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My NAS array, testing performances and reliability

I am still waiting on the 4 last hard disks, they should arrive next week. While mounting everything together in the case, I was thinking on the range of tests I may do with this NAS before putting it online in production.

What kind of operating system will I use? 

RAID 5/6
RAID 5/6
Windows XPNeed Windows Server BUT there is a workaroundthrough the Promise EX350 driverI do not want a fully fledged OS for a file server, but want to look at performances
Linux OpenFilerstandard using "mdam"through the Promise EX350 #Linux driverelegant, free and OS footprint can be reduce at it’s minimum
OpenSolarisusing ZFS Raid-Zno driver supportZFS is a great file system, and RAID-Z solve some problem of software RAID5 and Hardware RAID5 at the same time!
feel free to submit an alternative
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And this is how my Network Array Storage looks like:

NAS server
Processor(s)AMD Athlon 64 3000+  BOX, Socket 939, Venice
PlatformAsus A8N-VM CSM, mATX, Nvidia 6150/430 Video, socket 939, SATA RAID
BIOS xxxxx
RAMCorsair CM72DD512AR-400 (DDR2-400 ECC, reg.)
2x 512 MB, CL3-3-3-10 Timings
System Hard DriveRaid 6:
2 Maxtor 7L300R0 MaXLine III, 7200rpm, 16MB, 300GB, IDE, 24/7 server.
4  Western Digital Caviar RE, 7200rpm, 8MB, 320GB, SATA, 24/7

USB attached:
1 Maxtor onetouch USB2/Firewire 300GB
1 Maxtor onetouch2
USB2/Firewire 300GB

Mass Storage Controller(s)Promise SuperTrak EX8350, SATA2, 8 SATA port, Raid6 Controller
Graphics CardOn-Board Graphics
NVIDIA GeForce 6150

What kind of  performances test I will do?

Performance-testc’t h2benchw 3.6
I/O PerformanceIOMeter

Future client using the NAS fileserver

Windows XP professional
HP nx7000
100Mb NIC
Pentium-M 1.6GHz
1500MB Ram
60GB Harddisk
Home desktop,
Linux SuSe 10.1
1000 Mb NIC
AMD Athlon XP 3400+
1500 Mb RAM
Asus A78Nx Nforce2 mainboard

Of course I will stress the box 1 week before putting any vital/useless data on it!

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