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Haiku: BEOS system written from scratch

Haiku: BEOS system written from scratch
haiku.desktop has an interesting article about Haiku:

"Back when it was becoming clear that the time of the BeOS had come and gone, enthusiasts immediately set up the OpenBeOS project, an attempt to recreate the Be operating system from scratch, using a MIT-like license. The project faced difficult odds, and numerous times progress seemed quite slow. Still, persistence pays off, and the first alpha release is drawing ever closer. We decided to take a look at where Haiku currently stands."

Remember me my time with BEOS DanO, in 2001 when I was still booting my dual Celeron 450 MHz. Haiku project can be visited at

A dual 133MHz PowerPC 603 BeBox
I was looking on in 1998 for a BeBOX but did never found one available except with horrible price tag (1000€ or more)

Great Work HAIKU team!

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