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from What is BeOS ?
"The BeOS offers a new level of price-performance, and a dramatic reduction in the complexity of software development. It is a modern, multithreaded, symmetric multiprocessing true multitasing, protected memory OS with a 64-bit journaling file system delivering the performance required for multimedia applications. The BeOS offers unprecedented user responsiveness, enabling real-time manipulation and feedback capabilities in your applications.

You can develop for BeOS in C++ using a powerful Object Framework API that gives you a rich set of user interface, 3D, I/O, sound and other widgets. In those instances when the API doesn't give you what you need it's easy to inherit and override to make what you're looking for.

BeOS is not backwards compatible, ist doesn't support twenty-year-old ideas. But for users involved in digital design, and who need more power than today's operating-systems can deliver, and for developers who are building the tools these people use, the BeOS represents a new field in which to lay down fresh tracks.

BeOS runs on Intel or AMD based PCs.
Modern OS
Pervasive Multithreading
True Preemtive Multitasking
Symmetric Multiprocessing
Protected Memory
64-bit Journaling File System
Object Oriented API
Client-Server Based Internal Architecture
Unprecedented User Responsiveness
Media Optimized
Real-time Manipulation and Feedback
Native TCP/IP
Easy Development

News and forums is an international, non-profit organization working to define and promote open specifications for the delivery of the Open Standards BeOS-compatible Operating System (OSBOS) platform for personal computers in consumer and business environments. The mission of is to proliferate these open specifications through the sponsorship of technology, market, user education, and support programs throughout the world.
 Reporting the news of the BeOS Community
 Club of BeBox proud owners or in french  

Free Implementations
 Cosmoe is a new user interface that runs on top of the #Linux operating system (and soon others). Cosmoe implements a powerful but easy-to-use high-level C++ API that is quite similar to BeOS. In fact, many BeOS programs can be recompiled to run on Cosmoe with little or no changes!
 BlueEyedOS is a BeOS-inspired operating system powered by a #Linux kernel.
The BlueEyedOS APIs are BeOS APIs rewritten with some improvements.
 YellowTAB formed in order to fill the void created by the demise of Be, Inc., developers of the Be Operating System (short: BeOS) for personal computers.
Review here and here
Why You Should Support YellowTAB's Zeta


BeOS Free Download A website dedicated to BeOS drivers. To both help users find BeOS drivers and to help would-be BeOS driver devs write drivers for new hardware BeOS 5 PE Max Edition is like BeOS 5 PE a freeware version. It only contains freeware and shareware demos. All the code it contains is legal under the MIT, GPL or LGPL licenses. There is no charge for the actual BeOS, but there can be a charge for the media on which it is written on. (CD Roms cost about 50cents each).
 Ultimate resource for BeOS software. If there's an application you need, and it exists for the BeOS, then you've got a better chance of finding it here than anywhere else. We've put a ton of effort into making BeBits full-featured and easy to use, so feel free to look around!

"Help Support BeBits!
We've survived a long time, but advertising alone doesn't pay much these days and we need to pay the bills! So, any donations/tips that you could spare would be greatly appreciated so we can keep the site up and running." more on
Donate to Bebits

Killing App
 Pixel32, the powerfull image/animation painting/editing and retouching application available for DOS, Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, #Linux, BeOS, QNX and Solaris Bringing #Java to BeOS | | | | | | | | | | | BeZip | BeTips | BeOS Radio | BeGeistert | Frizbe | BeDrivers | BeUnited | BeEmulated | BeBox Zone | BeOS France | BeClan | IsComputerOn | LeBuzz | ZetaJournal | BeGroovy | OS News | Mensys | | Qube | BeOS Aires | Bug BR | Ubix | BeOS Greece

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