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Saeco Incanto Sirius


My Saeco Incanto Sirius coffee machine died after a bit more than 1517 coffee and 5 years of low usage.  Since I paid 1500CHF for this machine, not counting the electricity, the coffee beans, this bring the cup to more than 1CHF.

The machine is now ready to be sent to the repairing factory, just hoping they wont ask for an huge amount of cash to bring it back to life. Risk is high that I go next for a Nespresso machine

How to access the Saeco Service Menu

In this menu you can change all parameters of the machine, amount of water and coffee, temperature


You need to turn off the machine. Hold your fingers on button 1, 4 and 6 at the same time en turn the machine on. ( Button 1 to 3 is the upper row from left to right, and 4 to 6 is the lower row from left to right). Now you can browse through the machine settings with button 4 or 5.

Diagnostics menu Incanto Sirius

N ° 1 coffee long pulses480Number of turbine pulses COFFEE.
1 espresso N ° pulses160Number of turbine pulses espresso.
1 Coffee N ° pulses350Number of turbine pulses coffee.
Heating parameters K18Slope of the heating heater coffee / hot water. The higher the hotter.
Heating parameters K230Slope of the heating steam heater. As high as steam desired.
Heating sensor calibration96 
Normal temp ° C88Temperature of the coffee in setting ‘Temp’ normal ‘in the user menu.
High Temp ° C109Temperature of the coffee in setting ‘high temp’ in the user menu.
Temp 1 ° Coffee ° C117Temperature of the first coffee after prolonged disuse.
Steam Temp ° C125Temperature of the water vapor.
Temp rise ° C Increase to the current temperature before brewing process repeated for the heat
Record countnnSince the last announcement Dreg drawer empty ‘coffee are nn been prepared.
Set Stop12After 12 Coffee shows’ Dreg drawer Empty ‘in the display.
espressonnnNumber of Espresso done
coffeennnNumber of coffee done
COFFEEnnnNumber of coffee-long
Total water mlnnnnnTotal water amount of coffee / hot water since the initial operation.
Water DESCAL. mlnnnnnTotal water amount of coffee / hot water since the last decalcification.
Ml water for descalingnnnnnAmount of water since last decalcification
Number DescalingnnnAlready performed decalcification
Number of cleaningnnnHave already taken Cleaners
Ml water filternnnnnFlow in ml of the water filter
Hot water Durchfl. l / h18Flow rate at hot water draw.
Hot water Pumpenreg.6210Automatic regulation of pump power. The higher the value, the more the pump decrease in performance with age..
Reserve water meters N ° pulses.nnnnnBalance of the remaining available water to “water blank”
Water reserve Stop N ° pulses Balance of the remaining available water to “water blank”
DecalcifynnnnnSpecifies whether the machine is the descaling
Cleaning cycle0Specifies whether the machine in the cleaning cycle is the
Machine Status164128 + 32 + 4 = 164
Water shortage (1) + Pre grinding (2) + Heater Plate (4) + feeder full (8) + not used (16) + standby mode (32) + system 2 (63) + hot water program (128)
Production Date Day  
Production Date Monthnn 
Production Date Yearnn 
Date Day Servicennnnn 
Service Date Monthnn 
Service Date Yearnnnn 
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