Packages          CAFFEINE NICOTINE  There was a time when Nicotine hunted demons with his sword. But after being defeated by a certain demon, he settled down and lived quietly as a priest. But one day, he learned that the same demon was now after his pupil's life. "As I feared, it's back..."  B: "What!? What is this evil air?" BM: "Stop!! You should be kind to the aged." AM: "What a nice person! You kindly give a palm to such a crock." BV: "I may not be so young. Your face looks like mine." AV: "You fool! You have imitated me so you have such a hard time." IJ: "I believe the evil king is close to me."     "Have I seen him before?" F: "Save us, merciful Buddha!"    "Oh Buddha!"  Background: Based on Takuan, a famous Zen monk. Weapon: Staff Full of: O-fuda Occupation: Buddhist Monk Nationality: Japan Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=7, Y=5                  Backward : X=-7, Y=6                  Up       : Y=8 Voice: Atsushi Maetzuka Notes: If he's not doing anything, Nicotine will yawn. Also, if he has his        staff he will clank it. If he doesn't, he will stretch his neck.        Nicotine is the only character who can catch a weapon with one hand        (two fingers!).        Nicotine is probably of the Amidist sect, based on a prayer he says        when he gets creamed. However, he also seems to be one of the        shido-sa (wandering monks) who roamed the countryside, asking for        alms and performing such services as exorcism, divintation, and        curing illnesses. They used o-fuda (talismans or amulets) to        accomplish these feats.  TEMPLE -- MIST (Possibly Mount Koya) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far                     Standing Close  A -- Hit with Hat                A -- Punch B -- Side Swing with Staff AB -- Staff Thrust               AB -- Up, then Down Swing C -- Short Shuffle D -- Short Kick CD -- Short Kick and Yell  Crouching Far                    Crouching CLose  A -- Hit with Hat                A -- Punch B -- Low Sweep with Staff *      B -- Staff Thrust AB -- Upward Staff Thrust        AB -- Three-Hit with Staff @ C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Long Crouch Kick  Jumping Diagonal                 Jumping Straight  A -- Hit with Hat B -- Staff Thrust AB -- Swing Staff in Arc Below C -- Knee Thrust 2@               C -- Up Kick D --  Down Kick                   D -- Up Kick CD -- Down Kick  @ Nicotine first thrusts forward, then slightly up, then upward 2@ Nicotine does an up kick when jumping back. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Choker Chain Cane Bang          | Staff extends attached to a chain, along (Bakusa Jougeki)                | the ground, catching opponent, and -O \  |  / O- + Slash           | dragging closer, to yield a dizzy.     O O O                    *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exorcist Charm Slice            | Tosses blue o-fuda, which turns into an (Shikigamireifu Rai)            | electrified hawk and flies at head level | \ -O + Slash                  | across screen to hit for lightning damage. O  O                          * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fires of Fecundity              | Tosses red o-fuda, which turns into a dog- (Shikigamireifu En)             | type beast made of fire, that rushes to | \ -O + Kick                   | strike low for fire damage. O  O                         *L | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cane Swirl Cutter (While jumping) | Stabs staff into ground and spins (Shinjou Rasen Kyaku)             | downwards surround by flame to hit for  / | \  -O + Kick                 | fire damage. O  O  O                        *! | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Curse of Crunch                 | Tosses mixed o-fuda that will knock (Rashin Jufu)                   | opponent down and confuse joystick motions O- |  / + AB                    | for about 10 seconds.    O O                        * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B                Steals life into bowl AB               Machine gun with staff D or CD          Leap onto opponent and puff bad breath Unarmed          Leap onto opponent and puff bad breath -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation  |  / O- |  / O- |  / O- -O + D O O     O O     O O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  1.  AC:  Opens eyes, kneels, ties shoelace. 2.  BD:  Sneezes. 3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 1. 4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- POWER SPECIAL: Underworld Pummeler | Tosses BIG o-fuda which summons the (Niou Furei Satsu)                 | powerful deity Atavakah to ram opponent -O O-  / | \  -O + D               | with great strength, hitting for       O  O  O                   *! | breaking damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  - Fan: He fans himself with his talismans - Back: Laughs and his back gives out - Smoke: Takes a puff, and looks relaxed - Coin: Picks up a coin, and raps jar with it  First and Second Armed Win:    Unarmed Win: Up: Fan, Fan                   Laugh Down: Back, Back               Laugh Left: Fan, Fan                 Fan Right: Smoke, Coin             Fan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combos:  - INFINITE COMBO:  Chain Grab, Standing AB (repeat until dead)  - Crouching close C, Crouching close C, crouching CD (3 hits)  - Jumping AB, Crouching B (2 hits)  - Jumping D, Stading AB, Chain grab (3 hits)  - Standing close AB, Confusion (2 hits)  - Shiki-Rai, Jumping D, Standing D, Confusion (4 hits) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: All of Nicotine's ABs can be interrupted by Special Moves, even        his multi-hit ones. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending:   Nicotine is standing in the forest.  "It's all over. Finally."  Then, Kuroko jumps in.  "Wonderful, it came to an end."  "Yes," answers Nicotine, "We can all live live in peace now."  "Yes, but by the way, have you finished off the king of evil?" (Kuroko's statement doesn't make sense, but based on what follows, I think it should be:  "Yes, but by the way, have you taken care of the other evil spirits?") Nicotine holds out a pot, and says,  "Don't worry, I'll do it now."  He then calls out, and all the evil spirits are sucked into the pot.  "Well, finished," Nicotine says, "Let's go have a drink together."  "That's good," says Kuroko, "What about Haohmaru? How is he?"  "No, he has yet to..." but suddenly, Nicotine sneezes, dropping the pot. A red beam emerges, and ALL the spirits escape!  "Dear me," exclaims Kuroko.  "All over again," sighs Nicotine. They both look depressed.  The end. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nicotine Horoscope  If you like to play as Nicotine, you:  - Are wise in the ways of the fighter, but don't even know how to tie   your shoes - Believe in magic, and like cheaping people out with it - Get part time work in Fatal Fury 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hidden Fighter with the Flying Flags of Fury          KUROKO  In the past, the Kuroko was a demon hunter, along with Nicotine. Back in those days, Nicotine wielded a sword named "Taima," and the Kuroko had already taken to concealing his identity in black. Together, these two defeated many powerful demons and none could stand in their way. None, until Rashoujin Mizuki.  BM: "Be on your guard. I am very strong." AM: "What, no more? I'm stronger than you."  Background: Kuroko are the "hidden" stage hands in Kabuki plays. Weapon: Flags Full of: Anatomical hearts Occupation: Fighting referee Nationality: Unknown Jumping Ranges:  Forward  : X=8, Y=7                  Backward : X=-5, Y=7                  Up       : Y=6 Voice: Toshikazu Nishimura Notes: Kuroko is NOT the character's real name. His real name is obscured in        the Japanese version of SS2.        Almost all of Kuroko's moves are borrowed from other Neo-Geo fighting        games, mostly FFS and AoF2.        You will get CPU Kuroko randomly in the game, sometimes. You can play        Kuroko, but only on a home system.  Special Note: This section is adopted from the Kuroko FAQ, which can be               downloaded separately at SS2 FTP sites.  HIMALAYA -- TOP OF MOUNTAIN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing Far               Standing Close  A/B -- Flag Thrust         A/B -- Elbow AB -- Down Slash           AB -- Up, then Down Slash C/D -- High Kick CD -- High Kick            CD -- Triple Kick  Crouching Far              Crouching Close  A/B -- Short Flag Swing    A/B -- Elbow AB -- Up Slash C/D -- Crouch Kick CD -- Longer Crouch Kick  Jumping  A/B -- Diagonal Flag Thrust AB -- Down slash C and D -- Down kick CD -- Down kick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Koh Ken                             | Throws a fireball that hits for (RYO SAKAZAKI from ART OF FIGHTING) | damage. | \  -O + A                         | O  O                              * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haoh Sho Koh Ken                    | Throws a massive, double-sized ball of (RYO SAKAZAKI from ART OF FIGHTING) | energy that hits for damage. -O | \  + A                         |    O  O                           * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Double Koh Ken                      | Throws two fireballs, one on top of (WOLFGANG KRAUSER from FATAL FURY)  | another, that hit for damage. |  / O- + A                         | O O                               * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mega Smash                          | Hurls a cylindrically shaped missile (JOHN CRAWLEY from ART OF FIGHTING) | of energy at opponent to hit for | \  -O + B                         | damage. O  O                              * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gekihou                             | Bends over and produces a giant (TUNG FU RUE from FATAL FURY)       | projection of self that hits for  Tap C repeatedly                 * | damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZatentsuHa                          | Hurls a crescent-shaped projectile (EIJI KISARAGI from ART OF FIGHTING)| that hits for damage. | \ -O \  |  / O- + A               | O  O    O O O                     * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flags of Fury                       | Sends flags out on a chain that                                     | captures opponent, and drags them -O \  |  / O- + A                   | closer, also yielding a dizzy. Note:     O O O                         * | This move will drag opponent closer. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mass Slash                          | Swipes flags in a downward arc,                                     | creating a powerful energy blast that  -O + ABC or BCD                    | reflects projectiles. Note: BCD will                                     | also strike enemy, ABC will not. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spike Ball                          | Hurls a black orb covered with barbs                                     | that hits for damage. |  / O-  / -O + BC                  | O O     O                         * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side Splitter                       | Splits into a top and bottom half.  If                                     | ABC is used, the top half explodes,  when attacked, press ABC or BCD    | and if BCD is used, the bottom half                                     | explodes, while the other joins fight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Electric Ball                       | Hurls a ball of electricity that (CHENG SHIN ZAN from FATAL FURY)    | hits for lightning damage.                                     |  / charge, | - O + B                | O          O                        | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cookie Cutter                       | Throws two medium sized "cookies" (TUNG FU RUE from FATAL FURY)       | at opponent to hit for...what...                                     | food damage?  / charge, -O + A                   |    O                                   | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Split                        | Knocks opponent's weapon out of their                                     | hands, and splits the weapon into  While in a clash, hold | while     | two weapons.                         O           |  pressing buttons.                  | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throws:  B/AB/D/CD    Ressen Kyaku (TUNG FU RUE from FATAL FURY)              Grabs opponent, and kicks them up to six times for damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Deformed Transformation:  O-  / | \  -O O-  / | \  -O + D    O  O  O       O  O  O ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  AC:  Says "Ora, Ora!"  (RYO SAKAZAKI from ART OF FIGHTING) BD:  Stands and waves a japanese fan (MAI SHIRANUI from FATAL FURY) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Specials:  (RYO SAKAZAKI from ART OF FIGHTING)  Ryuuko Ranbu                        | Charges at opponent, and begins a                                     | massive barrage of kicks, punches, -O \  |  / O- -O + AB               | and flag swipes, finishing with a     O O O                         * | flaming rising punch for breaking.  Alternate Ryuuko Ranbu              | Same as above, except character stops                                     | halfway through for a breather. A -O O-  / | \  -O + CD               | definite must see!       O  O  O                     * | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  In all of Kuroko's poses, he claps and bows. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Kuroko cannot be thrown normally. He is thrown like Earthquake.        You cannot break Kuroko's weapon.  Special Note: You can play Kuroko only on the home system, and only for a               two-player game. To do so, enter the following on the               character selection screen:                Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Right + A ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ending: Because Kuroko cannot be played against the CPU, he doesn't have         one. Check out Nicotine's ending, though. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kuroko Horoscope:  If you like to play as Kuroko, you:  - Suck at SS2, and this is the only way you can win - Enjoy all Neo Geo fighting games - Own the game (you can't play him in the arcade, dummy!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Seductive Stealer of Souls          MIZUKI RASHOUSHIN  Mizuki is a spirit that has become an immortal demon, through a pact with Ambrosia. Currently, Mizuki inhabits the body of Bizuki, a woman with supernatural powers. Bizuki had tried to subdue Mizuki and use its powers for good, but failed, and was possessed. Mizuki plans to merge the Palenke Stone and the Tanjil Stone to further strengthen the demon world.  BM: "Welcome to (the) devil's world.  You'll never find yourself alive      again." AM: "Now that the world is just for me, and you have gone to your      distraction." (destruction?)  Background: Unknown. Weapon: Gohei (Shinto purification device) Full of: NA Occupation: Shinto Priestess and Chief Villainess Nationality: Underworld Voice: Harumi Ikoma Notes: Mizuki is the boss character of SS2.  OSOREZAN HELL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bitch Slap from Hell       | Grabs opponent, and strikes with open hand                            | repeatedly for multiple hits of damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teleport                    | Laughs, and opens portal underneath,                             | dissapearing, and reappearing on either                             | side of the character. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Passage through Hell        | Slides portal underneath opponent, while                             | two hands pull opponent through, into                             | hell, and opponent then comes falling from                           L | the sky, colliding with ground for damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mass Confusion         | Creates four spheres which form a single                        | orb that, when it connects, confuses                        | opponent's joystick movements.  Note: A Grim                        | Reaper denotes successful confusion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swine Curse              | Demon sends out crackling sphere that                          | changes opponent into a pig.  Mutation                          | lasts about 10 seconds, or until opponent                          | is successfully attacked. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rush Demon              | Demon rushes forward, slamming into                       * | opponent, hitting for lightning damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mad Demon              | Demon leaps forward, latching onto                        | opponent, repeatedly clawing and biting at                        | opponent's neck for multiple hits of                        | damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Levitate Crush (throw)          | Lifts opponent off top of screen, holds,                                 | then smashes down into ground, with                                 | slicing attack, hitting for damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- POWER SPECIAL: Hell Tempest     | Creates a black sphere that grabs opponent                                 | and hurls him/her against roof, ground,                                 | and walls multiple times, ending in a                                 | massive explosion that hits as breaking                                 | damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taunts:  She laughs at you. You can hit her them, so feel free to! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poses:  For her first pose, she laughs. For her second, she laughs and says something. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: You cannot break Mizuki's weapon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                       THE CHARACTER'S RANKINGS  According to the number one Japanese gaming magazine (and perhaps the world), these are the rankings of each character, and how they measure up to one another.  To use the map, look for your character on the left, and find a certain character along the top.  The number that's produced is an odds (from 1 to 10) of your success. For instance:  If Ukyo were to fight against Charlotte, the odds would be greater for Ukyo by one point (6 to 4).  The number at the far right is a total of all odds, and therefore, a fair ranking:            | U| C| K| G| C| E| J| S| G| G| W| N| H| H| N| ------------------------------------------------------------------------- UKYO      | \| 6| 6| 7| 6| 7| 7| 6| 7| 6| 7| 7| 6| 7| 6| 88(+18) CHARLOTTE | 4| \| 4| 6| 6| 6| 5| 6| 6| 7| 6| 7| 7| 7| 7| 84(+14) KYOSHIRO  | 4| 6| \| 5| 6| 4| 7| 6| 6| 6| 6| 7| 6| 7| 8| 84(+14) GEN-AN    | 3| 4| 5| \| 4| 5| 5| 6| 6| 6| 6| 6| 7| 7| 8| 78(+8) CHAM CHAM | 4| 4| 4| 6| \| 5| 6| 3| 4| 6| 7| 7| 7| 6| 6| 75(+5) EARTHQUAKE| 3| 4| 6| 5| 5| \| 5| 5| 6| 5| 6| 7| 5| 6| 6| 74(+4) JUBEI     | 4| 5| 3| 5| 4| 5| \| 4| 6| 5| 5| 6| 6| 5| 7| 71(+1) SIEGER    | 4| 4| 4| 4| 7| 5| 6| \| 6| 4| 4| 6| 5| 5| 6| 70(+-0) GENJURO   | 3| 4| 4| 4| 6| 4| 4| 4| \| 6| 5| 4| 6| 6| 7| 67(-3) GALFORD   | 4| 3| 4| 4| 4| 5| 5| 6| 4| \| 6| 4| 5| 6| 5| 65(-5) WAN-FU    | 3| 4| 4| 4| 3| 4| 5| 6| 5| 4| \| 5| 5| 6| 4| 62(-8) NICOTINE  | 3| 3| 3| 4| 3| 3| 4| 4| 6| 6| 5| \| 6| 5| 6| 61(-9) HANZO     | 4| 3| 4| 3| 3| 5| 4| 5| 4| 5| 5| 4| \| 5| 5| 59(-11) HAOHMARU  | 3| 3| 3| 3| 4| 4| 5| 5| 4| 4| 4| 5| 5| \| 6| 58(-12) NAKORURU  | 4| 3| 2| 2| 4| 4| 3| 4| 3| 5| 6| 4| 5| 4| \| 53(-17) -------------------------------------------------------------------------                         HOW TO DEFEAT MIZUKI    Mizuki makes her debut in Samurai Shodown II as the final boss in the game.  She is the first female end boss ever in a fighting game, and she is also the first end boss to have a pet:  A dog like Galford's.  While she doesn't take the award for the cheapest boss ever (DIO from WORLD HEROES 2) or the most powerful (RUGAL from KING OF FIGHTERS '94), she does deserve to be added to the top ten list of tough bosses to beat.  Here are some basic tips and tactics to rid yourself of the evil Mizuki:  1. BLOCK LOW:  Above all, block and block low. That way, you will block    anything she throws at you. Blocking high leaves you vulnerable to her    fast Ground Portal as well as her fast low AB.  2. DON'T DO SPECIAL MOVES: Most Special Moves have lag times, during    which she is almost guaranteed to rush in and cream you with an AB slash.  3. ATTACK HER WHEN SHE JUMPS: By far, Mizuki is the weakest in the    air. If she jumps, and you jump and AB, you will almost certainly hit her,    and do some much-needed damage.  4. DON'T JUMP HER WHEN SHE'S MAD: The reason is that Mizuki will do her    Power Special so that the globe catches you RIGHT when you jump in on    her. Nasty.  5. TELEPORT CATCH:  She likes to teleport out of danger when you are    frantically trying to make a hit.  Instead, try this:  Make an AB    strike (when your SURE it's safe to do so).  She should block.  If she    laughs and teleports out, leap away in the opposite direction she was    originally positioned from you, because she will attempt a bitch    slap from behind.  As you are jumping away, strike with an AB.  If she    teleports, and leaps, you have a good chance of hitting her.  If she    doesn't leap, you're out of her range.  6. CONFUSED?  Just block low and use crouch kicks to keep her away.    However, if she sends out ANOTHER Confusion Ball, get hit by it. You'll    take almost no damage, and it will negate the first Confusion.  7. THE SWINE CURSE:  If turned into a pig or other animal by Mizuki, the    safest place to be is under her skirt! She can't hit you while you're    there, and she can't throw you either.  8. RUN IN AND THROW: This works more than it should, if you time it right.    Galford and Hanzo should have a field day especially, with their SPD    moves.  9.  THE CHARACTERS WHO can consistently beat Mizuki are Charlotte and     Gen-an. This is because they both have low A attacks that are quick     and long-ranged enough to hit Mizuki out of her attacks WITHOUT     getting hit in return. This is important, as trading hits is always     in her favor. For both of these characters (and Sieger to an extent),     doing low As all the time will give you an easy win!     Unfortunately, everyone else's low A attacks (including Ukyo's) are     either too slow or too short ranged, so this won't work with them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------                       SPECIFIC CHARACTER STRATEGIES  Here are guaranteed techniques to help you conquer Mizuki with your favourite character:  HAOHMARU:  Get enough distance between Mizuki and yourself to perform a resshin-zan (F, D, DF + Kick).  Instead, wait and perform a fake cyclone slash (D, DF, F + Kick).  As you pretend to pull out a cyclone, Mizuki will throw a teleport across the ground.  Immediately perform your resshin-zan.  It will flip you over the telport, and connect your blade with her skull.  This can be repeated until she drops.  Want to show off with Haohmaru?  After the first resshin-zan hits, perform a quick standing AB.  This should dizzy.  Step in as close as possible and perform a crouching AB, and interrupt into Tempa Fuzin San.  Instant death.  With (theoretically) four attacks.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  100%  UKYO:  If you get a good distance from her, and repeatedly crouch kick, Mizuki may be inclined to leap at you.  Time your leap back and hit with either jumping AB or B.  Also, use as many ground swallow slashs as you can.  If you do dizzy her, BE SURE to use the close standing AB + Teleport Slash with CD Combo to drop her energy quickly.  She can also be fooled by throwing a swallow slash, then leaping backwards and doing it again.  Sometimes, she teleports away from the first attack, only to pop right up and get smacked by the second.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  75%  JUBEI:  Get about half screen distance from Mizuki, and throw ground fireballs.  When she leaps over them, catch her attack with D, DB, B + A.  Each time, you should grab her weapon, and slash her back until death.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  100%  NAKORURU:  At about two character's lengths away, crouch and kick a few times.  If Mizuki is inclined to send her dog, perform Annu Mutsube (B, DB, D + Slash) and Nak will slide under the demon and hit Mizuki. If Mizuki leaps at you, jump straight up and attack with AB.  If she is dizzied, step in with a standing AB, Kamui Mutsube combo to finish her.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  75%  CHARLOTTE:  Stay crouched.  If Mizuki even gets near you, strike with crouching AB.  Nothing else.  Charlotte's crouched AB has even farther range than Mizuki slashes, so don't even worry about being it.  If she leaps at you, standing AB, for clean air defense.  Mizuki poses no real threat to Charlotte.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  100%  GEN-AN:  Stay low, and try to defensively get your close AB to connect.  Once it does, your infinite combo will take care of the rest (Standing AB [two hits], Blood grip, run forward, repeat)  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  100%  HANZO/GALFORD:  Peform your shadow copy, and choose to teleport to the closest spot near Mizuki.  As soon as you poof in, peform Mozu Otoshi (F, D, DF + Kick).  On Mizuki, this can be repeated until the end.  It's a definite win, and fast players can get perfect.  Or you can try a little sequence I call The Hanzo Trap.  It is a move I perfected in the first Samurai Shodown, when trying to defeat the computer Hanzo.  Oddly enough, I found it to work with Mizuki as well (though not as consistently).  The trap is set up simply like this:  You crouch near her, and strike with an A or B (NOT AB!!). She will block, and leap over you.  Calmly stand up, and walk underneath her, striking with B as she comes down on the other side.    --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  100%  CHAM CHAM:  At about half-screen distance from Mizuki, if you perform the ground boomerang throw (D, DF, F + AB), Mizuki consistently throws the teleport back at you.  But since Cham Cham's throwing animation allows her to do a backflip, she avoides the teleport and Mizuki is hit anyway.  It's a consistent technique.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  75%  NICOTINE:  Same as Gen-an.  Try to defensively get out your Bakusa Jougeki, and the infinite combo will finish her off.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  100%  SIEGER:  Stay low, and attack with your firestorm (DF + BC).  Not only will it do damage to Mizuki, but it will nullify any of those annoying symbol-related moves of destruction.  Not a bad technique to use.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  50%  EARTHQUAKE:  Easy.  Crouching AB.  Over and over.  She'll be dead in no time.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT: 100%  KYOSHIRO:  Often, Mizuki won't block Kyoshiro's jumping AB, perhaps because it has such a far range the CPU doesn't anticipate it hitting.  Use this, and his combos for quick defeat.  He should be able to fake Mizuki into jumping, straight into his POW move. It's also wise to just stick to blocking low, and attacking with B or AB, since Kyoshiro's weapon has such excellent range.  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  50%  GENJURO:  You can toss hanafuda cards, and trick her into leaping. You can respond with AB, or his kouyokojin (F, D, DF + Slash).  --CHANCES OF WINNING PERFECT:  75% ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                             KUROKO FALLS  Too many people seem to step into the ring against Kuroko, and get obliterated.  Presented here are further techniques to use against the masked wonder:  HAOHMARU:  Kuroko likes to run a lot, take advantage of this by hopping straight up and coming down with an AB slash, followed by a standing AB.  If you're lucky enough to dizzy him, simply step up with a close crouching AB, interupt into Tempa Fuzin San for a win.  Also, with Haohmaru, it's good to get into the habit of reflecting Kurko's missile attacks back at him with the Sake attack.  It takes a bit of timing, but you CAN get used to it.  Pretty soon, Kuroko is always hitting himself.  I hate when I do that.  SIEGER:  Get away from him from either dashing back to keep your distance, or using Blitz Jaeger.  If Kurko rolls towards you, step in for a CD toss.  While keeping your distance, use Firestorm to reflect Kurko's projectiles back at him.  It's easier to time than the Sake attack (Haohmaru) and should help you defeat him.  KYOSHIRO:  If you stand about two character lengths away, and perform a quick A, Kuroko tends to watch to start throwing those massive fireball attacks.  Use Kyoshiro's jumping range to leap over them, and come down with AB attacks.  Also, if Kuroko likes to jump at you, use Kaiten Kyokubu as air defense.  GENJURO:  Genjuro has enough speed and distance in his jump to avoid Kuroko's missile attacks.  Leap over them and hammer down with AB. Try not to make the first move; Kuroko will open himself up, so wait for it.  CHAM CHAM:  Easy.  From half screen distance, whenever you see Kuroko going to throw a fireball, perform the leaping claw attack, and every one will catch him until he falls.  WAN-FU:  Wan-Fu is cumbersome to use against someone so quick, but there are ways around his slowness.  Do repeated standing D attacks to try and kick Kuroko.  If he gets hit, so be it.  But if Kurko choose to leap over them, use Confucious Slash as air defense.  If he's just about dead, throw your weapon at him a couple of times.  The explosion should be enough to tick off the remaining energy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- RANDOM NOTES:  --> Occassionally, KIM KAPHWAN from the FF series can be seen sliding by     in the background. No, you can't play him. :-)  --> When you go into your "Powered Up" animation, you cannot be hit.     However, you can cancel the animation by doing a Special Move,     double-tap move, or throwing your opponent if he is nearby. Sometimes     there is a delay between reaching your POW maximum and going into your     animation, for unknown reasons.  --> If the Final Round is a draw, both players lose. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                    IF YOU WIN THE GAME ON ONE CREDIT...  Meaning no continues and no other player joining in, you get the designer's credits at the end. As for the individual character endings, there doesn't seem to be any difference between one-credit and multi-credit endings, unlike SS1. What happens is after the judge claps and the background fades, the "designer credit" music starts to play, and cherry blossom leaves fall across the screen. Then, each character is displayed, in the order presented in this FAQ. Here's each character's sequence: The character's background appears, and the character jumps in. The character does a taunt. The character does an attack, and the screen freezes while the character's designer credits are displayed. The character does an ending pose. The character does his/her close-up, and more credits appear.  Haohmaru -- Sake drink, Far AB swing, Sword flip pose Nakoruru -- Hair ribbon adjustment, Cape Flip, "Daishizen..." pose Hanzo -- Knuckle crack, Far B swing, Takes off mask Galford -- "Tsk tsk" taunt, Plasma Blade, Sword twirl pose Wan Fu -- Spins pillar, Far AB swing, Carves pillar Ukyo -- Coughs, Standing AB swing, Sleeve pose (unarmed) Kyoshiro -- Smokes, Close B swing, "Uchtottari" (stays on screen) Gen-an --  Laughs, Close B swing, Bow pose Earthquake -- Burps, Far B swing, Eats turkey drum Jubei -- Eats dango, Far AB swing, Puts swords slowly in sheath Charlotte -- Tosses rose, Far AB swing, "Uh-huh" Genjuro -- "Sore daki da" taunt, Far AB swing, Wine dish pose Cham Cham -- Sticks out tongue, Far AB swing, Both do the yell Sieger -- "Come here" taunt,  Close B swing, "Ohhh Yeah!" Nicotine -- Sneezes, Close AB swing, Laughs and hits butt Mizuki -- Laughs, AB swing, No ending pose Kuroko -- Fan taunt, ABC Missile Reflection, Claps  After this, Kuroko claps and disappears in a puff. The cherry blossoms start swirling in a spiral, and the center of the spiral goes round and around until it's finally centered on the screen. Then after all the credits roll, the screen explodes and the "chirping Iguana" logo appears. -------------------------------------------------------------------------                                     SBT                            ...Strange, but True... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every game must have its share of oddities, bugs, and other whatnots. Samurai Shodown II is no exception.  Here are the strange occurences that arise, which you can try for yourself: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- HANZO'S BACKWARD RUN  In a Hanzo/Hanzo fight (or Hanzo/Galford), if one Hanzo runs at the second, and the second performs a shadow move (F, B, DB, D, DF, F, A or B), the first Hanzo, while passing the second, will continue running, but will change sides, making it look like Hanzo is running backwards. Cute.  Will also work for a Galford/Galford fight.  UKYO PRESUMPTUOUS PUSH  When Ukyo has been struck enough to max his POW out, try to perform a teleport attack (D, DF, F + Slash) before his POW animation comes out. If successful, while Ukyo animates his POW saying, "Yurusan!!", he will continue to move in the direction of the teleport, "pushing" his opponent backward.  Nice guy.  THAT DAMN DOG'S ALWAYS LATE  If Galford sends Poppy out on a rush attack (D, DB, B + Slash), and then quickly performs his SD transform (F, DF, D, DB, B, F, B + C), Galford will change, and Poppy will finish his attack, and then jump backwards into the transform.  But I guess, better late than never...  HANZO NITELITE  If Hanzo performs a weak Bakuenryu (F, DF, D, DB, + A), and then quickly peforms an SD transform (F, B, F, B, F, B, D + A), when the Bakuenryu strikes his opponent (preferably NOT blocking at the opposite side of the screen), Hanzo will "light up and flicker" just like the weapon.  Great for parties, and those kids that bug you at the machine with, "I know more stuff about SS2 than you do..."  Yeah, right.  THAT DAMN DOG'S BLIND, TOO.  Position Galford near enough to his opponent so that if the opponent jumps straight up, Galford will be able to run quickly  underneath. Do this.  As soon as Galford changes sides, perform Rush Dog (D, DB, B + Slash)  Because Poppy is still on the opposite side, he will rush towards Galford!  Sometimes it hits the opponent coming down, other times, well, Poppy just goes for the stick.  YOU THINK YOU GOT PROBLEMS, MY *DEMON'S* BLIND!  A modification on the previous trick.  With Cham Cham against Mizuki, wait for the opportunity for Mizuki to send the demon charging at you. If you attack with a Boomerang toss (D, DF, F + Slash), the 'rang should cut through the demon and hit Mizuki.  If Mizuki is stupid enough to send the demon again, it will head back towards her (as it is returning from the last failed attempt).  Even demons need obedience school.  PIGS HAVE RIGHTS  If you are one of the charmed people who've been turned into a pig by Mizuki, just start walking towards her.  Not only will she not attack you, but you can push her to the edge of the screen, and even walk behind her!  Now, if that isn't a set-up for a combo, I don't know what is.  WEAPONLESS WONDER  This is a simple technique that not many people realize.  There are two major ways to catch a sword in SS2, the first is a half circle motion, which ALWAYS works, if you have the timing right.  The second is just to run at your opponnent, which is more the luck of the draw. Since Mizuki does a lot of "shifting" so to speak, the computer believes it to be a run, so if you lose your weapon, run for Mizuki.  Odds are she will "shift" into you, you'll catch her weapon, and give her the big toss.  Uplifting.  !?@$%#@!?@&?!  Get two Nicotines together, and perform confusion at the same time. Have fun.  A good test of who really *is* good at the game.  TEMPA KINDA HURTS  If two Haohmaru's perform Tempa Fuzin San at the same time, they should both hit each other on the way up.  A good way to practice distance and timing.  RESURRECTION  If you can finish a match by slicing someone in half, and at the same time, take a final hit yourself, you will notice when the "double fatality" words arrive, the person you've sliced in half is miraculously resurrected.  Just to pout.  Who says there isn't a higher power watching over?  THE SPIRIT OF SIEGER LIVES ON  If you can deliver a final blow to Sieger, as he's performing Wolf Fangen, he will fall and you will be "trapped" by a ghost, still being swatted at by an invisible hand, and even thrown against the wall!  Boy, that Sieger really has his backup.  THAT DAMN DOG'S A BEAST!  If your opponent has a sliver of energy, and you send perform Mega Rush Dog, the moment Poppy hits, the match will end, but your opponent will be teleported off the top of the screen!  Sometimes, your opponent won't return at all!  Good arm on that dog...  TOSSING MATCH  Good for a laugh.  Have Ukyo perform a fake apple slice (D, DB, B + Kick) while Charlotte performs her AC taunt (tossing a rose).  The two must really enjoy throwing obstacles at each other...  UKYO'S HUGE APPLE  A funny oddity that was just recently discovered.  Just before you perform Ukyo's POWER SPECIAL (F, B, DB, D, DF, F + AB), hold down the C button for a few seconds.  Keep holding C when you perform the motion, and Ukyo will toss an ENORMOUS apple, slicing it into huge pieces.  Must be those hydroponics they're using now... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                         WHERE TO GET SS2 STUFF  --> SS2 Resource List:  This is a listing of what other SS2 FAQs and     guides are available, as well as where you can get them. It can     be found in the FTP site, as well as others.     It is recommended that this be the next FAQ to get, as it pinpoints     where all the other neat stuff is. Contact the author, [email protected]     for more details.  --> SS2 Homepage:  Has all the documents related to SS2 (including this     FAQ), all in glorious HTML format. Also links to all other SS2-related     homepages. Thank Damone for this one...     He also has a SS1 Homepage as well. (ss1page.html)  --> GeeSe Howard's directory: -- user/dvillnva     Contains both the Moves FAQ and this TAPFAQ, strategy guides,     sound files, graphic files, and tons of other SS and Neo-Geo stuff.  --> Galen Komatsu:  [email protected]     This guy is crazy!  He's always on top of the current gaming trend.     Any extra info you need or comments you'd like to pass on, he would     be more than happy to help you out.  --> John Bailon:  [email protected]     For more info on the game, contact John at his E-mail address.  He     may even have posters and other paraphenalia for sale.  Be sure to     check out Samurai II, as well as other excellent new releases at     Southern Hills Golfland (his free plug).  Details can be acquired     from Mr. Bailon.  --> Dave Kirsch:  FTP SITE:  /pub/SS2     Dave has an FTP site set up based solely on fighting games.  Both the     FAQ and TAPFAQ are there, along with all sorts of other odds and ends     having to do with fighting games in general.  Give it a look!  --> For those interested, here are the stats on the new SS 2 CD...     Title:  Shin Samurai Spirits     Artist:  Neo Sound Orchestra     Maker:  Pony Canyon/Scitron     Catalog:  PCCB-00164     Release:  1994/11/02     Length:  76'07" (57 tracks)     This is a Japanese CD, so if you are looking to order it, you should     approach a music store that deals with imports.  --> Here is the SS2 Image/Rearranged soundtrack...     Title: Shin Samurai Spirits Arrange     Artist: Neo Sound Orchestra     Maker: Pony Canyon/Scitron     Catalogue: PCCB-00169     Price: 2500yen     Again, this is a Japanese CD, and must be specially ordered.  --> The SS2 Mook, put out by Gamest. Has all the stats on the characters,     plus screen shots of EVERY attack (even unarmed ones!). Also cool     drawings and stuff. Basically, if you want a book on SS2, this is it.     The only problem is it's in Japanese.     Title: SS2 Mook (v. 4)     Maker: Gamest     Price: 1380yen     You need to look for this at a Japanese bookstore.  --> The Samurai Spirits TV Special.  Actually, I heard it sucks. The     animation and character designs are supposedly pretty bad. But     that probably won't stop SS fans from at least renting it.  ADVision     has released this dubbed in the US.  --> Jubei Ninja Chronicles.  No, that's not the same Jubei as in SS (or     FF, for that matter!). But the SS character designers also worked on     this anime movie. Manga Entertainment has released this subbed and     dubbed under the name, "Ninja Scroll."  --> "Musashi" by Eiji Yoshikawa.  This is the book that shaped current      perceptions of Musashi, and the idea of the Way of the Sword in      general. Recommended. It has a lot of cool fight scenes in it (most of      them historical), and many ideas about swordsmanship and enlightenment      that still are culturally influential today.  -->  Samurai I to III.  These are three movies that are based on the novel      "Musashi". The last one deals with the duel between Musashi and Genryu.      They are available at most video rental places.  --> BTW, Charlotte is my favorite video game character ever!!!  I just     wanted to say that...   --Scott  --> BTW, My Hanzo will kick your Charlotte's butt ANYDAY!!!  I just wanted     to say that... --Shawn ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                               FINAL NOTE    This FAQ is pretty much complete, as it has documented most of the  features in the game. However, if you have any questions, ideas,   comments, pictures, updates, combos, or anything you think needs    to be added, do not hesitate to E-Mail either Shawn Holmes at     [email protected] or Scott Fujimoto at [email protected].          Something tells me we have a contender for            best game of 1994... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------                     _a88_                                 ___,                    d88888baa__________            ____aad88888b                   d888P""~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-----___ad88888888888888               __-""                           "Y888888888888888b              /                                  ~~Y8888P"""aaaa88a             ,,,aaaaaaaaa,,,...__                   ~Yaaa8888888888         __ d88888888888888888888888b                 8888888888888       _- ,d88888P""""""~~~~~"""Y8888baa,             Y"""88888888P      /  /~~~~~~                    """Y88a...         888""""888P     /  /      ,     |      |    |         |  `.       8888888aP    |  |      |     | ||    |     |         |  `;      Y888888P       _   |  |     /|     |  | \    \    |          | ' ;      88888P       | |   |  |    / |     |   | |    |    |         |          8888P     ___| |___  |  |    /  |    |    |  \    \    |         |         Y888     |___   ___| |  |    |  |    /     |   |.   \_   \        |          Y8P         | | | |    |  |  __|_      `. __\====__   \__----|          |"          | |   |__-|__-\ ~~~|           ~ ~~~  ~~,.  | | |    |      |          | /         .\ ~~~_____        _,aaaa._     | | |     |     |          |/         | \ ,""88b        ""Y"P:888ba   | | |     |      |       _________         |  |   8o8           d8d888P~~  | | |     |      |      |_______  |         |  |   Y88b          888888     | |  |    |      |              | |         |  |    888          888888     | |  |    |       |             | |         |  |    888          Y88888     | |  |     |      |      _______| |         |  |    Y8P         __8888Pa    | |  |     |      |     |_______  |        |   |   ~~~         ~~""Y88P""   | |  |     |       |       _   _'-'        |   |        /                  |  |   |    |       |      | | | |        |   |        \                  |  |   |     |      |      | | | |        |   |                           |  |   |     |       |     | | | |        |    \         -                |  |    |    |       |     | | | |        |    | \                        |  |    |     |      |    / /  | |_-,        |    ||  \                 __ --|  |    |     |       |  <_/    \___/        |    || |  \         __ --      |  |     |    |       |     _   _       |     || |     \__ -,            |  |     |     |      |    | | | |       |    | |  |         |            |  ||     |    |       |   | | | |       |    | |  |         |           ||  ||      |    |      |   | | | |       |    ||   |        ,|           ||  ||       \    |     |   | | | |      |     ||   |       a8|           ||  | |       \   |      | / /  | |_-,      |    | |   |     d88P|---8888"""| |  | |         \         <_/    \___/     |     ||   |     """""""""""""888| |  || |     |     ||   |    d8888888888888888| |  | |    Samurai Spirits -- Nakoruru     |     ||  |   d88888888888888888|               Galen Komatsu 94.6.20 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------   This, The Absolutely Positively Frequently Asked Questions presented by                            Shawn Holmes                               All preceeding material may be copied and            distributed freely (in fact, it's encouraged)                         The Second Act Begins Now ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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