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Nintendo Donkey Kong Game and Watch Multi Screen series

Nintendo Donkey Kong Game and Watch Multi Screen series


I am really happy to add these 2 game & watch to my collection of vintage video games, as I was playing with them in 1984

Donkey Kong was developed by Nintendo R&D1 as part of the Game & Watch Multi Screen series, featuring two LCD display screens. Released in 1982, it is a port of the arcade game, where Mario is a carpenter attempting to rescue his girlfriend from an evil donkey.

Like the arcade Donkey Kong, Mario must climb a building while avoiding barrels; The player must trigger a lever on the upper screen, activating a hook, which Mario must then jump and catch. If the player succeeds, a peg will be removed and Mario will return to the starting point, but if the player does not, Mario will fall to the ground and lose a life. Removing all available pegs in this manner will cause Donkey Kong’s platform to collapse, and he will fall to the ground.

Nintendo_Donkey_Kong_GameAndWatch_02 Nintendo_Donkey_Kong_GameAndWatch_03

More info about the game itself can be found at

Donkey Kong Jr at

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