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Free open source tethering software for Nikon/Canon DSLR cameras


digiCamControl is a free, open source program that gives you full control over Nikon cameras from you Windows PC. It supports tethering, live view, remote triggering, direct image transfer, controlling multiple cameras simultaneously and even offers you to control the camera from your tablet or smartphone. And support for Canon cameras is well on its way.

This is the first full release of digiCamControl , a free program that gives you full control over your digital cameras from your Windows PC. Currently almost all Nikon DSLR’s can be controlled, and support for Canon cameras is under development. The software is free to download and use.

Connect your camera to the computer with a USB cable and fire up the program, and you have full access to almost all camera controls. You can have the viewfinder image live on your computer monitor and you can focus and expose manually or automatically and see the result directly on your computer screen.

The program supports almost all digital Nikon SLR’s plus quite a few other cameras, and enables you to utilize almost all your camera’s features remotely. Apart from shooting single frames, digiCamControl also offers sequences, bracketing, time lapse and focus stacking.

You have detailed control over the image transfer, storing, naming and many other aspects of your shooting session from within the program.

Once you have set up your camera, you can control it wirelessly using a smartphone or a tablet. Both iPhones, iPads, Android devices and other devices that can run a web browser are supported. You can even use a second remote computer (Mac, pc, Unix or whatever) to control and release the camera.

digiCamControl is developed by Duka Istvan and is distributed as open source with both the finished program and the original source code (C#) freely available under the GNU license. You can read the history of digiCamControl here:


  • supports most Nikon DSLR cameras as well as cameras from several other manufacturers.
  • See live view on your computer display.
  • Trigger the camera from the computer or your tablet or smartphone.
  • Control multiple connected cameras at the same time.

Feature list

Basic functionality

  • Control your camera remotely from your Windows pc via USB.
  • Trigger image capture via release button on the camera or remotely from your computer.
  • Handhold the camera, shoot, and have the resulting images displayed on the computer monitor.
  • Shoot a series of bracketed shots with an arbitrary shutter speed or exposure value.
  • Use the advanced interval meter to create a series of time-lapse images and generate time-lapse video.
  • Shoot a series of focus stacked images to connect into one ultimate DOF picture.
  • Manage multiple profiles.
  • View histogram and photo metadata.
  • Review images in full screen.
  • Manage camera presets (saved camera settings).
  • Webserver function allows for remote control of application functions via a web browser on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Multiple camera support, you can control multiple connected cameras at the same time, triggering photo capture in parallel, or one by one. We’re looking forward to seeing your “bullet time” photos!

Advanced functionality

  • See the image live through the camera on your computer monitor before shooting.
  • Bulb mode for D800, D4, D600, D7100 adding the possibility to define custom shutter speeds.
  • Automated focus stacking.
  • Shooting triggered by motion detection.

The advanced functionality is limited to some Nikon camera models – see Supported cameras.
The basic functionality is theoretically supported by any WIA capable camera such as Canon or Panasonic DSLR’s

Download the program here.
Even more features covered here.
See a list of supported cameras here.

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