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Merging Two Git Repositories Into One Repository Without Losing File History

Merging Two Git Repositories Into One Repository Without Losing File History

There seems to be a lot of way to merge two #git repositories into one repository without losing file history. Here is another straightforward method.

This method do not use #submodules or #subtree merges. it uses regular merge operations.

  1. Create a new empty repository New.
  2. Make an initial commit because we need one before we do a merge.
  3. Add a remote to old repository A.
  4. Merge A/master to New/master.
  5. Make a subdirectory folderA.
  6. Move all files into subdirectory folderA.
  7. Commit all of the file moves.
  8. Repeat 3-6 for another repository.
 mkdir result cd result git init touch README.MD git add . git commit -m "added"

Step 3 to 6

 git remote add -f A git fetch --all git merge --allow-unrelated-histories  A/master mkdir folderA git mv -k * folderA git commit -m “moved A files into subdir folderA”

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