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Installing Linux on PS3

Installing Linux on PS3


Sony PS3 love linux…

These instructions show you how to install LINUX on a Playstation 3 with the latest firmware.

Downloading a #Linux flavor

Download one of these #Linux versions:

  • Kubuntu – Ubuntu with KDE (recommended I can’t stand GNOME desktop)
  • Ubuntu – The standard version using Gnome Desktop.
  • Xubuntu – Using the lightweight XFCE desktop environment
  • Edubuntu – Designed for use in school classrooms
Yellow Dog
Fedora Core 5 PPC DVD – 3.4GB

not working, work in progress []
Gentoo linux
how to []

Burn the iso-file onto a CD/DVD depending on the size of the distribution

Preparing the PS3

In this step we will format the PlayStation 3 and create two partitions, one for the XMB (the PS3 operating system) and one for Linux. Before formatting the PS3, you MUST backup your games saved data.

  • In the XMB go to Settings > System Settings > Format Utility > Format Hard Disk. Choose Yes.
  • Choose Custom partition setting and Allot 10GB to the Other OS. Perform a Quick Format.
  • Reboot the PS3 by pressing X on your controller.

Preparing to run the LiveCD

  • Insert the Linux CD/DVD you burned into your Playstation 3.
  • Go to Settings > System Settings > Install Other OS.
  • The system will detect a file called otheros.bld on your disk. Hit X to start the installer.
  • Go to Settings > System Settings > Default System. Set it to Other OS. Restart your PS3 by clicking X.
  • At the kboot: prompt, hit Enter. Linux will boot, slowly, from the CD.

Once the system is up and running from the disc, you may choose to install Linux permanently.

  • Double click the install icon on the desktop.
  • Select Manual partitioning, and choose the 10.7GB drive.

Back to normal operations under XMB

To boot back to the XMB environment, type boot-game-os at the kboot: prompt.

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