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Nintendo Game & Watch Manhole (1981)

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Game & Watch or G&W is a line of handheld electronic games produced by Nintendo from 1980 to 1991 and created by game designer Gunpei Yokoi, each Game & Watch features a single game to be played on an LCD screen in addition to a clock and/or an alarm.

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Manhole is a game developed by Nintendo R&D1, and was the sixth Game & Watch game to be released. It first appeared in 1981 as product number MN-06 in the Gold series (more than 1 Million units), and was recreated as model number NH-103 as part of the New Wide Screen series on August 24, 1983.

Each of the four buttons corresponds to an opening in the street. The player must use the buttons to close the manholes before pedestrians fall through the open holes and into the sewers.

A remake of the New Wide Screen version of Manhole appeared in the first Game Boy Gallery, released in 1994, in which the player controls Yoshi. Mario occasionally runs across the screen. This version of Manhole was one of the cards included with purchase of the Nintendo e-Reader, and was unlock able in Game & Watch Gallery 4.

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