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Script to merge multiple git repositories into a new repository

Script to merge multiple git repositories into a new repository

There are numerous ways (Submodule, Subtree) to merge multiple #GIT repositories into one new #GIT repository while keeping history.

submodule is a better fit for component-based development, where your main project depends on a fixed version of another component (repo). You keep only references in your parent repo (gitlinks, special entries in the index)

subtree is more like a system-based development, where your all repo contains everything at once, and you can modify any part.

I’ve tried a lot of them without success till I found this script

While still buggy (0.2.0), I did modify it (0.2.1) and tested it to merge more than 10 #GIT repositories into one. The modified script can be downloaded at

The new repository will contain a folder for every merged repository

The script adds remotes for every project and then merges in every branch and tag. These are renamed to have the origin project name as a prefix

Usage: <new_project> <my_repo_urls.lst>

  • <new_project> is the name of the new project to create
  • <my_repo_urls.lst> is a file contaning the URLs to the respositories which are to be merged on separate lines.

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