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I’m the owner of the following company, blogs and webpages.

The blog you are reading now! online since 1997.

From HTML in 1997, HTML+Java in 1999, HTML+CSS in 2000, Mambo in 2003, Joomla in 2004 and since 2020 WordPress

Still Online 🙂

Disruptr GmbH I’m the Founder and CEO, Disruptr offer services regarding blockchain IT consulting & engineering, blockchain strategy and advisory services, including:

  • conception and realization of proof of concepts, complete projects.
  • project management for implementations
  • smart contract auditing
  • blockchain courses/trainings
  • technical content writing
  • Development of software products using Corda/Ethereum

Your head start to the blockchain companies.

A curated directory of all Blockchain related companies all around the world.

BaaS 2.0 development partner

  • Building the next generation connection for financial services between banks and ecosystem, platforms, supply chains and finserv distributors
  • Providing a joint digital operating environment to these connecting parties, with a tailored private shared infrastructure
  • That allows the parties to fully leverage the benefits of DLT at full regulatory compliance, and without using crypto currencies., a blockchain Software As A Service (SaaS) service that can be used to: 

Cordalo simplify writing Corda applications by increasing consistency in an application’s architecture, allow easier code reuse and reduce the learning curve for developers. The Cordalo framework is an essential API designed to complement and simplify the existing Corda platform. is a blog / digital playground where I keep track of new developments in the distributed ledger technology space and present all his experimentation and tools, promoting the understanding of digital currencies and assets. showcase documentation Galaxiis (formely ) creates industry leading premium Joomla Extensions and is the longest running Joomla extensions provider since 2005. LendIt create an immutable Land Lease Ledger (LLL) where the involved parties can enter agreements which are fed by historic land usage data, trusted events and benefit from a data-driven revenue and risk sharing mechanisms.

My blog around fast super cars (at least 500+ HP)

The shop of my father that is now retired, I kept the domain alive just in case i would need it.

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