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Meet me in Little Big Planet :-)

Meet me in Little Big Planet :-)
HappiestI am currently playing a lot with Little Big Planet, you can find me there with my


PSN ID is a reference to ELTA the last Magician Lord in the 1991 SNK game

In between …

For all of you wanting to learn how to create better levels, Sony has started a new site LittleBigWorkshop
LittleBigWorkshop is your personal creative canvas to inspire ingenuity, creative synergy, or for those of you
who are just curious. 

Want to customize your SackBoy? then head to This Little Big Planet
site which lets you create your own little SackBoy

Also new costumes are coming (unfortunately from $0.99 to $1.99)


Hope someone will one day reverse engineered the server protocol to see also different content (good or bad the
world shall not be controlled too much)

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