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Asus SABERTOOTH X79 USB BIOS Flashback Filename

Asus SABERTOOTH X79 USB BIOS Flashback Filename


Latest BIOS can be downloaded from ASUS Service Site (ASUSTeK Computer Inc.)

The trick for the Asus SABERTOOTH X79 is to name the file correctly! the support of Asus did not understand my question and was not able to answer under which filename you have to save the bios, hence this small post.

When you’ll download the latest bios version from ASUS Service Site (ASUSTeK Computer Inc.), you’ll end up with a file name like this one: SABERTOOTH-X79-ASUS-0906.ROM for example

Rename the file to SABERX79.ROM before copying it on the USB disk or it wont be recognized by the bios flashback function.

How did I find this? brute forcing the file name by trying something like 25 filename and having luck : ridiculous.

Other than definitely a great mainboard and quite cheap if you consider the number of features: USB3, SATA-6, UEFI Bios, PCI 3.0


The USB BIOS Flashback is featured in the following ASUS X79 Series:

  • P9X79
  • P9X79 PRO
  • P9X79 DELUXE

You will need

  • USB Thumb Drive (Any size, as long as the BIOS is able to fit in) with FAT16 or FAT32 file system
  • BIOS for the specific motherboard that you will be flashing
  • Power Supply
  • No CPU or memory required on the mainboard.

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