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=============== Breakers v1.17 ===============  Tribute: Some parts of this FAQ was lifeted from Galen Tatsuo Komatsu's  <[email protected]>  Breaker's Revenge FAQ.  Most of the special moves are  from his FAQ.   Reason: There was never one for Breakers that I could find, and some of the moves in the first one is missing in the sequels' FAQ.  I felt inclined to update the movelist.  Again, I stress that the original FAQ was created by Galen Tatsuo Komatsu, go thank him/her.... :)  Breakers v1.17 note: -------------------- Wow, didn't even realize that Alison III had different aerial moves other than Jump, hold down + D.  Added it back in.  Breakers v1.16 note: -------------------- Please let this be the last update :>  Change the display format to be DOS Edit friendly.  Deleted all the other version's notes.  No need.  Since this is the only FAQ that's being posted on the net.  Added more combos.  Mahrel, Tia, and Sho all got new combo(s).  Condor's B, C, Sky Bridge can also be used to demonstrate the Dizzy Juggling system described below.  Under normal usage of the combo, the B kick is the knee animation, while the C is the uppercut (try it, stand next to opponent, hit C).  Only then will the Sky Bridge connect.  It is also true that B, C will be considered a 2 hit combo even if the C animation is the stun punch. Having said all that (are you still with me?), if the stun punch (C button), dizzies the opponent, immediately do a Sky Bridge, and it will also count as the 3rd hit!!  Added another Sho move.  It's always been there, but I never thought to add it.   -------- Notation --------  ub  u  uf   \ | /   b--   --f   / | \   db  d  df  The above diagram shows the 8 joystick position.... fairly standard.   ABCD = 4 buttons, A+C are weak/strong punches, B+D are weak/strong kicks  NOTE: The directions are always written in lowercase, while the button presses are always in capital letters.  Assume that all moves start with character facing right.  (1st Player's starting position).  "P" can be any punch "K" can be any kick "(P)" or "(K)" means the P/K is optional "J" first jump, then perform move "*" is a Super attack "." charge for a 1-2 seconds before next joystick direction "^" the move can also be performed in the air "!" tap button repeatedly for more hits "x#" the maximum hits that can be obtained by pressing the P or K button "O" spin the joystick either clockwise or counter clockwise "c" the move must be performed from up Close "st" standing "cr" crounching "j" jumping    --------------- Fighting System ---------------  Cross-up: As it's the norm these days, a cross-up attack means that when your character lands a jumping attack, s/he will land on the opponsite side of the opponent.  For example, if the Player is jumping from left to right, he will land on the right side of the opponent.  Guard Break: When executed, the move will hit a blocking opponent, thereby "breaking" his defense.  A good exampe is when your opponent is crouch-blocking, and Sho does a Hopping Lunge Punch.  This will hit a crouch blocking opponent.  Supers: As with most 2D fighters these days, there are Super attacks that can only be performed when your "super meter" shows at least a 1.  It is very easy to  interrupt a Strong Punch/Kick with Supers, which make them rather deadly...  Maximum: If you decide to not use your super, it will go from 1, to 2, to Maximum. When your super bar flashes maximum, all moves will do more damage.  Chain combos: These are a sequence of button presses that result in multiple hits.  Chain  combos can only go from a weak punch/kick to a strong punch/kick.  The  difference between chain and linked combos are that Chains do not require any  sort of real timing.  When the first punch/kick hits, go through the rest of the sequence of buttons to complete the chain combo without having to worry about when to press the buttons.  A good example of an easy chain combo is Sho's st weak Punch, st. weak Kick, st. Strong P/K.  Link combos: Linked combos are button presses that when timed correctly, will add to the number of hits possible.  Normally, the 2 hits aren't counted as "combos", but because of good timing, it is possible for them to add together as multiple hits.  A good example is Dao-long's link.  Do a turn-around Roundhouse (BD) then as he retracts, hit A.  This will result in a 2 hit combo.  Juggling: This allows the Player to hit an opponent when they are still in the air. The juggling system in Breakers is very limited.  The time for juggling only occurs while the Opponent is still being lifted in the air by the Player's attack(s).  A somewhat shoddy example of a juggle is Sho's cr. Strong punch into Flash Wave.  Also, I've performed a rare juggle with Dao-long vs. CPU. Jump towards Opponent with D.  While I'm jumping, CPU jumps back.  As he is barely above ground, my D kick connects, hitting him for 2 hits.  This pops the computer in the air, and I land.  When I landed, I added on a close st. Strong punch, which added an extra hit.  This I feel is juggling.  Again, I stress the juggling system is very limited, nothing like MK style trampolines, or even SFA3's juggles.  Dizzy Juggling: This is more fluke than anything else.  When the hit that the Player perfomrs dizzies, the Opponent is knocked off his feet, which floats him in the air. Now, as the Opponent is floating upwards, some moves will juggle for more hits.  For example, use Rila to dizzy with her cr A while the Opponent is in the corner.  As soon as the Opponent is floating, do a Spinning Claw.  This will add up to 12 hits, instead of the normal 11.  Admittedly, Dizzy Juggles are more of a fluke than anything else (at least for me.)  But this is a legitimate condition for juggling combos.  Knockdown Recovery: Certain situations will make your opponent lie flat on the ground after being  hit.  An easy example is being swept with a cr. D kick.  Normally your character will take his/her time to get up.  With knockdown recovery, as soon as you're lying flat, hit ABC or BCD.  Your character should immediately roll or spring back (depending on the animation) and get up quicker.  Taunts: As far as I can figure out, taunts don't affect gameplay.  But it's sure fun  when in the heat of the battle, you taunt your opponent, and there's nothing s/he can do about it.  You can taunt once every 6 in game seconds.  -------------------- Character's Movelist --------------------   Sho --------- bb or ff (P)	  	Dash or Dash and Punch J u C			Air Uppercut J A (x5)		Multiple air jabs J d D			Stutter, then a diving kick J d B			Knee Bounce AC			Hopping lunge punch (low guard crush) BD			Shin kick (high guard crush) BC			Pseudo "Tiger Knee" d,df,f P         	RekkoHa  [Flash Wave] d,db,b K (x3)     	KurenaiSandanKeri  [Crimson Kick] d,df,f K           	MidareKiryuuKeri  [Violent Wind] f,b,f P           	ShippuuShoKenTsuki  [Gale Thrust] d,df,f,d,df P           * SeikenShouha  [Fist Blast] d,db,b,d,db K^          * KurenaiGansaiShuu  [Crimson Smash] J d,df,f,d,df P         * Super air Flash Wave -- COMBOS: st A, A, B, C, Violent Wind st A, C, C, Flash Wave st A, C, C, C, Crimson Smash cr C, Pseudo "Tiger Knee", Crimson Smash   Pielle -------- bb or ff (P)	  	Dash or Dash and Punch AC			Hopping Fierce Thrust BD			Butt bounce (low guard crush) J d A			Pogo Sword			 d,df,f P		Bonjour Shot f,d,df P		<ropin> Runner d,db,b P (x3)           <musshu> Clash d,db,b K           	Rosa Train J d ABC or BCD          <merushii> Une Deux Trois d,df,f,d,df P           * <andu ropin> d,db,b,d,db P           * <kurauzaa> Thunder d,db,b,d,db K           * Super Rosa -- COMBOS: cr C, Thunder st A, A, A, Clash Butt bounce, st A, A, A, Andu Ropin Pogo Sword, C  <--- aim the Pogo Sword at opponents feet, as soon as it                     connects, do a C   Condor -------- J d C			Flying body Press (it's different than just J+C) J d D			Dive Kick cdf A	or B		Choke Hold cdf C			Headbutts cdf D			Bearhug ABC or BCD		Tomahawk Jack  ff K			Grand Buffalo Horn d,df,f K		Sky Bridge c0 P			Monlight Slam d,df,f,d,df P           * Astra Rock Buster c00 P           	* Moonlight Shake -- COMBOS: st B, C, Sky Bridge <- The C punch must be the uppercut animation j cross-up C, cr A, A, A Tomahawk Jack j cross-up C, cr A, A, A, Astra Rock Buster A, A, cr A, A, Astra Rock Buster Choke hold, Astra Rock Buster Cross-up Flying Body Press, st A, st B, st C, Astra Rock Buster   Rila --------- bb or ff (P)		Dash or Dash and Punch  f D		  	Hopping Side Kick b.f P			Quick Scratch d.u K			Wild Sabre b.df K           	Killer Snake P!                      Spinning Claw b.f,b,f P		* Shine Beast (hold P to wait...too long will abort                           the super) db.df,db,u K		* Bloody Fang -- COMBOS: cr (Charge for Leg spike), st C, Wild Sabre cr A, st C, Quick Scratch j A, st A, Spinning Claw   Tia ----------- AC			1-2 punch BD			Cresent Kick (low guard crush) d,df,f P		Rapid Gale f,d,df P		Lightning Upper d,db,b K^		Soul Spike K!			Mirage Spear Kick d,df,f,d,df P           * Rapid Change d,db,b,d,db P^          * Burning Revolver <- You can control it up or down d,df,f,d,df K           * Cutlass Flasher -- COMBOS: st A, A, A, cr B, 1-2 punch cr A, A, cr B, B, Mirage Spear Kick   Alision III --- bb or ff	  	Dash b A			Short Jab b B			Short Kick b C			Short Strong Punch b D (P or K)		Backward Launching Kick.  (Optional P/K while in air) J d D			Pharoh's Knee AC			Somersault Slap (low guard crush) BD			Heel Kick (low guard crush) b,db,d,df,f P           Poison Fang d,db,b K^          	Deadly Claw d,df,f K^		Dash Knee d,df,f,d,df P           * Anubis Hag d,db,b,d,db P           * Pharoh Rampage -- COMBOS: Somersault Slap, st A, Anubis Hag Somersault Slap, st A, Pharoh Rampage Short Strong Punch, Poison Fang Pharoh's Knee, Short Jab, Short Jab, Dash Knee   Mahrel -------- bb or 	ff		Dash J d B			Ass Splash J d C			Belly Flop AC                      Belly Splash b or f ABC or BCD       Mahrel Bomb (control distance with b or f) d,db,b P		Slash Sword d,db,b K		Punish Sword b,db,d,df,f P           Fire Breath d,df,f,d,df P           * <kadabuura> Bomber d,db,b,d,db P           * Shiva Dance c0 K			* Rolling Press -- COMBOS: Belly Splash, f C (Headbutt), interrupt into Slash Sword Belly Splash, f C (Headbutt), interrupt into Shiva Dance close ff, Rolling Press <- Not a combo, but the Super will connect right after the dash. cr B, Belly Splash, Rolling Press <- Although the hit counters don't add up, there is no known escape.   Dao-Long ------ AC			Mini Dragon Fang BD			Turn-around Roundhouse CD			Flying Elbow smash (low guard crush) b.f P			KouRyuuga  [Dragon Fang] d.u P			SenkyuTai  [Leg Spike] b.f,b,f P		* HoushinRenha  [Cannon Wave] b.f,b,f K		* ShinkyokuRembu  [Divine Rampage] db.df,db,u K!           * RenkyuuTai  [Leg Drill]  -- COMBOS: st A, A, A, B, Mini Dragon Fang cr (Charge for Leg spike), st C, Leg Spike Turn-around Roundhouse, cr A, Leg Spike cr A, A, A, Cannon Wave   ---------------- Alterative Names ----------------  Sho = Jin Pielle = George Condor = Gigars Rila = Sandra Tia = Shelly Alison III = Atoum Mahrel = Javar Dao-Long = Liu-Khai ============================================ Created/modified by Asiliat the Wonder Puppy [email protected] irc efnet: #neogeo, #retrogamers, #mame.   
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