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Breaker’s Revenge (Visco)

Breaker’s Revenge (Visco)

Date: 	Mon, 14 Sep 1998 23:37:49 -1000 From: 	Galen Tatsuo Komatsu <[email protected]>   Breaker's Revenge  (Visco)  98h19.0  	Moves pulled from Gamest #229, translations are my own. Perhaps I'll turn this into a presentable FAQ one day.  The command list appears to be identical to the original Breaker's so this should be usable for the first game as well (Saizo excepting.) [email protected]   789     P Punch       j jump 4 6     K Kick        c close 123  ABCD buttons     ! tap rapidly         0 spin stick  . charge preceeding stick position "*" denotes super attacks.   Dao-Long ------ 4.6P           KouRyuuga  [Dragon Fang] 2.8K           SenkyuTai  [Leg Spike] 4.646P         * HoushinRenha  [Cannon Wave] 4.646K         * ShinkyokuRembu  [Divine Rampage] 1.319K!        * RenkyuuTai  [Leg Drill]   Mahrel -------- 214P           Slash Sword 214K           Punish Sword 41236P         Fire Breath ABCD(?)        Mahrel Bomb 23623P         * <kadabuura> Bomber 21421P         * Shiva Dance c0K            * Rolling Press   Alision III --- 41236P         Poison Fang 214K           Deadly Claw 236K           Dash Knee 23623P         * Anubis Hag 21421P         * Pharoh Rampage   Tia ----------- 236P           Rapid Gale 623P           Lightning Upper 214K           Soul Spike K!             Mirage Spear Kick 23623P         * Rapid Change 21421P         * Burning Revolver 23623K         * Cutlass Flasher   Raiya --------- 4.6P           Quick Scratch 2.8K           Wild Sabre 4.3K           Killer Snake P!             Spinning Claw 4.646P         * Shine Beast 1.319K         * Bloody Fang   Condor -------- ABCD (?)       Tomahawk Jack 66K            Grand Buffalo Horn 236K           Sky Bridge c0P            Monlight Slam 23623P         * Astra Rock Buster c00P           * Moonlight Shake   Pielle -------- 236P           Bonjour Shot 623P           <ropin> Runner 214P!          <musshu> Clash 214K           Rosa Train j2ABCD         <merushii> Une Deux Trois 23623P         * <andu ropin> 21421P         * Thunder <kurauzaa> 21421K         * Super Rosa   Sho ----------- 236P           RekkoHa  [Flash Wave] 214K!          KurenaiSandanKeri  [Crimson Kick] 236K           MidareKiryuuKeri  [Violent Wind] 646P           ShippuuShoKenTsuki  [Gale Thrust] 23623P         * SeikenShouha  [Fist Blast] 21421K         * KurenaiGansaiShuu  [Crimson Smash]   Saizo --------- 236P           Hiryu  [Flying Dragon] 214P           Yashagami  [Demon Locks] 623P           EnzukiZan  [Full Moon Slash] 23623P         * Musou-Shinra  [Dream-Woods] 21421P         * Musou-Tenha  [Dream-Heavens] 23623K         * SenkouEnsatsuJin  [Lightning Brigade]  end of file  --->  .

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