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Software Store for Windows mobile and Palm OS

Software Store for Windows mobile and Palm OS

Palm has shot first!

The Software Store has gone mobile. Browse and download over 5,000 apps & games right from your Palm device. Plus, there are over 1,000 free apps to choose from. The mobile software store supports over 25 Palm devices

All of this is just a click away — install the free mobile software store and choose from thousands of apps ready to download now! You’ll also receive 25% OFF your first download when you enter coupon code SHOPMOBILE at checkout.


I’ve heard that Microsoft is also working on an alternative to the too much present iPhone shop: Microsoft Skymarket.
That will be a huge task as Windows mobile is known to have more than 18,000 3rd party applications… In between you can also try Handango, which is a well-established purveyor of apps for Windows Mobile


Android Market helps developers get their applications in the hands of users by acting as an open distribution system. A beta version is now available on the world’s first Android-powered phone, the T-Mobile G1.



Competition will be profiting to customers.

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