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Another geek unboxing his PS3

Another geek unboxing his PS3


This time it is me, unboxing my expensive but shinny PS3

I’ve bought today a PS3 (899 CHF), along with

  • 2 games Resistance: fall of man (89 CHF) and Motor Storm (89 CHF)
  • Mission Impossibles blue-ray box, the whole sequel, (89 CHF)
  • 1 additional wireless controller (69 CHF)

See the pictures below

What I really like

I like The sound produce by the machine: nearly none, I was setting up the system (wireless network) and was unable to tell if the machine was really running! Naturally I was not consuming a lot of CPU/GPU under the dashboard. It make noise while Folding at home, but nothing compared to the XBOX360 vacuum cleaner.

I like Controller are really light, powered by a lithium ion integrated batteries and are quite conservative in their design. Maybe some leds wont hurt and make them truly beautiful.

I like The openness of the system,

  • Anyone can swap hard disk for a bigger one, hard disk is not encrypted and cryptographically signed like with the 12GB XBOX 360 disk.
  • You can boot Yellow Dog Linux, even if it is still not optimized for the machine
  • A real browser, limited without real keyboard but fully functional
  • Standard 4 USB port

I like HDMI 1.3 is standard (For XBOX 360 you’ll have to wait and buy a new machine).

I like Wireless not as option, (For XBOX 360 the wireless extension cost 92CHF)

I like Blu-Ray player included (For XBOX 360 the HD-DVD cost 240CHF)

I like The black cover, shining like a mirror, a beautiful object anybody will be proud to have in the middle of his living room

I like Folding at home, a collaborative project to analyze molecules folding, integrated in PS3 firmware 1.6

What I dislike

I dislike Controller: rumble is missing even at 69CHF, Sony has announce a new controller with shaking capabilities. It is MORE expensive then the XBOX 360 (49CHF)

I dislike I like Price, I wish anybody could acquire one.

I dislike If you want HD (720p, 1080i, 1080p), you MUST use the HDMI cable not included (XBOX support HD on composite but has no physical HDMI port so it is quite normal). It is not written on the PS3 box. I’ll have to wait till monday to enjoy true HD 🙁

I dislike The online shop is like for the XBOX 360 ridiculous (number of videos, number of demo). It is simply a JOKE if you know what internet can offer. On the other side I fell I must give SONY a I like because they are not charging me monthly rate for accessing their shop (XBOX 360 gold 49$ yearly)

All in all a very good buy, Sony will for sure make a discount for the 2007 holidays season, I just can’t wait 8 months 🙂
I will try to play XVID, AVI, MP3, OGG with my PS3, if it will not work because of DRM issues, Linux will save me one more time 😉

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