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PHP today…

PHP today…
 PHP is powering my homepage (Joomla CMS) and is widely recognized as one of the easiest internet scripting language. It is currently one of my favorite language for small applications (because I am using PHP4 which do not have an object model as good as java, but is coming with PHP5 due to end of year 2005). I found, while googling, these interesting figures and facts (source01Informatique ).


  • Over 40% of Web applications run PHP.
  • Over 25% of the Web runs PHP.
  • PHP is used in over 22.2 million Internet domains.
  • By far the most installed Apache module: Over 45% of all Apache servers on the Internet run PHP.


  • 30% of PHP developers work for a Web agency, 22% in software development departments, 18% for consulting companies, and 10% are independent consultants.
  • About 700 developers contribute to the PHP project.
  • An estimated 2,500,000 developers worldwide work in PHP.


  • 47% of projects are software applications and 36% are Websites. 39% have more than 10,000 lines of code.
  • 75% of projects are connected to other systems. 35% use another application server and 0.3% interface with SAP.
  • 20% of projects use an interface other than the Web, namely command line, rich client, etc.


  • 48% of users are in Europe, 36% in North America, 8% in Asia and Africa.
  • PHP is selected for its simplicity (89%), its flexibility (66%), and because it is free (66%).

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