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Sony HDR-SR1 review

Sony HDR-SR1 review

If you’re shopping for a new CamCorder with HD (720p, 1080i) support, you should take a look at what Sony offer:

"The HDR-SR1 is one of the best examples of why this is an exciting time for camcorders. Within this single model, we see the major advance of an emerging media – hard disk drive – and the birth of a new video standard – AVCHD." has already 2 reviews: review1 and review2

and JVC with their new HD Everio GZ-HD7 (but not before april 2007).
All in all, the market is now offering more than 5 Camcorder: Panasonic NV-GS500, Sony (4 models) and JVC (2 Everio)

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