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Snk Neo Geo Collection

Snk Neo Geo Collection

Neo Geo AES US system  No 007444

Bought 21 Aug 1991 – Complete in Box – Collector state

See HERE for an up to date list of SNK NEO GEO AES

– 4 memory cards
– 3 arcade joystick AES
– 4 Neo Geo cd Pad
– 2 Big sticker
– 1 Neo Geo pad “Haricot”

Neo Geo CD  Front Loading JAP system No 001078

Bought 09 Sept 2003 – Complete in Box – Collector state

Neo Geo CD Top Loading JAP system No 006229 

Bought 13 Sept 2003 Converted to US  – Complete in Box – Collector state

See HERE for an up to date list of SNK NEO GEO CD

Neo Geo CDZ # 0013836

Bough on ebay – No Box

Neo Geo CDZ #0013836 private collection Cédric Walter –

Neo Geo Pocket # 0016263

Neo Geo Pocket games list

Neo Geo Pocket Color(NGPC) aqua blue serial 516324
Neo Geo Pocket 0016263 – Private collection Cédric Walter –

2  * Neo Geo Mini International

3 * Neo Geo X


1 SNK Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro

Lot of Goodies

Promoting games flyer

* Eight Man
* World Heroes
* 2X Aero Fighter 2
* 2X King of Fighter 94
* Samurai Showdown 2
* Sengoku 2
* King of Monster 2
* Andros Dunos
* Super Sidekick 2

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