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NEO GEO X Gold Entertainment System review

The NEO GEO X Gold entertainment system comes complete with the NEO GEO X Station, the NEO GEO X Handheld with 20 pre-loaded NEO GEO classic titles, and the NEO GEO X Joystick. In addition to coming preloaded with 20 NEO GEO classic titles, the NEO GEO X Handheld device features a crisp 4.3-inch LCD display, an expandable game card slot, internal stereo speakers, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack for a personal gaming experience you can take anywhere.


Unboxing the Neo Geo X is dead simple. The main display box contains two smaller white boxes of approximately the same size. Each white box, has a Neo Geo logo sticker on it to indicate whether it has been opened or not. The hand held console, the huge docking station and instructions are in one box, while the power adapter, RCA cable, Neo Geo stick a and Ninja Masters SD card are in the other.

For a limited time, the PRE-ORDER ONLY NEO GEO X GOLD LIMITED EDITION was coming with a free NINJA MASTER’S NEO GEO X Game Card. The system comes with 20 games built in and multiple genres are covered, from fighting to sports to side scrolling shooters. There is better games available on the machine but Tommo Inc. may want to sell them us later…


The hand held is feeling heavy in the hand and rubberized in the back with a really cool SNK silver logo embedded in it.


The docking station  itself looks like an original Neo Geo Home AES console (albeit smaller). it has 2 video output both in 4:3 format

  • AV out (red/white/yellow)
  • HDMI out

Both video output are near from being perfect. (see limitations). The sound is great and really close if not identical to the original AES sound.


The lid do not close well and you ll have to press firmly to close it all the times. the docking is a cool idea and will be a nice addition to any vintage gaming console collection.

If you’re lucky to order 3 Neo Geo X like me, you may get them in the original Tommo Inc. box like me.


What is great

  • Hand held quality is high,
  • Clicky joystick on hand held,
  • Real size AES stick USB which can work under windows without any specific driver (MAME  Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, in a game press: TAB,  Input (General) or Input (this Game) and you can setup Neo stick there.)
  • Docking station is looking great on the shelves,


  • No ability to save games *
  • 5 hours of game play while on the road, may be enough for you but not for all users
  • Games do not save high score,
  • No independent charger for the handheld, charging only through the docking station is possible for now. An official power supply is rumored to be available soon.
  • Video output is at least on a Full HD screen horrible and has no scan lines. Picture is tearing on HDTV screen   *

* but that may change with a firmware update, at least I hope. The hacker scene is already providing new ROMS and firmware!

If you ever played a Neo Geo Arcade unit and want to re-live those good times look no further: the Neo Geo X is for you! Overall a great gaming machine  for any serious gamer in the 40 years old range

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