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Amiga 1200 Infinitiv Tower

Amiga 1200 Infinitiv Tower

The Infinitiv 1200 Tower was custom designed for the A1200 computer and is rather rare. It neatly houses the motherboard and floppy drive and expands the possibilities of this excellent computer. It’s design includes a convenient back panel which slides out of the Tower to allow simple fitting of the A1200 motherboard.

The standard unit is a midi sized Tower, but this can be increased by adding snap-on 5.25″ bays which raise the Towers height. One of these bays is required if a 1200 accelerator is to be fitted. There is also the facility to add internal 3.5″ bays in the same manner, so the possibility of adding extra hard drives, CD-ROM, floppies

The A1200 was launched a few months after the Amiga 600 using a similar, slimline design that replaced the earlier Amiga 500 Plus and Amiga 500. Whereas the A600 used the 16-bit Motorola 68000 of earlier Amigas, the A1200 was built around the faster, more powerful Motorola 68EC020.

Physically the A1200 is an all-in-one design incorporating the CPU, keyboard, and disk drives (including the option of an internal 2.5″ hard disk drive) in one physical unit. The A1200 has a similar hardware architecture to Commodore’s Amiga CD32 game console.

The A1200 offers a number of advantages over earlier lower-budget Amiga models. Specifically, it is a 32-bit design; the 68EC020 microprocessor is faster than the 68000 and has 2 MB of RAM as standard. The AGA chipset used in the A1200 is a significant improvement. AGA increases the color palette from 4096 colors to 16.8 million colors with up to 256 on-screen colors normally, and an improved HAM mode allowing 262,144 on-screen colors.

The graphics hardware also features improved sprite capacity and faster graphics performance mainly due to faster video memory. Additionally, compared to the A600 the A1200 offers greater expansion possibilities.

  • Blizzard 1230 IV 68040 @ 50Mhz 64Mb RAM
  • Blizzard scsi kit with 16mb ram – no scsi cable
  • DD 540 Mb
  • Vidi Amiga
  • CD Rom 12X
  • Ethernet Card
  • IDE extension board
  • VGA card
  • HD floppy disk
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