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TeamCity 4.5 up and running

TeamCity 4.5 up and running


Today JetBrains announces the public availability of TeamCity 4.5, it’s award-winning distributed build management and continuous integration tool.
With TeamCity, you can set up a build server for your projects within minutes and enjoy out of the box continuous unit testing, code quality analysis, and early reporting on build problems – even without leaving your favorite IDE.
TeamCity offers a gentle learning curve, so you can quickly improve your release management practices by gradually adopting its advanced features and capabilities.

I did upgrade my version of TeamCity at to the latest version, aka 4.5

What’s new?

This release brings many usability improvements, updated IDE plugin with some new VCSs supported, plus exciting enterprise-level features, not found in previous versions:

  • User Groups are now supported when defining user roles and notifications
  • Extended LDAP support with automatic user profile synchronization
  • Multiple UI improvements, including tests grouping and project-wide test details, problematic tests, and change log
  • You can now assign responsibility for broken builds
  • In addition to traditional test results handling, TeamCity is now able to parse raw XML reports from ANT’s JUnit tasks, NUnit, Surefire, PMD, and FindBugs
  • Mono framework is now automatically detected and can be used as a .NET platform for continuous builds
  • Improved IDE integrations:
  • Eclipse: CVS is now supported for Remote Run and Pre-tested Commit; added support for Perforce plugin version 2008.2
  • Visual Studio: Remote Run and Pre-tested Commit now work with Perforce

To see What’s New in TeamCity 4.5, just visit this page

Upgrade from TeamCity 4.0.2 to TeamCity 4.5

The upgrade went flawlessly

# /home/teamcity/Teamcity/bin/ stop kill

Quick backup of file system

# cp –pir /home/teamcity/ /home/teamcity.4.0.2

Quick backup of database

# mysqldump –uUser -pPassword Schema > /home/teamcity.4.0.2/teamcity.sql

Get the latest version

# wget

Delete the old installation (was getting some spring error by just overwriting the previous install)

# rm –rf /home/teamcity/Teamcity


# tar xvf TeamCity-4.5.tar.gz .

I did copy some needed stuff from previous installations like server.xml (conf/server.xml) and MYSQL driver (WEB-INF/lib),

Restart and voila TeamCity 4.5 is up and running!

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