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King of Fighters ’99, The

------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------           [   T h e  K i n g  O f  F i g h t e r s  ' 9 9   ]                               Episode 5                        "The Millenium Battle"    --------------------------------------------------------------------   ------------------------------------------------------------------                   FAQ -v5.01 REACTIVE FINAL- by Gunsmith  -The last things that you want to know:  - The Iori striker combos.  Iori's flame must hit the opponent    as they land from a jump.    - Not all the combos work.  Please refer to Serpent Wave's    combo FAQ.  - ALL Infinite Bugs are explained here:  - Yes, Jhun is a big fan of Athena.  Calvin said he spotted    confirmation in the Technical Mook.  This explains all the    Manga frolics that you have seen.  - All speech and vs introductions are in a updated form in     a seperate "Speech FAQ" available only at  - Omake Teams COMPLETE!  - There are one or two more bugs.  Bulletin Board will     advertise development.  - Is something burning in your heart, that you feel you     need to tell the world through this FAQ? .... Email.  -After Feb 1st, there will be no further updates to this FAQ.    Anything else of interest will be posted on the Bulletin Board.  If you want to know a quote translation please email me or   post on the bulletin board.  -Within this FAQ, you will find movelists, combos, infinites, bugs,  story, bio, speech translations, winposes descrip, endings, neo geo  CD info, and all manner of miscellaneous information on the game.  This FAQ works as an companion to Kao Megura's FAQ, in which you   will find detailed move description (including which moves work   in combos in counter mode), movelist translation, dip switch info   and more!  What you won't find in this FAQ is an attempt to copy from other  FAQs.  This FAQ started on the 30th July and is ongoing.  I don't  see how another FAQ on KOF'99 can possibly have "found out" their   own information as, to put it bluntly, it was here first.  Kao   Megura sent me a translation list which I have now removed as  he has his own faq.  This FAQ is made from my own efforts of   researching information and helpful contributions sent to me or  posted on the Bulletin Board at my homepage.  They get credit.  We deserve credit.  Don't be fooled by FAQ's which are double-  spaced in order to look bigger or claim to be working on getting  info which IS ALREADY HERE.   Beware of cheap imitations.   "Innovate, don't imitate" (C) Hugo Boss 1998, 1999, 2000  Updates--  18th Jan  - I'm back but there isn't much more to add.             Little corrections here and there...              I noticed Neo Geo Website has released quote             info for the first time!  Taken out most              speech where it's just the character shouting             the name of the move unless it's different             translation to that of Kao or he never              translated it.  If you want to know translations             of moves that have been in the game since             KOF '97, simply refer to Kao Megura's '97 Faq.             There are some differences with my translation,             though...  19th Dec  - Released this version at Gamefaqs since no-one             is obviously in touch with the minor updates             at the homepage.  This version still needs some             tidying up with the new info I got, but I'll             be away till 10th January... Merry Christmas! 17th Dec  - Woah, busy bee!  Sat down with Mai-chan and went             through the soundtrack comparing notes with              Kao's KOF 97 Faq.  Mai gave up by the time we             got to Women Team.  Anyway, we've updated the             quotes.  Found some quotes I can't match to              the game.... hmmm..... well, some got translated             and some didn't.  Time to call on Kao for some             discussion.   David, I wan't my jishou back!             Found another sleeper, oK'?  CPU Guide added.              Please read the translation notes. 15th Dec  - Whoops, can't remember... bits here and there =p 13th Dec  = Added Ralf and Clark translations!  Removed all move             descriptions that were still hanging around...             (Remember to refer to Kao Megura's FAQ for these).             Reformat.  Neo Geo CD Omake Section added.             Bye Bye Movelist Translation! 10th Dec  - Bao sleeper (Misc).  Leona trap (Misc).  Bao 100%.               Iori Bug.  Realised Sting was a fake.  3rd Dec  - Added Winposes all teams apart from Jhun and Edits.               Should have some translations ready for next update. 22nd Nov  - Chang bug.  Bao DX "correction". Andy Bug.  Jhun Bug.             K' and Whip Dodge info.  Terry most damaging SDM(again!)             Throw off note.  Beni, Shingo Winposes. Takuma and              Athena unblockables. 16th Nov  = New format.  Kyo 1 combo.  A Jhun combo from pyjaman             (I have no idea what he's talking about but you can              try it).  Added Bao bug.  Corrected Jhun movename. 13th Nov  - Added Air Cancel Chart from IorI.  Found a bug with              Clark!  Added Shortcut.  Added Clark Bug from Johnny.             Found an Andy combo which I realised is the one I wrote             down from the video, albeit wrongly.  Whip Taunt.              Added Kyo and Real Kyo combos from Simian.  Dodge Attack             Command Attack follow up note added (thanks again Sim).             Ryo Counter note.  Another Clark Bug.  Corrected Terry             most damaging combos.  Whip Striker Note.  Ralf Dodge.  10th Nov  - After watching the videos I played around and made up             some combos- nothing special I might add... heh heh             Kyo 1.  Benimaru.  Joe corrections.  Chang combos.             Tested Joe combos and discovered a new one. Ralf             Striker Notes.  Leona bug corrected.  Bao speech.             Chang combo and notes.  9th Nov  - Maxima Bug, Takuma Combo Correction(?) Robert Combo 100%              Shingo combo 100%. Leona 100% Ryo infinite. AM and CM             time limit correction.  The return of the cool Mai             combo.  Benimaru cool combo.  A few other combos...             Note some of the cool combos were tested vs Chang.             Explained K'/Kyo1/Shin Kyo Striker Kasumi "infinite".             Checked out videos from Actionman's site which             explained a lot of combos.  (link added).  It looks             like the author of the Jap KOF99 page hasn't tested             all the combos he listed.... COOL RALF COMBO!! :)             Whip speech listing.  Added Kyo 2 note Dwn B, Dwn C.  6th Nov  - Well this is interesting.  Added some COOL combos.             By my definition, I'm only adding COOL combos...              Terry, K', Yes... King is proving a popular striker..             updated King vs Ryo intro.  Added all Whip's speech.             Note that you can't hear it if you're outside Japan...             Bao speech correction.  China Team intros speech              finished.  Kyo vs Iori speech finished.  All              translation work for this edition was done by me and              Mai. (Osaka dialect is her speciality!) Corrected              Athena tactics.  Some Kensou speech added. Finally got             the K' taunt.  Unfortunately.... eheh.... can't              translate it yet *doh*.  Added Whip's fwd A note.             King infinite vs Ryo correction.  Added Translation             note.  Sorted out some of Whips' speech.  Finished              Kensou's winposes.  Added easy Mai combos.  Shingo             opening speech correction.  Finished Athena winposes.             Finished King Winposes.  Added Shortcut.  Bao taunt.             Maxima Rumour Bug added.  Mary Rumour Bug added.               Combos added from a Japanese page I visited              (link added): K', Maxima, Joe, Ryo, Takuma, Mary...             I recommend you REALLY check these combos!  BUT note             some of them work and some of them seem like they're             IMPOSSIBLE.... But hey, you could say that about a              lot of combos, ne?               Added Note to Legend about cancellable move notation. 5th  Nov  - Happy Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night!  Updated Leona              Earring Bomb notes.  Leona bug.  King bug.  K' infinite.             Ralf bug.  Ryo bug. Another way to defeat Krizalid form             1. K' bug. Kyo er... bug... lots of insects... yes...             very creepy edition of the faq eh? 24th Oct  - Added Terry's best combos.  Removed K's move description             Please refer to Kao Megura's faq for such information!             corrected Xiangfei.  Ryo autoguard notes.  Started              reformat on opening speeches.  Added Maxima and Kyo's             winposes.  Corrected Shingo Quote.  Added Notes on             Leona's Earring Bomb. 21st Oct  - Ahhh work has to be done.  Motivation returns.             Added Seiyuus (voice actors).  Added exact Hero Team             ending (pics at website).  Added all endquotes (pics.             at website).  Updated Strikers. 11th Oct  - Added new shortcut.  Corrected Krizalid's movenames.             Added Whip vs Krizalid translation.  Clark CAN follow              [Dwn Dwn + C] with [QCF + A/C]!!! Added Andy's              "infinite" XP Added Ryo vs King.  Corrected King              Move. 7th Oct   - Corrected "How to get Kyo and Iori" AGAIN.  Added              Krizalid's movenames.  Corrected some colours. 6th Oct   - Added Mai's enquote and ending.  Clarified Terry and              Juhn's striker action + added new Striker combo for              Iori.  The Gamest Striker rankings are starting to             make sense.... Added Andy's enquote and FF intros.             Added some colours :) 5th Oct   - Added extra ending texts.  Whip and K have an intro vs              Krizalid.  Whip and Leona's endquotes.  Corrected             How to fight Iori and Kyo and how to use the code.              Added some strategies vs Krizalid from MJL.             Some Strikers do two moves: One at close range and one              at far range. 1st OCT   - Added Whip, Takuma, Kensou infintes.  Shortcut Control              Section.  Added a few combos (Iori) . Explained Mai's             Air Grab. 20th Sep  - Added some corrections and more endings. 13th Sep  - Added all new command moves and all vs intros              (well, some dialogue still to be added).  Changed mind             about reformat heh heh.  Name transition in progess. 7th Sep   - Released but next update will have massive reformat 3rd Sep   - Returned from trip to Japan.  Got Gamest Graphical Mook             (scans available at the web-page) and KOF '99 OST CD.             (mp3s available now).             Added Roberts New DM, + Shingo CD +Mai's new throw Note.             Gamest Striker Rankings.               You may have noticed I've mentioned infinites but              censored them.  I will reveal the infinites at a              certain date to be announced. 11th Aug  - Most command throws added from Kao Megura's kof98 faq. 10th Aug  - minor update: Added Takuma/Kyo-1's Floor hit moves +             corrections 9th August- All moves translated or at least got japanese names              apart from Real Kyo and Iori's new moves. 6th August- Boss Descrip.  More endquotes.  Ending. 5th August- 3rd release- finished reformat and added new moves and             Clark VS Ralf Speech, Joe vs Andy etc. 2nd August- 1st release 30th July - Still in a mess.  Correcting stuff and adding.  Original Movelist by Charles of PaoPao Cafe Pao Pao Cafe Presents . SNK NeoGeo Mook 005 Visit for the latest SNK fighting game news!  rewritten by Gunsmith of Wu-Tech Corp. I've taken ChaRle5!'s FAQ (with his permission) and replaced the keypad("236" etc) notation with joystick notation("QCF" etc.)  What I've added: Extra Bios, more moves, story, endquotes, movenames and more technical info.   ------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------Only one can surpass K. And that's K'!----------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------   [----------------------------Contents-----------------------------]  -1. Translation notes --2.  Legend ---3.  Game System ----4.  Prologue Story -----5.  Movelist ------6.  Secret Characters -------7.  Air Cancel Movelist --------8.  Rankings ---------9.  Versus Intros ----------10. Colour Teams -----------11. CPU Guide ------------11. Boss Info -------------12. Story Spoiler and Endings --------------13. Neo Geo CD version ---------------14. Credits  ====================================================================  ------------------------------------------------------------------  [1. T R A N S L A T I O N  N O T E S-----------------------------]  ------------------------------------------------------------------ ====================================================================  The format of the faq is now in original Japanese names only.  I had started doing translations but I've erased them to give way to Kao Megura's FAQ.  Please refer to his FAQ for these. This season I've worked predominantly on quotes.  Of course, Kao Megura's KOF 97 FAQ gave me cause to double check the  translations I found using his research.  Great work, Kao!  Originally, it was just me, Mai-chan and several dictionaries. Kao popped up and we discussed the transition of Japanese to English.  What you don't realise is that some official English  movenames from SNK USA are totally different to the original  japanese movename.  This gets confusing.  When we translate, we use literal meaning and common sense that's appropriate for fighters.  I didn't agree on some things with Kao, but now  that he has his own FAQ you can make up your own mind.  In some  cases we are both right, even though we give different  translations.  Remember that Japanese has many meaning for the same word.  Same like other languages if you think about it.  If I write something different for the same word, don't worry; it's correct in that context -  Different meanings for different situations.  Of course there could still be some errors, so email me if you feel  perplexed that you're not imitating your favourite character correctly...   Once again, the japanese version has multiple end quotes for each character :(  If the character says something when they do a move and it's not listed, that means they are shouting the actual name of the move which is in the movelist.  If you're not convinced, leave a  message on the bulletin board or email me.  ====================================================================  ------------------------------------------------------------------  [2. L E G E N D--------------------------------------------------]  ------------------------------------------------------------------ ====================================================================                        --Game Control--  In a Neo Geo format, The buttons are arranged like thus: A B C D  A            = light punch B            = light kick C            = hard punch D            = hard kick Start        = Taunt                     --FAQ Terminology--  Q            = Quarter H            = Half C            = Circle F            = Forward B            = Back  UF           = Up-Forward UB           = Up-Back Fwd          = Forward Bk           = Back DP           = Dragon Punch Motion (Fwd, Dwn, Dwn Fwd) RPD          = Reverse DP  Special      = generally speaking, a fighting move that takes                 energy off opponent even if blocked and requires                 a input on the joystick and button.  DM           = Desperation Move.  The last ditch, last resort move!                  Summon all your strength for one last try to blow                 away the opposition!  Well, that's how it used to                 be...  *reminisces Fatal Fury II - sigh*  SDM          = Super Desperation Move  Lag          = Delay Time  Foe          = Your opponent, like P2 or whatever  (A) Move     = Press a button and your character performs a move.  Command Move = Press a button and joystick direction (eg Fwd) and                some characters do another move.  Buffer       = Use a movement that doesn't execute a move but                 saves the input in preparation for the next.  Juggle       = As an opponent is thrown into the air from a hit,                you can hit them again.  Wake up      = As you are getting up from being knocked over.  Hld/Hold/ Charge       = Keep direction or button held down   Chain        = Link normal moves and optionally command moves                together in a combo.  Eg: Stand C, Fwd A.  CM           = Counter Mode  AM           = Armour Mode  @CR          = Put opponent in corner  @NCR         = Put opponent a pace away from corner                 (so striker can hit)  x i          = repeat infintely  ne?          = Japanese for "surely?" or "right?".  I say it all                the time and don't even notice.    ====================================================================  ------------------------------------------------------------------  [3. G A M E  S Y S T E M-----------------------------------------]  ------------------------------------------------------------------ ====================================================================  (facing right)  Running Dash         : Fwd Fwd  Back Step            : Back Back  Hop                  : Bk-Up or Up or Up-Fwd instantly  Medium Jump          : When running : Bk-Up or Up or Up-Fwd.                        From standing: Bk Down + Bk-Up or Up                         or Up-Fwd.  Jump                 : Hold Bk-Up or Up or Up-Fwd.  Guard Cancel         : when blocking AB or foward/ backward AB                        (needs 1 power guage stock)  Throw Forward        : When close, Bk/Fwd + C  Throw Backward       : When close, Bk/Fwd + D  Throw off            : At the instant of being thrown, Bk or Fwd +                        any button.  Note that multihit throws such                        as Joe's D throw and Bao's C throw cannot                         be thrown off.  Heavy Attack         : C+D  Guard Cancel Blow off: when blocking C+D(need 1 power guage stock)  Guard Crush          : In general, block 13 hits in succession and                         your guard breaks!  If you can time it, you                         can get a free combo!  Tech Roll            : A+B when landing after being hit.  You                         cannot Tech Roll some particular moves...  Mid-Air block        : Bk-Up or Bk or Bk-Dwn when performing up                         /backward jump  Slide Dodge (+Attack): forward/ backward + A+B                         (if fwd + any button to attack)                        (NOTE: The slide backwards will automatically                         force you forward again BUT you can stop                         this with a special move)  Striker System       : B+C  Counter Mode Activate: A+B+C (need 3 power guage stocks)  Armor Mode Activate  : B+C+D (need 3 power guage stocks)                --System Info: The CM and AM modes--   -Counter Mode:  You need 3 stocks for this.  In this mode, you can do DM/SDM  (depending on red energy bar) ad infinitum (Some DMs come out quicker than others, these are the ones you can combo with) Skilled players will prefer to use this mode in combos, as you can combo certain special moves into SDMs;eg:Terry QCF+A into QCFx2+B... Counter Mode lasts for approx 18 seconds. After that you can't charge stock for about 10 seconds.   -Armor Mode:  You need 3 stocks for this.  In this mode, when you get hit you don't get "damaged"- you don't get the animation and recovery time that you would normally.  You still lose energy though.  The real bonus is you won't suffer any tick damage from blocked specials in this mode. Note: You do get pushed back when you get hit so you can't try stupid stuff like walking through a fat combo to get in a throw- you will lose too much energy to compensate. Armour mode lasts for approx. 9 seconds. After that you can't charge stock for about 10 seconds.   -Slide Dodge/ Attack:  This is the combined Advanced and Extra Mode of KOF '98. If you press A+B + Back, you slide back but then hop forward automatically (You cannot Dodge Attack).  You can cancel the  hop forward by performing a special move. In counter mode you can combo a special move with dodge attack. If you press A+B while blocking you will cancel guard and slide forward/backward (costs 1 stock) In counter mode you can combo a Command attack with dodge attack.   -Striker System:  Press B+C to call out your striker.  You are invincible for the second that you call out the striker. You will taunt and then the striker appears, so forget about using them as part of a combo.  However you can use them as combo starters as some will hold the opponent or set up a juggle!    More on this in each teams section.  Note: Some Strikers do more than one action depending on the        opponent's actions...   -DM/SDM:  The return of the red flashing energy! Woohoo!  You need 1 stock to execute a DM.  Well, if you have 1/7 energy left, when you do DM it will be SDM.  Actually this is proving to be quite annoying; With 1 stock Terry can do some serious SDM damage if he can connect with a Stand C (arguably the easiest combo starter in the game)   -Stocks:  Every time you do a special move or block attacks, your bar fills up.  Once it is full, it empties and an icon appears next to indicate a stock.  You can build up to three. However, Stocks DO NOT transfer to the next player.  So you may as well use them like crazy if you are about to die.   -Character Selection:  The sequence is now secret to your opponent.  The characters are listed according to buttons A B C D respectively. Press the buttons in the order you want to play the characters. If you want to reveal your character order, hold start while selecting characters.   -Color Selection:   Hit B when selecting characters.  Only two colours available this year :(   -Selecting Winpose:  Hold the corresponding button as soon as you've defeated your opponent.  This works for Timeout win also.                     --Control Shortcuts--  The shorcut control system still exists in '99.   DP + P/K  can be executed thus:  Fwd, (neutral), Dwn-Fwd + P/K    P + QCF + P  can be executed thus:  Fwd, Dwn-Fwd + P (hold P), Fwd    P + QCFx2 + P   can be executed thus:  QCF, Down, Down Forward + P (hold P), Fwd   - The same method applies with HCF combos    Low B, Low A, QCFx2 + A  can be exectued thus:   Dwn + B, QCF + A, QCF + A   P, QCF HCB + P  can be executed thus:  QCF, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back + P (hold P), Back  Where there is no special move designated for a movement EG: HCB will not do anything for Clark use it to buffer a combo. EG: HCB + P, HCB + P (Clark) will execute P, HCBx2 + P   When you hold a button, no special moves can be performed and you cannot run.  However, it allows you to buffer moves. Eg Clark Hold A, HCF + C, (let go A), HCF + D will execute:   C, HCFx2 + D   HCF etc  can be executed thus:  Back, Dwn, Fwd (only good for keyboard users o_O)  note this doesn't work for QCF.   Low x, x, QCFx2 DM/SDM  Eg Ryo  Do Dwn B, QCF + A, QCF + A  In counter mode, motions which overlap DMs are effective.  Eg Terry:    QCF + A, QCF + B will do: Power Wave, High Angle Geyser.  While running, you can charge for a move.  Eg Leona  Fwd Fwd, Hold Down Fwd, then press Up + P when you want  to execute Moonslasher.                       --Illustration--  I've noted that the guy/gal who illustrated the KOF 98 intro (not the match end graphics, which were horrible I might add) is now fully illustrating all the character potraits in KOF 99... which are niiiiice! :)  ====================================================================  ------------------------------------------------------------------  [4. P R O L O G U E  S T O R Y-----------------------------------]  ------------------------------------------------------------------ ====================================================================  Invitation cards were sent to fighters all over the world. A new King of Fighters tournament would be held. However, there was no grand media attention like last year The fighters wondered who was behind this years organisation? There was a new rule in the regulations:  Striker Match! Many couldn't conceal their bewilderment at this.  It had never been done before... Heidern felt suspicious and sends Ralf, to investigate the organisation behind the tournament. Benimaru is invited to KOF as a member of a special team: his team members include two names he had never heard before; K' and Maxima.... though Beni is perplexed as he had never heard of these names in the grapple field, he boldly accepted.  What is the Striker match? Is there something hidden in the tournament? Various mysteries are conceived, and so the saga continues...  ====================================================================  ------------------------------------------------------------------  [5. M O V E L I S T S--------------------------------------------]  ------------------------------------------------------------------ ====================================================================  --------------------------------------------------------------------                          Heroes Team --------------------------------------------------------------------  Benimaru received the invitation to the King of Fighters Tournament again, as usual.  But he found that two boxes at his team entry are already occupied by two new names: K' and Maxima... What's the deal about that?  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ K'-----------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth  : Unknown Fighting Style  : Violence Age             : Between 16 and 18 DOB             : Unknown Blood Type      : Unknown Height          : 183 cm Weight          : 65 kg Hobby           : None Favorite food   : Beef Jerky Best sport      : None (K' isn't good at sports) Important thing : None Hated thing     : KOF Winpose A       : Stands with right hand aflame.  With a grin,                   he clenches his fist to snuff out the flame. Winpose B       : Puts on sunglasses and says "Anta ja                    yakubusokudaze" Winpose C       : Turns around and spits on the floor, then looks                    to the side saying "doitsumo koitsumo" (All you                    people, I'll take you on) Colour A        : Silver Grey Hair, Black Biker Suit, Red Glove. Colour B        : Red Suit, Blond Hair Seiyuu          : Yuuki Matsuda Endquote        : "Now, the finish.  Get up, fool!"  o-K'--------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Spot Pile        : When close, Bk / Fwd + C Knee Strike      : When close, Bk / Fwd + D One Inch         : Fwd + A Knee Assault     : Fwd + B Eine Trigger     : QCF + P                     -Follow with either                      1. Fwd + B = Second Shoot                       2. Fwd + D = Second Shell  Crow Bite        : DP + P                     -C version can follow with Fwd D Minute Spike     : QCB + K                      -Can do in air Blackout         : QCF + K  DM: Chain Driver : QCF HCB + P DM: Heat Drive   : QCFx2 + P  Striker: "Narrow Spike"  1. Jumps in C, then does a slide (same animation as teleport).      You can make the two hits combo if you hit the opponent       in between the jump C and the slide.  2. If they opponent is jumping he'll do Crow Bite.  o-K'--------------------------------------------Speech-------------o       [Round Start] Takes off sunglasses and says  "Ore hitori de, juubun da..."  (I'm just one person, but that's enough....)  [Taunt] Stands up straight with his thumbs in his pockets, grins and says  "Namenjane-zo teme-!"  [QCF + K]  "Black out!"  [QCB + K] "Shydyaaaa!!"  [Recovery Roll] "Yarujya ne ka" (Oh you're good eh?)  [QCFx2 + P] "Owari ni suruze" (I'll finish it)  Unsorted: "katazuketeyaruze"   o-K'--------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o    -K's invincibility during his Dodge is instant.  He is only    invincible for the first frame of the AB Dodge.  Trying to dodge   through attacks with more than 1 frame of attack is suicide.   To dodge fireballs, K' has to dodge at the very last second.   -If you charge K's QCFx2 + C DM or SDM, it's unblockable.   -When K's idle, he goes to sleep too! (but the 'sleeping'    animation is not as nice as Bao) He will put his hands on his    hips, blinks slower and slower...and then his eyes will be shut.  o-K'--------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   [email protected]:  Jump D, Stand C (1 hit), Fwd A, QCF+A, Fwd D, DP + C, Fwd D   [email protected]:  Jump D, Stand C (1 hit), Fwd A, QCF + A, Fwd D, QCF x 2 + P   [email protected]:  King Striker, QCF x 2 + P, QCF A, Fwd B, QCF x 2 + P   [email protected]:  Stand C, QCF + A, Fwd D, Walk Fwd into corner, Call          Kasumi so she comes in and juggles, QCF A, Fwd D, Call           Kasumi etc..   [email protected]: King Striker, QCF x 2 + P SDM, walk back out of the          corner, QCFx2 + P SDM.  Untested  -QCF A, Fwd D, Maxima Striker, QCFx2 + P.  [email protected]: Striker Robert, QCFx2 + P x3 (!!!)  o-K'--------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -High score of B.A. 2718 (bug): from MJL   + Call your striker   + Do K's Chain Driver (QCF,HCB+P)   + Computer striker come out   + K's Chain Driver hit the opponent   + Whole system hang there until timeout with sounds of K' still      hitting the computer   + Machine register a few thousand hits    (want proof? goto arcade machine at Suntec and see high score)   -vs Whip    She does her dp  + any button move.  When she lands, throw     her with K`s b/f C throw,and she bounces high off the screen     from the impact.   o-K'--------------------------------------------Infinites----------o         [email protected]: Call a striker, eg Andy. QCF A, Fwd D. Repeat QCF A, Fwd D.         -The thing is, the Trigger must not hit,only the fwd D.          If you're in counter mode, it's easier. In armor mode, it           works too, but the gauge of this mode is shorter (and heck          why not do the Dodge Attack Infinite instead?).     [email protected]:  Juggle with eg: Andy Striker, AM Mode, Dodge Attack x i.         -Many characters have this kind of infinite...  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Maxima-------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Maxima is sent by the organisation behind KOF99.  His body has been totally integrated with his power suit.  Place of Birth  : Canada Fighting Style  : "M type" Grapple Art Age             : 29 DOB             : 2nd March Blood Type      : A Height          : 204 cm Weight          : 204 kg Hobby           : Motorcycles Favorite food   : Anything Sweet Best sport      : Rugby Important thing : His sideburns Hated thing     : Natto and people who want his opinion Winpose A       : Stands straight facing the screen and flicks                   his left wrist, which emits exhaust. Winpose B       : Stands straight facing the screen and crosses                    his arms, then sighs. Winpose C       : Stands straight facing the screen and a lazer                   line scans up his body. Colour A        : Dark Blue, White and Blue Colour B        : Black, Gold and Red Seiyuu          : Katsuyuki Konishi Endquote        : "I read your moves like the funny papers!"  o-Maxima----------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Dynamite Drop                    : When close, Bk / Fwd + C Choking Vise                     : When close, Bk / Fwd + D Mongolian                        : Fwd + A M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) : Dwn Fwd + C M-4 Kata Vapor Cannon            : QCB + P System 1: Maxima Scramble        : QCF + A Double Bomber                    : QCF + A from System 1 Bulldog Press                    : QCF + A from System 1 System 2: Maxima Scramble        : QCF + C Skull Crush                      : QCF + C from System 2 Centoun Press                    : f + K from System 2 M11 Kata Dangerous Arch          : When close, HCF + K Bunker Buster                    : QCF,HCB + P Maxima Revenger                  : When close, HCB,HCB + K  Striker : "Maxima Gallows"   Grabs opponent anywhere on the screen, even if they are jumping.  o-Maxima----------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Opening] Kneels down and scans the opponent while adjusting his wrist saying "Yoooku mieruze..."  (I can predict your next move....)  [Round start other than 1st up] "Ikuzo" (Let's go!)  "Choruze"  "Tanze"  "Ikisai bo"  "sasugani yomene-na"  o-Maxima----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -Maxima's normal C and CD moves have autoguard....   -Natto is basically sticky fermented soya beans.  Have you   ever eaten Mozarella cheese off Pizza?  You know the way   it drags off when you bite?  Natto is the same way!    o-Maxima----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o  -Striker K', Stand C (2hit), Dwn Fwd C, HCF + K, QCF HCB + P SDM  -Crossover Jump C, Terry Striker, Run Fwd, QCF + C, (Geyser Hits)  Jump D, . QCF + C x2   (possible error in translation)  -Striker Iori, QCF C, Striker Iori, QCB A, HCB x2 + K  -HCBx2 + K SDM, Striker Chang  [email protected]: Ralf Striker, QCF A before they get hit, they launch, as they       are about to hit the floor, QCF + Cx2, Fwd B  [email protected]: Ralf Striker, Stand C (2hit), Ralf hits, As they fall Stand C       (1hit) Dwn Fwd C, QCB + A cancelled into QCF HCB + A.  [email protected]: Striker Iori, QCF + Cx2 hits at same time, Opponent gets hit       by Iori's puddle as they get up comboed into HCBx2 + K SDM  -CM:  Fwd A, HCBx2 + K  -CM:  Jump D, C, QCB A, HCB x2 + K  o-Maxima----------------------------------------Infinites----------o  [email protected]: Dwn A combo with QCF A x infinite or finish with Dwn A,        HCBx2 + K... (there is a certain condition, yet to be        discovered as to why this does not work all the time...)  o-Maxima----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -Maxima doing HCF + K at the same time as opponent's DM (EG: Terry    Power Geyser) causing the machine to have a seizure....  Also    Maxima's Bunker Buster vs K's Stand C!   -vs Robert:   Robert do Hold Back + Fwd + P, Maxima runs in and HCF+ K just   as the fireball leaves his hand.  Maxima gets hit by the fireball   but still grabs Robert... Robert gets stuck....  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Benimaru Nikaido---------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth  : Japan (but he's half American) Fighting Style  : Thai Kickboxing Age             : 21 DOB             : 6th June Blood Type      : O Height          : 180 cm Weight          : 70 kg Hobby           : Sky cruising by Plane Favourite Food  : Pasta with Slices of Raw Fish Good Sport      : Clay pigeon shooting and high jump Important Thing : Himself Hated Thing     : Your own regret, Otaku Winpose A       : Turns around and point out at the audience                   and says "Thank you!" Winpose B       : He stands up straight, with hands on hips and                    says "Understand"? Winpose C       : He gathers in lightning while doubling over                   like his new '98 pose but says nothing. Colour A        : Black Top, White Jeans Colour B        : Orange Hair, Grey Jeans Seiyuu          : Monster Maetsuka Endquote        : "Watch me now.  A flower's life's brief."  o-----------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Catch and Shoot       : Bk / Fwd + C when close Front Suplex          : Bk / Fwd + D when close Spinning Knee Drop    : In air, any dir. but Up + C / D Jackknife Kick        : Fwd + B Flying Drill          : In Air, dwn + D Raijin Ken            : QCF +P                          -can do in air Iai Geri              : QCF + K                         -Follow with                          Handou San Dan Geri: Dwn Up + K Shinku Katategoma     : QCB + P  DM: Raikoken          : QCFx2 + P DM: Gen'ei Hurricane  : QCFx2 + K Striker               : Elec-trigger (grabs and electrifies                         opponent)  o-Benimaru--------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start] "Hajimeoka."  (Let's Start.)  [Taunt] "Yare Yare."  (Try harder.) or (Oh well...)  -Unsorted  "Kakugo wa deki takana?"  (Are you ready to do or die?)  "Jo, yarou ka?"  (Are you ready?)  "Kimatta na." (I did it, no?)  o-Benimaru--------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o  If you didn't already know, "Otaku" is a japanese animation hardcore fan.  From Silver Khosla: "The majority of Benimaru's moves are based on  an old Tatsunoko character (which has recently been "updated")  named Hurricane Polymar. He's a type of "karate-man" that just beats on people and wears a costume (in traditional Tatsunoko style)  similar to Gatchaman a.k.a G-Force.  Hissatsu! Shinkuu Katate  Gomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"  o-Benimaru--------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o  Cool.Combos.  Tested vs Chang  -NCR: CM: Call Robert, Stand D, QCF + A, They launch,            Hop Dwn + B, QCF + C, QCFx2 + C   -An easier version: NCR+CM: Call Robert, A+B, (Behind Chang)   QCF + A, (Chang flies to corner), QCF C, QCFx2 C  o-Benimaru--------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Benimaru--------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Shingo Yabuki------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth  : Japan Fighting Style  : (self-claimed) handed down Kusanagi Style Age             : 17 DOB             : 8th April Blood Type      : O Height          : 179 cm Weight          : 69 kg Good Sport      : Swimming and Water Polo Hobby           : Exploration Favourite Food  : Refrigerated Udon (Noodle) and Sardines Important Thing : Life, Girlfriend, Student Pocketbook and Gloves                   given to him by Kyo Kusanagi Hated Thing     : Milk Winpose A       : Gets out his notebook saying "Eh hito memo memo..                    okay...." (This guy... note note... ok) Winpose B       : Stands with arms and legs outstretched saying                   "Yoshi!" (Alright!), then turns around and                    looks at his fist saying "Yarimashita yo,                    Kusanagi-san!" (I've really done it, Mr.                    Kusanagi!) Winpose C       : Holds a fist up high and says "Ore no, Kachi da!"                   (This is my victory!) Colour A        : Blue Colour B        : Brown Seiyuu          : Takehito Koyasu Endquote        : "I just get tougher!  Kyo, I'm coming for you!"  o-Shingo----------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Hachi Tetsu                                : Bk / fwd + C (close) Issetsu Seoi Nage Fukanzen                 : Bk / fwd + D (close) Ge Shiki: Goufu Kakkodake                  : Fwd + B 100 Shiki: Oniyaki Mikansei                : DP + P 104 Shiki: Aragami Mikansei                : QCF + A 105 Shiki: Dokugami Mikansei               : QCF+ C 101 Shiki: Oboro Guruma Mikansei           : RDP + K 202 Shiki: Kototsuki Mikansei              : HCB + K Shingo Kick                                : QCF + K Shingo Kinsei Ore Shiki: Nie Togi          : DP + K (when close) DM: Burning Shingo                         : QCB HCF + P DM: Ge Shiki: Kake Hourin                  : QCFx2 + P  Striker: runs in and tries to grab opponent's legs (Blockable)          but 2 hits if succesful.  This is probably the only          way you will get to connect K's QCF HCB + P S/DM as          a "combo"...  o-Shingo---------------------------------------Speech--------------o  [Round Opening] Shingo appears in his tracksuit top doing some squatting leg  stretches saying "O-ichi ni san shi" (1,2,3,4,) He then gets up  and takes off his top saying "Shingo, ichiban te ikkima~su!"  (Shingo, first up, here I come!)  [Taunt] "Naguutaneanta oyanimo naguraretakotonainoni!"  (You hit me! My parents never hit me!)  "Waza doko iita no, ne?" (Where are my moves?)  [Striker] "Yacchatte Kudasai!"  (Lit: Go Go GO! Get him please!)  [Dodge] "Sugoi abunai!"  (Very dangerous!)  "Nankakita"  (Something coming!)  "Kusanagi-saaaan!"  "Nankatsushita!"  [Round Start] "Kotoshiwa edit jyanaize Shingo!"  "Ite"  (painful)  "Totsugeki-!" (Charge!)  o-Shingo----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o      -Lost his counter!!! ARGH! AND DP + D doesn't always connect      on crouching opponents!  His Jump CD hits twice on counter.      202 Shiki: Kototsuki Mikansei -This is his "new" move.        He rushes forward like Kyo's HCB + K but when he lifts       them up he does Kyo's Jump Dwn C to knock them down.  o-Shingo----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   [email protected]: Iori Striker,QCFx2+P, Iori Striker, QCFx2+P, Iori Striker,         RDP+K.    Tested vs Kasumi  -Opponent Jumping, Corner, Red Life:  Iori Striker + QCF x2 SDM   hit at same time, QCB + B, QCF x2 + SDM, QCB + D (100%)  o-Shingo----------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Shingo----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   --------------------------------------------------------------------                         Fatal Fury Team --------------------------------------------------------------------  When Terry received the Invitation he found Joe.  They were both surprised about that 4-members team up regulation this year and they were worrying about that when suddenly a idea came into their minds... -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Terry Bogard-------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : America Fighting Style : Jeff style + Street Fighting Age            : 24 DOB            : 15th March Blood Type     : O Height         : 182 cm Weight         : 82 kg Hobby          : Video Games and Trolling Best sport     : Basketball Favourite Food : Junk Food Important Thing: Jeff Bogard's Gloves Hated Thing    : Slugs Winpose A      : Throws off cap "Okay!" Winpose B      : Tips cap "Good Luck!" Winpose C      : Stands with fist upraised.  Monkey comes out                  and jumps up and down on his shoulder.  After                  three jumps, Terry pats the monkey.   Colour A       : Red, White and Blue Colour B       : Blue and White Seiyuu         : Satoshi Hashimoto Enquote        : "That's what makes a legend!" Enquote (jap)  : "Spare me the sour grapes!"                  "Stay Cool!"                  "Stop moping!  Give me a smile!"  o-Terry-----------------------------------------Movelist-----------o Grasping Upper          : Bk / Fwd + C when close Buster Throw            : Bk / Fwd + D when close Hammer Punch            : Fwd + A (overhead) Rising Upper            : Dwn-Fwd + C Burn Kunckle            : QCB + P Power Wave              : QCF + A Round Wave              : QCF + C (Hits low) Rising Tackle           : Hold Down 1 sec then Up + P Crack Shoot             : QCB + K Power Charge            : HCF + K Power Dunk              : DP + K during Power Charge Power Drive             : DP + P Power Shoot             : DP + K DM: Power Geyser        : QCB,Dwn-Back, Fwd + P                           note: I can do it by QCB, Fwd + P DM: High Angle Geyser   : QCFx2 + K Striker                 : If close: High Angle Geyser (instant)                           If not: "Dunk Geyser" (Power Geyser)  o-Terry-----------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start] Does two punches.  [Round Entry] Does some shuffling then does Dodge Attack saying "Ha!"  When possible, Terry shouts the name of his moves when executing them.  [QCFx2 + K] "Overheat Geyser!" (but see Misc. Section)  o-Terry-----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o  -Trolling is a form of fishing in which you trail the line behind a   slow-moving boat.  It's very popular for catching large,   ocean-going fish like marlin, wahoo, and tuna...   (from Asako Hisamatsu)  -Shortcut Power Geyser??: HCFx2 + P  (It's weird...)  -The monkey has appeared in various episodes of Terry's stage in   the Fatal Fury and KOF series inc FF3, KOF 95... I don't want to   hear any jokes about spanking the monkey.  He pats the monkey,  nothing more...  -High Angle Geyser/Hawaii Angle Geyser: The latter is the official  english name for the move.  What Terry actually says is debatable.  I've checked the soundtrack and it still sounds like   "Oh my Shit...Geyser!!!" but this may be a joke started by Gamest  magazine in '97.  o-Terry-----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o  Most Damaging Standing non DM Combo: Stand C (2 hit), Dwn-Fwd C, HCF + D, DP + D Most Damaging Standing DM Combo: Stand D (1 hit), Fwd A, QCFx2 + D Most Damaging Standing SDM Combo: Stand D (1 hit), Dwn Fwd C, QCFx2 + D  Note with the SDM-- does 70% damage.  But if your opponent is in the corner, they won't take all hits.  Cool.Combos.  -Call King Striker.  QCB + B, QCB + B, Power Geyser SDM  o-Terry-----------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Terry-----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Andy Bogard--------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth  : America Fighting Style  : Kopoken Age             : 23 DOB             : 16th August Blood Type      : A Height          : 172 cm Weight          : 67 kg Hobby           : Shugyou (Training) Favourite Food  : Natto Spaghetti Important Thing : Photo of him and Hanzo Shiranui Hated Thing     : Dogs Winpose A       : Crosses his hands and brings them down to his                    hips saying "Yoshi!" (All right!) Winpose B       : Turns around with hair blowing in the wind. Winpose C       : Halfway squats in a martial arts pose and                    breathes heavily. Colour A        : White Colour B        : Dark Green Seiyuu          : Keiichi Nanba Endquote        : "On the whole, you're tough, but I transcend                    tough!"  o-Andy------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Gourin Kai         : Bk / Fwd + C when close Kakaekomi Nage     : Bk / Fwd + D when close Jou Agito          : Fwd + B Age Omote          : Dwn Fwd + A Hi Sho Ken         : QCB + A Geki Hi Sho Ken    : QCB + C Sho Ryu Dan        : DP + P Zan Ei Ken         : Dwn-Back then Fwd + P                      -Follow with Fwd + P Ha Sui Shou        : (near foe) HCF + P Ku Ha Dan          : HCF + K Gen'ei Shiranui    : (in air) QCF + K                      -Follow with                        Shimo Agito: P (sweep) (new kick)                        Uwa Agito: K (overhead) (new kick) DM: Chou Reppo Dan : QCB HCF + K DM: Ryushi Ken     : QCB HCF + P Striker            : "Shippuu Zan'ei Ken"   o-Andy------------------------------------------Speech-------------o   [Round Start] Holds back his hair and motions a "C'mon" with his hand saying  "Humph!".  o-Andy------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o  Kao - I always saw "Koppou" translated as "bone breaking", but it     actually means "knack" or "understanding".  Since Andy learned     Shiranui ninjitsu from Hanzou, I suppose it means that he has     learned the ninja arts, or else basic ninja techniques.   -Andy can cancel his CD counter like Clark.  If you get a    Counter Message, you can combo with Dwn Fwd A ....   -Andy has a long standing animation.  He'll stop his fighting    stance and peer forward through his hands...  o-Andy------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   [email protected]: Jump D, C, HCF + C, as they fall Dwn Fwd A (1 hit)         cancelled into QCB HCF + K SDM.   [email protected]: Jump D, C (1hit), HCF + C, Walk Fwd, Call Mai striker,        DP + C.   [email protected]:CM: Call Robert, Dwn C, Dwn-Bk Fwd + A, QCB + C, QCB HCF + C.  o-Andy------------------------------------------Infinites----------o   -vs Xiangfei, corner.  HCF + P, Xiangfei does recovery roll.     You can combo.  So anything + HCF + P and repeat.    o-Andy------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o    -vs Real Kyo:  You'll need 2 players to test this out.   Do an early jump D to hit Kyo on the top of the head (Kyo does    not block).  Because of the early hit, Kyo has time to recover   and hit back.  Kyo does Dwn B x i (which goes right through Andy)   useless really, but hey, it's a bug.     -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Joe Higashi--------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Japan Fighting Style : Muetai Kickboxing Age            : 23 DOB            : 29th March Blood Type     : AB Height         : 180 cm Weight         : 71 kg Hobby          : Fighting Favourite Food : Fried Wani (Alligator) Important Thing: His Hachimaki (headband) Best Sport     : Any kind of fighting Hated Thing    : Dressing up formally Winpose A      : Gets down on his knees and screams "Yosha!!!"                  (I did it!) Winpose B      : Turns around and point at you on the floor and                  says "" Winpose C      : Jumps into the air and says "Yosha!" then falls                  down on his butt (his old background "Oh my God,                  my team member lost!" animation) and starts                  laughing. Colour A       : Red Shorts Colour B       : Blue Shorts Seiyuu         : Nobuyuki Hiyama Endquote       : (With mic. in hand) "You bring a song to mind.                   Heard of 'The Loser Blues?'"  o-Joe-------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Hiza Jigoku                          : Bk / Fwd + C when close Leg Throw                            : Bk / Fwd + D when close Low Kick                             : Fwd + B Sliding                              : Dwn Fwd + B Hurricane Upper                      : HCF + P Tiger Kick                           : DP + K Slash Kick                           : HCF + K Ougon no Kakato                      : QCB + K Bakuretsu Ken                        : P repeatedly                                        -Follow with                                           QCF + A (overhead)                                        or QCF + C (knockdown kick) DM: Screw Upper                      : QCFx2 + P DM: Bakuretsu Hurricane Tiger Kakato : QCF HCB + P DM: Shijou Saikyou no Low Kick       : QCFx2 + K  Striker : "Ora Ora Bakuretsu Ken".  If he connects, he'll end with an jumping uppercut and then   "moon" taunt!! ^_^  o-Joe-------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Taunt] Lifts one knee and rolls his right elbow saying  "Ohra Ohra!" (Well?)  DURING SCREW UPPER  (SDM) "Ototoi Kieyare" (Take this!)    Win pose  Points at you on the floor. "Mou ikkai yattemiruka~?"  (Want to try once more?)  o-Joe-------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o  -Has new Close D, Low C (now hits high but not  an overhead) and all of his jump attacks  except Jump A have new animation.  His Jump B aims downward now, and is now much more  useful for jump-ins (thank god). His Jump C has  incredible downward range, and is good for beating  down on crouching opponents.   o-Joe-------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -Stand C, Fwd B, QCF HCB + P  [email protected]: King Striker, QCB + B x2, DP + K  [email protected]: QCF x2 + K (Counter), A Rapid  [email protected]: King Striker, QCF x2 + P, QCF x2 + K  [email protected]: Robert Striker, C, Fwd B, HCF + A, QCFx2 + K  -vs Chang, CR: C, Fwd B, A rapid, HCF + C, A  Unconfirmed  -Stand C, Fwd B, A Rapid, QCF A, DP + K  -Ralf Striker, DP + K, (Ralf hits), QCF x2 + K  o-Joe-------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Joe-------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Mai Shiranui-------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Japan Fighting Style : Shiranui-ryu Ninjitsu Age            : 21 DOB            : 1st January Blood Type     : B Height         : 165 cm Weight         : 46 kg B87 W54 H90 Best sport     : Badminton Hobby          : Cooking Bento box (lunch boxes) Favourite Food : Ozouni- (New Year's dish) Rice Cakes boiled with                  vegetables Important Thing: Her Grandmother's kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) Hated Thing    : Spider Winpose A      : Tosses a fan into the air and catches it saying                  "Nippon Ichi!" (I'm Japan's No.1!) Winpose B      : Holds a fan up to the air then brings it down                  waving some confetti saying "Nippon Ichi!"                   (I'm Japan's No.1!) Winpose C      : Brings out a parasol and stands behind it saying                  "Nippon Ichi!" (I'm Japan's No.1!) Colour A       : Red Colour B       : Purple Seiyuu         : Akoya Sogi Endquote       : "Were you too easy, you ask?  You were too weak                   to be easy!"  o-Mai-------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o Shiranui Gourin                 : Bk / Fwd + C when close Fuusha Kuzushi                  : Bk / Fwd + D when close Yume Zakura                     : In air, any dir. but up + C / D Benitsuru no Mai                : Dwn-Fwd + B Tsubakuro no Mai                : Fwd + B (when close)(overhead) Daiwa Fuusha Otoshi             : In air, Dwn + A Yurazaume                       : In air, Dwn + P (move possible)                                  - Mai tries to "sit" on you Ukiha                           : In air, Dwn + K (move possible)                                  - Mai comes down with her knee                                    The two new moves are good for                                    crossing up... Kachou Sen                      : QCF + P Ryuu Enbu                       : QCB + P Musasabi no Mai (Kuuchuu)       : in air QCB + P Musasabi no Mai (Chijou)        : Hold Down 1 sec then Up + P                                  -follow with: Dwn + P                                  -or Dwn + K                                  -or QCB + K (Toki Tsubute) Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi          : HCF + K Koyasen Tori                    : QCB + K DM: Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi : QCB HCF + K DM: Hou'ou no Mai               : QCBx2 + P DM: Mizutori no Mai             : QCFx2 + P  Striker                         : Close: "Sakura Fubuki"                                   Far  : Taunt (can be hit)  o-Mai-------------------------------------------Speech-------------o [Round Start] "Kakatte rasshai!"  (Come at me!)  "Hitotsu!  Futatsu!  Mittsu!" (One (fan)!  Two (fans)!  Three (fans)!)  "Shiranui kugen Ougi!" (Shiranui style secret technique!)  "Fuusakabushi"   "Yumetekura!"  "Hora, ganbatte!" (hey now, don't give up!)  "Nippon ichi!" (Japan's no 1!)  o-Mai-------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o  -'kanzashi'is that little U-shaped thing Mai wears in her hair.  -Toki Tsubute AKA Shermie Homage.  This is an air grab.  The   opponent must be in the air for it to work.  When it does  work, Mai's hair suddenly covers her eyes - and I know why.  This move is possibly the most erotic happiness throw I have  ever seen.  Sorry, but that IS Shermie doing that move, not  Mai.  Mai grabs the opponent's head, rams it to her crotch...  I've watched it frame by frame using the pause button :)  o-Mai-------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o  Easy Combos:  Low/Stand C, Dwn Fwd B, QCB + B, QCB + A. Low/Stand C, Dwn Fwd B, QCB HCF + P  Cool.Combos.  -NCR + CM: Call Robert, Stand C, Dwn Fwd B, QCB + A, they launch   QCBx2 + P, Before they hit the ground do QCB+A cancelled into   QCB HCF + K (90% damage)  o-Mai-------------------------------------------Infinites----------o  o-Mai-------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  She has one.  Kind of like last years.  That's all I know right now.  --------------------------------------------------------------------                        Art of Fighting Team --------------------------------------------------------------------  Takuma felt glad when he recieved the invitation to KOF99. As usual, he assigned Ryo, Robert and Yuri to enter, but they found that this time Takuma will accompany them...  (editors note: So much for him retiring... BRING BACK SAISYU!!!)  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Ryo Sakazaki-------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Japan Fighting Style : Kyokugenryu Karate Age            : 24 DOB            : 2nd August Blood Type     : O Height         : 179 cm Weight         : 75 kg Hobby          : Sunday Carpentry Best sport     : Sumo Wrestling Favourite Food : Mochi (Rice Cake) and Natto Important Thing: Restored Motorcycle (perhaps the one from AOF 1?)                   and his horse, Maki Tatsu Hated Thing    : Bugs with many legs Winpose A      : Adjusts his suit with a grin then crosses his arms                  and brings them down forcefully saying "Osu!" Winpose B      : Brings his hands to his sides in a karate pose and                  breathes and looks to the side. Winpose C      : Does two punches, a kick, and then poses saying                   "Osu!" Colour A       : Orange Colour B       : Red Seiyuu         : Masaki Usui Endquote       : "Did Kyokugen Karate, will you?!  Now savor the                    pain it brings."  o-Ryo-------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Tani Otoshi           : Bk / Fwd + C when close Tomoe Nage            : Bk / Fwd + D when close Kouryuu Gokya Geri    : Bk / Fwd + A Ryuuhan Shuu          : Bk / Fwd + B (autoguard) Nidan Sokutou Geri    : Dwn-Fwd + B (autoguard) Ko Ou Ken             : QCF + P Ko Hou                : DP + P Hi En Senpuu Kyaku    : HCB + K Zan Retsu Ken         : Fwd Bk Fwd + P (autoguard) Ko Hou Senpuu Ken     : QCB + P (autoguard) Rai Jin Setsu         : QCF + K DM: Haou Shou Ko Ken  : Fwd, HCF + P DM: Ryu Ko Ranbu      : QCF HCB + P DM: Tenchi Haou Ken   : QCFx2 + P  Striker : Mid-air Ko Ou Ken.    You can hit opponents on the floor with this AND then you can  normal/special throw them.  o-Ryo-------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start] "Osu!" (Lit: When a fighter is ready to do or has occomplished something)  [Taunt] "Ohra Ohra!" (Well Well!)  [QCFx2 + P] "Ichigeki Hissatsu!" (One-hit deadly finish!)  "Kusouuuuu" (Damn)  o-Ryo-------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -Standing B abusers can forget about it this year!  That's   right: Ryo's stand B is no longer the best poke in the game.   It's changed to a laggy poke.     -Fwd A, A can still combo...   -QCFx2 DM as a counter takes 50% damage.  On SDM it takes   like... Galactica Phantom proportions....!   -Ryo's Fwd B is used with its autoguard properties to scare   opponents.  After chaining it, either throw or DP the opponent.   It also nullifies projectiles.  o-Ryo-------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -Ryo can AB Dodge Attack + Stand A and combo.   [email protected]: Opponent Jumping: Striker Iori, Fwd Bk Fwd + P x3        (The opponent has to hit the puddle first)  o-Ryo-------------------------------------------Infinites----------o   [email protected]: Call Any Striker that launches opponent for juggle eg         King or Ralf, AM Mode, Dodge Attack x i  o-Ryo-------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Robert Garcia------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Italy Fighting Style : Kyokugenryu Karate Age            : 24 DOB            : 25th December Blood Type     : AB Height         : 180 cm Weight         : 85 kg Hobby          : Collecting Cars Favourite food : Yakisoba, sushi Best sport     : Motor Sports Important Thing: Collection of Cars Hated Thing    : Rakkyou Winpose A      : Does a kick then stance, grinning. Winpose B      : Flips a coin and catches it. Winpose C      : Turns around and gives the thumnbs up saying                   "Dou-ya!" (How's that!) Colour A       : White Black and Brown Colour B       : Black Red and Brown Seiyuu         : Mantarou Koichi Enquote        : "If everyone loves a winner, I'm freakin                   irresistable!"  o-Robert----------------------------------------Movelist-----------o Nidan Sokutou Geri           : Dwn Fwd + B                                -Robert's version of Kyo's                                  Dwn Fwd D.  2 hits. Ryuutobi Kyaku               : Bk / Fwd + C when close Kubi Kiri Nage               : Bk / Fwd + D when close Ryuu Han Shuu                : Bk/Fwd + B Kou-ryuu Gokyageri           : Bk/Fwd + A Ryu Geki Ken                 : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd + P Su Jin Ren Bu Kyaku          : Hold Down 1 sec then Up + P Hi En Senpuu Kyaku           : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd K Hi En Ryu Jin Kyaku          : in air Dwn K Ryu Zan Chen                 : Hold Down 1 sec then Up K DM: Haou Shou Ko Ken         : Fwd, HCF + P DM: Ryu Ko Ranbu             : QCF HCB + P DM: Muei Senpuu Juudan Kyaku : QCB HCF + K Striker                      : perform Ryu Ko Ranbu  o-Robert----------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start] "Hona.. Ikimase!"  ("Well then, let's go!)  "Donai shitan ya?" "What's wrong? What happened?"  o-Robert----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o  -I ate Rakkyou while in Japan.  It's a bitter food.  Not bad..   -Robert as a Striker is popular at the moment as you can join   in and combo with him.  If they block him you can cross up....  o-Robert----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -NCR : Call King, Fwd HCF+P SDM (about 2/3 hits connect),         walk Fwd, QCB HCF+K.   [email protected]: Fwd A, Low A, Hold Dwn + Up + P, Hold Dwn + Up + K  o-Robert----------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Robert----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o                          -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Yuri Sakazaki------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Japan Fighting Style : Kyokugenryu Karate Age            : 20 DOB            : 7th December Blood Type     : A Height         : 168 cm Weight         : 54 kg B82 W58 H86 Hobby          : Karoake Best Sport     : Softball Favourite Food : Sweet Curry with homemade Pickled Umeboshi (plums) Important thing: Friends, her late mother's pearl earrings Hated Thing    : Octopus, people who like Octopus, indecisive men Winpose A      : Adjusts her karate suit then looks up and stands                  with thumbs saying "Chou yoyutchi!"                   (Super Easy Win!) Winpose B      : Does two punches, a kick and then stances saying                  "Un!" Winpose C      : Does Ryo's Dwn Fwd B, then lifts fist in the air                  standing on one foot saying "Ya-ii!" (Great!) Colour A       : Blue tights, White top Colour B       : Brown, White top, Orange Trainers (UGLIEEEE!). Seiyuu         : Kaori Horie Endquote       : "Skill over power, spirit over skill!  The                    secret to victory!"  o-Yuri------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Oni Harite             : Bk / Fwd + C when close Silent Nage            : Bk / Fwd + D when close Tsubame Otoshi         : In air, any dir. but u + C / D Senkai Kyaku           : Fwd + B,B (not an overhead.... why?) Butt Smash             : Fwd + A (overhead) Ko Ou Ken              : QCF + P                          -hold and it will become Haou Shou Ko Ken Rai On Ken             : QCF + K Hyakuretsu Binta       : HCB, Fwd + K Yuri Chou Mawashi Geri : QCB + K Yuri Chou Upper        : DP + P                          -C version can follow with Yuri Double                           Chou Upper :DP + C Hien Shippuu Ken       : QCB + P                          -Now has autoguard + Chargable -not                           unblockable but if you go near her                           you will be sucked in and suffer                           multiple hits! Hyakuretsu Binta       : HCB + K DM: Hien Hou'ou Kyaku  : QCF HCB + K DM: Shin. Chou Upper   : QCFx2 + P DM: Hi En Upper        : QCFx2 + K Striker                : Close: Shin Chou Upper                          Far:   Taunt (can be hit)  o-Yuri------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start] "Babbito yattsukechau zo!"  (I will defeat you quickly!)  o-Yuri------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o  Misc: In AOF 1, Mrs Sakazaki's name was Ronnet.  The ultimate Capcom Parody: This Year, Yuri has Sakura's overhead kick, her HCB + K now parodies Ryu/Ken rather than Sakura and now she has both Ken and Ryu's Dragon Punch DMs.  o-Yuri------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o o-Yuri------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Yuri------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Takuma Sakazaki----------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Japan Fighting Style : Kyokugenryu Karate Age            : 50 DOB            : 4th February Blood Type     : O Height         : 180 cm Weight         : 88 kg Hobby          : Soba Strike Good Sport     : General Grappling Favourite Food : Washed (cooked) white rice and Miso Soup Important Thing: His two children, his pupil and Kyokugenryu! Hated Thing    : Snakes Winpose A      : Faces screen and does some martial arts practice                  ending in a Haoh Shi Kou Ken pose then crosses                   hands and looks at the floor. Winpose B      : Puts his arms inside his Karate Suit and then pulls                  it open revealing his muscled body and scarred                   chest. Winpose C      : Stands with Fist held at head level saying "Mada                  Mada..." Colour A       : White Colour B       : Dark Green Seiyuu         : Eiji Tsuda Endquote       : "Kyokugen Karate is the true way of battle!"  o-Takuma----------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Ibbon Seoi Nage              : Bk / Fwd + C when close Oosotogari                   : Bk / Fwd + D when close Oniguruma                    : Fwd + A (Knockdown) Higuruma Otoshi: Dan Tsubushi: Bk + A (Overhead) Kawara Wari                  : Fwd + B (Overhead) Downed Kick                  : Dwn Fwd B (when foe is on floor) Sanchin no Kata              : Dwn, Dwn + P,                                 -hold P to increase Power Gauge Ko Ou Ken                    : QCF + P Hi En Senpuu Kyaku           : Hold Bk-Dwn for 1 sec then Fwd + K Zan Retsu Ken                : Fwd Bk Fwd + P Mou Ko Murai Garai           : QCB + P Shoran Kyaku                 : HCB + K DM: Haou Chi Ko Ken          : Fwd, HCF + P DM: Ryuko Ranbu              : QCF HCB + P DM: Shin Gayshin Geki        : near foe QCFx2 + P Striker                      : perform Haou Chi Ko Ken  o-Takuma----------------------------------------Speech-------------o [Round Start] "Madamada gen'eki deikeruwai!" (I'm still on active duty!)  "migitawa shya"  [SDM Ryoku Ranbu]  "Todomeja!" (THE last one!)  [Shin Gayshin Geki] "Kijin geki ... douja?"  (Cranky Attack!  how's that?) [Taunt] "Katatekunka?" (Wont you come and play?)  o-Takuma----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o o-Takuma----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o  Tested vs Ryo  -Corner, Opponent Jumping, Striker Iori + Fwd Bk Fwd + P hits   at the same time, Fwd Bk Fwd + P, Fwd Bk Fwd + P, Fwd Bk Fwd + P,   Dwn Fwd B.      Tested vs Ryo  -Corner, Jump D, Stand C, Fwd A, QCF HCB + P SDM, Call Ryo Striker,   HCB + K (100%)  -Striker Iori, Fwd HCF + P x2, Striker Iori, Fwd HCF + P, HCB + K  Something wrong here I've got the translation wrong... argh...  o-Takuma----------------------------------------Infinites----------o  Armour Mode. Corner. Dodge Attack.  Repeat  o-Takuma----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -On fallen opponent.  QCF + A.  As the fireball approaches, do   HCB + K.  They cannot block the fireball.  --------------------------------------------------------------------                           Ikari Team --------------------------------------------------------------------  Since the battle, Heidern's instincts told him that many things of KOF99 are questionable, so he decided to send Leona, Ralf and Clark to enter the touranment, along with Whip, the specialist spy, to discover the mysteries of KOF99.  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Leona--------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Unknown Fighting Style : Army-Training + Heidern Assault Skill Age            : 18 DOB            : 10th January Blood Type     : B + Orochi Height         : 176 cm Weight         : 66 Kg B84 W60 H87 Hobby          : Inspecting (weapons?) Factories Best sport     : None particularly Favourite Food : Vegetables Important Thing: None particularly Hated Thing    : Blood Winpose A      : She turns away from her fallen opponent and holds                   a hand up to her face.  A shadow flits across her                   face as her eye gleams, and she says "Chikara wa                   seigyo dekiru kedo, sore ni, tayoru tsumori wa                   nai."  (I can control my power but I have no                   intention of relying on it.)  Winpose B      : She crosses an arm over her midsection, holding                   her other just above the elbow, shakes her head,                   and says "Anata de wa katenai" (You cannot win).   Winpose C      : Leona speaks into her wristwatch communicator,                   saying the good old "Ninmu... kanryo."                    (Mission... complete.)  She then takes off her                  hair tie and shakes her hair out, then turns her                   head partially away from the opponent, looking                   at him/her out of the corner of her eye.  Colour A       : Green Colour B       : Pink Seiyuu         : Masae Yumi Endquote       : "Why did you do it?  You never had a chance!"  o-Leona----------------------------Moves---------------------------o  Leona Crush        : Bk / Fwd + C when close Ordeal Buckler     : Bk / Fwd + D when close Heidern Inferno    : In air, any dir. but u + C / D Strike Arc         : Bk/fwd + B Moon Slasher       : Hold Down 1 sec then Up + P Grand Slasher      : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd K Gliding Buster     : while grand slasher (D button), Fwd + D X-Caliber          : in air QCB + P Baltic Launcher    : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd + P Earring Bomb 1     : QCB + K Earring Bomb 2     : RDP + K, then activate by RDP + K                       -RDP + B makes Earring Bomb 1 short distance                       -RDP + D makes Earring Bomb 1 long distance DM: V-Slasher      : in air QCF HCB + P DM: Rebel Spark    : QCB HCF + K DM: Grateful Dead  : QCFx2 + P Striker            : plants bomb on opponent   o-Leona-----------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Striker] "Heart Attack!"  [Round Start] "Ninmu, suikou shimasu." (I will do my duty!)  [Taunt] "Nigeru no yo"  (Run away)  [Winpose A] "Chikara wa seigyo dekiru kedo, sore ni, tayoru tsumori wa nai."  (I can control my power but I have no intention of relying on it.)    [Winpose B] "Anata de wa katenai" (You cannot win)    [Winpose C] "Ninmu... kanryo."   (Mission... complete.)  o-Leona-----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -Did you know?: "Ikari" translates as "Getting Angry"?   -Orochi Leona is THERE.  Kind of.  Win pose and in her new DM    which is Heidern's Soul Drainer (but doesn't give her any energy).   -Earring Bomb 1:  There are two types.  It depends on which    Earring Bomb 2 she uses first;   RDP + B ---> QCB + B or D = Bomb is thrown short distance and   can juggle.   RDP + D ---> QCB + B or D = Bomb is thrown far.     -Bomb 2 takes approx 3.48 to detonate but will defuse if Leona   gets hit.  After attaching the bomb, you can continue to combo   but it doesn't show on the combo meter.   -There are ways to avoid getting hit by Bomb 2... I've jumped   "out" of it with Clark once... there are other "freaky"    occasions....   -Is Leona the only character with multiple animation for sitting   down?  She sits down, flicks her hair, waits, then does a "I'm   ready to catch" pose!  Also when she stands, she bounces around   then stops, holds her hands out and freezes, then goes back to   the bounce.  Well... it's not as bad as Andy eh?  OH NO! BAO!   -After you knock down the opponent, or throw them across the    screen, throw the earning bomb, then immediately run and jump B    at them. This is a guarantee hit because the bomb hits low and    the air attack must hit high!   o-Leona-----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -CM:@CR: Jump C/D, D(first hit),RDP+D,D (1 hit), Fwd+B, QCB+A,            QCF HCB + A button, the bomb will explode... 100%   [email protected]: Stand near the opposite end of the screen and make sure your        earring bomb is the short one (so do RDP + B).        Striker Ralf, QCB + B, Jump QCF HCB + C OR HCFx2 + C  o-Leona-----------------------------------------Infinites----------o   -vs Ryo:    @CR: Hold Back, Fwd + A, Repeat  o-Leona-----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -QCFx2 SDM on Benimaru, Ryo or Yuri.  90%+ damage!!!   -a consequent 100% combo would be:    [email protected]: Jump D, HCF + D, HCF + C (SDM)     -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Ralf Jones---------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth  : America Fighting Style  : Army-Training + Heidern Assasination Skill Age             : 39 DOB             : 25th August Blood Type      : A Height          : 188 cm Weight          : 110 kg Hobby           : Collecting Knives Best sport      : Baseball Favourite Food  : Chewing Gum Important Thing : Medal given to him from the President Hated Thing     : Snakes Round Start     : Rolls back his arms a few times then stands                   with arms back and fists front saying "Woooah!" Winpose A       : Raises a fist into the air then brings it down                   and leans to the side saying "Yeyy!" Winpose B       : He does a traditional "F*** you!" gesture and                    says "Ketaga chigauze!" (This time we see whose                   power is greater!) Winpose C       : Smacks his fist into his palm twice then brings                    his arms back and says "Woaah!" Colour A        : Green Colour B        : Orange Seiyuu          : Monster Maetsuka Enquote         : "I can survive anything-- including Nukes!"  o-Ralf------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Dynamite Head Bomb         : Bk / Fwd + C when close Northern Light Bomb        : Bk / Fwd + D when close Gatling Attack             : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd + P Super Argentina BackBreaker: near foe then HCF + K Vulcan Punch               : P repeatly (move possible) Fast Bombing Punch         : Hold Down 1 sec then Up + P                              or in air QCF + P Ralf Kick                  : Hold B or D for 5 secs                              - you can't run while charging.                              - you can't do special move                              - charge is reset if Ralf gets hit or                                blocks a hit Ralf Tackle                : HCB + K (autoguard) DM: Flash Vulcan Punch     : QCF HCB + P DM: Mount Vulcan Punch     : QCB HCF + K DM: Galactica Phantom      : QCFx2 + P  Striker : Fast bombing punch first then galactica phantom            (blockable).    o-Ralf------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Striker]  "Totte oki da ze!"  (I saved this one for last!)  [HCB + K] "Toriya Toriya!!!"  (Equivalent of "Take this!")  [QCB HCF + K] "Taiman hataatara... Dachija!!!"  (You were careless... my friend!)  [SDM QCFx2 + P] "Otokono iipatsuda korya!!!"  (This is it! THE punch!)             o-Ralf------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -No Max damage Backhand (Far C) for Ralf this year (T-T)    -But the 100% GP Counter is still there (^_^) QCFx2+P SDM, hold P   ... Terry does QCB + A... autoguard .. BOOM.   -Blue Mary, Ralf and Lucky Glauber share a passion for Baseball...   -HCB+ K knocks out sweeps too!!!   -Ralf's Galactica Phantom has full autoguard (as you know) but it    can be knocked out by a [Dwn + D sweep].  This was true with    Iori in '97 (haven't checked it for 2 years eheh).  However...   some characters cannot knock him out with their down D sweep if    it hits Ralf knee area, such as Shingo and Terry.  Galactica    Phantom can be avoided by some crouching characters.  The    Galactica Phantom will just pass over their heads.  Only five    characters can crouch to avoid it:    Xiangfei, Bao, Chin, Choi, and Jhun (Yes! Jhun!).  o-Ralf------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -vs Chang: Ralf can dodge attack and low D.  Cool.Combos.  -Jump C, C, qcb hcf+b/d(SDM), striker ryo, hcf+b/d (100%)  -Call Robert, Dwn C, QCFx2 + P SDM!!! (Easier with QCF + Cx2)   -Call King, Hold K, King juggles, Release K, QCB HCF + K SDM!!!  [email protected]: Ryo Striker, Jump C, Dwn C, QCB HCF + K SDM, Ryo Striker,        HCF + K (101%)  o-Ralf------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Ralf------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -Chin Striker. Wait for Chin to Taunt.  HCF + B/D.  Chin should   hit opponent before they land on your hands.  You will freeze.   -Using Ralf as a Striker: When the opponent flies into the air    after using Ralf as a Striker you can standing combo them just    as they hit the ground (the bug is that they are suddenly    standing when you hit them)  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Clark Steel--------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : America Fighting Style : Army-Training + Heidern Assasination Skill Age            : 34 DOB            : 7th May Blood Type     : A Height         : 187 cm Weight         : 105 kg Hobby          : Guns Collection Best sport     : Wrestling  -Heh Heh you bet ;) Favourite Food : Oatmeal Important Thing: His Sunglasses Hated Thing    : Slugs Winpose A      : Lifts his cap a little and gives the thumbs up                   saying "Heyy!" Winpose B      : Wipes his mouth with his gloved hand and says Winpose C      : Looks down and draws a line across the front of                   his cap saying "Nimrou Kanyou!" (Mission                   Accomplished!) Colour A       : Dark Blue Colour B       : Dark Green Seiyuu         : Yoshinori Shima Endquote       : "I had fun.  For about 5 seconds.  A new low."  o-Clark-----------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Nageppanashi German            : Bk / Fwd + C when close Fisherman Buster               : Bk / Fwd + D when close Death Lake Drive               : In air, any dir. but u + C / D Stomping                       : Fwd + B Gatling Attack                 : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd + P                                  -can follow with Napalm Stretch Napalm Stretch                 : DP + P Frankensteiner                 : DP + K Flashing Elbow                 : after Napalm Stretch,                                  Frankensteiner or SAB: QCF + P Mount Tackle                   : HCF + P (blockable- so use in combo)                                  -Follow with:                                   Rolling Cradle: Down Down + K                                   Clark Lift: Down Down + A                                   Super Lift: Down Down + C                                    -ONLY Super Lift --> QCF + A/C Super Argentina BackBreaker    : HCF + K (throw) DM: Ultra Argentina BackBreaker: near foe then HCBx2 + P DM: Running Three              : HCFx2 + K Striker                        : grabs opponent and throws into air                                 (yes you can juggle!)  o-Clark-----------------------------------------Speech-------------o   [Round Start] "Anta, senaka ga susuketeruze."  (I'll make your back dirty!)  [Winpose ] "Otaku Shibui ne..."  (You're really cool) (Obvious sarcasm hehe)  [Dodge] "Ima da!"  (Do it now!)  [SDM HCBx2 + P] "Clark Spark!"  [SDM HCFx2 + K] "Running Threyaaaaaaa!"  (Running three plus screaming)  At the moment there's one phrase TOTALLY puzzling me as I can't find it in the game.  It may be a case of '96 all over again, as it may be a speech not used for kof '99.  I'll add the phrase anyway next update.  o-Clark-----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -Clark's CD Counter is cancellable.  If you get "COUNTER" msg   after you do the CD counter, you can combo with QCF + C, etc.  o-Clark-----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o    -Jump D, C (1 hit), Hld Bk + Fwd C, DP + A, QCF + A  o-Clark-----------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Clark-----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -Practise Mode:  Clark, Whip vs Shingo, Terry.  Action: Stand   Counter: On Attack: On.  Put Clark in corner.  Taunt Shingo to    stand next to him.  CD Counter Shingo's attack and do QCF + A,    Dwn Dwn A.  Clark slides back to the corner....    -Chin Striker. Wait for Chin to Taunt.  HCF + B/D.  Chin should   hit opponent before they land on your hands.  You will freeze.   Also works with SDM [HCBx2 + P]   -Ryo/ Robert: Clark as a striker. Clark grabs and throws,   Robert does QCF HCB, or Ryo does QCFx2 + P... Clark gets "hit"!  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Whip---------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Unknown Fighting Style : Whip mastering + Heidern Assault Skill Age            : 16 DOB            : 12th October Blood Type     : O Height         : 173 cm Weight         : 59 kg B? W? H? Hobby          : None Favorite food  : Honey Best sport     : None Important thing: "Uddodou" (name of whip) Hated thing    : Angels, Abuse of the Internet, corruption. Colour A       : Biege/Grey Colour B       : Dark Blue/Purple Round Start    : Whip whips her whip saying "Koko ga, anata no                   deadline." (This is your deadline) Winpose A      : She brings her whip to her wrapped up and                   says "Gokigen ne, Udoddu" Winpose B      : Lays the whip on the floor and flicks it slightly,                   saying "Hiyagare ba, ito wa tare teru wa" Winpose C      : Wraps Uddodu around her wrist and kisses it. Seiyuu         : Shiho Kikuchi Enquote        : "All show.  No substance!"  o-Whip------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Whip Shot               : Fwd + A (can be extended up to 5 times) Bommerang Shoot "SC"    : HCF + P Assassin's Strike "BB"  : DP  A or B or C or D Strength Shot "Superior": HCB A (can hold) Strength Shot "Power"   : HCB B (can hold) Strength Shot "Victory" : HCB C (can hold) Strength Shot Cancel    : D (while holding A,B or C Strength Shot) Hook Shot "Wind"        : in air QCB + P Desert Eagle Shot       : RDP + P repeatly DM: Sonic Slaughter "KW": QCB HCF + P Striker                 : Far   : Whips (large range!)                           Close : Jump Hit and HCF + C  o-Whip------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start]  "Koko wa anata no deadline"  (Here is your deadline)  [Round entry other than 1st up]  "Kaku go wa ii? Watashi wa dekiteru"   (Ready? I'm already ready!)  [Taunt]  "Kyou gaso garetawa."  [D Throw]  "Yame!"   [Fwd A x5]  "Ukete minnasai, Shureno, muchio! Hora!"   (Take this!..?? Here!)  [Stand C or D] "Te"  (used like "go away")  [HCB + A] "Watashi wa anato no tekidakara"  [HCB + A/B/C then D] "Muchio!"  [HCF + P] "Boomerang!"   [QCF HCB + P] "Hiyagare ba.... Shall we dance?"  She only says "Shall we dance?" if the DM connects.  [If DM doesn't connect] "Makanai"  (I wont lose.)  -Unsorted-  "Attack!"  o-Whip------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -My favourite character :)   -Whip has SEVEN shots in her gun.  Use them all in any round   and she will take a LONG time to reload.   -Whip's invincibility during his Dodge is instant.  She is only    invincible for the first frame of the AB Dodge.  Trying to dodge   through attacks with more than 1 frame of attack is suicide.   To dodge fireballs, Whip has to dodge at the very last second.  o-Whip------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -Whip can Dodge Attack and Low B combo   -vs Chang   @CR: CM: (Stand at other end of the screen).   Jump QCB + C, Jump D (2 hit), Stand Bx3, HCF + C, QCB HCF + C,    Of course, Dwn A to finish !  o-Whip------------------------------------------Infinites----------o   -Armour Mode. Corner. Dodge Attack.  Repeat  o-Whip------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -See K' section  --------------------------------------------------------------------                       Psycho Soldier Team --------------------------------------------------------------------  Chin begin his training on Bao, a 12 year old boy who born on the 200 years anniversary of the baddest day.. is it a sign of evil?... Meanwhile Kensou is worrying about his fading off Psycho Powers...  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Athena Asamiya-----------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Japan Fighting Style : ESP Age            : 18 DOB            : 14th March Blood Type     : B Height         : 163 cm Weight         : 49 kg B83 W57 H82 Hobby          : Astrology Best sport     : Lacross Favourite Food : Strawberry rice cake stuffed with bean jam Important Thing: Peter Rabbit Tea Set and a certain letter from a                  fan -that letter was the one sent to her in '97                  that made her join the tournament.  That fan's                  name is Kaoru Watanabe, you can recognise                   her big glasses from endpics in 98... Hated Thing    : Grasshoppers Colour A       : Red Colour B       : Dark Blue Round Start    : Does her Sailormoon transformation and says                  "Athena Ikimasu!" (lit: Here comes Athena!) Winpose A      : Jumps up and down then holds up one fist saying                  "Yatta!  Gu!" (I did it! Good!) Winpose B      : Turns around and puts one foot on its heel with                  her hands around her back saying "Ganba Ganba!"                  (Don't give up!) Winpose C      : Salutes and winks saying "Athena makenai!"                  (Athena can't lose!) Timeout loss   : Holds her hands to her face, sobbing. Seiyuu         : Haruna Ikezawa  Enquote        : "Everyone got so strong!  I gotta train harder!"  o-Athena----------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Bit Throw              : Bk / Fwd + C when close Psychic Throw          : Bk / Fwd + D when close Psychic Shoot          : In air, any dir. but u + C / D Renkantai              : Fwd + B Phoenix Bomb           : Jump, d + B Psycho Sword           : DP + P (air ok) Psycho Ball            : QCB + P Phoenix Arrow          : in air QCB + K Psycho Reflector       : HCB + K Psycho Shoot           : HCF + P Psycho Teleport        : HCF + K DM: Phoenix Fang Arrow : in air QCFx2 + K DM: Shining Crystal Bit: HCBx2 + P (air ok) DM: Crystal Shoot      : QCF + P while SCB Striker                : SCB + small amount of healing                          -this can be used cheaply as you can hide                           behind her  o-Athena----------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Winpose] "Athena ni omakase" (I've done it!)  [Striker] "Totoke Kokoroni Gambatte!" (This is for your heart so don't give up!)  If you get hit she'll say "Gomen ne" (sorry)  o-Athena----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o    -Against grab happy grapplers try this tactic...    Jump C or CD,(still in air) dwn B, then next time Jump C or CD,     (still in air) dwn B, QCB + D    -Apart from this year, every year Athena has changed Voice Actor.                         KOF 94: Fukui Reiko                         KOF 95: Nagasaki Moe                         KOF 96: Satou Tamao                         KOF 97: Kurisu Yukina                         KOF 98/99: Ikezawa Haruna    -She still has the random bikini when she does SCB.    o-Athena----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o o-Athena----------------------------------------Infinites----------o  -I know what it is, just not allowed to tell.  Await m00nrun's faq.  o-Athena----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -On fallen opponent.  HCB + A.  As the fireball approaches, do   HCF + K.  They cannot block the fireball.   [email protected]: HCBx2 + P.  It will hit opponent as they get up and count        on the combo meter.  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Sie Kensou---------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : China Fighting Style : Chinese Martial Arts Age            : 19 DOB            : 23rd September Blood Type     : B Height         : 172 cm Weight         : 61 kg Hobby          : Manga Best sport     : Soccer Favourite Food : Chinese Meat (Niku-Man) Bun Important Thing: Hayami Yu Debut Album, Stuffed Animal from fan Hated Thing    : Shugyou (Training) Winpose A      : Looks grim and holds his fist clenched saying                  "Mada ya, mada totokai"  (I can't reach it).  He                   looks up at the sky. Winpose B      : Stands on one foot, the other scratching his shin                  saying "Ore no kachi a na" (I won this!). Winpose C      : Hops and somersaults into the air, landing in                   a pose saying "Yattade!" (I did it!) Colour A       : Blue Colour B       : Red Seiyuu         : Eiji Yano Enquote        : "I'm not a pyschic but I am a psycho!"  o-----------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o Hakkei                      : Bk / Fwd + C when close Tomoe Nage                  : Bk / Fwd + D when close Ko Bokute                   : Fwd + A Gosentai                    : Fwd + B SenShippo                   : QCB + P                       -Imagine Tung Fu Rue's "bare knuckle" move...                        Fast and safe poke if you range it properly. Senkyuutai                  : QCF + K Ryu Gen Ga . Chi Ryu        : HCF + A  Ryu Gen Ga . Ten Ryu        : HCF + C  Ryu Geki Sai                : RDP + K  Dragon Talon Attack         : (air) QCB + P Ryu Renda                   : DP + P repeatly                       - This is his DP "throw" from '98.  It now                         has no recovery time.                         You can repeat this infintely with                         low/stand A until the opponent does a CD                         counter or AB slide counter.... DM: Shin Ryu Sei Ou Rekkyaku: QCF HCB + B DM: Shin Ryu Ten Bu Kyaku   : QCF HCB + D DM: Sen Ki Hakkai           : (near foe) QCFx2 + P DM: Niku Man                : QCBx2 + P Striker                     : He will eat his bun and heals you.  o-Kensou----------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [DP+ A/C] "Younai younai!" (lit: I don't need to use power)  [Taunt] "Nandeyanen"  (Why/ Why not?)  [Striker] "Umaide!"  (lit: I'm a good fighter)  [Sen Ki Hakkai] "Kore de... kimariya!" (This is the finish!)   o-Kensou----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o  His new DM is a super version of his [DP + P]  o-Kensou----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o o-Kensou----------------------------------------Infinites----------o   @CR: DP + P (unblocked) QCF + D then QCF + B x infinite  o-Kensou----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Chin Genstai-------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : China Fighting Style : Chinese Martial Arts(mainly Drunken Fists) Age            : 89 DOB            : 27th April Blood Type     : A Heightb        : 164 cm Weight         : 53 kg Hobby          : Mah Jong Best sport     : Yoyo and walking Favourite Food : Fried Tang and Nagasaki boiled cream sukiyaki.                  Fried Boiled Noodle.  Turkish Rice.  Lemon Salmon                  with lettuce and fried rice.  Banana roll.                  Chicken.  Octopus Rice.  Soba.  Sake...                  (there's more...) Important Thing: Sake Hated Thing    : Panda Winpose A      : Gets out his gourd and whips it around like a yoyo                  so it lands on his open hand. Winpose B      : Takes a drink from his gourd and hiccups. Winpose C      : Takes a puff from his pipe and says "Nii-maa-!" Colour A       : Dark Green Colour B       : Purple Seiyuu         : Toshikazu Nisimura Endquote       : "How about that Kid?  I still got the stuff!"  o-Chin------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Kyouin Sake              : Bk / Fwd + C when close Gyaku Kyaku Nage         : Bk / Fwd + D when close Suiho Hyoutan Shuu       : Fwd + A Hyoutan Geki             : QCB + P Fun'en Kou               : (after Hyoutan Geki) QCF + P  Gou'en Shourai: Kai*     : (after Hyoutan Geki) DP + P     Ryu Rin Hou Rai          : DP + P Kaiten Tekikuu Totsuken  : HCF + K   Suikan kanou             : Down Down + P (ABCD to cancel)  Choushuu Rikugyo        : Fwd + P from Suikan Kanou  Kaiten Tekikuu Totsuken : Fwd + K during Suikan Kanou Bougetsu Sui             : Down Down + D                            (you can move or press ABCD to cancel)  Ryuuja Hanhou           : Up + B from Bougetsu Sui  Choushuu Rikugyo        : Up + D from Bougetsu Sui  Kaiten Tekikuu Totsuken : Fwd + K during Bougetsu Sui Suihai Kou               : QCF + P  Fun'en Kou              : QCF + P from Suihai Kou  Gou'en Shourai: Kai     :  DP + P from Suihai Kou         Totsu Ken                : HCF + K DM: Gau Ran Enpou        : QCFx2 + P DM: Gau En Shourai       : QCF HCB + K Striker                  : Close: Ryu Rin Hou Rai.                            Far:   Taunt, then Ryu Rin Hou Rai.  o-Chin------------------------------------------Speech-------------o   [Round Start] "Bochi Bochi, hajimerukanou!"  (Let's begin slowly!)  o-Chin------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   Hyoutan Geki             : QCB + P   -Here, Chin drinks from his gourd.  This move hits.   Fun'en Kou               : (after Hyoutan Geki) QCF + P    -This is his "spit" move.  You can only do this after he drinks    and only once (you have to drink again).  A button is 1 flame    spit, C button is multiple flame spits.   Gou'en Shourai: Kai*     : (after Hyoutan Geki) DP + P       -After he drinks, his DP move is like his DM (he's on fire).  o-Chin------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o o-Chin------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Chin------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Bao----------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : China Fighting Style : ESP Age            : 12 DOB            : 18th July Blood Type     : Unknown Height         : 153 cm Weight         : 40 kg Hobby          : Home Game Favourite food : Hot milk with no sugar Best sport     : River Fishing Important Thing: B class game and Family Games Hated Thing    : Role Playing Games Colour A       : Orange Colour B       : Pink Seiyuu         : Kanako Nakano Endquote       : "Oh yes! I am victorious! And happy as an oyster!"  o-Bao-------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Gen'ei Tougi                    : (Close) Bk / Fwd + C Critical Throw                  : (Close) Bk / Fwd + D Soushou                         : In air, d + A Ban Hebi                        : In air, d + B Kakugi                          : f + A Senheki Shuu                    : f + B Senshou Shuu                    : df + B Rikotsu Shuu                    : df + D Psycho Ball Attack . Front      : QCB + A Psycho Ball Attack . Air Front  : in air QCB + A Psycho Ball Crash . Front       : QCB + C Psycho Ball Crash . Air Front   : in air QCB + C Psycho Ball Attack . Rise       : QCF + A Psycho Ball Crash . Rise        : QCF + C Psycho Ball Attack . Reflect    : QCB + K Psycho Ball Attack . Bound      : QCF + K Psycho Ball Attack . Air Bound  : in air QCF + B Psycho Ball Attack . Bound      : QCF + B Psycho Ball Crash . Air Bound   : in air QCF + D Psycho Ball Crash . Aerial Bound: in air QCF + D DM: Psycho Ball Attack . Max    : QCBx2 + P DM: Psycho Ball Attack . DX     : F, HCF + K DM: Psycho Ball Attack . SP     : QCBx2 + K Striker                         : Jumps in C, does QCBx2+P DM  o-Bao-------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start]  "Oteyawarakani!"  (not so hard please!)  [Taunt] "Tsumanmai!" (Boring!)  [Winpose A]  "Teleport o shimasu...Yappari murika!" (I'm going to teleport!...ah, I really can't do it!)  [Winpose B] "Are? Datta no?" (literally: "What happened?)  [Winpose C] Scratches the ground humming to himself.  o-Bao-------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -Hold Down.  Bao sits down...Bao starts to get tired...Bao feels   sleepy...Bao...zzzzzzzz...    o-Bao-------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -Cross up with DF+B, Terry Striker, QCB x2 +A/C DM   -There are various combos using his F, HCF + K DM, but the best   one I've seen is below...   -The opponent must be near the corner.  Set yourself on the other   end of the screen.  F, HCF + K SDM.  Run and jump D, call King   Striker, HCBx2 + P and HCBx2 + P again to juggle and claim 100%!!  o-Bao-------------------------------------------Infinites----------o  o-Bao-------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o Same as Athena, Mai in theory.  Just bounce of the wall and do a HCB + C in one fluid motion so that Bao jumps off the floor straight onto the wall and off again and does HCB + C but ends up doing  Fwd + A.  Thus he is in the air.  Vs Whip (From the Bao faq by Edwin "Shinji" Chow) -Have Bao execute Psycho Ball Attack.Rise. At that exact spit second  time, have Whip grab Bao with her Boomerang Shot special move. This   will result in Whip getting hit by the projectile before she can   step on Bao. As a result, Whip is bounced off and Bao is still   hanging in the air with his face still with that suffering look!   Whip can move but not Bao. All of Whip's move both special and   normal can't hit Bao. The only thing that can inflict damge on Bao   is her Sonic Slaughter DM.  --------------------------------------------------------------------                          Women Fighters Team --------------------------------------------------------------------  Mary approached King when they received the invitation of KOF99. King was worryed about the team member problem since Mai and Yuri were not available. Then they found two familiar figures fighting inside China Town...  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ King---------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : France Fighting Style : Muetai Kickboxing Age            : 24 DOB            : 8th April Blood Type     : A Height         : 175 cm Weight         : 58 kg B86 W56 H85 Hobby          : Collecting Wineglasses Best sport     : Billiards Favourite Food : Vegetables and Wine Important Thing: Younger Brother, Jean Hated Thing    : Dirty people like Jack from AOF Colour A       : White top Brown Trousers Colour B       : Blue Trousers Round Start    : One of her waitresses hands her a cup of wine. Winpose A      : Flick her hankerchief onto the floor, folds her                  arms and says "Nasakenai" (Pathetic) Winpose B      : Smells a rose then throws it saying                   "Tanoshikatta wa, mata oide!" (That was fun, come                   again). Winpose C      : Adjusts her bow tie, runs her hand through her                  hair and sighs. Timeout Loss   : Stands with hands on hips looking down. Seiyuu         : Harumi Ikoma Endquote       : "I said don't mess with me! Now get lost, limpy!"  o-King------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Hold Rush         : Bk / Fwd + C when close Hook Buster       : Bk / Fwd + D when close Sliding Kick      : df + D Trap Kick         : f + B (overhead) Venom Strike      : QCF + B Double Strike     : QCF + D Suprise Rose      : DP + P Trap Shot         : DP + K Miracle Kick      : near foe then HCF + P Tornado Kick      : HCB + P DM: Silent Flash  : QCBx2 + K DM: Illusion Dance: QCF HCB + K Striker           : Slides then if the opponent gets hit she                     does Silent Flash ending move (the kick where                     she flies up), knocking the opponent up                     for a juggle opportunity.  o-King------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  "mikirerukai?" (Can you think what I'm going to do?)  [Silent Flash] (Kore de owari yo) "This is over"  o-King------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o o-King------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o o-King------------------------------------------Infinites----------o  Infinite vs Ryo   : (Corner) DP + A to start. Then DP + C (Repeat).  o-----------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Blue Mary----------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : America Fighting Style : Sanbo Age            : 23 DOB            : 2/4 Blood Type     : AB Height         : 168 cm Weight         : 49 kg B86 W54 H85 Hobby          : Riding Motorycles Best sport     : Baseball Favourite Food : Beef Cup Important Thing: Her Leather Jacket Hated Thing    : Cats Winpose A      : Fans at her face with her hair, sighs then grins,                  then gets um... pleasantly suprised by her dog. Winpose B      : Points a finger and uses it like a gun, blowing it                  out saying "Bakyuun!" (Bang Bang!) Winpose C      : Turns around and looks to the side, running her                   hand out from under her chin saying "Phew, I did." Colour A       : Red and Blue Colour B       : Red (Silver Hair) Seiyuu         : Harumi Ikoma Endquote       : "A first-rate warrior wins without lifting a                    finger."  o-Mary------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Victor Nage         : Bk / Fwd + C when close Head Throw          : Bk / Fwd + D when close Hammer Arc          : Bk / Fwd + A Double Rolling      : Bk / Fwd + B Climbing Arrow      : df + B Double Rolling      : Fwd + B Spin Fall           : QCF + P M.Spider            : QCF + P after Spin Fall Straight Slicer     : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd + K  Crab Clutch         : QCF + K after Straight Slicer Real Counter        : QCB + P                       -Follow with: HCF + P or K Vertical Arrow      : DP + K  M.Snatcher          : DP + K after Vertical Arrow M.Headlock          : QCB + B M.Headbuster        : QCB + D DM: M.Splash Rose   : QCF HCB + P DM: M.Dynamite Swing: QCFx2 + K DM: M.Typhoon       : (near foe) HCBx2 + K Striker             : Straight slicer first and then spider  o-Mary------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start /Entry] "Are You Ready?"  "Shit"  o-Mary------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o o-Mary------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -Striker K', Stand Bx3, Stand C, Fwd A, HCBx2 + K  -Striker Real Kyo, QCF HCB + P, DP + K  -QCB + D, Hold Bk + Fwd + K, QCF + K, HCBx2 + K  -CM: DP + K, QCFx2 + K (1 hit), HCBx2 + K  o-Mary------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Mary------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  Bug: Something to do with her Real Counter....  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Kasumi Todo--------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Japan Fighting Style : TodohRyu Kobujutsu Age            : 16 DOB            : 3/29 Blood Type     : B Height         : 154 cm Weight         : 45 kg B75 W54 H74 Hobby          : Video Films, especially horror Best sport     : Aikido Favourite Food : Croquette (fried potato with meat) given by a                   Butcher on way home from school Important Thing: Charm given to her by a certain person Hated Thing    : Training (Flower arranging, dance and                  Tea ceremony) from her mother in preparation                  for marriage. Round Start    : Stands with parasol which she puts on the floor                   and says "Ikimasu!" (I'm coming!) Winpose A      : Punches and kicks with a shot of "Ha!" finishing                  with a return to stance saying "Ae!" Winpose B      : Pulls up her trousers a little then folds her                   arms and takes the piss out of Ryu. Winpose C      : Takes off headband and looks at it saying "" Colour A       : White Top, Blue Dress Colour B       : Dark Green Dress Seiyuu         : Masae Yumi Endquote       : "The way of Todoh Prevails!  The Martial Arts!                     They Kick!"  o-----------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o Maki Age            : (Close) Bk / Fwd + C Aiki Nage           : (Close) Bk / Fwd + D Hiji Ate            : f + A Kasane Ate          : QCF + P (air ok) Messhin Mutoh       : HCF + B Sassho Iinshuu      : HCF + D Hakuzantoh          : QCB + K Tatsumakisouda      : HCB + P Senkou Sagashi      : QCB + P (can preform 3-level attacks) DM: Super Kasane Ate: QCFx2 + P DM: AtemiNage       : QCF HCB + P Striker             : counter and throw  o-Kasumi----------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start] "Honki dekita kudasai!"  ("Please come seriously!")  [Round Entry] "Onegaishimasu!"  (Please!)  "Mata kachimashita" (I've won again)  o-Kasumi----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o o-Kasumi----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o o-Kasumi----------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Kasumi----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Li Xiangfei--------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth: America Fighting Style : Chinese Martial Arts + Drunken Master Age            : 17 DOB            : 5/25 Blood Type     : B Height         : 160 cm Weight         : 45 kg B77 W54 H79 Hobby          : Catnap Favourite Food : Chaozu (fried parcels) with Prawn inside Best sport     : Short Distance Running Important Thing: Friend Hated Thing    : Etiquette Winpose A      : Pose with Two Swords. Winpose B      : Crane Stance. Winpose C      : Takes out a pile of Dim Sum containers and                   almost drops them. Colour A       : Red and White Colour B       : Yellow and White Seiyuu         : Mami Kingetsu Endquote       : "Since I win, you buy dinner.  First, some dim                    sum, then..."  o-Xiangfei--------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Kadoma                  : When close, Bk / Fwd + C Ryokuchi Kou'en         : When close, Bk / Fwd + D Sou Shouda              : Fwd + A Kyuupo: Gosentai        : Fwd + B Fukupo: Gosentai        : Dwn-Fwd + D Tenbau Zan              : DP + K Nanpa                   : QCF + P Senri Chuu'ou           : QCF + B Kanku                   : QCF + B after Zen Chu-oh Senri Chuu'ou: Shinsaiha: QCF + D  Counter                 : QCB + P Throw                   : HCB Fwd + P DM: Taitetsujin         : QCF HCB + K DM: Majinga             : (near foe) HCBx2 + P (has range!!!) DM: Chou Pairon         : QCFx2 + P (P to taunt after) Striker                 : Taunt. Acts as a shield and will lower the                          opponents special meter almost down to zero  o-Xiangfei--------------------------------------Speech-------------o o-Xiangfei--------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o o-Xiangfei--------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o o-Xiangfei--------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Xiangfei--------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  --------------------------------------------------------------------                             Korea Team --------------------------------------------------------------------  "To tell you the truth, your method of re-education is out-date and useless, Kim", said Jhun Hoon, Kim's colleague.  After witnessing Kim's action for years, the bad tempered Jhun decided to enter Kim's team and show Kim what is the real meaning of "re-educate"....  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Kim Kaphwan--------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Korea Fighting Style : Tae Kwon Do Age            : 30 DOB            : 21st December Blood Type     : A Height         : 176 cm Weight         : 78 kg Hobby          : Karaoke Best sport     : Aerobic Exercises Favourite Food : Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) Important Thing: His Wife and Two Sons Hated Thing    : Evil Winpose A      : Does a few upward kicks then stance saying "Ha!" Winpose B      : Wipes his brow then stands with hands on hips                   saying "Nakama kama ote maire." (A good fight from                   a good friend). Winpose C      : Runs his hand through his hair and his teeth                  sparkle... Colour A       : White Colour B       : Dark Green Seiyuu         : Satoshi Hashimoto Endquote       : "What a boring opponent!  Too overconfident..."  o-Kim-------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Kubi Kiwame Otoshi     : Bk / Fwd + C when close Sakkyaku Nage          : Bk / Fwd + D when close Kuuren Geki            : Fwd + A Neri Chagi             : Fwd + B Haki Kyaku             : d,d + K Ryuusei Raku           : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd K Hi En Zan              : Hold Down 1 sec then Up K Ten Sou San            : Down D after D Hi En Zan Han Getsu Zan          : QCB + K Hishou Kyaku           : in air QCF + K Haki Kyaku Down        : Down Down + K DM: Hou Ou Kyaku       : QCB, Dwn Back, Fwd + K (air ok) DM: Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku : QCFx2 + K Striker                : Hishou Kyaku   o-Kim-------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  Round Start: Shakes each foot then stances saying               "Ikuzoo!" (Let's go!)  o-Kim-------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -Yep, he's lost his old air DM and got a new one.  o-Kim-------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o o-Kim-------------------------------------------Infinites----------o   [email protected]: Opponent in air: Hop QCF + K, QCF UF + B x i  o-Kim-------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------- Chang Koehan----------------------------------------"Okawariikuka?"- -------------------------------------------"Want a second helping?"- --------------------------------------------------------------------  Place of Birth : Korea Fighting Style : Tae Kwon Do + Weapons Age            : 39 DOB            : 10/21 Blood Type     : B Height         : 227 cm Weight         : 303 kg Hobby          : Destruction Best sport     : Table Tennis Favourite Food : Whole Roasted Cow then an egg afterwards Important Thing: His Iron Ball Hated Thing    : Centipedes Winpose A      : Gets down on one knee and holds his ball in one                   hand, the other hand stretched out to the sky and                  says "" Winpose B      : Lifts up his shirt and shines his ball. Winpose C      : Gets down on one knee, grabs his belly with both                  hands and shakes, saying "" Colour A       : White Colour B       : Dark Blue Seiyuu         : Hiroyuki Arita Endquote       : "You're potential energy.  I'm irresistable force!"  o-Chang-----------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Hagan Geki              : Bk / Fwd + C when close Kusari Jime             : Bk / Fwd + D when close Hiki Nige               : df + A Tekkyuu Dai Kaiten      : P repeatedly Tekkyuu Funsai Geki     : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd + P Dai hakai nage          : HCF + K Dai Hakai Nage          : near foe then HCB Fwd + P DM: Tekkyuu Dai Bousou  : QCF HCB + P DM: Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu : QCFx2 + K DM: Tekkyuu Dai Bousatsu: QCFx2 + P Striker                 : Body Splash  o-Chang-----------------------------------------Speech-------------o o-Chang-----------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -Do his counter 2 times succesfully, the 3rd time he'll do the    full damage.  o-Chang-----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -Kim striker, immediately do qcfx2+P SDM, 4hits 80% damage, last    hit maybe avoided, has to be confirmed...  o-Chang-----------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Chang-----------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   -vs K'   Do HCB,F + P.  It just takes more damage than against other    characters (1/4 of your bar!).  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Choi Bounge--------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Korea Fighting Style : Tae Kwon Do + Weapons Age            : 36 DOB            : 10/25 Blood Type     : B Height         : 153 cm Weight         : 44 kg Hobby          : Cutting things to pieces Best sport     : Gymnastics Favourite Food : Crab Important Thing: His claws that he made himself Hated Thing    : Arum Root Paste/ Cognac Winpose A      : Spins around and says "Ka ii ka n!" (Lit: A                  pleasant feeling) Winpose B      : Spins around and says "Kochi de yansu!" (I won!) Winpose C      : Scratches his nails together to create a spark                   on his index claw which he blows out and grins                   while saying "" Colour A       : White top, Brown Trousers Colour B       : Dark Blue Seiyuu         : Monster Maetsuka Endquote       : "I'm a little monster that kicks big butt!"  o-Choi------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Zujou Sashi                          : Bk / Fwd + C when close Geketsu Tsuki                        : Bk / Fwd + D when close Toorima Geri                         : Bk/ Fwd + B Mukuro Tsuki                         : Bk/ Fwd + A                               (causes Guard Crush- Free combo!) Tatsumaki Shippuu Zan                : Hold Down 1 sec then Up + P Shissou Hishou Zan                   : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd + P                              -can change direction after perform Hishou Kuu Retsu Zan                 : Hold Down 1 sec then Up K                              -can change direction after perform Hishou Kyaku                         : in air, QCF + K Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan: QCF HCB + K DM: Shin! Chouzetsu Rinkaiten Toppa  : QCFx2 + P Striker                              : Close: Tatsumaki Shippu Zan.                                         Far  : Taunt  o-Choi------------------------------------------Speech-------------o   "Kaikan~!" (lit. "a pleasant feeling")  o-Choi------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o o-Choi------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o o-Choi------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Choi------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   [email protected]: Catch opponent in air: QCF + B, QCF UF + Bx i  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Jhun Hoon----------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Korea Fighting Style : Tae Kwon Do Age            : 32 DOB            : 7/26 Blood Type     : O Height         : 177 cm Weight         : 77 kg Hobby          : Collecting Perfume, chasing Idols. Favourite Food : Asari Eel and Arrowroot starch gruel Best sport     : Billiards Important Thing: All Mimori Yusas CDs. Seagulls Ornament. Hated Thing    : Prawn and his own family name Colour A       : Blue Top, White Trousers Colour B       : Red Top, Dark Green Trousers Seiyuu         : Kazuya Ichijo Endquote       : "You are really weak.  Throw in the towel!"  o-Juhn------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Handou Geki              : When close, bk / fwd + C Kaisen Kaze              : When close, bk / fwd + D Ryuurou Shuu             : In air, dwn + B  Rakko Geki ~ Rakko Jin   : fwd + B Exhaust Attack           : QCB + P Han Getsu Zan            : QCB + K Soshuu Jin               : Down Down + A Rakko Jin                : Down Down + B Ku Sajin                 : Hold Down 1 sec then Up + P  Soshuu Jin               : Hold A after doing special with A  Juzuma Kyaku: Joudan    :   -Up + C  Juzuma Kyaku: Gedan     :   -Dwn + C  Juzuma Kyaku: Chuudan   :   -C  Taikyoku Ha             :   -D  Kirikae Dousa: Omote - Ura: -B   Kirikae Kougeki         : b / f + B, hold B to change to Rakko Jin  Rakko Jin                : Hold B after doing special with B  Hiko Geki: Ue           :   -Up C  Shuuko Geki: Shimo      :   -Dwn C  Mouko Geki: Naka        :   -C  Taikyoku Hi             :   -D  (Dodge)  Kirikae Dousa: Ura - Omote: -A   Kirikae Kougeki         : b / f + A, hold A to change to Soshuu Jin  DM: Hou Ou Ten Bu Kyaku  : in air, QCFx2 + K DM: Chinese Phoenix Dance: QCFx2 + K Striker                : Close: Ku Sajin (instant)                           Far:   Hops forward and does                           an overhead kick.  o-Juhn------------------------------------------Speech-------------o  [Round Start] "Soredewa, hajimemasuyo."  (Well, let's begin.)  o-Juhn------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -You cannot guard crush combo Jhun.  His recovery is too quick.  o-Juhn------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o    -do hb a,(a guard) c,( no guard) c ,sdm. 18 hits   -you do striker ryo hb a,(a guard) c,( no guard) c ,sdm.20 hits   -counter mode hb a,(a guard) c,( no guard) c ,hb d, dm 21 hits   -counter mode striker ryo hb a,(a guard) c,( no guard) c ,hb d,     dm 22 hits (you can use iori striker instead of ryo and you win     2 hits)   [email protected]: catch opponent jumping or use striker, jump Dwn B x i  o-Juhn------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Juhn------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o    <from Kao Megura>  -You have to activate Counter Mode, get into his d,d +   B stance (Soshuu Jin), then press D for the evade   move.  Supercancel that into his Hou'ou Ressou Kyaku   (qcf,qcf + K)--but don't forget that you have to   release B first, and that you have to do the motion   really early or it won't supercancel.   Anyway, once the super's over, Jhun will be able to   walk right through his opponent!  He can keep doing   this until you use either slide, you throw your   opponent, use the evade move (taikyoku-hi) again, or   if your opponent hits you.  Kinda useless, but fun.                                              --------------------------------------------------------------------                      Team Edit Characters --------------------------------------------------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Kyo - 1------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Japan Fighting Style : Ancient Kusanagi Skills + Self Made Age            : 20 DOB            : 5th July Blood Type     : B (RH-) Height         : 181 cm Weight         : 75 kg Hobby          : Arranging techniques Best sport     : None Favourite Food : Mero Important Thing: Genes Hated Thing    : Originals Colour A       : Blue Colour B       : Silver Seiyuu         : Masahiro Nonaka Endquote       : "Victory is mine... was there any doubt?"  o-Kyo1------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Hatsugane                : (Close) Bk / Fwd + C  Issetsu Seoi Nage       : (Close) Bk / Fwd + D  Kurogami                : f + A  Arashin                 : f + B Migiri Ugachi            : Dwn Fwd + C (when foe is on floor) 108 Shiki Yami Barai     : QCF + P 110 Shiki Oboro Gurumal  : DP + K 75 Shiki Kai             : QCF + BB/DD Souki                    : QCB + P DM: S108 Shiki Orochinagi: QCB HCF + P Striker                  : Comes in, RED Kick then does 75 Shiki Kai                            You can juggle after the 75 Shiki Kai.                            If they are hit with the RED Kick, Kyo 1                            will taunt.   o-Kyo1------------------------------------------Speech-------------o o-Kyo1------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o o-Kyo1------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o  [email protected]: QCF D D, Walk Fwd into corner, Call Kasumi so she comes           in and juggles, QCF A, Fwd D, Call Kasumi etc..  -NCR: Call Robert, Dodge Behind, QCB HCF + C SDM (hold), let go(70%) [email protected]: Call Iori, C Throw, Walk Fwd into corner, (The puddle will hit       them as they get up) QCB HCF + C (SDM) hold and then let go...   [email protected]:  Jump C, C, QCF D D, Call Mai, RDP D  [email protected]: Ralf -let them fly up and just before they hit the ground,       QCF A, QCF A or Dwn Fwd C, Dwn Fwd C    Cool.Combos.  -Stand C, QCF D D, DP D, Dwn Fwd C.  [email protected]:  Jump C, C, QCF D D, Call Kasumi, Walk Out, DP D, QCF A   -Kyo1 in the corner: (Orochinagi Madness!) from "Ryo"   <full setup instructions>   While NOT close of any corner, the 2 player at each edge of the    screen; walk to your opp. until you reach the point of when you    do a A+B escape, you will barely pass throught you opp. and    switch sides. Then WAIT a little before calling Shin Kyo striker.    If you don't wait, Kyo-1 will call the striker while being    turned away and this will mess the placement.   While you call, do the FULL QCB, HCF+P motion and hold P until    the hit meter reaches 6 (unlucky) or 9 (lucky! ^^), release,    and finish with QCF+C. 13 Hits, 98% damage, I think it would be   100% with a counter...  o-Kyo1------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Kyo1------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Kyo - 2------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Place of Birth : Japan Fighting Style : Ancient Kusanagi Skills + Self Made Age            : 20 DOB            : 5th July Blood Type     : B (RH-) Height         : 181 cm Weight         : 75 kg Hobby          : Copying Techniques Best sport     : None Favourite Food : Hoki Important Thing: Genes Hated Thing    : Originals Colour A       : Brown Colour B       : Grey Seiyuu         : Masahiro Nonaka Endquote       : "Victory is mine... was there any doubt?"  o-Kyo2------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Hatsugane                     : (Close) Bk / Fwd + C Issetsu Seoi Nage             : (Close) Bk / Fwd + D Naraku Otoshi                 : In air, d + C Goufu You                     : f + B 114 Shiki Ara Kami            : QCF + A, then                                 - 128 Shiki Kono Kizu: QCF + P                             or  - 127 Shiki Yano Sabi: HCB + P 127 Shiki Yano Sabi           : P after 128 Shiki Kono Kizu 125 Shiki Nana Se             : K after Shiki Kono Kizu or Yano Sabi 115 Shiki Doku Kami           : QCF + C, follow with                                 -401 Shiki Tumi Yomi : HCB + P                              then -402 Shiki Batu Yomi : Fwd + P R.E.D Kick                    : RDP + K 100 Shiki Oniyaki             : DP + P 212 Shiki Kototuki You        : HCB + K DM: Mu Shiki                  : QCFx2 + P Striker                  : Comes in, RED Kick then does 75 Shiki Kai                            You can juggle after the 75 Shiki Kai.                            If they are hit with the RED Kick, Kyo 2                            will taunt.    o-Kyo2------------------------------------------Speech-------------o o-Kyo2------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o o-Kyo2------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -Kyo2 can do Jump B, Dwn C in the air and then Standing Combo..  o-Kyo2------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Kyo2------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o   ====================================================================  ------------------------------------------------------------------  [6. S E C R E T  C H A R A C T E R S : K Y O  A N D  I O R I-----]  ------------------------------------------------------------------ ====================================================================  You need to get <K.I> on the logo screen to be able to use Kyo or Iori.  ======> The machine MUST be on Level 5 or above. You must select a whole roulette team.  At any time, if you get a selection of the characters below in one team and defeat the CPU or Human team, the code will appear and the relevant mark <K>, <I> or <K·I> will appear on the title screen.  for Kyo: K', Maxima, Whip, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Shingo and Benimaru  for Iori: Bao, Jhun, Li Xiangfei, Kasumi Todo, Athena, Kim and Leona  Once you have the "<K.I>" symbol below the KOF logo at the logo  screen..then goto the player select screen, and reach the  Roulette select box, hold start and press  Kyo: left, right, up, left, down, right. Iori: right, left, up, right,down, left.   To fight Real Kyo or Iori after defeating Kryzalid  1. Choose one of the 7 full teams to battle with the computer. 2. After clearing the 5th stage (Just before meeting Kryzalid),  take note of your Battle Ability.  3. Defeat Kryzalid. 4. After finishing the Boss Stage, if the Battle Ability after  the 5th stage is between 200 and 280 points Iori will appear.  Otherwise if the Battle Ability is above 280 points Kyo will appear.   -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Shin (The Real) Kyo Kusanagi---------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Fighting Style : Kusanagi-ryuu Kobujutsu and Garyuu Kempo                  (Kusanagi-style weapon fighting and Chinese                    art of self-defense with own variations) Birthday       : 12 / 12 Age            : 20 Birthplace     : Japan Blood Type     : B (RH-) Height         : 181cm Weight         : 75kg Hobby          : Writing poetry Favorite Food  : Yakizakana (grilled fish) Best Sport     : Ice hockey Most Important : His motorcycle and his girlfriend (Yuki) Dislikes       : Exertion / hard work Round Opening  : Standing with one knee bent, takes off his head                  band and burns it. Winpose A      : Lights a flame on the end of his finger then                   blows it out saying "Hehe...moetaro?"                   "Hehe...burned?" Winpose B      : He's about to light the end of his finger but                   changes his mind and says "Anta ja moene na...."                  "You're so bad I don't even need to burn you...." Winpose C      : Holds his fist in the air aflame, then closes his                  fist, snuffing the fire saying "Ore no...kachi da!"                  "This victory!" Colour A       : Blue Jeans, White Jacket, Black T-shirt Colour B       : Black Jeans Seiyuu         : Masahiro Nonaka Endquote       : "Huh? Don't tell me, think I was a clone?"  o-Kyo-------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Hatsugane                : Bk / f + C when close Issetsu Seoi Nage        : Bk / Fwd + D when close Ge Shiki Naraku Otoshi   : Jump, d + C Ge Shiki Gou Fu You      : Fwd + B 88 Shiki                 : df + D 114 Shiki Ara Kami       : QCF + A, then                            - 128 Shiki Kono Kizu: QCF + P                       or   - 127 Shiki Yano Sabi: HCB + P 127 Shiki Yano Sabi      : + P after 128 Shiki Kono Kizu 125 Shiki Nana Se        : K after Shiki Kono Kizu or Yano Sabi 115 Shiki Doku Kami      : QCF + C, follow with                             -401 Shiki Tumi Yomi : HCB + P                          then -402 Shiki Batu Yomi : Fwd + P 707 Koma Ho Furi         : RDP + K   910 Shiki Nue Tumi       : QCB + P 100 Shiki Oniyaki        : DP + P 212 Shiki Kototuki You   : HCB + K                            His new move.  He dodge-hops forward                            then gut punches the opponent.                            D version pops them into the air and                             flames them after the punch.  You can                            juggle a Stand C in the corner. 75 Shiki Kai             : QCF + K DM: 182 Shiki            : QCFx2 + P                                -Kyo rushes forward and hits opponent                                 then ends with his new move.                                 Chargable- Unblockable at MAX. DM: S108 Shiki Orochinagi: QCB HCF + P Striker                  : Does SDM Orochinagi (Good for crossups!)  o-Kyo-------------------------------------------Speech-------------o o-Kyo-------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o o-Kyo-------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o  [email protected]: QCF A, QCF A, B/D, Stand C   [email protected]: HCB + D, Stand C, QCF D D, Walk Fwd, Kasumi Striker, HCB + D...  [email protected]: QCF D D, Walk Fwd into corner, Call Kasumi so she comes           in and juggles,QCF D D, Call Kasumi etc..  o-Kyo-------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Kyo-------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o  -------------------------------------------------------------------\ Iori Yagami--------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------/  Fighting Style : Yagami-ryuu Kobujutsu and Honnou                  (Yagami-style weapon fighting and his instinct) Birthday       : 25th March Age            : 20 Birthplace     : Japan Blood Type     : O (+ Orochi) Height         : 182cm Weight         : 76kg Hobby          : Band Favorite Food  : Meat Best Sport     : Any sport Most Important : His new girlfriend Dislikes       : Violence Colour A       : Red Hair + Jeans, White shirt, Black Suit Top. Colour B       : Black Hair + Jeans Seiyuu         : Kunihiko Yasui Endquote       : "Do as you like. It's not my job to kill you."  o-Iori------------------------------------------Movelist-----------o  Sakahagi                           : Bk / Fwd + C when close Gyaku Sakahagi                     : Bk / Fwd + D when close Ge Shiki Yumebiki                  : Fwd + A,A Ge Shiki Gou Fu In "Shinigami"     : Fwd + B Ge Shiki Yuri Ori                  : Jump, b + B 108 Yami Barai                     : QCF + P 100 Shiki Oniyaki                  : DP + P 127 Shiki Aoi Hana                 : QCB + P x3 212 Shiki Kotokuti                 : HCB + K 311 Sou Kushi                      : DP  K Kuzukaze                           : near foe then HCB Fwd + P DM: 1211 Shiki Yaotome             : QCF HCB + P DM: Ura 301 Shiki: Saku Tsumagushi : QCFx2 + K (overhead)  Striker : Yami Barai. If opponent hit, it will stun them.  If  opponent doesn't touch fireball, it will make a purple puddle.  If opponent touches puddle then they will get stunned. The "puddle" does not appear if opponent blocks the fireball when  Iori shoots it.  o-Iori------------------------------------------Speech-------------o o-Iori------------------------------------------Miscellaneous------o   -Iori's QCFx2 DM can also grab airbourne opponents.  -Iori can still do use his jump Bk+ B to hyper hop back...  -Fwd + B now cancels into any special move (no combos yet   I'm afraid).  o-Iori------------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o   -Jump Bk + B (Crossover), Call Terry Striker, QCF HCB + A,    QCF x2 + B (but wait for the Geyser to send opponent into the air)  /------------Bk + B longest combos section from "Ryo"-------------\ | 1-You're cornered then:                                         | |  jump Bk+B, St C, Fw+A, A, QCF+Cx3                              | | 2-Anywhere:                                                     | |  jump Bk+B, St C, Fw+A, A, QCF,HCB+P (S)DM                      | |                                                                 | | Details on Bk + B longest combos:                               | |  -Bk+B has to be a true cross-up, I mean you hit them, you land | |   and they're not facing you while they take the hit.           | |  -Combo 1 and 2 will fully work on:                             | |   Terry, Joe, Mai, Ralf, Athena, Kensou, Bao, Kasumi, Kim.      | |  -Only combo 2 will work on:                                    | |   K', Benimaru, Shingo, Ryo, Takuma, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Kyo.         | |  -Combo will stop working at Fw+A on:                           | |   Maxima, Andy, Robert, Leona, Clark, King, Mary, Xiangfei,     | |   Chang, Jhun, Iori.                                            | |  -Cross-up Bk+B won't work on:                                  | |   Chin, Choi.                                                   | \-----------------------------------------------------------------/  o-Iori------------------------------------------Infinites----------o o-Iori------------------------------------------Bugs---------------o    -Only against Krizalid 1st form : Perform his QCF, HCB + P SDM,    when the SDM is about to finish Iori releases Krizalid is still     covered with the purple flames.  ====================================================================  ----------------------------------
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