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Apple’s Reality Distortion Field is now getting more and more ridiculous…

Apple Reality distortion field is now getting more and more ridiculous…

“Apple revolutionized the telecommunications industry in 2007 when it introduced
the wildly popular iPhone, a product that dramatically changed the way people view mobile
phones.  Reviewers, analysts and consumers immediately recognized the iPhone as a “game
changer.”  Before the iPhone, cell phones were utilitarian devices with key pads for dialing and
small, passive display screens that did not allow for touch control.  The iPhone was radically
different.  In one small and lightweight handheld device, it offered sophisticated mobile phone
functions, a multi-touch screen that allows users to control the phone with their fingers, music
storage and playback, a mobile computing platform for handheld applications, and full access to
the Internet.” from


Apple seems to not understand anymore the concept of evolution

  • Smaller and lighter is something that any industry is doing all the time
  • Better embedded CPU –> lead to faster experience and more capabilities(browser)
  • Development of cell phones network –> internet is slowly possible
  • Better battery technology –> lead to Bigger screen
  • Cheaper euh no Apple is not well known for that Smile


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Read more at #BoycottApple

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