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USR robotics 9106/9105

+ Unix based (apache software)
+ telnet interface for advance user with a full CLI
+ a lot of functionnaliies, every protocol is available.
+ Very fast switching. According to Tom’s hardware one of the fastest in its class.
+ Very configurable (real business class router not home consummer crap)
+ Built in USB and 1394 FTP server support
+ Nice GUI interface,
+ SUPER stable under emule Load!!!! 1000 connections wthout any loss of performances. A restart each 6 months or less!!!
+ affordable: 90 (USR9105)  to 110 euro (USR 9106)
+ not so much bios update but as I said before a lot of functionnalities and soooooo stable

– Users guide is very bad
– GUI and Bios only available in english
– Is a  little bit tricky to get configured – No explnantion of technical terms in manual or interface

Setup notes for emule:
Navigate to security> access control > new and create a new user service rule:
name: emule
desc: emule
TCP any -> 4662
TCP any -> 4711
UDP any -> 4672
UDP any -> 4673
UDP any -> 4661
UDP any -> 4665

2. navigate to security > local servers > new and setup the machine on your lan running emule to use the service you just set up for emule.

Be sure to set you emule client system as a static IP so the router always assigns it the same IP address. This can be done by fixing the IPadress in windows control panel. you may also play with the CLi to achieve the same result, Here I want to assign the adress to the pc with the mac adress 00:00:00:00:00:00
arp add 00:00:00:00:00:00

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