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The perfect Network Array Storage?

The perfect Network Array Storage?

Infrant released at the beginning of february a new NAS (Network Array Storage): the ReadyNAS NV

Infrant NSP IT3107
4 lockable hot-swappable SATA disk trays
Infrant Expandable X-RAID, RAID 0/1/5
Programmable backup button
One USB 2.0 port in front, two in back
Compact portable design (8”H x 5”W x 9”D)
Server-rated power supply
Powerful 92mm cooling fan
Low power consumption and silent operation
Compatible with Windows®, Mac, UNIX,   and #Linux systems
Gigabit Ethernet with Jumbo frame support
Simple setup wizard
Integrated Backup Manager
Compatible with leading network DVD players
  and UPnP AV streaming devices
Multi-lingual browser-based setup
Kensington lock compatible

This box is really attractive, because of its size, power consumption (50 watts) and design.
Price expected to be in the 500$ range without SATA disks.

Here is some technicals detail on the core board (may not be the one used in NV but show the inside of Infrant previous mainboard)

One major advantage is that  ReadyNAS boxes seems to have a strong community of users and an active forum

No word on performances yet, the processor is an intel clocked at 200Mhz (PLD) which realize a semi hardware XOR (a required operation for computing parity in RAID array of disks). A solution which is certainly cost effective but at the cost of pure IO performances. On the other side, a dedicated Raid 5 PCI board often cost more than 600$ alone…Someone has to do some concessions anyway.

Note there is no PCI slot inside the ReadyNas NV as in the ReadyNas 600. I already ask 2 shops in Switzerland, but it seems the box hasnt hit the shelves, even if it is already listed on

{mosgoogle center}

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