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PS3 simply rules

PS3 simply rules


I simply love my PS3, so quiet and open to changes…

  • You can switch the HDD for a bigger one with no efforts (notebook HDD 2.5” size replaced in 3 minutes see the video below)

    , or EVEN a 3.5” size. You will have to backup your game save on an external memory stick/usb disk before going to the new disk
  • Linux, either Debian, Yellow Dog,  Fedora can be installed, I just did not try them, because I am not supporting Gnome, I really miss OpenSuse/KDE at the moment. The linux partition is limited to 10GB
  • USB storage disk are recognized as long as they are formatted with FAT32 (remember NTFS is everything except an open format thanks to M$)
  • I have bought a bluetooth Plantronics discovery 655 headsets which simply work. I’ve choose an expensive models because I want to use it with my cellular as well, but people have reported that even $9 headset are working.

  • My NAS server bluetooth keyboard (Microsoft Entertainment 7000 wireless) is also simply working

All in one, an expensive machine at first sight, but If you want to do a little bit more thing with a XBOX 360, you will have to pay a lot more!

The PS3 Internet Browser

  • The browser is usable, but even better as soon as you use a bluetooth keyboard,
  • Some page do not render or get displayed because of some internal scripts (flash? javascript?) -> Sony please use Firefox or better Opera
  • The bookmark (select button) is useful as long as you do not have too much entries, as it is not possible to search or organize entries in directory (bookmark is just a list of site title) -> Sony why not using Google bookmark
  • When a site open  popup windows, browsing is starting to be difficult, Sony I need tabs to see what is going on in the background

What XMB is lacking

  • AVI, XVID playback
  • Instant messaging: Skype, Gaim would be great
  • A usable music player, something like Winamp media library or Amarok

I currently own 4 blu-ray and will never buy DVD anymore due to quality jump (no way back)

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