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Canon HG10 or Sony SR7/SR8?

Canon HG10 or Sony SR7/SR8?

I can’t review camcorder, a lot of site are doing it in a professional way. Like always I propose You some links that You can use to gain a loooooot of time.

Video Playback

you must deinterlace video to have the best experience! I use Elecard Converter Studio to view them (free for viewing, use De interlacing:option  best for speed),
You have to deinterlace because computer monitor are not interlaced!
1080i30(60 fields) or 720p60 or 1080p30 have the same raw data rate, while 1080p60 has twice more data!

I’ve tried

Sony SR7 SR8


Judge Yourself by looking at video samples

By canadiankorean 

Canon HG10


Judge Yourself by looking at video samples

Finding source of video samples
Vuze has some video as well

Side by side table

The best way to compare characteristics is to look at them side by side, below are site that allow this. Ive choose to compare Panasonic SD5, Sony SR7/SR8 and Canon HG10

Thread from users

Best Forums

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