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Debunking some myths about CF / SD memory cards

Debunking some myths about CF / SD memory cards

Are expensive memory card worth the money? 

I am in the process of aquiring a DSLR / P&S (point and shot small camera) and camcorder for my 7 weeks trip to Australia. I’ve already fixed myself on the followwing model

  • Canon EOS 40D (available) or Nikon D300 (wont be available so will have to wait february)
  • Canon G9 for P&S, but this model has currently G9 LCD Leak and Purple Pixels  issues or a Samsung NV
  • Sony camcorder HD 1080i with HDD

Since I never buy anything without analysing carefully all specs, I came across this page from Rob Galbraith

The CF/SD Performance Database is a regularly-updated compilation of write and read speed test results designed to aid the serious and professional photographer in selecting camera storage media for a Canon or Nikon digital SLR.
Write speed test results for each of the digital SLR models actively being tested, as well as card-to-computer transfer rates, can be accessed from the popup menu above.


So If you ask yourself if a Sandisk Ultra 2, III or IV is worth the money, you’re at the right place! 

Attention a LOT of fake card are circulating on ebay!!!! read this for not bein f… Fake Sandisk Card on ebay

or FAKE Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo MagicGate Cards Exposed

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