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Update the firmware of your K750i

Update the firmware of your K750i

Determine K750 ROM version

first determine which software version your Sony Ericsson k750i is running:

Put in this sequence: >*<<*<*  and do not look at what the screen is displaying while typing, a hidden menu should appear. Then go to service info. from there choose software info

  • The first version of the rom is R1A044
  • The latest (today) is L R1L002

Install the latest firmware

Go to the support homepage of Ericsson (only with IE not firefox):

  • Choose automatic mode
  • Check the prerequisite (a list with checkboxes)
  • Install the java application
  • Connect he usb cable to the phone
  •  Accept the licence and let the java applet connect to the phone and download the latest rom for You.
  •  A popup windows:

1. Ask You to switch the phone off, and disconnect it from the usb, do it
2. While pressing the button "C" to connect it to the usb cable
BUT Windows complains about the driver, even If you have install the full Ericsson suite
download the driver here: (was not found on the genuine cd)

– after installing the driver, the update should start an be completed in 12 minutes more or less…
– I was the force to remove the battery because my phone was temporarly blocked, after the restart, the phone complete the installation and it’s finish.
– verify that You have the latest ROM version

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