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Security images in Mambo

Security images in Mambo

In order to avoid spamming at any cost, I include security images in Mambo. The component (a part of hashcash) wont be released before end of the week even if it is functionnal mainly because:

  • I want to integrate this technology in the guestbook (Akobook) ->Not done yet
  • I want to integrate this technology in the administrator login page, this for avoiding brute force attack ->Not done yet
  • I want to have a beautiful backend panel, because this functionnality is highly configurable: ->Not done yet
    Ex of variables in code (not all):
    $textLength = 8;
    $useRandomSize = true;
    $textFontSizeDefualt = 14;
    $textFontSizeMin = 12;
    $textFontSizeMax = 18;
    $textFontName = "garamond.ttf";
    $useRandomTextAngle = true;
    $textAngleMin = -5;
    $textAngleMax = 5;
    $cleanupTable = "10 minutes";
  • So what is done? the commenting system of Mambo (the excellent akocomment component) is migrated…. see picture
  • A GNU/GPL release of course 😉 (for my code only, there is strong copyright on akocomment and akobook)

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