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Apple in court is just insane

The order has change in the top 3 of the most evil companies…Apple is now number one!

  1. Apple
  2. Oracle
  3. Microsoft

In a public legal brief (PDF), Apple offers numerous design alternatives that Samsung could have used for its smartphones and tablets to avoid infringing on Apple’s patents.

From the PDF

"Alternate tablet computer designs include: overall shapes that are not rectangular with four flat sides or that do not have four rounded corners; front surfaces that are not completely flat or clear and that have substantial adornment; thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface; and profiles that are not thin relative to the D’889 or that have a cluttered appearance."

The simple combination of these things shouldn’t be protected! Tablet are sharing by the same design limitations and there are a limited number of ways to solve the problems. Touch screens devices are going to be rectangular, with few buttons and most of the space dedicated to the screen!

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