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Module-based development with Spring and Maven 2

Module-based development with Spring and Maven 2

The last year, I was at Jazoon 08, and I forget to tell you how good some of their presentation about Maven were

Module-based development with Spring and #Maven 2

Modularity belongs to the basic architectural best practices. Splitting your application in separate modules can reduce undesired coupling as well as lead to high cohesion, reduce complexity, simplify team development, and decrease execution size by using only the required modules. This talks presents how we combine existing technologies (Spring and #Maven 2) to get a seamless module support for the development, test and runtime of #Java applications. #Maven is concerned with build time aspects, Spring is concerned with run time aspects and there are some shared aspects that concern both. A developer can thus define in his module what the module shall do during development, test and runtime. This leads to better separation of concerns as each module can focus on its aspects and is less bothered by aspects of other modules. We argue that to realize the full potential, only combining plain #Maven 2 and Spring is not sufficient and discuss what to add. The module support is implemented and freely available in the open source EL4J project ( Read More Here

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