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Robosapiens 2 available in sept. 2005?

List of functionnalities:

  • Multiple levels of environmental interaction, with humans and objects; sight, sound and touch senses.
  • Humanoid body movements, including bending sitting and standing, lying down and getting up, waving, martial arts…
  • A color vision system: recognize colors and skin tones; which wil help him interacts with objects and people.
  • IR vision: detects and avoids obstacles and table edges; tracks moving objects.
  • Speech: through the controller or after detection of sensors
  • "Laser" tracking technology: follows a path traced on the ground.
  • New Precision gripping hands, articulated fingers.
  • Stereo sound system and possibility to program reaction to sounds detection.
  • Realistic 2-axis turning head with animated LED eyes.
  • Interacts with, and can controls, 2 others robots: Robopet and Roboraptor
  • Sleep and auto-shut off functions.
  • 100 pre-strore functions.
  • 4 demo modes and 4 programming modes.
  • Controller or direct, positional programming.
  • Remote control and autonomous behavior modes.

Expected price tag: $200

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