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new version of akocommentPlus

new version of akocommentPlus

The new version of akocommentPlus will contains the following new functionnalities….

  • First a user change Request coming from my WIKI: Slight spin on the previous idea: if the (genuine!) user enters the wrong text, he loses all of his comment. Within the defined limits it would seem much better to allow him to try again X times, otherwise the user will get very upset at having lost a masterful comment (Sean Groarke, France)
  • Then something that is missing since a long time… the ability to let user enter his email adress in order to be warned when someone post an answer/a new comment in the same topics as him or when someone made a new revision of the document
  • Some annoying bugs (so hurry up and post them at the joomla tracker fast)

Below a screenshots of a running copy

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