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Add a harddisk led to Your XBOX

Add a harddisk led to Your XBOX

Add a led to your Xbox to see hard disk activity

This mod is quite risky, especially if you
can not solder with precision 

xboxIcon Legal Issues

  1. It is strictly forbidden to modify your xBox, sell or install mods chip in france.
  2. Even opening the XBOX is forbidden.
  3. Remember pirating is a crime, support the developers and film companies.

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xboxIcon 1. How To


  • LED
  • Resistor 220 Ohms

The resistor (value depending of the LED power) has to be soldered on the longest LED wire

+5 Volts is taken from the connector, you can open the connector and close it without any difficulties
The trickiest part is to solder on pin39 the signal (negative)

You should also verify carefully your soldering, this tool may help

Drill a 3mm hole or bigger depending on LED size

Final Result

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