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How to open, repair, and clean different types of video games cartridges

How to open, repair, and clean different types of video games cartridges

By using the right tool for the job!

Why you may need these tools?

  • A lot of Super Nintendo (SNES) games are using lithium battery for keeping save game. Battery wont last forever,
  • It is easier to open the cartridge/console to clean electrical contacts
  • It is a lot easier to repair or move parts around . Especially useful for some Super Nintendo plastic that are yellow (yellowing)

I first came across these cheap and inexpensive screws head, which can be found for less than 4 €, but if wont open Game Bit screws (Nintendo NES, SNES and others)


Then I order on these 3.8 + 4.5 mm Game bit Hex Tools  for 11€ including shipping (thanks rewind.gaming)


Game Bit come in many sizes, the most popular Game Bit  sizes is the 4.5mm and 3.8mm Game Bit. But manufacturer did not only use Game Bit but also Tri-wing screws now.


BIT 3.8 mmBIT 4.5mmPhilips headTri-wing head

Screwdrivers compatibility chart

nintendo nes Nintendo NESgamebit.3.8mmphilips.screwdriverphilips.screwdriver
super nintendo systemSuper Nintendogamebit.3.8mmgamebit.3.8mmphilips.screwdriver
nintendo-64-systemNintendo 64gamebit.3.8mmgamebit.3.8mmphilips.screwdriver
nintendo game cubeNintendo Game Cubenonegamebit.3.8mm120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg
nintendo wiiNintendo Wiinone120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg
nintendo virtual boyNintendo Virtual Boygamebit.3.8mmgamebit.3.8mmphilips.screwdriver
nintendo game boyNintendo Game Boygamebit.3.8mm120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svgnone
nintendo game boy colorNintendo Game Boy Colorgamebit.3.8mm120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svgnone
nintendo game boy advanceNintendo Game Boy Advance120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svgnone
game boy advance spNintendo Game Boy Advance SP120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svgnone
nintendo ds systemNintendo DS120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svgnone
nintendo ds lite systemNintendo DS Lite120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svgnone
nintendo dsiNintendo DSi120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg???
nintendo dsi xl systemNintendo DSi XL120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg???
sega master systemSega Master Systemgamebit.3.8mmphilips.screwdriverphilips.screwdriver
sega genesisSega Genesisgamebit.3.8mmphilips.screwdriverphilips.screwdriver
sega cdSega CDnonephilips.screwdriverphilips.screwdriver
sega cdxSega CDXnonephilips.screwdriverphilips.screwdriver
sega 32xSega 32Xgamebit.3.8mmphilips.screwdriverphilips.screwdriver
sega saturnSega Saturnnonephilips.screwdriverphilips.screwdriver
sega dreamcastSega Dreamcastnonephilips.screwdriverphilips.screwdriver
sega game gearSega Game Geargamebit.3.8mmgamebit.3.8mmnone
turbografx 16 systemNec TurboGrafx 16nonegamebit.3.8mmphilips.screwdriver
nec turboduo systemNec TurboDuononegamebit.3.8mm???

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