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My Hardware mods

A real Neo Geo pad with a USB port

DSC00996.JPGBought on ebay for 5euro. this is the cheapest version of MS sidewinder you can find. 4 button upper and 2 in front.
DSC00997.JPGOpen it, and look at the circuit board. You must determine if the circuit board use a common pin (mass) that it share by all button. If this is the case, you will have no difficulties. Otherwise you must solder 2 wires for each button. It was the case here.
 Lightly sand all pins and connection under each button, if you have no common reference (mass) you need to careffully sand the 2 connection of each button
 Use a pen to mark each connection, this will avoid any mistakes durng soldering.
DSC01000.JPGThe Neo geo pad use a common circuit, now we need to join each button with 2 wires, so thee easiest way is to cut the circuit line (can be repared easily if needed afterward)
DSC00999.JPGYou need to do the same with the cross, aim is to have 2 wire going from the switch to the sidewinder board.
DSC00998.JPGYou can fix the board below the cross, there is a lot of space.
Now just plug your new Neo Geo pad to your pc and enjoy the feelings of having a real pad for emulator.

A Direct Pad Pro interface for a Neo Geo Pad

I use to find his plan while browsing over internet, it has 2 shift registries and simulate a SNES pad, I use to made a lot soldering and it took me a lot of time. Another way is to use an old use SNES pas board. Attention, Direct Pad Pro has never been ported on Win2000 and WinXp and is not working! (only win98). I am now selling it for 30euro if you are interested…

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