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Tux Droid

tux-droid-linux-companionTux Droid is a #Linux wireless Tux mascot (210mm x 180mm x 140mm – with lowered wings) with a programmable interface, allowing it to announce events by its gestures and by ALSA driven sound. The events are detected by specific gadgets, which are handled by the Tux Gadget Manager.

The Tux Droid supports #Linux kernel 2.4 or later and needs a 800 MHz CPU and 128 MB RAM. It communicates by infrared to the USB port (1.1 or 2.0) and for media detection it needs an internet connection. The mascot is driven by Atmel AVR RISC microcontrollers.

The mascot comes with a microphone and an infrared receiver, to perform a 2.4 GHz wireless full-duplex digital link between the USB dongle.

The Tux Droid also has a light sensor and a push button on top of the head. Its gestures cover e.g. eye- and wing-movements, while switch sensors in both wings are triggered by pushing the wings. For its sound output there is a volume control wheel to control a speaker and a 3.5mm stereo audio socket for audio out.




My tux Droid has arrived 2 days ago.

Shortly here is a list of what I do not like

  • Noisy gearbox, compare to the Nabaztag, there is world in between.
  • 2.4GHZ but no WIFI, so it need always a running server. Hope the would develop a WIFI
  • Use Acapela voice engine, which should be the best on market, but voices are not really as clear as on the Nabaztag.
  • Less gadget, more in the 20 range.

And what I like a lot

  • Open source hardware and software,
  • Many programming language: Python, #Java,
  • Easy to program gadget,
  • A lot more response feedback: yes, mouth, flaps, rotation.
  • Very good wiki, and online documentation
  • It look like TUX 🙂

I did develop a Tux Droid plugin for TeamCity which is not far away from running and be distributed under GPL v3

Download the latest software go to the kysoh website.
Developers documentation visit our wiki.
For the forum go here.
For the trackers go here.
And for the community website go here.

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