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Last Blade, The

                    Gekka no Kenshi: "The Last Blade"                             FAQ version 3.01                     by Deuce ([email protected])  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  Last Blade and all associated names, story events and characters are the sole copyright of SNK, and are used without permission.  Neither this FAQ nor any portion of it may be reprinted in any strategy guide or periodical.  Don't even ask me, the answer is no.  You may distribute this FAQ as often as you like, wherever you like, provided it is not modified in ANY way and that there is NO charge for the distribution. Under NO circumstances should any distribution have anything added or removed except by the author.  If you wish to include portions of this FAQ in another document, email the author for permission and detail exactly how and why, and he will contact you back personally.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  -------------------  Table of Contents -------------------  1.0 -- Overview  1.1 -- Version History  1.2 -- Credits  1.3 -- Notations  1.4 -- Game Features and Conventions   1.4.1 -- Speed Mode   1.4.2 -- Power Mode   1.4.3 -- The Super Meter   1.4.4 -- The Repel Button   1.4.5 -- Desperation Moves   1.4.6 -- Super Desperation Moves   1.4.7 -- Combo Specials   1.4.8 -- Super Cancels   1.4.9 -- Chain Combos   1.4.10 -- Airblocking   1.4.11 -- Interrupting Normal Moves   1.4.12 -- Pounce Attacks  2.0 -- Character Specifics  2.1  -- Common Moves  2.2  -- Amano Hyo  2.3  -- Genbu no Okina  2.4  -- Ichijo Akari  2.5  -- Kaede   2.5.1 -- Kaede (Awakened)  2.6  -- Kanzaki Juzo  2.7  -- Lee Rekka  2.8  -- Minakata Moriya  2.9  -- Naoe Shigen  2.10 -- Shikyo  2.11 -- Washizuka Keiichiro  2.12 -- Yuki  2.13 -- Zantetsu  2.14 -- Character Rankings  3.0 -- Bosses  3.1 -- The Boss Code  3.2 -- Akatsuki Musashi  3.3 -- Kagami Shinnosuke   3.3.1 -- Kagami Shinnosuke (Hyper)  4.0 -- The Endings  4.1  -- Akatsuki Musashi  4.2  -- Amano Hyo  4.3  -- Genbu no Okina  4.4  -- Ichijo Akari  4.5  -- Kaede  4.6  -- Kagami Shinnosuke  4.7  -- Kanzaki Juzo  4.8  -- Lee Rekka  4.9  -- Minakata Moriya  4.10 -- Naoe Shigen  4.11 -- Shikyo  4.12 -- Washizuka Keiichiro  4.13 -- Yuki  4.14 -- Zantetsu  4.15 -- Character Rankings  5.0 -- What's Left  5.1 -- Neo*Geo CD version   5.1.1 -- Demo Viewer   5.1.2 -- What was lost in the CD conversion  5.2 -- Stuff that's needed  5.3 -- Contacting the author   -------------- 1.0 - Overview -------------- Welcome to the Last Blade (aka "Gekka no Kenshi") FAQ.  In this, I hope to provide you with all the information needed to get the most out of this incredible 2D fighting game that SNK has bestowed upon us.  I will be giving explanations of the game's specific techniques and detailing the abilities of each of the characters, as well as eventually providing transcriptions of endings, win quotes, and other assorted miscellany.  With that said, enjoy the game, and enjoy the FAQ.   --------------------- 1.1 - Version History ---------------------  0.50 - Released 4/7/98        Just a movelist and basic control rundown... released only to the        Neo*Geo Mailing List. 1.01 - Released 4/20/98        Lots of format changes, stage descriptions, alphabetized the        character roster, added descriptions of the game's engine, and        lots of various other stuff.  More still to come! 2.0  - Released 5/9/98        Added Japanese move names, added all followup moves, ending        transcriptions, corrected lots of niggling errors, and added some        more game engine notes. 3.0  - Released 7/14/98        Big update.  Added interruptible moves listings for all characters,        my own personal character rankings, corrected some oversights and        errors from the previous version, edited the "suggested mode"        listings for the characters that needed it, added prefight and win        pose descriptions, added the code for getting all the endings in        the Neo CD version, and descriptions for what was lost in the CD        release.  Also added character rankings. 3.01 - Released 7/14/98        Corrected a rather stupid error on my part.  Thanks to Kevin Eav        for pointing it out.   ------------- 1.2 - Credits -------------  SNK (,     For making what is possibly THE finest 2D fighter ever seen! T. Sousui ([email protected])     For all the Japanese move names, and miscellaneous other additions. Mark Zutkoff ([email protected])     For providing me (albeit inadvertantly:) with the English move names. Kevin "Genryu" Eav ([email protected])     For general interest and formatting suggestions. Cassiel Kelner ([email protected])     For providing me with her BEAUTIFUL stage descriptions, especially     since I'm too lazy to do them myself. :) Chris Cruz ([email protected])     For sending me the all-endings Neo CD code. Matt Greer ([email protected])     For pointing out a stupid oversight on my part in Okina's moves.  D'oh. Mike Pureka ([email protected])     For pointing out LOTS of oversights and noting some side effects of a     few special moves. Edwin ([email protected])     For giving me lots of various moves/finishers, and clarifying a few     things that were not clear before (either to me or the reader). Stefano Frigerio ([email protected])     For various suggestions and ending transcriptions.   --------------- 1.3 - Notations ---------------  Rather than textual notations, this FAQ will be using joystick diagrams, because they are, on the whole, easier to read.  All joystick motions displayed assume the character is facing RIGHT.                              jump up (u)         (ub) jump backward   O   O   O   jump forward (uf)                              \  |  /        (b) walk back/guard   O-  O  -O   walk forward (f)                               /  |  \            (db) low guard   O   O   O   offensive crouch (df)                              crouch (d)  Notes:   1. "Forward" always means toward the opponent.   2. "Back" or "backwards" always means away from the opponent.  Last Blade uses the standard Neo*Geo button configuration.  There are a total of four buttons, arranged horizontally, like so:     A  B  C  D  Each attack button (A, B and C) has multiple attacks attached to it, depending on which direction is pushed when the button is pressed.  For instance, -O + B and B by itself give two different types of attacks. See "Common Moves" for more details.   ----------------------------------- 1.4 - Game Features and Conventions -----------------------------------  Last Blade has an entirely unique gameplay system.  There are two modes of play which can be selected when you choose your character: Speed and Power. This innovative system allows one to choose a mode which caters to his/her favorite style of play.  The two play very differently, so experiment to find which one best suits you.  Both modes are worthwhile to play, but certain characters excel in a specific mode.  On the whole, bigger characters are not at their best in Speed Mode, while they excel in Power.  The author's personal suggestion is to try both modes with a given character to see which you like best.   ------------------ 1.4.1 - Speed Mode ------------------  In Speed Mode, your character   - can chain multiple normal moves together, and interrupt into specials.   - does less damage per hit, but this is offset by the chains.   - does not do tick damage with normal moves.   - cannot use Super Desperation Moves.   - can do the Combo Special when lifemeter is flashing and POW Gauge is     full.  In this mode, all moves are faster, chainable, and     interruptible.  Lasts as long as the POW Meter takes to drain.   ------------------ 1.4.2 - Power Mode ------------------  In Power Mode, your character   - does more damage per strike.   - will do tick damage when normal moves are blocked.   - cannot use chain combos.   - can interrupt certain special moves into his/her Desperation Move.   - cannot use the "Combo Special."   - can do Super Desperation Moves when lifemeter is flashing and POW     Gauge is full.   ----------------------- 1.4.3 - The Super Meter -----------------------  At the bottom of the screen in either corner is a gauge.  As you do moves and inflict damage it will gradually fill.  It is filled a tiny bit from blocking attacks, but the amount is negligible at best.  When it is completely full, it will flash (blue for Speed mode, red for Power) and allow you to use your Desperation Move (see below).   ------------------------ 1.4.4 - The Repel Button ------------------------  In Last Blade, the D button is reserved for one function, and that is to "Repel" attacks.  In doing so, you effectively parry the attack and leave the opponent open to a counter.  If Repel is pressed at the wrong time (too early or too late), then you will be left open to a counter yourself.  By simply pressing D, you will attempt a Repel.  Bear in mind that a normal Repel will ONLY deflect a normal attack (ie. non-special move).  In order to Repel a special move, you must press FORWARD and D at the same time. This will deflect any PHYSICAL attack, involving the opponent striking at your character with some part (or extension) of his/her body.  Thereby, it will have no effect on projectiles or the like.  Also, Desperation Moves and Super Desperation Moves (see below) cannot be Repelled.  Obviously, in order to deflect a low attack (special move or otherwise), you must be crouching during the Repel.  To deflect a low special move, press diagonally down-forward (offensive crouch, see above diagram) and press D at the appropriate time.  Standing and crouching attacks simply leave the opponent open when successfully Repelled, and if you are quick, you can unleash a quick offensive to regain the upper hand.  If a jumping attack is Repelled, the attacker is bounced into the air slightly, allowing the defender time to get off a quick attack to knock the person out of the air as he/she falls.   ------------------------- 1.4.5 - Desperation Moves -------------------------  Desperation Moves (or DMs) are special power moves which can only be done under two circumstances.  1) Your Super Meter is full, or 2) your lifemeter is flashing red.  These are moves which, if done properly, can drain the opponent of a lot of life in a very quick fashion.  Each one is unique to each character.  Desperation Moves are available in both Speed and Power modes.  Use them wisely, or pay the price....   ------------------------------- 1.4.6 - Super Desperation Moves -------------------------------  Super Desperation Moves (or SDMs) are even more powerful than the normal DMs, and are ONLY accessible in Power Mode.  In order to use one of these, you must   1) Have a full Super Meter, and  2) have a flashing red lifebar.  These will do extreme damage if properly applied, and are (as with most attacks) best used in combos.   ---------------------- 1.4.7 - Combo Specials ----------------------  A Combo Special (or CS) is an ability available to any character in Speed Mode (but NOT in Power).  The conditions for use are the same as for SDMs, ie. you must   1) Have a full Super Meter, and  2) have a flashing red lifebar.  When this is done, the background switches to a starfield for a moment, and then your character begins to flash blue while the Super Meter slowly drains to nothing.  During this time, you may do any normal or any special move repeatedly.  DMs cannot be used during a Combo Special.  While the blue flashing remains, all moves are faster, interruptible, and chainable. So get in close and do as much damage as you can within that time.   --------------------- 1.4.8 - Super Cancels ---------------------  Super Cancels (or SCs) are a feature only available in Power Mode.  An SC basically consists of doing a certain special move, then doing the motion for that characters Desperation Move during it, which can then result in a bigger combo (and thereby more damage).  Each character has one special move which can be Super Cancelled.  In the moves listings, these are labelled (pretty obviously) with [SUPER CANCEL] by the move diagram.   -------------------- 1.4.9 - Chain Combos --------------------  Chain Combos are normal-move combos which are done by a rapid combination of selected button taps and joystick presses.  There are several variations at one's disposal, but there is one combo that every character can do.    back + A, A, A, B, forward + B  The chain may begin at any point and each move (except for forward + B) can be interrupted with a special move, Combo Special, DM or SDM.  There is a great deal of variety to be found in the chains, so don't let yourself be limited by the single one shown here!   -------------------- 1.4.10 - Airblocking --------------------  Last Blade has a basic airblocking system.  Any character can airblock certain types of moves on a backwards or upwards jump.  The listing is as follows:   CAN be airblocked:    Projectiles    Uppercuts    Ground-based special moves    Air slashes/kicks   CANNOT be airblocked:    Any unblockable attacks (natch)    Any ground-based normal move  After airblocking, a character will be bounced back a fair distance, and cannot counterattack afterwards until landing.   ------------------------------------ 1.4.11 - Interrupting Normal Attacks ------------------------------------  Every character has the ability to "interrupt" or "cancel" certain normal moves.  This consists of doing a normal move, and during that move's animation, perform the motion for a special move, DM or SDM.  The animation will be "interrupted" and the special move will follow, which will typically combo for more hits and damage.  Each character will have a chart of all the normal attacks available to him/her, and which ones can be interrupted in which mode.  Make sure you know this, as the ability to combo effectively can mean the difference between victory and defeat!  An example follows:        | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  In the above diagram, the given character, when in Power Mode, can interrupt everything except for a low (crouching) A, low C, and a forward + B and forward + C.  In Speed, everything but the forward + B and forward + C are interruptible.  The chart uses the following legend:  --------+---------------------------------------------------------------- "Stand" | Standing, joystick typically neutral. "Low"   | Crouching, not including the low sweep kicks. b +     | While holding O- (back) on the joystick. f +     | While holding -O (forward) on the joystick. df +    | While holding diagonally down and forward at the same time. --------+----------------------------------------------------------------   ----------------------- 1.4.12 - Pounce Attacks -----------------------  When a character is knocked to the ground, it is possible to get in a hit while he/she is lying down.  The standard means of doing this is with a simple press of the C button when close to the downed opponent. Otherwise, it is done with a combined motion as follows:     \   + B/C  or  O  + B/C     O             |  Certain characters can only use B, others can only use C.  Occasionally special moves can serve as pounce attacks as well.  These will add to the combo meter.  Juzoh can actually dash across his opponent's body and hit once as a pounce attack as well.   ------------------------- 2.0 - Character Specifics -------------------------  In this section, we will detail the abilities of each character, along with (eventually) various other facets of the character's design, including backstory, quotes, poses, etc.  ------------------ 2.1 - Common Moves ------------------  -------------------+-----------------------------------------------        A           | Weak Slash -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   O- + A           | Weak Punch (usually, slash for some chars) -------------------+-----------------------------------------------        B           | Strong Slash -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   -O + B           | Power Slash -------------------+-----------------------------------------------        C           | Weak Kick -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   -O + C           | Power Kick -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   \  + C           | Low Sweep Kick (always knocks down)    O               | -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   BC               | Overhead slash, slow and must be blocked                    | HIGH.  Juggles on a successful hit in Power                    | mode. -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   D or O- + D      | Repel (standing/jumping normal attacks) -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   -O + D           | Repel (standing/jumping special attacks) -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   | or  / + D      | Repel (low normal attacks)   O    O           | -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   \  + D           | Repel (low special attacks)    O               | -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   O- or  -O + B    | When close, throws the opponent -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   -O -O            | Dash or hop forward (depends on character) -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   -O -O   O        | Long jump (press diagonally up-forward while          /         | dashing.) -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   O- O-            | Hop back -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   |  | + AB        | Activate "Combo Special" (Speed Mode Only)   O  O             |  -------------------+-----------------------------------------------   --------------- 2.2 - Amano Hyo ---------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power.  Amano can hold his own in Speed mode, but his lag-   filled normal moves interfere with his ability to combo well.  Most of   his combos are accessible to either mode, and the chains do very little   for him.  Also, his Super Cancel combo does MASSIVE damage when done   properly.  Power is definitely the mode of choice for him.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - A beautiful full moon in a clear blue night sky.  A single sakura     petal falls, landing on the scene and causing gentle ripples... showing     that it was but a reflection of the real thing.   Stage - A full moon sails in the deepened blue night sky above.  Brightly     lit buildings crowd in on both sides, first and second floors all but     overflowing with happy drunk people.  The players fight on a bridge     spanning a narrow river.  The moon reflects in the water below, and more     people crowd both riverbanks and another bridge not far down the river.     Most of them are watching the fight and cheering for the players.  The     whole night speaks gaeity.  At each end of the bridge, sakura petals     scatter the sidewalk, falling from branches barely glimpsed above, and     the occasional petal drifts past.  Poses:    Select - taps his stick with his finger and chuckles.    Start - scratches head, laughs, pulls stick out of kimono and says,      "Paato iku kai?" (Shall we party?)    Start (Vs. Yuki) - Leans forward, chuckles, and says, "Ii yume      ni mirareru ze." (I'll show you sweet dreams.)    Start (vs. Akari) - Leans forward, chuckles, and says, "Tekagen nashi      da ze." (I won't show you any mercy.)    Taunt - leans on pole, slapping forehead with hand and going "grrr!"      in an amused tone, then leans towards opponent saying "Miteran ne na."      (You've gotta be kidding.) and grinning.    1st win - leans on pole, pulls out a pipe, puffs on it and blows a      Shougi piece in smoke.    2nd win - pulls out sake bottle, his kimono falling off one shoulder,      says "Ii yume mina yo," (Sweet dreams!) and drinks from bottle,      then belches.    2nd win (vs. Akari) - pats his face, then leans forward, saying, "Acha.      Kega wa nee kai?" (Oh dear.  You're not hurt, are you?)    2nd win (vs. Yuki) - leans forward and says, "Taishita kiryou da ne..."      (Quite lovely...)  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | no  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | no  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+    back + B: interruptible  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Keima's Rage (Keima no Taka)                                  | -O  |  \   + C                   | Amano slides forward slightly, bringing     O   O                        | his arm up in a ground-based uppercut,                                  | with energy flowing along his arm.                                  | Very high priority against jumpers, but                                  | the slide forward requires proper                                  | spacing if the move is to be of use.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Piercing Sparrow (Suzume Sashi)                                  | -O   /  -O  + A/B                | Amano dashes forward, ramming his stick     O                            | into the opponent's gut and sliding                                  | around to his/her back, apologizing in [SUPER CANCEL]                   | Japanese.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Headbutt Grab (Shougi Doushi)                                  |  \   \   + C                      | Amano reaches forward.  If he connects,  O   O                           | he draws the opponent forward and                                  | headbutts three times.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Badger Bash (Ibisha Anaguma)                                  | Press A button repeatedly        | Amano swings his staff about wildly,                                  | hitting several times.  Not a very handy                                  | move, as the last hit will not knock                                  | down, and there is lag, regardless. (followed by)                    |                                  | (Anaguma no Fundoshi Nugi)                                  | |  \   -O  + B                   | Amano spins his stick and pokes forward, O   O                            | which may or may not combo.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Destiny (Hisshi)                                  | -O  \   |   /  O-  + B           | Amano rears back, swinging his staff in      O  O  O                     | a tight circle.  When the button is                                  | released, he lunges forward for a heavy (can be held)                    | attack.  If held long enough, he will                                  | attack automatically, and the strike                                  | will break through the opponent's guard.                                  | If it connects, it can be followed up                                  | with his Desperation Move (Power only).                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Loudmouth (Takabisha)                                  | -O  \   |   /  O-  + C           | Amano leans forward, taunting the      O  O  O                     | opponent.  If he/she strikes, he slides                                  | around to the opponent's back, smacking                                  | him/her with his staff.  Does no damage                                  | unless the opponent attacks.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Checkmate of the Queen (Banjo Kono                                  |   Itte "Tokin") [DESPERATION MOVE]               | -O  \   |   /  O- (x2) + AB      | Amano rears back, and when the buttons      O  O  O                     | are released, tosses a ball down at a                                  | 30-degree angle, which explodes on (can be held)                    | contact with the ground.  Very useful in                                  | the right circumstances.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Checkmate of the Rook (Banjo Kono                                  |   Itte [A "Hisha"/B "Kaku"]) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | -O  \   |   /  O- (x2) + A/B     | As above, Amano rears back, but instead      O  O  O                     | of hurling the ball downward, it either                                  | shoots upward (A version) or straight [POWER Mode only]                | out (B version).  If it hits, the                                  | opponent is bounced around the screen a                                  | bit, then dropped to the ground.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY AMANO HYO: - Who'd expect a Japanese Elvis impersonator? - Anyone who can blow a smoke Shougi piece must be doin' SOMETHING right. - Beating people with a stick is great stress relief.   -------------------- 2.3 - Genbu no Okina --------------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power.  Okina isn't a particularly combo-friendly character   in general.  He has a very useful Super Cancel, and his close-in game (on   which Speed mode relies) is mediocre at best, while he has the best long-   range game of any character.  His "fishing turtle" is useful at all   distances.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - A view between leafy branches... the sound of crickets chirping.     Slowly we pan down to reveal a huge tree in the distance, more leafy     branches, and an old man, hazy in the fog, fishing in the calm lake     beneath the large old tree.   Stage - Green covers the ground beneath feet, only occasionally baring     patches of dirt and rock. Just behind, an old weatherbeaten boat rocks     gently in a mist-shrouded lake, the water hidden from view.  In the     middle of the lake, a huge tree towers, its roots alone twice as tall     as a man and creating a simple archway through which more distant, fog-     coated trees can be seen.  Far, far away, mountains peek out of the     haze.  To each end, the stage fades back into the forest, huge old     trees and mossgrown piles of rock that curve around to form distant     cliffs, all but threatening to fall into the lake.  On the shore     nearby, two ibises watch the fight serenely.  Poses:   Select: reaches into his shirt and says, "Sate, sate." (Let's see...)   Start: walks forward into position and says, "Sate, sate." (Let's see...)   Start: hops off his basket and straps it onto his shoulder.   Taunt: sneezes, rubs his nose and says, "Chotte matta!" (Wait a sec!)   1st win: hops onto his basket and sits, saying, "Mada mada mijuku na     you ja no." (You're still too inexperienced.)   2nd win: pulls out two balls of rice (?) and fishes one into his mouth.  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Turtle Thrust (Ki Paku)                                  | |  \   -O  + A/B/C               | Okina holds out his basket and a turtle O   O                            | pops out.  Using A, a small turtle moves                                  | fairly quickly across the screen.  With                                  | B, a large Galapagos Tortoise comes out,                                  | which will knock down the opponent.                                  | With C, a shoftshell turtle comes out                                  | and crawls back to Okina.  If Okina                                  | touches this, he is healed a little bit.                                  | If the C turtle touches the opponent, it                                  | is knocked away and the OPPONENT is                                  | healed instead of Okina.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Turtle Tremor (Kame Mai Chi)                                  | -O  \   |   /  O-  + A/B         | Okina spins himself around, whacking his      O  O  O                     | opponent's legs repeatedly.  If the last                                  | hit connects, the opponent falls forward [SUPER CANCEL]                   | and gives time for his DM to be done.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Tortoise Tromp (Kame Mai Ten)                                  | -O  \   |   /  O-  + C           | Okina jumps forward, tumbling through      O  O  O                     | the air.  Works as reasonably decent air                                  | defense.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Fisherman's Feint (Chouka Tairyou)                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B/C               | Okina tosses out a turtle attached to     O   O                        | a fishing line.  If it connects, it                                  | knocks the opponent off his/her feet.                                  | The button used determines the distance                                  | of the throw.  The move is unblockable,                                  | but has significant lag if whiffed.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Pacifist Pounce (Muku Yu)                                  | |  |  + C                        | Okina vanishes, reappearing at the top O  O                             | of the screen to drop on the opponent's                                  | head for damage.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Genbu Blast (Genbu no Hoko) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | -O  O-   /  |  \   -O  + AB      | Okina spins about with his basket again,         O   O   O                | this time summoning up a small tornado                                  | which carries the opponent high up the                                  | screen.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Rage of Genbu (Genbu no Ikari) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | -O  O-   /  |  \   -O  + B       | Okina holds out his basket, and a HUGE         O   O   O                | turtle (Dragon Turtle, actually) flies                                  | out and lands on the opponent, trampling [POWER mode only]                | for big damage.  The landing tracks the                                  | opponent, so the move cannot be dodged,                                  | only blocked.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY GENBU NO OKINA: - You have a grandiose fetish for shelled reptiles. - You really, really, REALLY hate to shave. - What's wrong with being obscenely dizzy *whirwhirwhirthump* anyhow?   ------------------ 2.4 - Ichijo Akari ------------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Speed.  Her Super Cancel is virtually worthless, as the   execution window for it is WAY too small, only occasionally allowing it   to connect with the opponent.  Her chains, while not incredibly powerful,   are useful enough to help her keep the opponent on his/her toes.  With   some practice, Speed mode Akari can be a very vicious opponent,   particularly since few of her moves have much (if anything) in the way   of recovery lag.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - A spinning pinwheel; the front porch of a busy temple as birds     fly past and people bustle on the street below; a view of a loving     couple walking past a busy sidestall as birds fly overhead; all     overlaid by the quiet bustle of a crowded masketplace.   Stage - the stage is a marketplace square, the ground hard packed and     dusty. In the background different stalls line the streets, and people     crowd them, vying for trinkets and the stallkeepers' attentions.  One     stall sells nothing but colourful pinwheels; another, scary masks.     White Chinese lanterns hang here and there from rooves and stalls, and     a huge cat statue stands to one side.  In the middle, just out of     fighting range stands three young, happy looking young girls, and     behind them, Juzoh. The whole scene is underlaid by a quiet, constant     bustle of people coming and going. If Akari is playing, the three girls     can be heard cheering her on now and again: "Akari! Akari! Ganbare,     Akari!"  Poses:   Select - gives the player a big thumbs up and says "Yossha!"   Start - Leans on her staff, asleep with pink goo coming out her nose.     She awakens, turns and sees the opponent and looks surprised.   Start - Watches one of her demons dance for a moment, humming a tune,     then it vanishes and she says, "Nigete motto hayan ka..." (Aw, he ran     away.)   Start (vs. Juzoh) - stands with her fist on her hip and says, "Naite mo     yurusahen de..." (It doesn't matter if you cry...) then points her     staff at Juzoh and says, "Kakugo shiya!" (Prepare yourself!)   Taunt - tosses gum/candy in mouth, says "Honma ittoroi na (?)," and     chews while smirking at the opponent.    1st win - Stares at opponent in shock and says, "Kekko owari kai na?     Yowaaaa...." (You mean it's over?  How weak...)   2nd win - Akari and two copies of her put their hands on their hips,     laugh, and consecutively give victory signs to the player.   2nd win - makes a copy of herself, the copy smacks the original, which     vanishes, leaving a very shocked copy behind.  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+    back + B: interruptible  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Messianic Blast (ShikiGami Tenku)                                  | |  \   -O  + A/B                 | Akari summons a blue energy creature to O   O                            | fly at the enemy.  Standard fireball.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Astro-Revolve (Tenmon Hoshi no Meguri)                                  | |  O  + C                        | Akari hops into the air, blue energy O  |                             | swirling around her.  When she lands,                                  | she holds her hand out, sparks flying [SUPER CANCEL]                   | from it.  This last will juggle from the                                  | earlier hits in most instances.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Rice Patty Demon Dicer (Gaiki DorotaBou)                                  | -O  |  \   + A (in front)        | Akari vanishes into the ground, and     O   O    B (behind)          | a giant head appears, spewing her at the              C (above)           | opponent for damage.  The button used                                  | determines where she will appear.                                  | (followed by)                    | (MeiRyu Otoshi)                                  |   / or | or \  + C                | Akari rolls into the opponent, hitting O     O     O                    | several times for damage.                                  |  (or)                             | (MeiRyu MariHouri)                                  | O  or O or  O + C                | Akari bounces away in midair, hopefully  \    |    /                     | to safety.  No damage.                                  | (or)                             | (MeiRyu MariKoroge)                                  | hold A/B                         | Akari rolls away from (A) or toward (B)                                  | the opponent after landing.  Can not be                                  | done with C version.                                  |  ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Pure Princess Parry (Gaiki KiyoHime)                                  | -O  \   |   /  O-  + A           | Akari stabs her staff into the ground,      O  O  O                     | and if the opponent is close enough, a                                  | huge bell drops onto him/her and is                                  | crushed, doing fire damage.  The move is                                  | unblockable, and is MUCH slower in Power                                  | Mode than in Speed.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Protecting Troll (Mamori HitoGata)                                  | -O  \   |   /  O-  + B           | Akari waves a hand and a talisman begins      O  O  O                     | to revolve around her for a few seconds.                                  | No other noticeable effect.  Anyone know                                  | what it's FOR?  By the name, it protects                                  | from SOMETHING.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Transforming Troll (Henge HitoGata)                                  | -O  \   |   /  O-  + C           | Akari tosses out a paper talisman, and      O  O  O                     | appears as a mirror image of her                                  | opponent!  With a few exceptions, she                                  | has no access to any special moves in                                  | this form.  If she is hit, she will                                  | instantly change back.  Otherwise, it                                  | lasts around ten seconds.  The moves                                  | that CAN be done in this mode are as                                  | follows:                                  |                                  | Amano:    A repeatedly                                  | Juzoh:    hold A/B/C, release                                  | Lee:      AB (dodge), then A/B/C                                  |           (in air) down + C                                  | Zantetsu: in air, dn + C                                   | Musashi:  hold A button                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Sextet Synthesis (ShikiGami Rikugou) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | |   /  O-   /  -O  + AB          | Akari places a talisman in front of her O  O       O                     | opponent's legs.  This move must be                                  | blocked LOW.  If it connects, a giant                                  | centipede is summoned and hits the                                  | opponent multiple times, then she hops                                  | off and a large column of energy strikes                                  | the opponent.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | 100 Demon Sabbath (ShikiGami HyakkiYakou) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | -O  \   |   /  O-  -O  + B       | Akari spins her staff upwards.  If this      O  O  O                     | connects, the screen goes dark and a                                  | HUGE parade of Japanese spirits roar by, [POWER mode only]                | trampling the opponent.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY ICHIJO AKARI: - Spiritual helpers make sure you only go to bed when you want to. - You want to be the ultimate social chameleon. - There's nothing like having an entourage.   ----------- 2.5 - Kaede -----------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power.  Kaede is not an incredibly fast character, but his   lack of overwhelming speed should not be mistaken for weakness.  Even in   his normal form, he is capable of some truly devastating combinations,   and his Awakening only improves his odds.  His Super Cancel is tricky to   master, but can cause INCREDIBLE damage.  His special grab is extremely   useful, as several moves (and DMs) can be comboed out of it.  Without the   extreme strength found in Power, and the lack of the Super Cancel, he can   still be effective, but Power serves him far better, since he is one of   the VERY few characters in the game with an interruptible low-hitting   attack in this mode.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - We start with a scene of a roof, which slowly blurs and fades     downwards out of sight as a tree branch comes into view above.  The     sound of gentle wind for a moment, and then first one leaf and then     another fall from the tree, bright red with the promise of autumn,     dropping with gentle twanging noises.   Stage - The stage itself is a large yard, surrounded by high stone walls.     A large tree stands at each end, both with branches heavy with golden     red autumn leaves.  Beneath one tree sits a small stone shrine.  In the     middle of the stone wall is a large doorway, through which can be seen     a bay, with a galleon floating gently.  Rolling hills reach further     into the distance to both sides of the bay.  Leaves fall occasionally     from the trees, and as the players fight, leaves are kicked up     underfoot and crunch underneath falling bodies and heavy feet.  Poses:   Select - wipes brow and sighs.   Start - Draws his sword and says, "Yaru shika nai no ka?" (Is there no     other way?)   Taunt - same as select.   1st win - same as select.   2nd win - slumps shoulders, says "Kore de yokatta no ka?" (Now, is this     okay?)  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Single Slash Squall (Ittou Hayate)                                  |  |  \   -O  + A/B                 | Kaede swings his sword along the ground, O   O                            | resulting in a wave of energy which                                  | travels along the ground.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Single Slash Wind Fang (Ittou Kuga)                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B                 | Kaede leaps into the air, slashing     O   O                        | upwards as he goes.  Suitable for air                                  | defense and combos.  The motion can be                                  | done a second time for a downward slash                                  | in EITHER mode for the A version, but                                  | only Power Mode for the B version.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Single Slash Fillet Flash                                  |   (Ittou RenjinZan)                                  | |   /  O-  + A/B (x3)            | Kaede slides forward, slashing as he O  O                             | goes.  This move can be repeated three                                  | times in succession for a combo. [SUPER CANCEL]                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | East Wind Wallop (Ittou TabaKaze)                                  | |   /  O-  + C                   | Kaede rolls forward.  This can bring O  O                             | him to the rear of the opponent, but it                                  | grants no invincibility and is rather                                  | slow as well.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Single Slash Storm Blast                                  |   (Ittou ArashiUchi)                                  | (close) O-   /  |  \   -O  +  C  | Kaede does a series of slashes, the last             O   O   O            | of which knocks the opponent into the                                  | air for a juggling combo opportunity.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Awakening (Kakusei) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | press B, C and D together        | A bolt of lightning fires through Kaede,                                  | and he transforms into Awakened Kaede,                                  | with all the benefits and hindrances                                  | thereof.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively Dragon Pounce (Kasshin FukuRyu) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | |   /  O-   /  -O  + AB          | Kaede strikes the ground in front of him O  O       O                     | with the tip of his sword, summoning a                                  | lightning bolt for big damage if it    (can be held)                 | hits the opponent.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively "Bad Dragon Rising"                                   |   (Kasshin KouRyu) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | |   /  O-   /  -O  + B           | Kaede strikes the ground in front of him O  O       O                     | with the tip of his sword, and three                                  | bolts of lightning strike (looking much [POWER Mode only]                | like dragons), juggling the opponent                                  | into each other as they hit.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY KAEDE: - You relish the idea of trying to convince people that thing on your back   is NOT a marijuana leaf. - Your true hair color will be an eternal mystery. - Turning into a Super Saiyajin quasi-medieval Luke Skywalker can be fun!   ----------------------- 2.5.1  Kaede (Awakened) -----------------------  Awakened Kaede looks substantially different from his normal form.  His hair is blonde rather than black, and Kaede's normal uncertainty gives way to a certain arrogance.  His voice grows deeper, and most of his moves are somehow linked to electricity.  All special moves are the same, except for a different appearance, greater damage and higher speed.  He gains a new DM and SDM, on the other hand, which are completely different from the ones before, but he can still use the supers from his normal form.  All this power comes with a price, though.  When in Awakened form, Kaede gradually loses life.  It slowly ticks away on its own until there is only one tick of life left... so be careful when and why you summon this form.  Poses:   Taunt - Holds out his hand, tapping his sword on his shoulder while     saying "Zamaa ne na." (Too bad for you.)   1st win - Taps sword on hand then rests it on shoulder; smirks and says     "Mou owari kai?" (Over so soon?)   2nd win - Spins sword above head, then lowers it to his side while     smirking and saying "Ore o okoshita, temei o noroi na." (When I'm     angered, you are cursed.)  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | no  | yes | no  | yes | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | yes | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively Dragon Squall (Shinmei Hayate)                                  |  |  \   -O  + A/B                 | Kaede swings his sword along the ground, O   O                            | resulting in a bolt of electricity which                                  | travels along the ground.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively Dragon Wind Fang (Shinmei Kuga)                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B                 | Kaede leaps into the air, slashing     O   O                        | upwards as he goes, followed by a bolt                                  | of lightning.  Suitable for air defense                                  | and combos.  B version may be repeated                                  | for a higher leap and more hits.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively Dragon Fillet Flash                                  |   (Shinmei RenjinZan)                                  | |   /  O-  + A/B (x3)            | Kaede slides forward, slashing as he O  O                             | goes.  This move can be repeated three                                  | times in succession for a combo. [SUPER CANCEL]                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | East Wind Wallop (Shinmei TabaKaze)                                  | |   /  O-  + C                   | Kaede rolls forward.  This can bring O  O                             | him to the rear of the opponent, but it                                  | grants no invincibility and is rather                                  | slow as well.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Ittou RaiTei  (in air)                         |  O  + B                          | Kaede snatches the opponent from midair,  |                               | and slams him/her to the ground.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively Dragon Storm Blast                                  |   (Shinmei ArashiUchi)                                  | (close) O-   /  |  \   -O  +  C  | Kaede does a series of slashes, the last             O   O   O            | of which knocks the opponent into the                                  | air for a juggling combo opportunity.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively Dragon Pounce (Kasshin FukuRyu) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | |   /  O-   /  -O  + AB          | Kaede strikes the ground in front of him O  O       O                     | with the tip of his sword, summoning a                                  | lightning bolt for big damage if it    (can be held)                 | hits the opponent.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively "Bad Dragon Rising"                                  |   (Kasshin KouRyu) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | |   /  O-   /  -O  + B           | Kaede strikes the ground in front of him O  O       O                     | with the tip of his sword, and FIVE                                  | bolts of lightning strike, juggling the [POWER Mode only]                | opponent into each other as they hit.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively Dragon Revival (Kasshin SeiRyu) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | |  \   -O  |  \   -O  + AB       | Kaede's sword extends and glows with O   O      O   O                 | energy, and he holds it above his head    (can be held)                 | until the AB button is released, and he                                  | brings it down with a huge crash.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lively Dragon Lance (Kasshin SouRyu) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | |  \   -O  |  \   -O  + B        | Similar to the normal DM, but this one O   O      O   O                 | begins as a very short body charge.  If                                  | it hits, he begins a small automatic [POWER Mode only]                | combo, finally ending with a huge swipe                                  | of his energy-enhanced sword.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------   ------------------ 2.6 - Kanzaki Juzo ------------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power.  As is typical of the bigger characters, Juzoh is   more of a brawler.  His club gives him good range and his chain combos   are not very useful.  His SDM is extremely powerful, and his Super Cancel   is also useful in the right conditions.  Make use of his strength, as his   speed is nothing to write home about.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - A shot of a clear blue sky pans down past spring green trees and     birds flying past to stop on a busy street.  People stand about,     chatting to each other, and a cab drawn by a young man hurries by,     carrying a distinguished looking gentleman.   Stage - The stage is a street corner on a bright clear day.  A large     building is in the background, and further back still, a large wall and     a gate leading... outside?  To one end, a low house bearing a single     Chinese lantern blocks the way; to the other end, a pile of sandbags     against which is propped several timber slats (which can be knocked     down).  All along the street, people are gathered -- men, women,     children -- all watching the fight and cheering the players on... even     the distinguished gentleman, still in his cab, and his cabbie.  Akari     stands to one side as well, jumping up and down excitedly.  Only one     man does not watch; he is too busy mourning his overturned boxes of     pork rolls.  Poses:   Select - leans club across shoulders and grins, teeth gleaming.   Start - tosses a plateful of porkrolls into his mouth and chomps on     them.  His eyes bug out suddenly, then he tosses the plate aside and     says, "Yossha yaru na." (Let's do it!)   Start (vs. Akari) - Scratches the back of his neck, then picks up his     club, saying, "Yare yare... honma ni yan no ka?" (Oh man... you     really wanna fight?)   Taunt - lowers club, pats belly, yawns, saays "Uchaccha to kakatte     kongai?" (Are you going to attack?)   1st win - leans club on shoulders, laughs heartily, saays "booya!" (no     meaning) as he grins and his teeth gleam.   2nd win - swings his club around and plants it into the ground, saying,     "Ja, kore gurai ni hitoitaru wa!" (I'll take it easy on you this time!)  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | no  | no  | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | no  | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Violent Quake (Geki Shin)                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B                 | Juzoh hops and strikes the ground with     O   O                        | his club.  If the opponent is too close                                  | and not blocking low, it will knock him/                                  | her to the ground for damage.  Can also                                  | be used as a pounce attack.  The B                                  | version has about a half-screen range.                                  |  ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Thundering Shock (GouDanShou)                                  | Hold A/B/C, release after        | Juzoh drives his club to the ground in 1-3 seconds                      | front of him, resulting in a small                                  | explosion.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Hades Hollows (Fugaku)                                  | (close) -O  \   |   /  O-  + B   | Juzoh picks up the opponent and tosses              O  O  O             | him/her off the top of the screen...                                  | (followed by)                    | |  \   -O  + B                   | then swings the club like a bat, hitting O   O                            | the opponent back into the air.                                  | (followed by)                    | |  \   -O  + B                   | Finally, another swing sends out a large O   O                            | blast of energy to hit the opponent                                  | before landing.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Diamond Drop (Kongou JuTsui)                                  | |  \   -O  + A/B                 | Juzoh slides forward a short distance, O   O                            | hitting the opponent with a kick and a                                  | big swing of his club, with an extra hit [SUPER CANCEL]                   | for the B version.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Behemoth Blast (KatsuMoku DaiGekidou) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | |   /  O-   /  -O  + AB          | Juzoh charges forward, pushing the O  O       O                     | opponent into the corner.  Very useless                                  | if opponent is already in the corner. (followed by)                    |                                  | |  \   -O  + B                   | Juzoh begins a series of swipes with O   O                            | his club, finishing with an explosive                                  | strike into the ground.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Devastation Cremation                                  |   (KatsuMoku ChoGekidou) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | (close)                          | -O  \   |   /  O- (x2) + B       | Juzoh grabs the opponent, lays him/her      O  O  O                     | flat on the ground, and begins beating                                  | on his/her back, ending with some really [POWER Mode only]                | big club smashes.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY KANZAKI JUZOH: - You want to brush up on your batting techniques. - You can eat half your weight in meatbuns and still battle with the best   of them all. - You enjoy using a big club as a meat tenderizer (on the opposition).   --------------- 2.7 - Lee Rekka ---------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Speed.  Lee's chain combos are arguably the best in the   game, allowing him great flexibility in the high/low game.  His Super   Cancel is unreliable at best, and while his SDM is a good move, it and   the strengh boost afforded him by Power mode do not measure up to the   usefulness of his chains.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - A sky and sea turned golden with the light of the setting sun.  A     single seagull, calling softly, floats by, leading us to the tall masts     of a regal sailing ship.   Stage - Late afternoon; the sun, a huge glowing furnace dominating the     sky, lends a golden tone to everything.  In the foreground is a pier,     players dueling over rough stone and coiled rope.  To one end is a     small dockhouse, outside of which lies a half packed cart and a     smoldering campfire.  The docks stretch back and to the other end of     the stage.  Small rowboats bob just off the pier, and a large ship     looms at the first dock, tall and majestic, chains leading down to her     anchors far below.  Behind the dockhouse, mountains mark the coastline,     another boat hovering nearby, and seagulls wheel endless circles.     Mountains curve the other end, too, a ship hovering near them, and     another distant ship is but a dark shadow in the dimming light.     Seagulls land to watch now and again, before moving on.  Poses:   Select - Gets into iron horse stance.   Start - clasps hands, says "Zenryoku de ikimasu!" (I'll attack with all     my strength!)   Taunt - same as select.   1st win - tosses braid over shoulder in a loop, then assumes a     fighting stance as a Chinese gong sounds.   2nd win - pulls out fan, flips it open and holds it against himself,     saying, "Kore ga seigi no chikara desu." (This is the power of     justice.)   2nd win - same as above, but says, "Anata ni wa... mienai." (To you...     it is/I am invisible.)  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Dragon Hammer (Ryu Tsui Sen)                                  | |   /  O-  + C (x3)              | Lee hops forward, his legs aflame.  If O  O                             | the first motion connects, it may be                                  | repeated twice more for extra damage,                                  | gradually taking the opponent into the                                  | air and slamming him/her back to the                                  | ground with the final hit.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Fan of Flames (En Sen Shou)                                  | -O  |  \   + B                   | Lee leaps into the air, swinging his fan     O   O                        | upwards and trailing fire.  Good for                                  | both air defense and combos. (followed by)                    |                                  | |  + B                           | Lee kicks downward from the air, sending O                                | the opponent slamming into the ground.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Mist Mauler (Kasumi)                                  | A + B                            | Lee dodges into the background.  This                                  | may be followed up with A, B or a low                                  | C attack.                                  | (followed by)                    | (Hokage)                                  |  A/B/C                            | Lee spins around, whacking the opponent                                  | with his closed fan.                                  |  (or)                            | (Homura)                                  | |   /  O- + B                    | Lee does an overhead flaming flip kick. O  O                             | Cannot be interrupted, does not knock                                  | down.                                  |  (or)                            | (Senpuu)                                  |  /  or  |  or  \   + C           | Lee does a low kick.  Can be followed O       O       O                | up with a second C kick, and can be                                  | interrupted into another special move.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Serpent Rush (Enryu Haibi)                                  | -O  \   |   /  O-  + A/B         | Lee slides forward and swings with his      O  O  O                     | burning fan.  Not too terribly useful,                                  | as it allows too much time for the [SUPER CANCEL]                   | opponent to recover even if it hits.                                  | (B version followed by)          | O-   /  |  \   -O  + B           | Lee slides forward again, this time     O   O   O                    | projecting a blast of energy from his                                  | hands.  This will not combo from the                                  | first motion, except as a juggle.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Invisible Kick (Muei Kyaku)                                  | (in air) |  + C                  | Lee does a diving kick, and if he hits,          O                       | follows up with a series of quick kicks                                  | to the opponent's face and body.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | (Ibuki)                                  | hold START button                | Rather than a typical taunt, Lee will                                  | get into the Iron Horse stance and focus                                  | as long as the button is held, and                                  | slowly build up life.  There is a LOT of                                  | lag coming out of this, so it's not as                                  | useful as it sounds.  Best used if an                                  | opponent is dizzy.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Hidden Serpent Slam (Ougi Enryu Tenshin) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | |   /  O-   /  -O  + AB          | Lee tosses his fan into the air and O  O       O                     | slides forward, bursts of fire erupting                                  | from the ground behind him.  If he does                                  | not hit with the slide, the flames will                                  | not connect.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Concealed Javelin of Judgement                                  |   (Hiougi Soten Muei Kyaku) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | |   /  O-   /  -O  + B           | Lee dashes forward into the opponent. O  O       O                     | If he connects, he begins a long auto-                                  | combo move (similar in style to the [POWER Mode only]                | Ryuuko Ranbu in AOF/KOF).                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY LEE REKKA: - You don't mind being called "Cueball" or "Chromedome." - You DO mind being called "Cueball" or "Chromedome," and enjoy the idea   of roasting people who call you that to a crisp. - Blades... are for amateurs.   --------------------- 2.8 - Minakata Moriya ---------------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power or Speed.  Moriya is a flexible enough character for   either mode to be equally effective.  In Power mode, his Super Cancel is   comboable, which can make for big damage if the timing is right.  In   Speed, his uppercut move can be doubled, and his chains are very useful   in general.  His teleport also keeps him from being cornered, which is   always a big plus.  He has NO interruptible low attacks in Power mode,   so he must be played more tactically, but he can be devastating either   way, with enough practice.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - A single candle flickers in front of an opaque silk screen.     Then a sudden gust of wind blows it out, letting the screen darken.     The only light now comes from the other side, a pale blue light that     prints shadows of bamboo leaves across the screen.   Stage - The stage itself is a road and a bridge leading across a river     to an old, abandoned millhouse. Tall bamboo trees crowd both edges of     the river, and the millhouse, swaying constantly in the wind.     Reaching up over the bridge, shorter trees wave their branches wildly     from below. A huge full moon hangs low and heavy in the sky, and     leaves whip past constantly.  Poses:   Select - points his sword at opponent, "Tsuki yo ni agake." (Scream     to the moon.)   Start - Draws sword, points it threatingly at opponent, then assumes     fighting stance.   Start (vs. Kaede) - Draws sword, points and says, "Dou yara shinitai     rashii na." (It seems as if you wish to die.)   Taunt - points his sword at opponent, "Utsuwa ga shireru zo." (You will     learn of my strength.)   1st win - sheathes his sword, harrumphs and then folds his arms as his     coat blows in the breeze.   2nd win - turns his back to the player, sheathing his sword, and says,     "Utsuwa ga shireta na." (You have learned of my strength.)   2nd win (vs. Kaede/Yuki/Kagami) - Points his sword at opponent and says,     "Onore utsuwa ushire." (?)  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+    EXTRA NORMALS: back + B, interruptible                  down-forward + A, non-interruptible  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Glancing Blade Haze                                  |   (Ittou Oboro "Jodan"   [A version])                                  |   (Ittou Oboro "Chuudan" [B version])                                  |   (Ittou Oboro "Gedan"   [C version])                                  | |   /  O-  + A (high slash)      | Moriya turns away, hand on the hilt of O  O         B (middle slash)    | his sword.  Depending on the button that              C (low slash)       | is used, he will strike out high, middle                                  | or low.  Can be used as a fakeout trick   (D cancels the move)           | or air defense.  If the button is kept                                  | pressed, the move is held until the                                  | button is released.  D cancels the move,                                  | but there is still slight lag.  If held                                  | long enough, the blade will slash out                                  | automatically, and will have more range.                                  | By pressing A/B/C again immediately                                  | after releasing, Moriya will prepare                                  | another slash, but there is significant                                  | lag before it can be released.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Glancing Blade New Moon                                  |   (Ittou Shingetsu     [A version])                                  |   (Ittou Shingetsu Ura [B version])                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B                 | Moriya steps forward, swinging upwards     O   O                        | with his blade, creating the image of a                                  | moon in the air.  Functions kind of like                                  | an uppercut, but its priority as air                                  | defense is fairly low.  In SPEED mode,                                  | the A version can be followed up with                                  | the B version (only if it hits).  This                                  | followup is called "Ittou Sogetsu."                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Glancing Blade Moonlight                                  |   (Ittou TsukiKage)                                  | |  \   -O  + A/B (x3)            | Moriya slides forward, slashing once, O   O                            | which can be followed up by two more                                  | applications of the motion.  Functions [SUPER CANCEL]                   | identically to that of Kaede, but has a                                  | bit more lag on the B version.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Sash Blade Moonwalk (Taitou Hogetsu)                                  | O-   /  |  + A (away from opp.)  | Moriya vanishes in a blur of motion,     O   O    B (to front of opp.)| reappearing at a point specified by the              C (behind opponent) | button used to do the move.  Good for                                  | faking out an opponent, but there is a                                  | noticeable amount of recovery lag.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Life and Death Moonlight Flash                                  |   (Kassatsu Izayoi Gekka)                                  |  [DESPERATION MOVE]               | Moriya holds his hand on the hilt of his -O  O-   /  |  \   -O  + AB      | sword, like above, but when the buttons         O   O   O                | are released, he attacks in a flurry of                                  | high, middle and low slashes.  Good in    (can be held)                 | combos, and does up to 16 hits when done                                  | close to the opponent.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Life and Death Wild Seasons                                  |   (Kassatsu MidareSetsu Gekka)                                  | [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | Moriya dashes forward, sword extended. -O  O-   /  |  \   -O  + B       | If he connects, the background goes         O   O   O                | black as he begins a long series of                                  | powerful slashes, doing severe damage to [POWER Mode only]                | the opponent.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY MINAKATA MORIYA: - Projectile-based characters are dorks anyhow, right? - Just look at that outfit!  So stylish!  Sure to be in the next GQ! - Nobody understands you, either. :)   ----------------- 2.9 - Naoe Shigen -----------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power.  Shigen is simply not a combo-oriented character.   He's most effective with short, two-in-one combos.  Power enhances his   already high damage, plus his Super Cancel is a flawless combo if done   properly.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - A stone wall, two growling tigers carved into its surface,     crumbles and shatters, falling in a flash of white.  All that remains     is darkness, and a gleam of blue light which catches Shigen's arm and     glaring eyes alone.   Stage - The stage is a giant cavern, deep beneath the earth.  Candles     glow amidst huge, crumbling statues atop an altar, cracked stairs     leading to them.  More candles peek out from admist the stalactites     and stalagmites that have formed over the centuries.  Statues crowd     the back walls of the caverns as well, candles resting on their every     available surface.  Water drips constantly from above, echoing     strangely in the vast space.  A good foot of water soaks the players'     feet, splashing up around them as they fight, and reflecting the     candlelight with a strange greenish tint.  Poses:   Select - raises fist threateningly and growls.   Start - same as select.   Start - growls and says, "Soko o... doke!" (Out of my way!)   Taunt - same as select.   1st win - same as select.   2nd win - throws both arms wide, grunting victoriously, then raises     fist threateningly and roars.  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | no  | no  | no  | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | no  | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  EXTRA NORMAL: back + B, non-interruptible  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | White Tiger Talon (Byakko So)                                  | |   /  O-  + A/B                 | Shigen slashes downward with his stone O  O                             | hand, hitting twice.                                  |  [SUPER CANCEL]                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Exploding Spirit Blast                                  |   (Retsu Hoko [A version])                                  | Shout Blast                                  |   (Zetsu Hoko [B version])                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B                 | Shigen rears back, stabbing his hand     O   O                        | outward (A version) or upward (B                                  | version).                                  | (A version followed by)          |  tap A repeatedly                | Will knock down the opponent.                                  | (B version followed by)          |  tap B repeatedly                | Hits multiple times in midair, then                                  | Shigen grabs the opponent and slams him/                                  | her to the ground.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Kingfisher Crunch (Hisui Sai) (close}                          | O-   /  |  \   -O  + C           | Shigen grabs the opponent, chokes him/     O   O   O                    | her a moment, then does a two-hit slam                                  | into the ground.  In the frames before                                  | he reaches forward, it has a version of                                  | autoguard on it.  Any attacks that hit                                  | will do full damage, but will not stop                                  | the move from coming out.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Diamond Smasher (Kongo Sai) (close)                          | -O  \   |   /  O-  -O + C        | Shigen grabs the opponent as crystal      O  O  O                     | spikes emerge from the ground.  He hurls                                  | the opponent into the spikes, then slams                                  | his fists into the opponent a few times,                                  | shattering the spikes.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Destiny's Retribution (Inga Ohou) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | (close)                          | -O  \   |   /  O- (x2) + AB      | Shigen grabs the opponent, chokes for a      O  O  O                     | a moment, then jumps into the air,                                  | slamming the opponent into the spikes                                  | which form on the ground, then hitting                                  | the opponent with a two-fisted strike.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Jagged-Point Poke (Fugu Taiten) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | (close)                          | -O  \   |   /  O- (x2) + B       | Shigen dashes forward SLIGHTLY, then      O  O  O                     | does a repeat of his normal DM, this                                  | time following up with bursts of energy [POWER Mode only]                | slashes coming from his stone hand.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY NAOE SHIGEN: - You get to beat up people who can't pronounce your family name. - The nickname "Brickchest" takes on a whole new meaning. - Grunting incoherently is ugh, oof, grrr, grunt, snort for the soul.   -------------- 2.10 - Shikyoh --------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Speed or Power.  While Shikyoh is reasonably good in Power   mode, his best damage opportunities are given through combos, the vast   majority of which can be done in either mode.  His Super Cancel is very   useful if you can lure an opponent into complacency, since it works as an   air-to-ground combo.  Both modes are worthwhile, with Power just edging   out Speed due to the sheer amount of damage that he can dish out.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - A large block of granite sits nestled in the ground, rain pouring     down upon it.  Lightning flashes, and suddenly first one and then     another drop of blood spatter onto the granite, dripping down the side     to mingle with the falling rain.   Stage - Rain falls and gathers in huge puddles on the ground that splash     beneath heavy feet; but the puddles are too red to be water alone.     Clouds loom ominous overheard, dark red in colour as well, and     lightning flashes occasionally, striking everything a vivid white.     Bare trees shiver at each end of the stage, gravestones peering out     from among them.  In the middle lies a ruined shrine, surrounded by     tumbled stone and broken wood.  To one side lies an overturned bell,     and in the distance is a gray, abandoned house.  A few vulturous birds     sit patiently atop the shrine ruins, waiting....  Poses:   Select - wipes drool from his chin and grins insanely.  He also gets     bored if it takes too long and licks his blade, giggling.   Start - licks one of his blades, giggles, then clamps the two together.   Start (vs. Washizuka) - lies on ground and stands, saying, "Mitsura da,"     (?) and then laughing maniacally.   Taunt - points at opponent and laughs hysterically.   1st win - wipes drool from his chin, begins to giggle, then points at     opponent and throws back head, laughing insanely.   2nd win - faces forward, holding blades in front of face, and drops to     his knees, and says something unintelligible (any ideas?), with a blade     held to each side of him, staring at the sky and drooling.  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | no  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | no  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Bald Eagle Swoop (Hage Washi)                                  | |   /  O-  + A/B                 | Shikyoh hurls his blade upwards at an O  O                             | angle, then it comes back along the                                  | ground.  B version travels further and                                  | faster than A version.  If he is hit                                  | while the blade is out, the blade will                                  | fall to the ground and must be manually                                  | retrieved.                                  | (followed by)                    | (Tsuibami)                                  |  O + B                           | In midflight, the blade will spin up  |                               | into the air, and fall to the ground.                                  | It does hit during this time, and will                                  | hit a downed opponent.  GREAT way to                                  | finish a round. :)                                  |  ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Rotation Evisceration (Kaiten Kimo Eguri)                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B                 | Shikyoh sticks his blade straight out (A     O   O                        | version) or upward at an angle (B                                  | version) and spins it rapidly for many                                  | hits. (followed by)                    | press A/B repeatedly             | Repeatedly pressing the same button you                                  | used to start the move will cause the                                  | blade to fly away from Shikyoh's hand                                  | a moment, for more range but fewer hits.                                  |  ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Weasel's Slash (ZanNiku Kamaitachi)                                  | O-   /  |  \   -O  + A/B         | Shikyoh crawls quickly along the ground.     O   O   O                    | If unblocked, he will climb onto the                                  | opponent's chest, stab and flip off.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | (Ji Name Suberi)                                  | -O  O-  -O  + C                  | Shikyoh crawls quickly along the ground,                                  | and will continue to do so until the                                  | joystick is released.  Looks identical                                  | to the Weasel's Slash, but can crawl                                  | through the opponent.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Scissor Slice (ZanNiku Obasami)                                  | (jump)  |   /  O-  + B           | Shikyoh pauses in the air, then dives         O  O                     | to the ground at a 45-degree angle,                                  | blades first. [SUPER CANCEL]                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Merciless Mash (Mujihi Sashi)                                  | (close) -O  \   |   /  O-  + C   | Shikyoh lays the opponent on the ground              O  O  O             | and stabs him/her in the stomach, then                                  | grinds his blade around several times.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Delirium Drubber (MeiKyoShisui Kyoki) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | |  \   -O  |  \   -O  + AB       | Shikyoh hurls his blade, spinning, into O   O      O   O                 | the air.  This does MANY hits, and will                                  | juggle the opponent.  When this move is                                  | done, the blade MUST be manually                                  | retrieved.                                  | (followed by)                    | (Kosho)                                  | press START                      | Shikyoh points a finger and laughs.                                  | (followed by)                    | (MeiKyoShisui Kyoki [different Kanji])                                  | -O  \   |   /  O-  + AB          | Shikyoh lifts his arms, and the spinning      O  O  O                     | blade rises into the air again.  If                                  | timed properly, the move will do quite a                                  | few more hits/damage.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Wild Hunger Wallop                                  |   (MeiKyoShisui Kyoki [different Kanji]) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | |  \   -O  |  \   -O  + B        | Shikyoh dashes forward, slashing several O   O      O   O                 | times if he hits as he dashes about the                                  | screen, creating the pattern of a large [POWER Mode only]                | Kanji character.                                  |                                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY SHIKYOH: - You got rejected as a guest on "Ricki Lake" because you didn't slobber   quite enough. - Check out that "windblown" hair. - Opponent Tartare.  YUM!   -------------------------- 2.11 - Washizuka Keiichiro --------------------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power.  Washizuka has some truly dangerous (albeit small)   combos at his disposal in Power Mode.  His Super Cancel is remarkably   stylish when executed properly.  His SDM is pretty worthless in general,   and will not combo out of anything.  However, if an opponent is doing   nothing but turtling, it can be used as an unblockable.  Since his whole   fighting style is based primarily on technical hits, he is generally   best in Power.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - Mist conceals, then separates, revealing a distant full moon over     several dark, quiet rooftops.  Somewhere in the distance, a lone dog     howls.  Water drips from the closest rooftop, falling to the wet     pavement below... drip... drip... drip....   Stage - The stage is a dark street corner between several shuttered     buildings.  Recent rain shimmers on the street, reflecting buildings     and the gray sky above.  An abandoned cart lies nearby.  On the closest     building, rain water drips down from above, and trickles down the     drainpipe to fall in slow, laborious drops to the street below.  The     sky is gray and hazy, masking the rest of the city from view, yet a     distant full moon peeks through.  Poses:   Select - points sword at ground, says "Hashizu." (?)   Start - Faces away from the opponent, then draws his sword, saying,     "Waga yukite o habamu mono wa, yousha senu!" (I'll show no mercy to     those who would thwart my mission!)   Start (vs. Shikyoh) - Holds his sword and glares at Shikyoh, saying,     "Ki... kisamaaaa!" (You... bastard!)   Taunt - swipes air with sword, harrumphs, then wipes sword clean with     a cloth.   1st win - points sword at fallen opponent and says "Mada owatte wa oranu     zo!" (It's not over yet!)   2nd win - points sword at fallen opponent then sheathes it, saying "Waga     kokoro zashi zurankou made." (?)   2nd win - wipes his sword off and sheathes it, saying, "Subete wa chuugi     no tame, kikitsumu nomi." (This is all for the sake of loyalty, ?)  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Fatal Flurry (Shikku Satsu)                                  | Charge  O-  then  -O  + A/B      | Washizuka slashes once (A) or twice (B)                                  | at the air, sending flashes of energy                                  | flying across the screen.  The A version                                  | is quicker, but doesn't go as far.  The                                  | B version has a LOT of recovery lag, so                                  | it is best used only in combos.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Foolish Flurry (Koku Satsu)                                  | Charge  |  then  O  + A/B        | Washizuka stabs upward at a 45-degree         O        |               | angle, taking out airborne opponents.                                  | B version has a needlelike energy blast                                  | which accompanies it.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Wolf Fang (RouGa)                                  | Charge  O-  then  -O  + C        | Washizuka charges forward, ramming into                                  | the opponent, then... [SUPER CANCEL]                   |                                  | (followed by)                    |  |   /  O-  + C                   | jumps and stabs.  This hit is an O  O                             | overhead.                                  |  (or)                             |                                   |  |  \   -O  + C                   | stabs forward, knocking the opponent to O   O                            | the ground.  In Power Mode, use the DM                                  | at this point to juggle.                                  |  ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | A Glorious Death (Shun Satsu)                                  | |   /  O-  + A/B                 | Washizuka stabs quickly with his sword, O  O                             | which, if connected, is then followed                                  | by... (followed by)                    |                                  | Press A/B repeatedly             | a flurry of stabs at varying heights.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | True Fang of the Wolf (Shin RouGa) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | |   /  O-   /  -O  + AB          | Washizuka charges forward.  If he hits O  O       O                     | the opponent, he pushes him/her into the                                  | far wall, strikes several times, then                                  | finishes with a large vertical blast of                                  | energy.  VERY similar to Rugal's super                                  | in KOF95.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Final Wolf Fang (Saishu RouGa) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | |   /  O-   /  -O  + B           | Washizuka dashes forward a high speed. O  O       O                     | If he connects, a HUGE Kanji symbol is                                  | drawn onscreen (meaning "Loyalty"), [POWER Mode only]                | and the opponent slowly falls forward.                                  | Not too terribly impressive, but it's (can be held)                    | unblockable if held long enough.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY WASHIZUKA KEIICHIRO: - The stern, Clint Eastwood types appeal to you. - You enjoy writing REALLY BIG. - A little impalement never hurt anyone... for long.   ----------- 2.12 - Yuki -----------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power.  Boy, further testing with this char has revealed a   mess of truly nasty options at her disposal.  Against the big characters   (Shigen, Juzoh and Musashi), she can do tons of damage just be getting in   close, and there's nothing that can be done to stop it (ie. blocking does   not help).  She also has some remarkably damaging combos with her Super   Cancel.  Speed works well too, but can't compare to the degree of damage   she can dish out in Power Mode.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - We start with the view from a porch, out over a snow covered     yard.  The view pans around, showing us snow covered trees and another     building, all almost concealed in the gentle white blanket of snow.   Stage - A snow covered yard behind a house, the roof also coated white.     Huge trees reach bare, snowy branches to the darkened sky above.  A     river flows behind, the water slow and murky, crossed in the distance     by a red bridge lined sparsely with lit lamps.  The snow crumbles     underfoot, and when players fall or step too heavily, snow slides,     shaken, off neary branches or the door of the house behind.  A gentle     snow drifts in lazy spirals down from above, but as each round     progresses, the snow falls heavier and faster, obscuring the     landscape around.  The players' breath fogs in the cold.  Poses:   Select - stands straight, says "Kakatte kinasai." (Come and attack.)   Start - spins her halberd above her head, holds it at the ready, and     says "Saisho kara, zenryoku de kuru koto ne." (From the beginning,     attack with all your strength.)   Start (vs. Moriya) - Appears dressed in a kimono with umbrella, says,     "Matteita wa," (I've been waiting) throws away the extra clothing to     appear in her normal outfit, and says, "Mitodokesasete, anata no     honki."  (Now, show me your true strength.)   Taunt - flicks hair, says "Kakatte kinasai." (Come and attack.)   1st win - slashes the air with her hand, says "Sore de watashi ni     katsu tsumori?" (You intended to defeat me?)   2nd win - slashes the air with her weapon, says "Makeru mon desu ka."     (I'll never lose.)  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Ice Blade (HyouJin)                                  | |  \   -O  + A/B                 | Yuki swings her spear upwards, creating O   O                            | a large shard of ice, which flies off at                                  | the opponent.  A version stuns for a                                  | moment after connecting, so it can be                                  | followed with a quick attack if used up                                  | close.  B version knocks down.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Frosty Flasher (SouKa)                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B                 | Yuki swings her spear upwards, causing     O   O                        | a column of ice to emerge from the                                  | ground and impale the opponent.                                  |  ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Blizzard Blast (ShunSetsuZan)                                  | |   /  O-  + A/B                 | Yuki dashes forward, slashing downward O  O                             | with her spear when she reaches the                                  | opponent. [SUPER CANCEL]                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Ice Reflector (HyouKyou)                                  | O-   /  |  \   -O  + C           | With a quick spin of her spear, Yuki     O   O   O                    | creates a large disc of ice in front of                                  | her, which can cause damage or reflect                                  | projectiles.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Split-in-Two Swing                                  | (close) -O  \   |   /  O-  + C   | Yuki begins a four-hit combo, knocking              O  O  O             | the opponent into the air with the last                                  | hit, which sets up a juggle opportunity.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Frozen Whirlwind (YukishiMaki)                                  | [DESPERATION MOVE]               | Yuki begins a four-hit autocombo.  If |   /  O-   /  -O  + AB          | no controller motion is done, she ends O  O       O                     | with a simple spear-thrust.                                    | (followed by)                    | |  \   -O  + B                   | Yuki leaps into the air and brings the O   O                            | opponent down with a powerful slash of                                  | freezing wind. (or)                             | |  \   -O  + C                   | Yuki leaps into the air, slashing upward O   O                            | as she goes.                                  |                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | True Frozen Whirlwind (Shin YukishiMaki)                                  | [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | Yuki spins her spear above her head, |   /  O-   /  -O  + B           | creating a whirlwind of snow.  This will O  O       O                     | pull the opponent forward.  If the                                  | opponent gets too close, he/she will be [POWER Mode only]                | lifted off of the screen, and Yuki leaps                                  | up after, coming down on the opponent                                  | with many huge shards of ice.  This move                                  | is unblockable.                                  |  ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY YUKI: - After all, blondes have more fun. - Unrequited love builds character. - You're never at a loss for a cold drink.   --------------- 2.13 - Zantetsu ---------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Speed or Power.  Zantetsu is a pretty powerful character,   but not so much so as Power Yuki or Speed Akari.  The most potentially   abusive thing about him is how easily his jumping B can cross over.   Also, his "invisibility" lasts a fixed amount of time, regardless of   whether or not he gets hit.  Speed's combos serve him well, opening up   plenty of damage opportunities.  Still, Power's strength does him a world   of good, and his Super Cancel is quite useful, albeit harder to pull off   effectively than some other characters.  If he gets close enough, his SDM   can put the opponent in a world of hurt.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:   Intro - A wooden floor and the sound of water splashing.  All is still,     shadowed.  Three sharp blades suddenly thud into the floor, one after     the other.  The view pans up a ladder into a darkened loft above.  A     shadowed figure crouches, waiting; cold metal in his hand gleams in     the moonlight.   Stage - The stage is the cargo hold of a large ship.  An open     cannonhole in the hull reveals the twilight sky and sea outside, and     the lights of a distant ship.  Stairs lead down from above, along     with lamplight, cut into small squares by the grill between it and     the cargo hold.  Boxes and barrels lie here and there in neat stacks,     some closed, some open to reveal apples, bottles of wine, and half     full sacks.  A cannon points out another open cannonhole further     inside the hold, aiming at the moon itself which casts a gentle glow     back onto it.  Loose coils of rope scatter here and there, and the     occasional rat creeps out to see the fuss.  Poses:   Select - tips his hat briefly.   Start - Drops from above the screen and says, "Waga ryuuza no nige to     narubeshi." (?)   Start - tips his hat and says, "Nushi no chikara ikahodo ka." (Just what     is the true measure of your strength?)   Taunt - same as select.   1st win - tips hat, says "Jakusha ni you wa nashi." (I have no use for     the weak.)   2nd win - tips hat, and vanishes as in his invisibility move, saying,     "Shosen... haisha yo." (In the end... you are defeated.)   2nd win - turns his back to the screen, spins one blade in his hand, and     says, "Shoushi nari," (How pathetic.) as his cape blows in the wind.  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | no  | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Flowing Shadow Fury (Ryuei Jin)                                  | |  \   -O  + A/B                 | Zantetsu swings a blade upwards, which O   O                            | creates an arc of energy.  If it hits or                                  | is blocked, the move can be done a                                  | second time for a followup.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Iron Cleaver (Hagane Tachi Kai)                                  | -O  O-   /  |  \   -O  + B       | Zantetsu swings both blades downward,         O   O   O                | creating a huge blade of energy which                                  | flies across the screen.  Powerful, but                                  | slow.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Devil Drop (Tenma Otoshi)                                  | (close) -O  \   |   /  O-  + C   | Zantetsu wraps the opponent in his cape              O  O  O             | and vanishes, reappearing at the top of                                  | screen and slamming him/her to the                                  | ground.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Temper Thrust (Kikou Hou)                                  | |   /  O- + B                    | Zantetsu thrusts his hand forward, which O  O                             | sends a small energy blast forward.  The                                  | attack is short ranged. [SUPER CANCEL]                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Underwater Undulation (Minamo Gakure)                                  | O-  |   /  + A                   | Zantetsu wraps himself in his cape,     O  O                         | turning himself semi-invisible.  His                                  | image flickers into view periodically,                                  | and it lasts around 10 seconds.  Being                                  | hit or blocking an attack does NOT                                  | dispel the effect.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | (Mukuro Nui) (in air)                         | |  \   -O  + A/B                 | Zantetsu pauses and hurls a trio of O   O                            | knives at the ground.  Opponent must be                                  | on the ground to be hit.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | (Tenma Kyaku)                                  | (in air) |  + C                  | Zantetsu comes down with a diving kick.          O                       | If he connects, he spins to the ground,                                  | repeatedly kicking the opponent. (followed by)                    |                                  |  | + C                           |  O                               |                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                   | (Oboro Giri)                                  |  -O  |  \   + C                   | Zantetsu flips forward into the air,     O   O                        | creating a crescent of energy as he                                  | kicks upward.  Decent air defense.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Praying Mantis Pounce (Toro Soujin) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | |   /  O-   /  -O  + AB          | Zantetsu begins a four-hit auto-combo. O  O       O                     | Certain motions can be done before the                                  | last hit to get a different finisher.                                  |  |  \   -O  + B                   | Finishes with his Temper Thrust. O   O                            |                                   | (or)                             |                                  | |  \   -O  + B  |  \   -O  + B   | Finishes with the two-hit "RyuuEijin" O   O           O   O            | slash, then a large downward slash.                                  | The final slash is an overhead.                                  | (or)                             |                                  | |  \   -O  + C                   | Finishes with his uppercut kick, O   O                            | gradually carrying him/her to the top                                  | of the screen, finally knocking him/her                                  | back down with an air B slash.                                  | (or)                             |                                  | |  \   -O  + C  |  \   -O  + C   | Finishes with his uppercut kick, then O   O           O   O            | appears behind the opponent in the air,                                  | knocking him/her to the ground with his                                  | diving kick.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Dark Hunter (YamiGari) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | (close)                          | -O  \   |   /  O- (x2) + B       | Zantetsu wraps the opponent up in his      O  O  O                     | cape, and three huge slashes can be                                  | seen in the darkness, blood flying in [POWER Mode only]                | all directions.  A fourth, final slash                                  | brings both fighters back into view.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY ZANTETSU: - You want to put James Earl Jones out of an acting job. - It's the hat.  Chicks dig the hat. - Hanzo may have invented the ninja piledriver, but you perfected it.   ------------------------- 2.14 - Character Rankings -------------------------  No one seems to have been able to produce the usual Gamest rankings for the various characters, so I have compiled my own rankings list, along with my reasons for placing characters where they are.  This is by NO MEANS OFFICIAL, so take it with a grain of salt.  On the whole, Last Blade is probably the best-balanced 2D fighter in existence... none of the characters (aside from the bosses) can truly dominate the game, and even ones listed on the bottom tier can pummel the ones at the top if played well.  ** GODLIKE-UNBEATABLE TIER ************************************************* Kagami Shinnosuke: KOF96 Iori never had the kind of ludicrous stuff that   Kagami has... 50% damage off of a two-in-one?  Insane... Also has the   most useful, all-purpose special move in the game (the reflector).  ** TOP TIER **************************************************************** Kaede: Even in his normal form, he can still dish out a ton of damage in a   big hurry.  He's a very combo-friendly character, and his Awakened form   has some truly painful DM/SDM combos.  Playing him like a typical Ryu/Ken   character (read: like a scrub) will result in big pain for the one using   him.  Akatsuki Musashi: Very fast for his size, tons of damage, excellent   normals, lots of multi-purpose special moves, an untelegraphed overhead,   etc.  Deceptively long-ranged, to boot.  And of course, the ability to   charge up his own super meter doesn't hurt.  Yuki: Lots of megadamage combos, the only unblockable SDM in the game, and   free damage against any of the bigger characters with a completely   unblockable tick-into-grab.  Very good air defense, good turtlebreaker.   Rather weak at long range, due to the extreme startup lag on her   projectile.  Ichijou Akari: Good in Power mode, nightmarish in Speed.  The most   effective hit-and-run game I've ever seen.  She is extremely good at   keeping an opponent at a specific range.  She also can be effective at   most ranges, and has the best projectile in the game outside of   Awakened Kaede.  Zantetsu: Fast, good damage, effective at most ranges.  Nothing truly   abusive, but his jumping B is extremely easy to cross up with, so if you   know his jumping range, it's virtually unstoppable.  ** MIDDLE TIER ************************************************************* Minakata Moriya: Very strong combos and specials, but no good low attacks.   His only low-hitting attacks are somewhat slow, and are all non-   interruptible in Power mode.  Very flexible character overall.  Lee Rekka: Extremely fast.  One of the only two in the game (along with   Akari) who excels in Speed mode.  He has the best high-low mindgame to be   found, and his dodge makes him tricky.  Good range, also has the best low   attacks in the game.  Lower damage than most chars though.  Washizuka Keiichiro: Tricky to learn, but deadly effective with some   practice.  Very high priority normals, particularly in the air.  For a   charge character, the charge time is very short, and he can do some very   damaging combos in the hands of a skilled player.  Shikyoh:  Lots of hidden stuff in his followups as well as plenty of   knockdown combos.  His DMs are useful, plus his Super Cancel allows him   one of the only two air attack-to-DM combos in the game (the other   belonging to Kagami).  His special grab has excellent range.  He's also   quite fast, and rather unpredictable.  Genbu no Okina: Tricky char to learn well... ironically enough, he is the   best turtlebreaker in the game, and with practice, can be effective at   all ranges.  Neither mode seems to grant any particular grand benefits,   though I personally think he's more effective in Power.  ** BOTTOM TIER ************************************************************* These guys are only bottom tier because their speed and relatively short ranges require that one work harder to be effective with them.  At high levels of play, they're more than a match for any other char in the game.  Naoe Shigen: Big, does hella damage.  Slow, but his moves are not very   telegraphed, so he's rather unpredictable.  Good on defense, offense   requires more work, since he cannot run, just slide.    Amano Hyo: Lots of lag, but a very good SC, and decent combos all around.   Kind of sucky in Speed mode, but his Super Cancel allows him a ton of   damage in Power.  His dash is a very good surprise attack as well, and   the presence of his counter move is a VERY big help.  Kanzaki Juzoh: Slow, only truly effective at close range.  His Super    Cancel isn't too reliable, but he's still dangerous with practice.  Quite   worthless in Speed mode, IMO.   ------------ 3.0 - Bosses ------------  The bosses are shown in a separate section, because they are in a class of their own, really.  In here, you will find the boss code, as well as movelists and backgrounds for the two bosses as well.   ------------------- 3.1 - The Boss Code -------------------  The boss code in this game is extremely simple.  At the character select screen, simply do the following:   1. Press C six times, then  2. Press B three times, then  3. Press C four times.  Do all of this within the space of 3 seconds (it's easy), and the bosses will become selectable, via means of arrows pointing left and right just above the icons for Kaede and Moriya.  NOTE: Kagami cannot be selected in the arcade.  He is ONLY selectable in       the home versions (good thing too).  The code will only unlock       Musashi in the arcade.   ---------------------- 3.2 - Akatsuki Musashi ----------------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power.  Musashi's damage potential isn't to be found in   quick chain combos.  His slower combos are interruptible enough to be   of great use, and he has a reliable Super Cancel as well.  STAGE DESCRIPTION:  A strange canyon filled with molten lava; it pours    down in thick streams from unseen ledges far above, and gathers to    form a thick pool, glowing rocks floating against each other in it.    The players fight on a raised area of rocks, broken and uneven,    glowing along their cracked edges.  On the far canyon walls, ledges    jut haphazardly and figures are carved out of the rockface itself,    lava trickling along and down their raised edges.  Some of the figures    appear to be praying.  To one side a misshapen rocky head peers out of    the lava; to the other, a giant rock hand makes an 'ok' symbol with    crumbling fingers.  In the sky a huge black gateway looms, spheroid in    shape, sparkling with blue electricity that crackles along and around    its surface.  Clouds swirl and surround it, whipping across to obscure    it in places.  Poses:   Select - stands tall, says "Maire," (Come on.) and resumes his fighting     stance.   Start - holds swords downwards, his symbol appearing on his chest and     then vanishing again with a flash as he growls, getting louder until     he assumes a fighting stance.  Finally, he says, "Maire." (Come on.)   Taunt - stands tall, flicks head up proudly, says "Ikagashi da." (?)   1st win - stands tall with swords crossed and says "Sono teido ka."     (That's your best?)   2nd win - points swords downwards, then raises them and growls, as a     wind from below blows his hair and his vest upwards.  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | no  | no  | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | no  | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+    EXTRA NORMAL: back + B, interruptible  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Intermittent Geyser (Kanketsu Sen)                                  | |  \   -O  + B                   | Musashi stabs a sword into the ground, O   O                            | and a huge blast of energy bursts from                                  | the point of impact (cf. Power Geyser).                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | The Menacer (Obiyakashi)                                  | O-   /  |  \   -O  + A           | Musashi slides forward, doing a short     O   O   O                    | series of four slashes.  Handy for                                  | combos in particular. [SUPER CANCEL]                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Cross Stance (Juji Gamae)                                  | -O  |  \   + B                   | Musashi holds his swords above his head,     O   O                        | then slashes downward with both, making                                  | a large "X" of energy in midair.     (can be held)                |                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Lights-Out Pillow Combo (Makura Niren)                                  | (close) -O  \   |   /  O-  + B   | Musashi stabs both blades into the              O  O  O             | opponent, and slams him/her into the                                  | ground twice, then yanks him/her off of                                  | his swords.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Focus Blast (Shuchu)                                  | Hold A button                    | Energy bursts up around Musashi, and if                                  | held long enough, his POW meter charges                                  | up automatically.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Five Ring Meltdown (Gorin Tsurane) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | -O  \   |   /  O-  -O  + AB      | Musashi dashes forward a short distance,      O  O  O                     | his body sheathed in energy.  If he                                  | connects, he begins a series of several                                  | slashes, arcane symbols flashing across                                  | the screen.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Heaven's Peerless Blade (Niten Muso Ken) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | -O  \   |   /  O- (x2) + B       | Musashi dashes forward a short distance,      O  O  O                     | and begins a series a normal slashes,                                  | then stabs both blades into the enemy. [POWER Mode only]                | He slams on either side four times, then                                  | holds the opponent above him, and pulls                                  | the blades apart forcefully.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY AKATSUKI MUSASHI: - You're torn between the desire to emulate Haohmaru and Yagyu Jubei. - Big-ass tattoos of obscure symbols help you get all the babes. - Resurrection worked for The Crow, it can work for you!   ----------------------- 3.3 - Kagami Shinnosuke -----------------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power or Speed.  While not as cheap as his Hyper mode,   Kagami is still extremely powerful (and should not be used by serious   players), since it's impossible to tell whether or not he is crouching or   going to attack low.  His moves are quick, have good priority, and do   good damage.  He can be equally effective by using his normal combos in   Power mode or by relying on Speed's chain combos.  STAGE DESCRIPTION: The entrance hall to a large house, dominated by two   huge golden staircases curving up each side to a balcony that stretches   across above.  A long red rug with intricate golden designs marks the   width of the floor for the players to fight on.  Twin candlesticks and   candelabras light the dim area between the staircases, more rugs   covering the smooth floor.  Archways lead off to each side, shadowy   hallways glimpsed beyond, lit only by the occasional flickering lamp.   The above floor is shrouded in darkness, the huge windows to each side   letting in only pale moonlight and a flicker of lightning now and again.  Poses:   Select - jerks head back insultingly and harrumphs.   Start - says "Jaaku naru mono ni," draws his flaming sword, then     finishes, "ira iwanai." (?)   Taunt - same as select.   1st win - points his sword at the opponent and says, "Tate." (Stand up.)   2nd win - Sheathes his sword and says "Amari ni... oroka." (That...     was quite foolish.)  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | no  | yes | yes | yes | no  | yes | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | yes | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves: ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Shiranui                                  | |  \   -O  + A/B                 | Kagami swings his sword upward from the O   O                            | ground, sending a wave of orange flames                                  | a short distance along the ground.  This                                  | is NOT a projectile.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Scream de Toaste (Sho Hoko)                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B                 | Kagami spins upward into the air, orange     O   O                        | flames flying off of his sword.                                  | [SUPER CANCEL]                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Blazing Bawler (En Hoko)                                  | (close) -O  \   |   /  O-  + C   | Kagami lifts the opponent into the air,              O  O  O             | then stabs him/her, pulling away with a                                  | burst of fire.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Like a Furnace (SyoKyaku Funjou)                                  | (in air) |  + C                  | Kagami dives downward from the air, foot          O                       | first.  Stuns just long enough to combo                                  | into something else after hitting the                                  | ground.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Awakening (Kakusei) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | press B, C and D together        | Kagami closes his eyes, and his sword                                  | bursts into flames as he begins                                  | floating.  This transforms him into                                  | Hyper Kagami for the rest of the round.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Sparrow of the Red Lotus Strike                                  |   (Guren Suzaku) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | (in air)                         | O-   /  |  \   -O  + AB          | Kagami dives downward from the air, and     O   O   O                    | if he connects, he blasts off at a wide                                  | angle, dragging the burning opponent                                  | into the air.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Confucian Conflagration (Funsho Koju) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | |   /  O-   /  -O  + B           | Kagami dashes forward, and if he hits, O  O       O                     | the blazing image of a phoenix bursts                                  | upward into the air, dragging the [POWER Mode only]                | opponent into the air.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY KAGAMI SHINNOSUKE (normal): - Prime seafront property. - "Keys to the gates of Hell" sounds so much more impressive than "Keys to   the city." - You've been brushing up on your "self-confident smirk."   --------------------------------- 3.3.1 - Kagami Shinnosuke (Hyper) ---------------------------------  SUGGESTED MODE: Power.  This version of Kagami is so ludicrously powerful   that he has no need for chain combos.  He does a ton of damage normally,   and his super meter rises at an alarming rate.  Also, the A version of   his uppercut can be Super Cancelled with relative reliability, doing   incredible damage.  Definitely not a character to be used seriously   unless you like being thought of as a scrub.  STAGE DESCRIPTION: The house is gone; shattered and torn apart by a great   force that left behind only a splintering wooden floor, some threadbare   rug pieces, and the crumbled remnants of the staircases.  The explosion   seems to have broken the cliffs to either side of the house, as well,   barren and ravaged, lava pouring down them in thick streams.  A huge,   black spheroid gateway menaces from the sky above, flickering a crash   and riot of electricity in the gray clouds that surround it and block   all trace of the sky itself.  The clouds circle in a strange whirlwind   effect around the gate, avoiding its touch yet compelled to draw near.  Poses:   Start: as screen fades in, says, "Subete wa owaru... soshite hajimaru!"     (It all comes to an end... and begins once more!)   Taunt: jerks head back insultingly and harrumphs.   1st win: holds out his sword and says, "Tenurui na!" (Pathetic!)   2nd win: holds a hand up to the sky, jerks his head back and laughs.  Normal Move Interruptibility Chart:       | Stand | Stand | Stand | Low | Low | Low | b + | f + | f + | df+ |       |   A   |   B   |   C   |  A  |  B  |  C  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  C  | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ POWER |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | yes | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ SPEED |  yes  |  yes  |  yes  | yes | yes | yes | yes | no  | yes | yes | ------+-------+-------+-------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  Moves:   Hyper Kagami has all of the moves of his normal version, including his   HCF+AB super.  However, much like Kaede's BCD Awakening form, they are   faster and more powerful.  He has some new moves in this form though, and   his flames are now blue.  ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Devouring Hades (Jigoku no Goka)                                  | |  \   -O  + A/B                 | Kagami swings his sword upward from the O   O                            | ground, sending a wave of blue flames                                  | a short distance along the ground.  This                                  | is NOT a projectile.  For the B version,                                  | he does a lunging overhead swing, then                                  | then the flaming upward swing.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Wings to the Afterlife                                  |   (Yomi e no Tsubasa)                                  | -O  |  \   + A/B                 | Kagami spins upward into the air, blue     O   O                        | flames flying off of his sword.                                  | [SUPER CANCEL]                   | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Fool's Whelp (Gusha no Nageki)                                  | (close) -O  \   |   /  O-  + C   | Kagami lifts the opponent into the air,              O  O  O             | then stabs him/her, pulling away with a                                  | burst of fire.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Path to Heaven (Meifu e no Michibiki)                                  | |   /  O- + A/B                  | Kagami raises a hand, and a burst of O  O                             | energy is emitted from the ground in                                  | front of him at about a 45-degree angle. (B version can be held)          | Decent air defense or combo material.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Deception Reflection (Giman no Kagami)                                  | O-   /  |  \   -O  + C           | Kagami pushes a hand forward, ripples of     O   O   O                    | energy emitting from it.  This will                                  | reflect projectiles and act as a Repel                                  | for most normal attacks which touch it.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | (Fu no Sabaki) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | (in air)                         | O-   /  |  \   -O  + AB          | Kagami dives downward from the air, and     O   O   O                    | if he connects, he blasts off at a wide                                  | angle, dragging the burning opponent                                  | into the air.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Trial of Negation (Fu no Senrei) [DESPERATION MOVE]               | -O  O-   /  |  \   -O  + AB      | Kagami rises slowly into the air and         O   O   O                | points a hand to the ground, emitting a                                  | huge laserlike blast.  Unblockable but                                  | very slow.                                  |  ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------                                  | Blue Bird of Prey (Konpeki no Mokin) [SUPER DESPERATION MOVE]         | |   /  O-   /  -O  + B           | Kagami dashes forward, exactly like the O  O       O                     | same SDM in his normal mode, except this                                  | one also has a diving attack by the [POWER Mode only]                | firebird at the end.                                  | ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------  REASONS TO PLAY KAGAMI SHINNOSUKE (hyper): - Why walk, when you can float? - You enjoy being called "Blue Cheese." - You eschew skill, preferring to get by on sheer cheapness.   ----------------- 4.0 - The Endings -----------------  In this section you will find transcriptions of the endings for each of the characters.  For the most part, the spelling and grammatical errors of the actual game have been corrected.  No graphic descriptions will be provided, as you should complete the game yourself to get the full effect.  All endings follow a formula, like so:    a. Kagami makes a short speech, and the gate to hell begins to close.      A cinema is shown of the debris being sucked into the gate, along      with the images of the four gods.   b. Aftermath scene is shown, varying for each character.   ---------------------- 4.1 - Akatsuki Musashi ----------------------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Musashi] ...Pathetic man. A new age... is not far off! With Hades' gate closed, only my body is lost. ...It was a good battle!   --------------- 4.2 - Amano Hyo ---------------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Narrator] ...A few days later...  [Amano] Wow! I feel good! Whew! Drinking with you is one of life's pleasures. Good booze.  Pretty blossoms. I can't get enough of this! ...!!!... Whoa!  I almost forgot. What about it, you? One more shot? Huh, what's wrong? Drinking this sake alone It's a waste!  Don't you think? By the way... Are you a man or woman? Man... press A  Woman... press B  (if you press A) [Amano] I thought so! Built like a ox, you are. Great cherry blossoms, huh? It's all on account of you. This is really great. All these babes too. Shall we? Here's to you!  (if you press B) [Amano] Oh, yeah! Heh, heh, heh. You sure got great... You look tough, too. We could become a beautiful pair... ...How about it? A toast to our meeting! Here's looking at ya! Cheers.   -------------------- 4.3 - Genbu no Okina --------------------  [Kagami] Our master... Quite impressive...  [Okina] why? why try  to open hades' gate?  [Kagami] Hmph, old man, has your vision faded such? What is our mission?  We four gods?  To protect the pathetic, self- interested human trash? Not!!! We four gods exist to maintain order! ...These foolish humans, are destined for  destruction. Now! Now is the new age! Now is the time... to build a new order!  [Okina] Wait!  Kagami! You're wrong! Wait! Wah! Fool! His hearth was too pure. ...Kagami!  Look! We remaining three... will build a new era of hope!   ------------------ 4.4 - Ichijo Akari ------------------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Four Gods] You did well, daughter of the Ichijo! If you did not help, Hades' power would've won. But I stay uneasy... Our strength will be given to a suitable one! Receive the power... ...of the four gods!  [Narrator] And so it came to pass. Akari's exploits continued into the era of meiji and continued on! Akari Ichijo. Force of order... For her, that realization... has not yet... ...sunk in.   ----------- 4.5 - Kaede -----------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Blue Dragon] Awaken! Successor to the Blue Dragon! You will be my strength... Do not be afraid. The following ages... will give new power! Come. Do not fear my power! ......  [Kaede] The blue dragon's power... The power within me... ...when using this power... I am no longer myself. I feel like i'm... Gyah. O, merciful heavens!  [Yuki] Buck up ...Kaede!  [Kaede] ...Yuki!  [Okina] What's wrong? Your master cries...  [Kaede] ...Granpa!  [Moriya] Hmph, you punk.  [Kaede] Moriya! Hah, that's it. Destiny moves Don't fear... A new era... A new destiny... I'll take it all on! With this power!   ----------------------- 4.6 - Kagami Shinnosuke -----------------------  [CPU Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Narrator] The puppet... slays the puppeteer.  [Kagami] Hmph.  Very well. There is no denying it: The human fools will perish! Now, more than ever... A new age is dawning!   ------------------ 4.7 - Kanzaki Juzo ------------------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Juzoh] Whew! Over at last!  [Akari] Juuu...zoooh!  [Juzoh] Aaah!  Akari?!  [Akari] You left me behiiind! Waaiiiit!  [Juzoh] Have pity!   --------------- 4.8 - Lee Rekka ---------------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Lee] At last it's over... but is it really? I believe in justice... ...and have battled evil. But I ask myself this: Is violence the only answer? That guy said it, "We'll destroy ourselves..." I have only enforced "justice" trough violence. I'm also a foolish human... What is "justice"? What is the truth? I must find truth. Until I find "justice", I cannot return to the temple. Please forgive me. I'm a selfish little disciple! ......Lee   --------------------- 4.9 - Minakata Moriya ---------------------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Moriya] ...Master! Pull yourself together! [Gaisei] Oh...Moriya... ...Listen to me...well... Don't even think of avenging'll...  [Moriya] ......  [Gaisei] He's too strong! Kaede,, too.. Ooohaaah...gyah!  [Moriya] Master!  [Gaisei] ...Ooh! Don't cry for me... This, too, is destiny. All living things die... Thanks to you three, I've had a good life...  [Moriya] M, master? Master------!!!   ------------------ 4.10 - Naoe Shigen ------------------  [Kagami] Hoo, hoo, hoo.  [Shigen] Hmph.  [Kagami] From hate, you become a demon. You're no better than a human! I give up.  [Shigen] What?  [Kagami] You must be destroyed. and your corpse... ...will be the base of a new age!  [Shigen] Kagami! ...I...become a wild demon! ...But...the White Tiger... The duty of the  guardians... Must not be forgotten! [Kagami] ...Hmph!...   ------------- 4.11 - Shikyo -------------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Shikyoh] What? What the?... W, waaaaaah!  [Narrator] And so the battle of Hades' gate ended. Several months later, the damage was fixed. And life... returned to normal. And in the normalcy... the one who saved the world. Disappeared in the fog of the complacency of peace.   -------------------------- 4.12 - Washizuka Keiichiro --------------------------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Washizuka] A fearful enemy!  [Soldier] Washizuka? Your next mission. You must crush the rebellion. A band of samurai and the choshu clan. They have formed a pact, and plan to seize power.  [Washizuka] I understand. I'll investigate it post haste! I got a bad feeling about this! ...But whatever may happen, they will not succeed!   ----------- 4.13 - Yuki -----------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! Why? Love is impotent. Why? Why do you grow so strong?  [Yuki] You don't understand. People can become as strong as they please. Yes... To protect those they love...  [Kagami] Heh, heh, heh. Love? Loved ones? Only fools speak of such. Very well. The love you speak of... will disappear with  my ambition! So long, ya sap!   --------------- 4.14 - Zantetsu ---------------  [Kagami] ...Foolish human. You'll destroy yourselves! O, to lose to you! ...but! In defeating me, you shame my existence! I rot with my plan. And return to the abyss! art will return!  [Zantetsu] The demon... ...was not what was rumored. Hades' power was nothing. Those who slay the weak, are slain someday themselves. My technique... is the essence of battle. To slay all brutes, until I achieve perfection. Until I die, I must cut!  [Narrator] Thus the way of "ninja" passed trough generations and was passed to successors of the afterlife. In every age... to fuel the powerful...   ----------------- 5.0 - What's Left -----------------  In this section goes the assorted miscellaneous random (and sometimes redundant) stuff that doesn't go anywhere else.   ------------------------ 5.1 - Neo*Geo CD version ------------------------  ------------------- 5.1.1 - Demo Viewer -------------------  Last Blade for the Neo*Geo CD has a few things which the arcade and home cart versions do not.  The first of these is the ability to save any endings you have gotten.  There is also an art gallery.  In order to get the art gallery, you have to do the following:    1. Play through Story Mode once with Demo Cut OFF.   2. Beat the game with each and every character (including the bosses).   3. Play through in Short Mode twice, at difficulty levels 1 and 3.  Once this is done, you will have a new screen in the Demo Viewer, with several very nice pictures of each character.  Of course, the above steps are admittedly rather tedious.  There is an easier way, though.  To access everything (all endings, story demos and the art gallery) immediately, do the following.    1. Enter the Options menu.   2. Put the cursor over Demo Viewer, but do NOT press A.   3. Input the boss code (in 3 seconds, press C six times, then B three      times, then C four times).  You will hear the "select" tone.   4. Enter the Demo Viewer, and you will have access to everything.  Enjoy the goodies! :)   ------------------------------------------ 5.1.2 - What was lost in the CD conversion ------------------------------------------  A game as lushly detailed and animated as Last Blade was bound to have some corners cut when it made its way to the CD platform.  Animations are missing here and there (primarily affecting Kaede more than anyone else, particularly Awakened Kaede).  There are also some win and prefight poses that you will not see in the CD version.  By far, the worst cuts were to the voice samples.  Most characters lost at least 6-7 samples for their various poses and attacks.  Also, due to memory restrictions, Hyper Kagami is loaded and selected as a separate character in the CD version.   ------------------------- 5.2 - Stuff that's needed -------------------------    1. Lists of character win quotes   2. Profiles of each character (background, physical info if available)   3. Storyline   4. Dialogue transcriptions   5. Color palette descriptions   6. Voice actor/actress names   --------------------------- 5.3 - Contacting the author ---------------------------  If you need to contact me, email me at [email protected] with any suggestions/contributions.  Please do not mail me asking for tips on gameplay.  If you have something to contribute, please feel free to send it to me, and I will be glad to include it and credit you for the contribution.  Thanks, and enjoy the game!
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