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Fatal Fury 3

          /------     /\     --------  /\        /           /           /  |      /      /  |      /         /-------    /---|     /      /---|     /             /           /    |    /      /    |    /              /           /     |   /      /     |   /      /           /      |  /      /      |  /________            /-------  /       /   /-------\  \     /          /         /       /   /        /   \   /         /-------  /       /   /--------/     \ /        /         /       /   /    \           /       /         /       /   /      \         /      /          \______/   /        \       /                    --------------------\                                      |                                      |                  --------------------|                                      |                                      |                  ____________________/    HOWLIN' MAD -H-  's          Ver 3.00 PERFECT PLAYER'S GUIDE TO FATAL FURY 3   You are free to distribute this list, but please give aknowledgement to  me, Henry Adams Moriarty. If are in need of contact, catch me at [email protected] or    "Perfect Player's Guide -Fatal Fury 3" Copyright The Madman's Cafe 1994, 1995  "Perfect Pleyer's Guide" Series  Copyright Henry Moriarty 1993, 1994, 1995         THE  STORYLINES  It has been 2 years since the second King Of Fighers  tournament took place  (Fatal Fury 2).  Now the lone wolves are back in Southtown. All of them have  their own reasons of coming back, but at the end, it all links to a scroll, a  scroll which encodes the  secret to the lost ancient martial arts.       OLD CHARACTERS  Terry Bogard  Terry, who was invited over to the opening of Pao Pao cafe #2, was aware that  there was something going on in Southtown, but didn't know that it was this  big. Now he walks the streets of Southtown to close the case.   Joe Higashi  Joe, who already took the title belt in Muetai kick boxing, was apparently  bored because there was no competition. Fortunately for him, he got information  from Cheng shinzan about the chaos taking place in Southtown.                                                        Andy Bogard  After Mai's grandfather Hanzo Shiranui died, Andy inherited the Shiranui style  martial arts. As he came back to Southtown to show it to Terry and to  commeorate the opening of Pao Pao Cafe 2, he was put into the scroll  contraversy.   Mai Shiranui  Mai, who inherited the Shiranui ninjutsus from her late grandfather, was now  on a little travel to Southtown's Pao Pao cafe2's opening with Andy. She was  looking forward to "getting to know Andy more than before", but didn't realize  what awaited for her.    Geese Howard  Geese disappeared from Southtown for recooperation. When he came back, he  found other gang members and mobs taking over a city which was once his  domain. Now he is taking back Southtown to show the whole world his power.    NEW CHARACTERS   Franco Bash  A former Heavyweight kickboxing champion, Franco retired a few years before  the scroll contraversy. Seeing his strength, a mob decided to kidnapp his kid  and ordered Franco to find the scroll. Now he is out to save his child and  find the scroll.   Mochizuki Sokaku Mochzuki, whose clan is dedicated to erasing all evil from hter face of this  earth, heard about the scroll. Seeing that everyone is fighting each other for  the scroll, Sokaku sees it as a source of evil, and thus goes on a journey to  Southtown in order to destroy it. Incidently, Sokaku's caln is an arch rival of  Mai's. It would be an interesting match when the two face each other.       Hon Fu  Hon fu is a detective from Hong kong. With Cheng's information, he is out for a criminal whose residence is in Hong kong. The criminal is apparently  interested in the secret scroll. Although Hon-fu himself has no interest in  the them, he wants to catch the criminal in act.           Bob Wilson  As Richard Meyer's business in Pao Pao Cafe florished, he decided to open up  Pao Pao Cafe #2. Luckily, he found an ideal person to manage the new shop, and  that was Bob Wilson, a rookie whose Capoeira is for real. Bob thus traveled to  Southtown where he found his new job and many troubles.   Blue Mary  As a freelance agent working for the secret service, Mary was hired to  investigate the secrets of the scroll. And so she went into Southtown, unaware  of the trouble she would later face. Incidently, her grandfather taught Geese  Kobujutsu, but she for some reason uses military command Sambo.       BOSS NUMBER 1                                                             Yamazaki Ryuji  Born in the streets of Okinawa Japan, Yamazaki never had anyone who he could  call parents. At the age of 13, he was adopted by a man who worked for a mob  (probably the same mob that took over Southtown after Geese vanished). Yamazaki  grew up, and became a part of it. Later, his adopted father was punished for a  mistake which took place in the mob. He was killed in cold blood.  After that  day, Yamazaki snapped. He became a cold hearted, ruthless man of destruction.  To escape from being killed himself, Yamazaki defected to Hong Kong, and  created an empire of his own. Now that the time has come, he is out for  revenge and in search of the scroll, for the scroll will give him the power to execute all of his wishes    BASIC MOVES A- Weak punch                  B- Weak kick C- Strong punch / taunt        D- Strong kick  F,F- Forward Dash              B,B- Back dash FD(shortly)- Quick sway        A~D during Quick sway- Quick FD(Hold)   - Duck & walk                        sway attack  F + A after guarding - Counter attack  AB- Jump to / attack foreground  (Line sway)  BC- Jump to / attack background  (Line sway) A~D during Line sway- Come back & attack to middle line  You can control your jump by the length of time you hold the joystick upward.  Also, if you dash before jumping, you can do a long jump.   SPECIAL MOVES         (P = Punch, K = Kick)  OLD CHARACTERS -Terry Bogard-  D, DF, F + P         - Power Wave  D, DB, B + P         - Burn Knuckle D, DB, B, UB + K     - Crack Shoot F, D, DF + K         - Power Dunk (new move) D, DF, F + BD        - Fake Power wave  D, DB, B + BD        - Fake Burn Knuckle D, DB, B, UB + AC    - Fake Crack Shoot D, DB, B, DB, F + BC - Fake DM  DM- D, DB, B, DB, F + CD - Power Guyser  * Terry lost his Rising tackle  -Andy Bogard- D, DF, F + P        - Sho-ryu-dan D, DB, B + P        - Hi-shou ken DB, F + P           - Zan-ei-ken D (hold), U + D     - Spider Web (New move #1) D, DF, F + D IN AIR - Shiranui Illusion (New move #2) F, D, DF + BD       - Fake Sho-ryu-dan D, DB, B + BD       - Fake Hisho-ken DB, F + BD          - Fake Zan-ei-ken D, DF, F + BC       - Fake DM DM- D(hold), DF, F + CD - Super rocket launch  * Andy lost his normal rocket launch.         -Joe Higashi- B, DB, D, DF, F + P  - Hurricane uppercut DB, F + K            - Slash kick D, DF, F, UF + K     - Tiger kick D, DB, B + K         - Golden heel (New move) DB, F + AC           - Fake Slash kick F, D, DF +AC         - Fake Tiger Kick DM-  F, B, DB, D, DF + CD - Screw uppercut * Joe lost his Explosion punches.   -Mai  Shiranui- D, DF, F + P        - Fan throw D, DB, B + P        - Dragon's tail  B, DB, D, DF, F + C - Ankle tackle D + BC or CD IN AIR - Air tackle D, D + ABC          - Fire replicas (new move) D, DF, F + BD       - Fake Fan Throw D, DB, B + BD       - Fake Dragon's Tail   D + AB IN AIR       - Fake Air Tackle DM- F, DB, F + CD       - Fire ankle tackle  -Geese Howard- D, DF, F + A                  - Reppu-ken D, DF, F + C                  - Double Reppu-ken B, DB, D, FD, F + K           - Tackle throw D, DB, B + P IN AIR           - Shippu-ken B (hold), F + K               - Ja-ei-ken (new move)  D, DF, F + BD                 - Fake Reppu-ken D, DB, B, F + AC              - Fake Ja-ei-ken DB, F, DF, D, DB, B, DF + AC  - Fake DM   DM-  DB, F, DF, D, DB, B, DF  + CD - Raging Storm     NEW CHARACTERS   -Franco Bash- D, DB, B + P         - Double Gong B, DB, D, DF, F + P  - Weaving blow D, DF, F + K         - Power Bicycle D, DB, B + BD        - Fake Double Gong D, DF, F + AC        - Fake Power Bicycle DM-  F, DF, D, DB, B + CD - Aarmagedon Buster * DM can be done 2 times rapidly.   -Mochizuki Sokaku- D, DF, F + A         - Spikes B, DB, D, DF, F + C  - Posessed Stick D, B, DB + B         - Fire Buster D, DB, B+ D         - Petite Sokakus F, B, F +D           - Demonic Punches D rapid              - Sokaku Illusion Attack 1 CIRCLE + C         - Demonic Piledriver F, D, DF + D         - Lightning Shots  DM-  F, DF, D, DF, F + CD - Super Lightning Elemental         -Hon fu- F, D, DF + P         - Fire Knunchucks D, DB, B, UB + K     - Air slasher  DB(hold), F + K      - Rolling Headbutt F + K after guarding - Ku-long's Prediction F, D, DF + BD        - Fake Fire Knunchucks DM-  D, DB, B, DB, F + BD - Kadentsia's Storm   -Bob Wilson- D(hold), U + K - Bison Horn  AC OR BD       - Rolling Turtle  B(hold), F + K - Wild Wolf DM-  D, D, D + BCD  - Dangerous Wolf  -Blue Mary- D, DF, F, UF + A            - Spin Fall D, DF, F, UF + C            - M. Spider F, D, DF + B                - Vertical Arrow F, D, DF + D                - M. Snatcher B(hold), F + B              - Straight Slicer B(hold), F + D              - M. Crab Clutch F, D, DF + AC               - Fake Vertical Arrow   DM-  DB(hold), D, DF, F, UF + BD - M. Tyfoon * Her moves are different depending on which button you use.    THROWS & EXTRA MOVEMENTS  -Terry Bogard- Throw             - F  + C  Hit to background - F  + D Uppercut          - DB/ + C  -Andy Bogard- Throw             - F  + C Turn Kick         - F  + D  -Joe Higashi- Throw#1           - F  + C Throw#2           - F  + D Sliding           - DF + D Foreground Hit    - B  + D Vertical uppercut - B  + C  -Mai Shiranui- Throw             - F  + D Air Throw         - DB or D or DF + C IN AIR Hit to background - B  + D  -Geese Howard- Throw#1           - DF + C Throw#2           - B  + C Throw#3           - UF + C Throw#4           - F  + D Throw Combo#1     - C after Throw #2 Throw Combo#2     - D after throw #3  Hit to background - B  + D  -Franco Bash- Throw             - F  + C Hit to forground  - F  + D  -Mochzuki Sokaku- Throw#1           - B  + C Throw#2           - B  + D Air Throw         - DB or D or DF + C IN AIR Throw Combo       - D after throw #2 Upper stick hit   - DB + C  -Hon Fu- Throw#1           - B  + C Throw#2           - B  + D Inward kick       - F  + D     -Bob Wilson- Throw             - F  + D Throw Combo#1     - DF, DF + D after throw Throw Combo#2     - UF, UF + D after throw   Sliding Head butt - F  + C Jump Underkick    - DF + D IN AIR  -Blue Mary- Throw             - DF + D Special Throw     - 1 Circle + C during Quick-sway Throw Combo#1     - D after Throw  Throw Combo#2     - C during Special Throw Hit to Forground  - F  + D   COMBINATION ARTS Press the buttons quickly in consecutive order. For instance, Terry= A -> B -> D  button. The letters in brackets () indicate a direction in which the  joystick must be moved. Unless indicated, all moves must be done close to your opponent.   All Characters CCC  Terry ABD         CC(DB)C  AAC         ACCC (F)CCCD     A(F)CCDD   Andy ACCCD       ACCD BBBC        BBB   Joe BDD (from far) (B)CD  Mai CCCD        B(F)BB CC(D)B  Geese DD  Franco  CCCD           CCCCD  Sokaku BD           BD(DF)D  Hon Fu CCCCD      CCD  Bob ABCCD      CD  Blue Mary ACCCC      BBD(from far) CCD        ACCC   A(F)CCC(F, D, DF)D    BEWARE OF... Special Moves of Yamazaki Ryuji, boss #1:  Snake Arms His arm partially teleports and hits you from a distance. It can reach  horizontally or at a 45 degree angle into the air.  Double counter A wave sort of projectile move which gives you twice the damage done to  Yamazaki.  SadI-maso Stands for "Sadistic Masocist". He sticks his toung out to the opponents face.  If he is hit on the upper half of his body while doing this, he counters whith  his own version of Andy's Zan-ei-ken.    La Guillotine  (DM) If his hand glows, he's ready to shove it up his opponent's neck and crush it.                STAGES  OLD CHARACTERS  Terry's stage- When the fight starts, there's no BGM. Then, a monkey (Terry's  pet?) turns on a radio, and the music starts rolling! If you attack your  opponent to the background when you finish him off, you'll splash him to off  the pier. Sometimes the monkey splashes off for no reason too.                                                               Andy's stage- A frog (better animated than that of Genjuro's from SS2) hops  around, but has no affect to the game. It rains in the 3rd round in that stage.  Again, if you finish your opponent off to the BK, he'll splash into the pond.  If you've beaten Mai using Terry or Joe, she'll be crying behind him  before the fight starts.                                                                Joe's stage- There's a tree trunk that looks like Geese. Sometimes Jubei comes  swimming from nowhere. If you finish your opponent off to the BK, he'll splash  into the swamp. God knows what happens if they land into the Geese tree trunk.  Unfortunately, the alligator doesn't eat you up or anything. In the 4th round,  the alligator wears a cute ribbon. If you fight with Terry, Andy, Joe or Mai,  Hoa Jai will appear before the fight.                                                         Mai's stage- Jubei swims vertically across the aquarium randomly. Also, a  penguin occasionaly crosses over the background. If you finish your opponent  off to the BK, she/he'll crash into the aquarium glass, making a big crack in  it.                                                 Geese's stage- The background flames up in certain occasions. In the  background, there is a flag that says "Howard" in chinese letters. If you use  Terry, Andy, Joe or Mai, Billy Kane will appear before the fight starts. Also  if you use Terry, He shouts out Geese's name in anger, right before the fight.  Unfortunately, the distincive old Geese stage music is now gone and replaced by  a new music, but if you use one of the aforementioned 4 characters up to the 2nd round...                                                            New Characters                                                                                                            Franco Bash's stage- Airport? Looks more like a airplane construction site.  What happened here? A plane crash?        Sokaku' stage- Western looking, but this is the Dream Amusement Park from FF1  where you fought against Raiden. In the 3rd round, the place turns into a ghost  town as zombies surround you.  Hon fu's stage- You fight on a levitating platform that wanders up to god knows  where. Cheng comes out after 30 seconds or so in a chopper to greet you. If you  finish your opponent to the BK, you can almost push them off the platform.   Bob's stage- There's some guys from KoF 94' hidden in the BK, like Sei Kensu  and Kyo Kusanagi. Richard Myers will appear before the fight if you use Terry, Andy, Joe or Mai. He can also be found at the left edge of the screen.                                                              Blue Mary's stage- A beautiful cathedral which lights up in he 3rd round. If  you finish your opponent by attacking them up to the ceiling, all of the  chandeliers will come crashing down.                                                               LINE JUMP-BACK GRAPH                    A    B      C      D       Terry   ,Andy           Franco   ,Bob     O    O     O(L)   O(L) Mai     ,Mary           Joe               O    X     O(L)   from FG=X(D), BG= X(L)   Geese, Sokaku     O    X     O(L)   X(L)  Hon fu            O    X     O(L)   X(D)   O- Can guard standing      (L)- pushes opponent to different lane  X- Can't guard standing     (D)- opponent falls down FG= Forground                 BG= Background    TOP 10   TIPS AND TACTICS           1\ When playing against a human opponent, a good tactic is keep on line swaying  and attacking back.    2\ When fighitng against the COM, pick Joe Higashi first. If you leave him for  the 4th enemy, he becomes much harder to beat.  3\ Also when fighting against the COM, try picking a character with a  projectile attack. One easy way to beat the COM is keep on shooting  projectiles from a distance. Usualy the COM would either get hit, guard, or  erase it with their own. If the COM does a line sway, foot sweep them when  they come back.  4\  In FF3 you can guard in the air, but you cannot guard all moves. So far, it  seems that the only moves you can guard are attacks from the air and  projectiles. But beware, if you don't guard you can get hit multiple times in  the air.  5\ Also in the air, you can attack multiple times.    6\ When jumping back from a line sway, you attack your opponent differently  depending on which button you use. Use this to your advantage. There is a quick  sheet before these advices.   7\ When attacking an opponent in a different line, you can foot sweep them by  setting the joystick downwards and a button. Use it to your advantage and you  can do combos as you sway from line to line.   8\ Throw combos do more damage than normal throws plus you can attack them right after, but your opponent can get out of it if they press the same button right after you do. For instance, if you were using Sokaku, did your throw and pressed D rightafter to do your throw combo, your opponent can get out of it  simply by pressing the D button right after.      9\ The combination arts is a move which can be done by just pressing the  buttons consectively and quickly. But you must do it close to your opponent  (unless indicated otherwise), and each move must hit your opponent in order  for the next move to hit.    10\ Last of all, try beating the COM with only one credit. You will then have  to fight Jin Choshu, a little girl in a red costume.    SPECIAL THANKS TO...   (In alphabetical order) BFS                     -Equipments Greg Kasavin        -Move inscription advice  Tomio Toyama Jr. -Movement advice   
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