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Lamp-Free DLP Projector coming late 2008

Lamp-Free DLP Projector coming late 2008

TIDLP I’ve probably found my next projector, if only price is right…

Texas Instruments DLP® Products Demonstrates Innovation Leadership with New Prototypes Including Lamp-Free
Projector DLP unveils the world’s first 3-D Front Projector and shows the first DLP Pico chipset product

Texas Instruments at InfoComm DLP® Products introduced the industry’s first home theater lamp-free projector
that utilizes a PhlatLight™ LED light source and a BrilliantColor™ chipset. This technology demo delivers a superior
1080p picture for which DLP technology is known, while eliminating maintenance costs such as lamp replacements
and filter changes required by some competing projector products. Multiple DLP customers have plans to develop
DLP lamp-free LED-based projectors, including Optoma, with units expected to ship in late 2008. Similar to the
deployment of DLP Product’s now popular BrilliantColor technology, the solid-state, lamp-free innovation will first
be incorporated into home theater units and proliferate through corporate and education product lines thereafter.

Benefits of Lamp-free projectors

  • LED are coming from Luminus (120’000 hours lifetime or 13 years!),
  • With DLP chipset, more light can reach the screen resulting in a 50% increase in color gamut range producing more
    than 200 trillion colors!
  • Contrast ratio expected in excess of 500,000:1.
  • 30% lower power usage
  • No cooling  or FAN, no dust and cleaning required
  • hundreds of euro in savings from lamp purchases.

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